The Zynth thrives on the natural electricity emitted by Wublin Island. This monster stores the excess energy to power its glowing abdomen and produce a wonderful harmonic buzzing sound. A word of caution - don't stand too close to the Zynth, unless you want to reek of the orange fizz and ozone smell that accompanies it wherever it goes.


The Zynth is a bipedal purple insect-like monster. They have an egg-shaped bio-luminescent yellow abdomen like a firefly, and four yellow eyes. A glowing crack is visible alongside their body. Like most insects with inner and outer wings,its wings are decorated in streaks and scales.

When idle, they walk in place.


Zynth (1)

The Zynth's song is likely an analogue synth, playing during the build-up portions of the Wublin Island song.

When playing,its wings vibrates while the abdomen flashes and releases yellow particles from it.

Earning rate

The Zynth, like all other Wublins, will produce coins, diamonds, food, and shards, but at no specified rate.


Waking a Zynth after its inventory is complete.

Inventory Fulfillment

The allotted time to fill a Zynth in order to activate is 3 days. If the inventory is not completed in the time the Zynth resets to an empty statue and all eggs inside are lost.

A Zynth's inventory is the fastest that can be filled using only a single Breeding Structure on each island (assuming all islands and monsters are available to you). The Congle egg takes the longest amount of time to produce at 12 hours (9 hours if using an enhanced breeding structure) and all the other eggs can be made during that time using other islands.  The Oaktopus can be bred on Shugabush Island by a failed breeding with a Shugabush, but this is less reliable than breeding it in the usual way from a Potbelly and a Toe Jammer (or an Oaktopus and a Rare Oaktopus).

Assuming that one has only unlocked up to Air Island, the recommendation of order of filling in Wublin slots is to start off with T-Rox on Plant Island, Congle on Air Island, Pango on Cold Island; the next 12-hour period finishing off with Drumpler in Plant/Air Islands, Oaktopus in Plant/Cold Islands, Maw in Plant/Cold/Air Islands.

Egg Time Islands to Breed On
Rare T-rox 8 hours Plant PlantElementNew Air AirElementNew
Congle-egg 12 hours Cold ColdElementNew Air AirElementNew
Oaktopus-egg 8 hours Plant PlantElementNew Cold ColdElementNew Water WaterElementNew Shugabush LegendaryElementNew
Egg AE pango@8x 8 hours Cold ColdElementNew Air AirElementNew Earth EarthElementNew
Drumpler-egg 30 minutes Plant PlantElementNew Air AirElementNew Earth EarthElementNew
Maw-egg 30 minutes Plant PlantElementNew Cold ColdElementNew Air AirElementNew

Name origin

The Zynth's name is a play on the word synth.


  • The Zynth sounded faster on the teasers released on Vine.
  • The Zynth appears to change height to match its pitch (i.e. taller=higher pitch & shorter=lower pitch)
  • The Zynth was the first ever teased Wublin.
  • Along with Brump, it's one of the easiest Wublins to obtain.
  • Zynth and Thwok have the smallest footprints (2x2) of all the Wublins. This means the island can support more of these two monsters than any other wublins.
  • Zynth is the only bug based wublin. This exclude Scargo, Astropod and Fleechwurm because they are respectively mollusks and annelid.
  • During the wake-up process of Zynth, you can actually feed it for 2,000,000 food.
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