How do Zuukers stay warm? Their mostly featherless bodies would appear to have little insulation. These ingenious specimens breathe in through their mouths, warm the air inside, and pump out their signature drone through their blowholes, producing a nice and toasty sensation. That's also why Zuukers always appear red in the face.


The Zuuker is a strange-looking monster with a duck/platypus bill. It has a large, hollow-log reminiscent structure on its head, with two smaller pipes sticking out of the back of its head. Its upper body is magenta-red, but the lower section is blue. It has frog-like limbs, stands on two legs and has a feathery tail and neck. Curiously, it also has tiny holes on the side of its bill. Its bill also has a large lower-bill, like a pelican.


Zuuker (1)

The Zuuker's song is that of an electric sounding kazoo. As it plays, its hollow log-like structure vibrates.

Earning rate


Zuuker being zapped.

The Zuuker, like all other Wublins, will produce coins, diamonds, food, and shards, but at no specified rate.

Powering Up

To power up the Zuuker, you must zap 2 Entbrat eggs, 2 Deedge eggs, 4 Fwog eggs, 4 Bowgart eggs, 6 T-Rox eggs, 6 Oaktopus eggs, and 6 Furcorn eggs into its inventory. Once you zap the first egg into the Zuuker, a 10-day time limit starts and all eggs must be zapped in time.

Inventory Fullfillment

The allotted time to fill a Zuuker in order to activate is 10 days. If the inventory is not completed in the time the Zuuker resets to an empty statue and all eggs inside are lost.

Egg Time Islands to Breed On
Entbrat-eggx2 24 hours Plant PlantElementNew
Deedge-eggx2 24hours Cold ColdElementNew Shugabush LegendaryElementNew
Bowgart-eggx4 12 hours Plant PlantElementNew Cold ColdElementNew
T-Rox-eggx6 8 hours Plant PlantElementNew Air AirElementNew
Oaktopus-eggx6 8 hours Plant PlantElementNew Cold ColdElementNew Water WaterElementNew Shugabush LegendaryElementNew
Furcorn-eggx6 8 hours Plant PlantElementNew Cold ColdElementNew Earth EarthElementNew Shugabush LegendaryElementNew
Fwog-eggx4 30 minutes Plant PlantElementNew Air AirElementNew Water WaterElementNew


Like most other Wublins, a good strategy for getting Zuuker faster is to try breeding the 4-element monsters first, and if there are any 2 or 3-element monsters required to power up the Wublin, try using the other islands in which the type of 4-element monster on that specific island that is not needed but have some of those types of monsters needed before you put your first Wublin in. Save the eggs in the breeding structure until you have most of the main required monsters. Doing this could give you a head start on the breeding, and give you a better chance of getting all the eggs in before the time runs out and the eggs go bad. 

Name Origin

Zuuker is likely derived from the musical instrument Kazoo. Its name can be made by reversing the syllables of "kazoo". It's name may also be pronounced "Zuh-ker" referencing its duck/platypus like appearance.


  • The Zuuker is the 6th Wublin to be introduced to the game and first appeared on April 29, 2016.
  • It was teased on the loading screen featuring the Wublins, its head appearing at the bottom-left corner.
  • Despite posture and feet looking similar to a Reedling, it requires no Reedlings.
  • The video teaser that went with the Facebook post of it shows a message that says "If it looks like a Wublin, and sounds like a Wublin...". The message itself is similar to "If it looks like a duck, and sounds like a duck", which also correlates to the duck-like appearance.
  • It is possible to power up the Zuuker without using speed-ups, Bonus Breeding Structures, Enhanced Breeding Structures or Mirror Islands within the 10 days when using only Plant and Cold Island.
  • One of the Zuuker's default names Oozak, is "kazoo" spelled backwards, which is a reference to it playing the kazoo.
  • Zuuker is the first new Wublin to be added to the game, as the first five were released all at once.

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