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The Wynq-naming contest

Baby Bio:

Wynq hatchlings are placid and good-natured, with a preternatural sense of rhythm. The Wynq syncopates to anything rhythmic-be it snoring, a heartbeat; or the soft whir of an oscillating fan. Wynqs are allergic to bad vibes and even worse toupees.

Adult Bio:

The laid-back Wynq uses the wattle on its head as an antenna of sorts, picking up any groovy vibes in the ethers. Once in sync, it wiggles its ears and snaps its toes in time to the music whilst humming in a guttural fashion. It is said that a Wynq's eye is bigger than its brain.


The Wynq is a new monster released in the 1.5.0 update with the Thumpies.

The Wynq is a monster with a cyan pear-shaped head with blue legs with two toes. On the side of its head are two pointed ears that point to each side. It has a pale tuft of fur its head in the shape of the comb of a chicken. It has a large eye in the middle of its face.

As an adult, the Wynq is large, bell-shaped, and covered in whitish fur. The adult Wynq also has a large mustache. Its ears are also smaller than the ears of the younger form.


Voice actor: Unknown

The Wynq sings " rumpdidi dum didi dumdum, bumbumdidi dum didi dum dididididi doodoo." It sings in a similar tune to Maw.

In the official Continent song on youtube, It sings "thrumpidy rumpdidi dumdum, bumbumdidi dum didi dum didididi doodoo."

On Cave Island, it sings "Bududun, budun, budun, badududum. budun...".


The Wynq can be bred with a combination of elements Fire, Water and Cold. When bred successfully, the Breeding Structure timer should display a waiting time of 12 hours. The possible combinations are:

Feeding Monsters

The Wynq will request food and/or non-food items that are the products of Structures. If you cannot give the monster the food or items it requires, you can click the New Order button. After a 15 minute wait, it will ask for a new combination of foods or other items.


When given the wanted foods or items, like any monster, it will reward you coins.


Wynq can be teleported to Cave Island when fed to level 20 for a reward of 6 Diamonds (Dawn of Fire) and costs 10000 Coins. Teleport time for Wynq is 20 hours.

Name Origin

Wynq is a play on the word "wink".


Facebook image of the results

  • The ten given names given to the Wynq from the community contest are Clopsie, Shrimpi, Eayan, Skeye, Plankie, Thynq, Jumby, Ojo, Lunk, and Toothiefruttie. The results are here.
    • Three of this wiki's users have participated in three of the ten successful names. Skeye was nominated by wiki administrator Qwertyxp2000 the second, Toothiefruttie was nominated by user Punctdan, and Eayan was nominated by discussion moderator Abedshark10.
    • Toothiefruttie is a reference to Tutti Frutti, which indicates that a dessert was made by mixing many fruits. Most child's toothpastes are also Tutti Frutti flavored.
    • Plankie may be a reference to the character "Plankton" from Spongebob Squarepants.
    • Eayan means "eye" in Arabic.
    • Ojo means "eye" in Spanish.
  • The fact that the adult Wynq's eye is larger than its brain might be a reference to the fact that ostriches have eyes larger than their brains. Another possible ostrich reference is its two toes.
  • Wynq is the third monster to have a change in size when teleported (from 2x2 to 3x3). The second Monster to do so is Flum Ox.
  • In the files Wynq has a missing Cave Island track as heard in the soundtrack version of Cave Island.
  • In the code, Wynq is called "Rumpdidi". This might be a reference to what its baby form sings (Rump didi rump didi rump).
  • On the Continent, Wynq plays at the same time as Maw, and has a very similar sound.

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