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Wublins are a group of 19 Supernatural Monsters which exist on Wublin Island

Like the other Supernatural Monster, the Wubbox, they all cannot breed nor be bred, contain the element Electricity, and have multiple life stages: inactive, in which the monsters cannot sing, move, nor produce Currency, and active, in which they do. Unlike the Wubbox, Wublins are not hatched from eggs: they are "woken up".

To "wake up" a Wublin, one must "Zap" unhatched Eggs into them. Each Wublin demands specific eggs, that need to be zapped before a certain amount of time passes, or else the eggs will "go bad": the Wublin will remain inactive, and the eggs will be useless.

The hard work pays off after a while: active Wublins are one of the only types of monsters which can produce multiple Currency types: every now and then, they will periodically generate Coins, Food, Shards or Diamonds, though not in large quantities.


My Singing Monsters - Wublin Island

My Singing Monsters - Wublin Island

Big Blue Bubble released a short teaser video on March 16th, 2016 [1], March 17, 2016 [2], March 18, 2016 [3], March 19, 2016 [4] and March 20, 2016 [5]

[6] showing a neon sign, reading "Wake up the Wublins" (or, alternately, #WakeUpTheWublins), lighting up with a sizzle of electricity and a roll of thunder.

Finally, on March 22, 2016, a video was released, showing the Wublins in much greater detail.

The Wublins are statue-like creatures made by their "mysterious maker." Like the Wubbox, they each require several eggs to activate them, the eggs required differing from Wublin to Wublin. The video suggests that they have something to do with electricity, like the Wubbox. The Wublins can be found only on Wublin Island.  The first five Wublins were released on March 25, 2016.

The first Wublin teased was a firefly-looking monster making a sound similar to the Humbug. It was revealed to be Zynth.

The second Wublin teased was a tall, lanky monster with a long toungue, strumming it, making the sound of a double bass played pizzicato. It was revealed to be Thwok.

The third Wublin teased was something with a shadow looking similar to the G'Joob, sitting at a drum set. Its sound is the sound of a drum set. It was revealed to be Dwumrohl.

The fourth Wublin teased looked akin to a tall bird with a Jeeode-Like instrument, making the sound of a pipe organ. It was revealed to be a Poewk.

The fifth Wublin teased was a bipedal amphibious a looking monster with leaves on its back. It stands in a posture similar to Reedling's, albeit with no arms. It says "Wake up the Wublins!" repeatedly in a scratchy voice. It was revealed to be Brump.

Wublin fun facts

Wublin fun facts

On March 29th, 2016, BBB posted an animated GIF with some "more research on the Wublins", consisting of some trivia about them.

After the initial release, a sixth Wublin with a body resembling a hollow log could be seen in the bottom left corner of the loading screen. The monster's song is revealed here. It played in a similar way to a kazoo, and it was officially released on April 29th, 2016. It was revealed to be Zuuker.

On May 3rd, 2016, when update 1.4.1 was announced, a 7th Wublin could be seen here. On May 26th, 2016, it was revealed to be Screemu, found here. The next day, a Vine came out revealing Screemu's song. A few hours later, it could be found in-game.

On June 29th, 2016, Big Blue Bubble revealed the next Wublin, Tympa on Facebook and Twitter. It was released the next day. It was revealed on this link.

On July 29th, 2016, Big Blue Bubble revealed the next Wublin, Dermit.


More Wublin fun facts

On August 26th, 2016, Big Blue Bubble revealed the 10th Wublin, Gheegur.

On September 30th, 2016, Big Blue Bubble released the 11th Wublin, Whajje.

On October 26th, 2016, Big Blue Bubble teased a puzzle which would reveal the name of the 12th Wublin. The Wublin's name was revealed to be Creepuscule.

On November 22nd, 2016, Big Blue Bubble teased a puzzle which would reveal the name of the 13th Wublin Blipsqueak.

On December 14th 2016, Big Blue Bubble teased a puzzle which would reveal the name of the 14th Wublin Scargo.

On February 24th 2017, Big Blue Bubble teased a puzzle which would reveal the name of the 15th Wublin Astropod.

On March 22nd, 2017, Big Blue Bubble teased a puzzle which would reveal the name of the 16th Wublin, Pixolotl.

On April 26th, 2017, Big Blue Bubble teased a puzzle which would reveal the name of the 17th Wublin, Bona-Petite

On June 29th, 2017, Big Blue Bubble released the first ever Wublin without a teaser: the 18th Wublin, Maulch

On July 26th, 2017, Big Blue Bubble teased a puzzle which would reveal the name of the 19th Wublin, Fleechwurm.

On August 28th, 2017 Big Blue Bubble released a trailer for its 5th Anniverary, which teased the Wubbox’s arrival on Wublin Island, which happened one day later.

Purchase and Awakening

This Wublin statue has been carefully crafted by its mysterious maker, down to the finest detail. Now all that's missing is the spark of life! Instead of sending them to the nursery, zap the monster eggs you've bred on your other islands, and they'll transform into the electrical energy required to take up this Wublin.
~ In-game statue description

All Wublins are initially bought as statues for 5,000Coins 2.0. In a way akin to, but not exactly like the Wubbox, Wublins require Natural Monster eggs (straight from the Breeding Structure) to be "zapped" into them. However, unlike the Wubbox, Wublins must have their inventories completed in a set amount of time. If an inventory is not completed, the eggs will "go bad". Once a Wublin statue has a full inventory, it is ready to be awakened. Multiple Wublins can be inactive at once, though only one of each species can be obtained.

Once an egg is zapped into a Wublin statue, a countdown timer begins. This time ranges from two to fourteen days. All of the required eggs must be zapped into the Wublin before the time limit expires. If the time expires, all progress on that Wublin is lost, and the process will have to be restarted.

After they expire there are two options, collect the coin value of the expired eggs, or pay a certain amount of diamonds to buy the missing eggs that that weren't collected within the time limit. Tapping on icon above the expired Wublin will give a message saying "You Wublin has expired! You were <percentage>% done, with <number> eggs to box. Would you like to collect the coin value of the eggs and try again, or buy the missing eggs for <number> Diamond25px?". An icon of a dustbin full of smelly eggs appears above the expired Wublin.


General tips

It's best to "zap" the eggs in order of decreasing breeding time: 4-element monsters first, then 3-element, then 2-element, then 1.  This minimizes the amount of waiting that is needed for the eggs to finish breeding while the Wublin timer is counting down -- one of the longer wait times is out of the way before the clock even starts.  If diamonds are ever needed to speed things up, less of them will end up being spent.

To reliably breed a 4-element monster egg, breeding together the normal and Rare versions of the monster is best: 100% chance of success (as long as the Rare version is not currently available to breed). To get a 3-element monster, breeding one with a 4-element monster gives a 99% chance of success (the other 1% gives an Ethereal). Breeding a 3-element monster with its own Rare also guarantees success.  2-element monsters can be bred reliably from their two 1-element parents. 1-element monsters can be reliably obtained by breeding one with a 4-element monster.

Do try to focus on one Wublin at a time, although you could still fill up multiple Wublins at once. Start focusing on breeding the eggs for the desired Wublin by breeding the eggs on multiple islands. Try to study where each monster egg can be bred in and try to efficiently provide eggs from each island. Do consider the lengths of times the eggs will be bred as well as the times of when you will be playing the game.

Look at the elements of the monsters you're trying to breed, and the monsters they can be bred from, compared to the monsters you need for a Wublin.  For example, for the Dwumrohl, you can breed an Entbrat from a Bowgart and a Noggin.  Any of these monsters can be zapped into the Dwumrohl even if the breeding is unsuccessful and you get one of the parent monsters as a result.

Another time-saving measure is to pre-breed as many of the required monsters as possible and have the eggs waiting in your Breeding Structures before zapping the first egg into your Wublin (ideally one from each island beginning with the monsters with the longest breeding times). Since your timer will begin running as soon as you zap the first egg, having five of the eggs with the longest breeding times already prepared could potentially save you multiple days depending on the Wublin. Users who have previously purchased at least one item for the game have the extra advantage of being able to purchase Bonus Breeding Structures for each of the five islands that the required inventory comes from and pre-breeding one additional monster per island, saving even more time. This is particularly useful for the Wublins that require multiple Quad- and Triple-Element monsters like Dwumrohl and Thwok.

Don't forget that some of the monsters can be bred on Shugabush Island, by "breeding failure".

Time management tips

Although multiple inactive Wublins can exist at once, it is recommended to focus on only one Wublin at a time. It is also a good idea to start off with trying to fully Zap the Brump, as it is the easiest to do -- it needs only 2-element monster eggs, which do not require luck, and only requires basic time management to finish successfully. Do note that some monster eggs require a certain island before they can be bred, due to their element configurations. A reasonable order for Zapping the Wublins is given below, from first to last.  This order is determined on the basis of overall difficulty and island management.  ("Min" refers to minimum island required for Zapping the Wublins without diamond spending, "min. recommend" refers tothe minimum recommended island for Zapping without diamond spending.)

  1. Brump (min. Plant, min. recommend Cold)
  2. Zynth (min. Cold, min. recommend Air)
  3. Poewk (min. Water)
  4. Screemu (min. Water)
  5. Zuuker (min. Cold, min. recommend Air or Water)
  6. Blipsqueak (min. Air, min. recommend Water or Earth)
  7. Bona-Petite (min. Air, min. recommend Water or Earth)
  8. Pixolotl (min. Air, min. recommend Water or Earth)
  9. Thwok (min. Earth)
  10. Dermit (min. Earth)
  11. Scargo (min. Water, min. recommend Earth)
  12. Fleechwurm (min. Earth)
  13. Maulch (min. Earth)
  14. Gheegur (min. Water, min. recommend Earth)
  15. Whajje (min. Water, min. recommend Earth)
  16. Tympa (min. Water, min. recommend Earth)
  17. Creepuscule (Min. Water, min. recommend Earth)
  18. Astropod (min. Water, min. recommend Earth)
  19. Dwumrohl (min. Earth)



Main article: Brump

Brump is a bipedal monster with leaves on its back. It stands in a crouched posture similar to the Reedling's, albeit with no arms. It says "Wake up the Wublins" repeatedly in a scratchy voice. It is mostly lime green and looks rather frog-llike with webbed feet and a small tail, but with no eyes. It has many holes over its back, with are completed with what seem to be Furcorn eggs.

  • It costs 5,000 coins to purchase.
  • Brump requires 6 Furcorns and 2 Fwogs (240Diamond25px with no eggs).
  • Brump has a 2 day time limit.


Main article: Zynth

Zynth is a 4-eyed firefly-like monster which makes a sound similar to the Stogg (from DoF) and the Humbug. It is purple with an illuminated orange-red abdomen. Like most insects it has outer and inner wings; its outer wings have something like large scales, and are decorated with streaks. It has an overall rugged appearance.

  • It costs 5,000 coins to purchase.
  • Zynth requires 1 T-Rox, 1 Congle, 1 Oaktopus, 1 Pango, 1 Drumpler, and 1 Maw (180Diamond25px with no eggs).
  • Zynth has a 3 day time limit.


Main article: Poewk

Poewk looks akin to a quetzalcoatl with a Jeeode-like instrument, making the sound of a pipe organ. It is a bony monster, with four legs, and a claw at the end of each. It has colorful feathers on its head, and wears something like a teal plague doctor's mask. Its instrument (which it stands on) looks like a honeycomb with multiple hexagonal pipes sticking out of it.

  • It costs 5,000 coins to purchase.
  • Poewk requires 1 Shellbeat, 1 Reedling, 1 PomPom, 1 Scups, 1 Pango, 1 Oaktopus, 1 Shrubb, 2 Clambles, and 2 Dandidoos (330Diamond25px with no eggs).
  • Poewk has a 5 day time limit.


Main article: Thwok

Thwok is a tall, lanky monster with a long tongue, which it strums, making a double bass sound. It has a body shape similar to Mammott or PomPom. Its tongue has alternating stripes of blue, red, and purple. It has tuning pegs sticking out of its ears.

  • It costs 5,000 coins to purchase.
  • Thwok requires 1 Entbrat, 1 Deedge, 1 Riff, 1 Shellbeat, 1 Quarrister, 4 Bowgarts, 4 PomPoms, 4 Spunges, 4 Furcorns, and 4 Quibbles (750Diamond25px with no eggs).
  • Thwok has a 7 day time limit.


Main article: Dwumrohl

Dwumrohl has an egg-shaped body covered in colorful feathers. It sits at a drum set, which makes its sound. It has small, curved horns like those of a sheep. It has no visible legs, but like the Toe Jammer's, it has a ring of toes.

  • It costs 5,000 coins to purchase.
  • Dwumrohl requires 3 Entbrats, 3 Deedges, 3 Riffs, 3 Shellbeats, 3 Quarristers, 4 Bowgarts, 4 Congles, 4 PomPoms, 4 Pummels, 4 Reedlings, 2 Scups, 2 Thumpies, 8 Noggins, 8 Toe Jammers, 8 Mammotts, 4 Potbellies, and 4 Tweedles (2,130Diamond25px with no eggs).
  • Dwumrohl has a 14 day time limit.


Main article: Zuuker

The Zuuker is a strange looking monster with a duck/platypus bill. It has a large structure on its head which is reminiscent of an upright hollow log, with two smaller pipes sticking out of the back of its head. Its upper body is magenta-red; the lower section is blue. It has frog-like limbs and stands on two legs; it has a feathery tail and neck.  It sounds like a kazoo.

Zuuker Activated-0
  • It costs 5,000 coins.
  • Zuuker requires 2 Entbrats, 2 Deedges, 4 Bowgarts, 6 T-Roxes, 5 Oaktopuses, 6 Furcorns, and 4 Fwogs (900Diamond25px with no eggs).
  • Zuuker has a 10 day time limit.


Main article: Screemu
Screemu Activated

The Screemu stands upright, with three webbed purple feet but no visible legs.  Its body shape is a bit like that of a vulture, with a long neck that projects forward and then kinks back.  Its natural color appears to be white, but it has paint splattered all over itself (according to the bio). It appears to have branches with banners/streamers sticking out of its back sides. Its head is rounded on top, and it has a pair of short curved horns bracketing its mouth.  It is a vocal Monster, singing, "(cha) hloh, hloh, hloh, hlaaaaaeyeyeee....hloh, hloh, hloleloh, laaaaaahdeeee", but if the Screemu is muted you can hear its song while Poewk is playing the pipe-organ and sounds as if it were a Furcorn and a Yawstrich singing together.

  • It costs 5,000 coins.
  • Screemu requires 2 Shellbeats, 6 Spunges, 6 Shrubbs, and 6 Quibbles. (600Diamond25px with no eggs).
  • Screemu has a 5 day time limit.


Main article: Tympa

The Tympa is a small, orange and grey metallic Wublin. It has red spikes on the top of its head, and magma-like patterns on its arms and legs. It looks like it is wearing something like a welder's mask.  According to its bio, the area it drums on is its eardrums. Its sound is that of a mini-tymp snare drum.

Tympa Activated-0
  • It costs 5,000 coins.
  • Tympa requires 12 T-Roxes, 12 Pummels, 8 Shellbeats, 12 Clambles, and 24 Drumplers. (2,040Diamond25px with no eggs).
  • Tympa has a 14 day time limit.


Main article: Dermit

The Dermit is a fish-like Wublin with rocks, barnacles, and mushrooms covering its body. Its eyes seem to mimic Kermit the Frog's, which might be where the "ermit" in Dermit originates from. It sings "Bum, bum bum badum bum, bum bam bam, bum badum bam badum" in a low, raspy voice at a very fast pace.

  • It costs 5,000 coins.
  • Dermit Requires 3 Entbrats, 3 Quarristers, 4 Scups, 4 Thumpies, and 12 Fwogs (780Diamond25px with no eggs).
  • Dermit has a 3 day time limit.


Main article: Gheegur

The Gheegur is a large, yellow Wublin. It has light yellow fluffy fur on some parts of its body, most noticeably the neck and lower torso. Tube-like objects come out of its body, which help produce its notable saxophone sounds. Some bones can be seen on its torso. When playing, the "claws" below its head seem to open and close.  It's unclear if those are supporting its head, or if they are tubes that the Gheegur blows into to carry air back to its body.

Gheegur Activated
  • It costs 5,000 coins.
  • Gheegur requires 6 Riffs, 4 Scups, 4 Pompoms, 6 Reedlings, and 6 Cybops (780Diamond25px with no eggs).
  • Gheegur has a 7 day time limit.


Main article: Whajje

The Whajje is a tall Wublin with blue and white feathers and pink and purple appendages. Its fur appears to be a soft white, and its feet are like those of a rabbit. It seems to have a humanoid body, like that of the Thwok. It also appears to be lacking any sort of neck.

  • It costs 5,000 coins.
  • Whajje requires 6 Tweedles, 7 Deedges, 10 Dandidoos, 10 Cybops, and 10 Reedlings (1,290Diamond25px with no eggs).
  • Whajje has a 10 day time limit.


Main article: Creepuscule
Creepuscule Activated
The Creepuscule is a big light-purple Wublin, with a bowl-like body and a light-blue plate covering its belly. It has pebble-like teeth projecting from its jaws, and a noted underbite.  It has pink and white locks of hair (or something that looks like them) on the top of its head and the back of its neck.  It uses its "fingers", head, and teeth to create various drum sounds, including a hi-hat cymbal and kick-drum.
  • It costs 5,000 coins.
  • Creepuscule requires 5 Deedges, 6 T-Roxes, 6 Pummels, 5 Shellbeats, 12 Noggins, 10 Quibbles, and 8 Congles (1,560Diamond25px with no eggs).
  • Creepuscule has a 7 day time limit.


Main article: Blipsqueak
Hd blipsqueak

The Blipsqueak is a robot-like Wublin, made up of many different mechanical parts. Its body appears to consist of a glass dome with multiple eyes, microphones, a speaker, and a line akin to a heartbeat monitor. Its arms and legs are hot-pink and silver, connected by gray and orange joints which have tufts of pink fur jutting out of them. The Blipsqueak uses lights found in its arms to point to and light up its various body parts while singing "Eyes... ears... nose... toes..." (in order: glass dome, microphones, speaker, monitor).

  • It costs 5,000 coins.
  • Blipsqueak requires 4 Deedges, 6 T-Roxes, 4 PomPoms, 6 Cybops and 4 Toe Jammers (720Diamond25px with no eggs).
  • Blipsqueak has a 5 day time limit.


Main article: Scargo

The Scargo is a snail-like Wublin with mint fur and light blue spots next to its head. It has a mostly round, fuzzy body, a bit like that of a Maw, and a smaller, brown shell between its tail and body. It has a large mouth with humanoid teeth and gums. It sports a pair of arm

Scargo png1

s coming from the side of its head. It has eye-stalks fashioned like its arms but with cymbals at the end, and an orange eye, with yellow "whites", at the top of each cymbal. Its upper arms (and lower eye-stalks) are green, while its lower arms and hands (and upper eye-stocks and eyelids) are turquoise.

  • It costs 5,000 coins.
  • Scargo requires 3 Shellbeats, 3 Clambles, 3 Dandidoos, 3 Shrubbs, 2 Pummels and 2 Spunges (480Diamond25px with no eggs).
  • Scargo has a 3 day time limit.


Main article: Astropod
Astropod Activated-1

The Astropod is a sea slug-like Wublin with a white body and a purple "shell". It has purple antlers and tufts on its back that produce electricity. It has two very large feet and two small yellow arms. Its body has glowing purple spots and a yellow border around the shell. Its shell has white and yellow lines going around it, two blue tufts on the top, and has yellow spots at the tail end of the shell.

  • It costs 5,000 coins.
  • Astropod requires 5 Deedges, 8 Scups, 5 Shellbeats, 10 Toe Jammers, 8 Reedlings and 6 Spunges (1260 Diamond25px with no eggs).
  • Astropod has a 10 day time limit.


Main article: Pixolotl

The Pixolotl is an amphibian Wublin based off the Axolotl, a type of salamander. It has green "pixelated" skin, and a red beard and blue/red moustache. It has a neon green tail, which can change colors, turning green, yellow and orange; however it only does this when it is singing. It always stands on its front arms, never standing on its legs. Instead, it uses its back legs to tap its tail, making a retro 8-bit synthesis sound.

  • It costs 5,000 coins.
    Hd pixolotl
  • Pixolotl requires 8 T-rox, 8 Pummels, 14 Cybops, 6 Entbrat, 10 Fwog, 10 Scups, 6 Riffs (1860 Diamond25px with no eggs).
  • Pixolotl has a 14 day time limit.


Main article: Bona-Petite

Bona-Petite is a Wublin with two parts: a skeletal body with pink fur, and a smaller blue hairy creature residing in the skeleton's ribcage. The smaller Wublin, called Petite, hits the skeletal Wublin's ribcage (Bona) to make a percussion noise. Bona also steps on the ground and grinds their teeth to make other noises.

  • It costs 5,000 coins.
    Bona-Petite Activated-0
  • Bona-Petite requires 5 Riff, 5 Entbrat, 6 Bowgart, 6 PomPom, 6 T-Rox, 10 Drumpler, 10 Fwog, 10 Maw and 10 Mammotts (2040 Diamond25px with no eggs).
  • Bona-Petite has a 10 day time limit.


Main article: Maulch
MySingingMonsters Maulch

Maulch is a Wublin that is a literal pile of dirt. It has 4 eyes, a big red leaf on top of it, acting like a parasol, and some stones in front of it. It sings in a rather low and raspy voice, singing "Get down, get down. Get down, get down and funky!"

  • It costs 5,000 coins.
  • Maulch requires 6 Spunge, 6 Pummel, 6 Noggin, 4 Entbrat, 4 Quarrister, 8 Furcorn and 4 Clamble. (1140 Diamond25px with no eggs).
  • Maulch has a 7 day time limit.


Main article: Fleechwurm
Fleechwurm 400x400

Fleechwurm is a greenish-blue Wublin that is based on a leech. It has holes running up at the side of its body and one on its tail with the front one having an eye. It also has golden leaf-like limbs that can cover the holes to produce a hypnotic sound. It also has a light-green design on the top of its body, gold spikes on its tail and two teeth-like spikes at the end of the tail.

  • It costs 5,000 coins.
  • Fleechwurm requires 4 Dandidoo, 3 Spunge, 4 Pummel, 3 Shellbeat, 4 Furcorn, 3 Quarrister and 3 Reedling. (720 Diamond25px with no eggs).
  • Fleechwurm has a 5 day time limit.


Monsters on Wublin Island earn a random amount of a random Currency. Possible currencies are: Coins, Diamonds, Shards, and Treats. The monsters in Wublin Island can generate among various ranges of 100,000 ±50,000 coins, 200 ±100 shards, 10,000 ±5,000 food, or just 2 diamonds. There is an equal chance of obtaining all currencies except diamonds, which due to their high value are considerably rarer.

All wublins has the same production rate, but algorithm is a bit more complex for wublins:

1. After collection, server selecting production type for the next collection, types and probabilities below:

  • Coins: 31%
  • Food: 31%
  • Shards: 31%
  • Diamonds: 7%

(in other words - on 100 collections you will have ~31 times coins, ~31 times shards, ~31 times food and ~7 times diamonds)

2. At the same time server generates random number of minutes to the next collection. Range is 360 - 719 minutes (6 - 12 hours), probability distribution is flat.

3. After the minutes passed - you can collect a reward. Every wublin has the same rates for different production types:

  • Coins : 6500/hour (108.333333/min)
  • Food : 1200/hour (20/min)
  • Shards: 24/hour (0.4/min)
  • Diamonds: fixed amount: 2

For example, after collection on wublin server selects shards for the next collection and generates time 500 minutes for the next collection. In this case after 8 hours and 20 minutes you can collect 200 shards (500*0.4) It you wait more, the reward will not increase, you will gain same 200 shards after 12 hours of wait, etc.

Table of minimal and maximal production:

Production Type min (6 hours) max (12 hours)
39000 78000
Food 2.0
7200 14400
Shard 2.0.0
144 288
Diamond 2.0
2 2

Known Glitches

In the initial release of the Wublins, pressing the Biggify icon of a woken Wublin and pressing cancel caused the Wublin to display additional options which could not be accessed normally.  This bug was corrected on March 29th, 2016.

  • One of these options was the ability to feed it, which cost 2,000,000 food and did not seem to have any effect on the Wublin -- its level, seen only via the glitch, stayed at 1 and the level progress bar remained empty. 
  • Beginning August 29, 2017, you can now purchase and place decorations on Wublin Island. Some decorations cause a Wublin to get "happy" (that is, hearts float off of the Wublin) when placed within proximity of the Wublin. Whether this is a glitch or does in fact increase the Wublin's happiness level is unknown. It is also unknown what effect, if any, a Wublin's happiness level has on their currency production. The decorations that cause this effect are Digger , Toob , Ambered Thing , and Tub Fountain .
  • Those directions mentioned above are the decorations liked by the Wubbox, who arrived at Wublin Island at around the same time.
  • Prior to August 29, 2017, it was also possible to display the Wublin's supposed likes, which were the same for all of the Wublins: Digger, Toob, and Ambered Thing, as well as the "mystery like" icon.  One could seem to buy the decorations from the page of likes, and place them on the island.  However, no coins were spent when "buying" one, and after the decoration was placed, it couldn't be selected again.  When one left the island, all decorations disappeared. Strangely, the Wublin's likes were the same as the Wubbox's likes; if the Mystery Like was Tub Fountain, that is.

Tapping out of the monster made the glitch disappear.


Potential wubbox wublin

Potential Wubbox Wublin. After all, "shrouded in mystery, and dubstep" could mean Wubbox.

  • In previous versions of MSM, the Wublins inventory showed separate "slots" for each egg.
  • The first five Wublins released each represent a different instrument type: Brump is vocal, Zynth is synthesizer, Poewk is wind instrument, Thwok is a string instrument, and Dwumrohl is percussion.
  • Starting with the Zuuker, a new Wublin is released every last Friday of every month. The exceptions to this are the Tympa, Blipsqueak, and Scargo.
  • In the Wubbox discount during 9th April 2016, it shows the Wubbox having an interview on the Wublins. On this image in Facebook, the caption states that when asked who made the Wublins, the Wubbox merely shrugged. However, there appear to be (inactive) Wublins in the background of the picture, indicating some sort of connection.
    • Later, on May 21st 2016, this post revealed many faces of Wubbox, including the "sneaky" face, which is what Wubbox had when he shrugged.
    • On August 30, 2017, it was revealed that the Wubbox is the creator of the Wublins in an update that added it to Wublin Island.
  • A GIF file was found on Facebook about some monster research of the first 5 Wublins. The GIF file can be found here, and can be split into its component frames by using certain programs or websites.
  • The Wublin to currently require the most eggs in order to be woken up is the Dwumrohl, who takes 14 days to collect 72 eggs.
    • The Wublin to currently require the least eggs in order to be woken up is the Brump, who takes 2 days to collect 8 eggs.
    • However, the Zynth only consumes 6 eggs, but has a 3 day time limit.
  • Even though there is no Castle on Wublin Island, and no Bed Counter on the Island Select Screen, all Wublins appear to take up 1 bed according to the Fabled Book of Monsters
  • Wublins do not have levels and do not require feeding, unlike the Wubbox.
  • Beginning on August 29, 2017, you can now buy multiple Wublins of the same type.
  • Thwok is the only string-based Wublin.
    Multiple Wublins




Breeding Eggs Feeding Likes

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