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Baby Bio:

The sure-footed Woolabee has a close symbiotic relationship with certain tropical birds. They seek out Woolabee lambkins from their very first flight. Fledglings quickly learn to follow the Woolabee's almost inaudible hum, gently plucking wiry strands growing from their host's scalp.

Adult Bio:

Heavy wire-like hairs grow directly from the Woolabee's cranium, which the Monster attaches to its horn with its upper hands. The strings produce intense reverberation directly to the Woolabee's head, hence their perpetually startled expression.


The Woolabee is a sheep-like monster with buck teeth. The end of its long floppy ears resemble humanoid-like hands, as well as its feet. It has three green birds sitting on its lyre-shaped horns.

As an adult, it gains an extra bird. Its horns, like its baby version, make up an instrument similar to a lyre, although they are more curled as an adult. Its tail appears to be shaped more like a squirrel's tail. It also appears to have side burns as an adult.


Instrument: Lyre (Harp)

The Woolabee's song is a medley of various plucked stringed instruments, such as the harp guitar. Its song varies in pitch, playing both treble and bass at the same time. The bass portion is so low, in fact, that it can be confused for a bass drum since its feet moves up one at a time. According to its bio, the Woolabee also makes an inaudible humming noise, thus it cannot be heard by players.


MSM Dawn Of Fire - Cloud Island - Woolabee - Solo - HD 720p

Woolabee on Cloud Island.


A Woolabee can be bred with a combination of Cold, Air, and Fire. The possible combinations that can be used include:

Feeding Monsters

The Woolabee will request food and/or non-food items that are the products of Structures. If you cannot give the monster the food or items it requires, you can click the New Order button. After a 15 minute wait, it will ask for a new combination of foods or other items.


When given the wanted foods or items, like any monster, it will reward you coins.


Woolabee can be teleported to Cloud Island at level 15 for a reward of 5 diamonds. Teleport time for Woolabee is 20 hours.

Special Occasions

Main article: Special Occasions/DoF

Festival of Yay

Baby Woolabee, Festival of Yay 2015

For Festival of Yay, the Woolabee wears blue-and-white mittens on its hand-like ears, and its birds turn into cardinals.

Name Origin

The name appears to derive from "wool" and a corruption of either "wallaby" or "lullaby". The word bee could have been from its unheard humming.

Another possibly is from the Gulabi, a breed of goat with abnormally long ears that take the exact shape and placement of the Woolabee's arms.


  • The Woolabee has hands or ears that look like hands below its horns.
  • According to a BBB Facebook post, the original name for the Woolabee was "Lyresheep". This is also what it is called in the code.
  • When idle, the baby Woolabee appears to be chewing their cud.
  • One of the default names for the Woolabee is "Ovid". This references both Ovid, one of the most significant Roman poets (best known for the "Metamorphoses"), and "ovus", Latin for "sheep" ("ovine" = "like a sheep").
  • Its Cloud Island sound became a remix in its island in the original game, Fire Oasis.
  • As an adult, its idle animation can only be seen in its bio screen and in the market.

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