Since the release of My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire, it has received many updates.

Primarily, Dawn of Fire was released for iOS and Android (Google Play and Amazon versions). Usually, the iOS version of Dawn of Fire is prioritized over other versions, which means it usually receives future updates before all other versions.

Version 2.3.0

  • Banner for 2.3.0

Are your Outer Islands overflowing with oodles of Prismatic Monsters? Fear not! Party and Space Island just got their own HOTELS, where you can give your Monsters a well-deserved vacation. Each Hotel has a unique look to help it fit right in on its home Island - and get ready for that curb appeal to skyrocket as you upgrade the Hotels! Did we mention that your new Hotels will be extra useful in the coming weeks? Because we’ll be unveiling even more PRISMATIC Monsters soon! Plus your Prismatic pals will now be included in the improved Monster Collection menu.


  • Hotels on Party and Space Island
  • More Prismatics coming soon
  • Improved Monster Collection menu
  • Balancing improvements

Detailed notes:

  • Released on the 7th of May, 2020.
  • Prismatics in the Monster Collection menu are now identified by six coloured circles in the respective Common Monster's box.
  • Any Monsters that are not on an island are now silhouetted and have three question marks in place of their name, similar to how Celestials used to when they weren't available in certain months.
  • Adult Noggin's screenshot has been fixed to include its DoF counterpart.
  • Baby and Adult Scups are now centered into their grid.
  • Adult Shrubb's textures appear to have accidentally been replaced with its textures from the original game when the update first launched. That has since been fixed.
  • All Crafting Items now cost 5x more than they did before the update.
  • All timers, including those in Breeding Structures, Nursery, Production Structures, Teleporters, Prism Gates, and among other Structures, are shown as "H h MM m SS s", where H is number of hours, MM is number of minutes, and SS is the number of remaining seconds.
  • Playing an ad or viewing a promotional message will mute the monsters' singing.
  • The Monster menu of the Wondermine is now ordered from highest number of elements to lowest number of elements.
  • Decorations in the Shop are now ordered by price, similarly to the original game.

Version 2.2.0

  • Banner for 2.2.0

Single-Element Monsters have had their fun in the Prism Gate. Now it's time for the DOUBLE- and TRIPLE-Elements to shine! Look forward to three NEW PRISMATICS emerging from the Prism Gate in the coming weeks. Who could they be?


  • 3 New Prismatics on the way

Detailed notes:

  • Released on the 19th of February, 2020.
  • According to the description, the "new Prismatics" count is simply reduced by 1, as Prismatic Potbelly was released already.
  • In the Outer Island shops and the Monster checklists for the Outer Islands, the Monsters now have screenshots of their adult forms, with the screenshots on their baby forms being restricted to the Continent.
    • Noggin and Wynq, on the other hand, are completely recycled from the original game.

Version 2.1.0

  • Banner for 2.1.0
  • One of the few added Cloud Island platforms
  • One of the few added Cave Island platforms
  • Cloud Island Prism Gate

The mysterious realm beyond the Prism Gate continues to produce more and more PRISMATIC Monsters! Cloud Island and Cave Island have even begun expanding under the tremendous force of the Prism Gate’s power. Could the Prismatics begin inhabiting those Islands, too?


  • 4 New Prismatics on the way
  • Expanded Cloud & Cave Islands

Detailed notes:

  • Released on the 28th of January, 2020.

Version 2.0.0

  • Banner for 2.0.0
  • Available monsters for Prism Gate
  • Nursery with 5 "nests"
  • Earning free x4 Breeding Structures for players who already gotten Level 41+
  • Farming up lots of Pumpkins simulatenously
  • Crafting Lemons and Apples simultaneously on same Fruit Tree
  • Farming Structure formating for a Bog with Bamboo
  • Factory Structure for a Cooking Pot producing Ice Creams
  • Factory Structure formatting for a Diamond Extractor
  • 2x rewards for specific feeding, along with the usual coin reward
  • New Monster Bonus bonuses (3x reward)
  • Some coin costs for an extra Jeweler
  • New move menu, introducing tiles as part of the aforementioned UI
  • New full Vault warning message

Time to fire up My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire, because the big 2.0 UPDATE is here! The Monster-Handlers have been hard at work making plenty of impressive improvements, terrific tweaks, and brilliant boosts that make the Dawn of Fire shine brighter than ever. PLUS we're unveiling something brand new: a scintillating interdimensional rift known as the PRISM GATE, where you can find the vibrant Prismatics!

Send a Monster into the Prism Gate during limited-time events to transform it into a PRISMATIC MONSTER: a colorful redesign of the original! Use PRISMENTS from the Wondermine or Prism Gate to increase your chances of returning the Prismatic shade of your choice. Watch our YouTube tutorial for helpful hints and look forward to new Prismatics arriving soon!


  • NEW Prism Gate on Party + Space Islands
  • NEW Prismatic Monsters
  • Expanded Party + Space Islands
  • All monsters now produce coins automatically
  • Give Young Monsters any Crafting Item from the Vault
  • Bonus Structures now cost coins
  • Crafting Structures are now split into Farms and Factories
  • Farm-type structures make every item at once
  • Factory-type structures make items in an assembly line
  • Unlocking areas of the Continent adds Breeding Structures and Nursery Slots

Detailed notes:

  • Released on December 12th, 2019 for Android and iOS
  • The Prism Gate, where Prismatic Monsters can be obtained.
  • Prisments, which can be used to increase the chances of getting a specific Prismatic Monster variant. They can be brought back by Monsters traveling to the Prism Gate, or be collected from the Wondermine
  • Prismatic Monsters, specifically Prismatic Furcorn variants first introduced in this update.
  • Previously, monsters would ask for certain items and you could only give them those items. Now, you can feed them anything from the Vault, however, getting their requested items will give extra rewards. You can also view how much a certain item (or items) will level up a monster.
  • Monsters on the Continent will now give coins. Plus, any copies of Adult Monsters will give out coins, rather than the first monster of that species placed.
  • A "Collect All" button, which collects all coins at once.
  • Unlocking the other parts of the Continent will unlock extra Breeding Structures and more slots on the Nursery. This allows multiple monsters to incubate and breed at the same time.
  • Bonus Structures now cost coins rather than requiring diamonds, up to the fifth Structure.
  • Structures are separated into either "Farms" or "Factories". Farms (such as the Fruit Tree) will produce all simple items at once instead of producing them one at a time. Factories (such as the Bakery) will produce advanced items (requiring ingredients), in an assembly line. Factories behave the same as before, producing one item at a time.
    • Farm Structures have a wooden border around each Crafting Item slot, while Factory Structures have a metal border around each Crafting Item slot.
  • Party Island and Space Island have been expanded, allowing for more space. The update page on the Big Blue Bubble website mentions this was for the addition of Prismatic Monsters.
  • A new grid when placing things, showing what spaces are taken up and/or available. This works identically to how it does in the original game.
  • All currently available Production Structures sell for as high as partial of the highest coin cost, capped at the 5th Structure cost (as structures cost diamonds for 6th and later).
  • Removed Apple x5.
  • Crafting Item times adjusted, particularly only the primary Crafting Items:
    • Grain – 1 minute --> 2 minutes
    • Coconut – 2 minutes, 30 seconds --> 5 minutes
    • Bamboo – 3 minutes --> 5 minutes
    • Sugar Cane – 5 minutes --> 10 minutes
    • Log – 12 minutes --> 20 minutes
    • Ice, Cactus, Wool – 15 minutes --> 30 minutes
    • Cotton – 25 minutes --> 50 minutes
    • Stone, Tomatoes – 30 minutes --> 1 hour
    • Rope, Acorn, Tire – 1 hour --> 1 hour, 30 minutes
    • Pumpkin, Silk – 1 hour, 30 minutes --> 2 hours
  • Various cost range changes for all Crafting Items except Apple, Applesauce, and Apple Juice (?).

Version 1.21.0

  • IMG 3491.PNG New startup screen
  • Bisonorus "New Monster!" popup
  • Extra Vault space for Level 14
  • New yellow label to indicate nearly full
  • New red label to indicate full or nearly full
  • Market with exclamation point, indicating sell is ready
  • "Sell" button with exclamation mark, marking sold items in own Market

You got a sneak preview of it during the last Nickname Contest, and now it's finally been found in the depths of Cave Island: Bisonorus, a NEW vocal Quad-Element Monster! This unlikely pair sings an echoey tune that could even charm a Flowah. This update also introduces a variety of exciting improvements to Monster Wants that make them easier to fulfill for new players, plus a boost in Vault capacity!


  • NEW Monster: Bisonorus
  • Monster Wants are now based on Monster Level, not Player Level
  • Increased Vault capacity

Detailed notes:

  • Released on iOS, July 31st, 2019
    • Released on Android, August 1st, 2019
  • Vault capacity has roughly doubled, reaching up to 310 slots on the max level, Level 14.
  • Yellow highlighting and red highlighting also added for Vault capacity meters when nearly full. For Level 14 Vault, for example, the yellow highlighting appears between ~290-306, while the red highlighting appears between 306-310.
  • Tapping on Skyship and Market will now zoom in towards those respective structures, similar to all other structures.
  • Tapping on a Production Structure while Vault is full will now zoom towards the Structure instead of just showing the "Vault is full" error message.
  • When dragging a monster from the shop to the island, instead of showing the egg it shows the monster itself. It will animate and sing along in the song as if owned on the island.
  • New indicators show up on the sidebar when things such as the Wondermine and Teleporter are finished.
  • An exclamation point will now appear over the Market when an item is bought
  • Structures can upgrade and be used simultaneously.
  • Every monster's Monster Wants now are changed based on their own respective levels, starting from requesting only Apples all the way to requesting anything including Ice Packs. This adds an incentive to level up, rather than possess a hindrance (some players intentionally avoided leveling up so that they will not have to expand their Crafting Item production variety).
  • The new Big Blue Bubble splash screen prior to the loading screen now correctly appears on iPads, particularly the iPad Mini 2.

Version 1.20.0

We’re CHOMPING at the bit to reveal an ALL-NEW Quad-Element Monster: Incisaur! This reptilian Monster has the most intimidating, yet adorable, set of pearly whites the Monster-Handlers have ever seen. Thanks to the community for providing Incisaur’s awesome nicknames!


Detailed notes:

  • Released on April 11th, 2019

Version 1.19.0

Looking for a new Monster? Then reach up to the sky! The airborne Cybop has been discovered on the Continent and Space Island. Buy or breed this propeller-headed Monster today to hear its whimsical new vocals!


  • NEW Monster: Cybop
  • Improvements & optimizations

Detailed notes:

  • Released on January 22nd, 2019
  • New loading screen

Version 1.18.0

  • 1.18 dof.png New startup screen
  • New Reedling and Scups message
  • New font style 1
  • New font style 2
  • Continent changes 1
  • More Continent changes
  • Even more Continent changes
  • Even more Continent changes again
  • Even more font changes

Time to finish up that Gingerbread House in your Workshop, because the holiday season has arrived on the Continent! Your favorite Monsters are once again donning their winter gear, and two new faces have appeared to celebrate: the suction-cupped Scups, and the adorable Reedling!


  • NEW Monsters: Scups and Reedling
  • Festive Monster outfits
  • Decoration of Cold Lands and obstacles

Detailed notes:

  • Released on December 12th, 2018
  • New Loading Screen
  • New fonts for many aspects of the game
  • Christmas celebration

Version 1.17.0

Ready your Breeding Structures, because TWO NEW MONSTERS have arrived in My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire! 

Meet the squishable Spunge and the rock ‘n roll Riff, two beloved Monsters from the original My Singing Monsters. See their Young forms for the first time ever on the Continent, then Teleport them to Space Island and Cave Island!


  • New Monster: Spunge, available on the Continent and Space Island
  • New Monster: Riff, available on the Continent and Cave Island

Detailed info:

  • Released on October 18th, 2018
  • New loading screen
  • Glitch where it crashes upon loading a direct 1.16.0 game save appears. Deleting and re-installing the app often fixes this issue. If in the chance this version opens from a direct 1.16.0 save, the game will glitch graphics.

Version 1.16.0

File:Dawn of Fire Version 1.16.0.png

A new Monster has hatched on the Continent: Congle! This resourceful Triple-Element Monster has upcycled its eggshell into a stylish drum that is perfect for keeping the rhythm on both the Continent and Space Island.

In This Update:

  • New Monster — Congle, the newly-hatched Triple-Element Monster!

Thanks for playing and Happy Monstering!

Detailed info:

  • Released on February 28th, 2018
  • Removed Christmas decorations
  • New startup screen
  • Google Play Connection Problems

Version 1.16.4

Big Blue Bubble has taken steps to ensure that this title is in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR is designed to protect the privacy of EU citizens by regulating the collection of personal data.

The following Big Blue Bubble policies have been updated to comply with GDPR standards:

  • Privacy Policy (
  • Terms of Service (
  • Fan Content Policy (

Big Blue Bubble recommends that all players familiarize themselves with these updated policies.

The changes made to these policies are part of Big Blue Bubble’s ongoing dedication to publishing mobile games that are as transparent as they are entertaining.

Detailed info:

  • Released on May 24th, 2018 (US time), which is May 25th, 2018 during the time when the EU General Data Protection Regulation started.
  • New updated privacy checkbox menu.
  • New game icon. This could signal another update soon.

Version 1.15.0


The logo in version 1.15.0

Rock on! An early specimen of your favorite Singing Monster Quarrister has been discovered on the Continent. Quarrister is a massive Quad-Element Monster made up of several smaller singing creatures, all fused together to live harmoniously as one magnificently musical being. Young Quarrister is a giggly gang of six expressive stones, freshly fused and eager to explore the Monster World. Teleport young Quarrister to see its adult form in all its majesty, featuring a choir of friendly faces (and hip hairstyles.) Chanting a brand new musical part with its band of happy heads, Quarrister is sure to be a rock-solid addition to your Continent!

What's New in this Update:

  • New Monster - Quarrister, the Quad-Element Monster!
  • Bug fixes and optimizations'

Thanks for playing, and Happy Monstering!

Detailed info:

  • Released on November 30th, 2017.
  • Christmas 2017 released in this update.
    • Skyship's airport also arrived in Christmas costume.

Version 1.15.1

File:1.15.1 dof.png

Rock on! An early specimen of your favorite Singing Monster Quarrister has been discovered on the Continent. Chanting a brand new musical part with its band of happy heads, it's sure to be a rock-solid addition to your Continent!

In this Update: New Monster - Quarrister, the Quad-Element Monster!The Cold Lands have undergone a festive makeover, and has inspired several Singing Monsters to do the same!Bug fixes and optimizations

Thanks for playing, and Happy Monstering!

Detailed info:

  • New startup screen fixed to Christmas look.

Version 1.14.0


New logo

What's New in this Update:

  • New Monster - Drummidary!
  • iOS 11 compatible
  • Bug fixes and optimizations

Detailed info:

  • Released on September 27th, 2017.
  • New DOF logo for both iOS and Android – shows an adult Mammott around a blue portal.

Version 1.13.0

  • New Monster - T-Rox!
  • Bug fixes and optimizations

Detailed info:

  • Released on August 16th, 2017.

Version 1.12.0

In this update:

  • New Monster - Edamimi!
  • Bug fixes and optimizations

Detailed info:

  • Released on June 15th, 2017.

Version 1.11.0

  • Loading Screen
  • Castle Level 8 in Continent
  • New error message if not enough space in Vault after collecting from Structures
  • Can go into any Structure even if Vault is full or Structure(s) has uncollected items

In this update:

  • New Monster - Maw!
  • Bug fixes and optimizations

Thanks for playing, and Happy Monstering!

My Singing Monsters Dawn of Fire - 1.11

My Singing Monsters Dawn of Fire - 1.11.0

Version 1.11.0 brief display

Detailed info:

  • Released on April 19th, 2017.
  • Castle upgrades greater than Level 7 get a new design.
  • Presumably, non-existing Crafting Items in Structure bug fixed.
  • Non-matching Crafting Items in Structure bug still not fixed.
  • Better optimization on optimized devices, thus faster and more reliable. Most especially is the Market, as well as when collecting lots of Crafting Items
  • Easier interface when Vault is full, where the user can go into any Production Structure (except Wondermine and Diamond Extractor) and insert Crafting Items there.
    • In the Wondermine, the Wondermine can now be shown, even if both the Vault is full and the Wondermine has finished being searched.
    • As for the Diamond Extractor, it is not affected by the Vault whatsoever.
  • The upgrade icon changed to exclude the diamond icon in it.
  • Party Island modified length due to the introduction of Maw.

Version 1.10.0

  • Updated monster island menu
  • "What's New" description
  • New startup screen
  • Updated Daily Login Game
  • Volume adjustment
  • Version 1.10.0 background

Bring your new favorite Monsters Deedge and Sneyser front and center with all new volume controls, drag the slider left and right to increase or decrease their monstrous music to your heart’s content.

In this update:

  • 2 new Monsters – Deedge and Sneyser!
  • New volume controls!
  • Adult Monsters can now be purchased in the Shop!
  • New Celestial Monsters released monthly!
  • Bug fixes and optimizations

Detailed info:

  • Released on February 1st, 2017. Furnoss was also released to this update and previous update.
  • Updated Monster menu in all islands.
  • Updated Shop menu. Now all monsters animate in their menu.
  • Updated Space Island song with new parts included, as heard in the My Singing Monsters Soundtrack.
  • Adult Monsters purchased in Shop refers to buying on the Outer Islands.
  • New Startup Screen.
  • The Castle no longer requires time to build.

Version 1.10.1

  • Bug fixes

Detailed info:

  • Released on Feb 28, 2017.
  • The loading bug fixed?
  • New music cutting problem. Example can be seen here.
  • "Sold" function on public Market (Monster Marketplace) expanded to place "Sold" whether on the public Market or not unless refreshed to a new leaf.
  • Any time in Breeding Structure longer than 24 hours is written as "1d HH:MM:SS"

Version 1.10.2

Error inappropriate dof

Error message received if attempting to add inappropriate words or phrases

  • Bug fixes

Detailed info:

  • Released on March 6, 2017.
  • Music cutting bug fixed.
  • Glitched positioning of Crafting Items on their Structures, though some of the positionings were intentional.
  • Glitch where a Crafting Item appears on a Structure but is not collectable.
  • Slower loading of Market.
  • Slower running on iPad Mini 2, though this only happens from time to time, less often since a few days after release.
  • All players of Version 1.10.1 who updated to this version were given one free Furnoss in the Mailbox. Link.
  • Appears to now forbid certain words and phrases in personal descriptions, such as "butt". Attempting to do so will simply give a warning message that warns against inappropriate words, which then reverts the message back to its former form.

Version 1.10.4

  • Bug fixes

Detailed info:

  • Released on March 18, 2017.
  • New bug that game load slower?

Version 1.9.0

  • Update art
  • "What's New" messagebox
  • Top Islands thingy
  • "New Feature!" of Top Islands

Teleport your way to the top of the charts!

Can you become the top player in the Dawn of Fire 1.9 Update? Introducing the all new weekly Top Islands Competition! This feature allows players to vote on their favorite Outer Islands and Continents, with the best being awarded in-game prizes! Also don’t miss two new Monsters to join your symphony: the beatboxing beast Shrubb, and the indispensable Tring.

In this update:

  • Top Islands competition
  • 15 all new Decorations for your Outer Islands
  • 2 new Monsters – Shrubb and Tring!
  • New Celestial Monsters released monthly!
  • Bug fixes and optimizations

Detailed changes:

Advert 1.9.0

Adverts in a non-paid player's game, in the front screen of the public Market

  • Main additions to this update: Shrubb, Tring, Top islands, New decorations
  • Released on November 29th, 2016.
  • Monster spreadsheet quality has gotten more quality overall, particularly on tablet devices as well as devices that the game is optimized for.
  • The bug on music layering technology is still there, but less frequently.
  • Adverts placed in the public Market to those who have not yet paid a single currency pack. They only appear in the front "page" of the public Market screen at the right side, occupying the three slots of the right side.
  • Adding display name upon visiting islands. Extra buttons were also added to the main menu and the visiting island menus.
  • Shrubb can be teleported to Party Island and Tring can be teleported to Space Island.
  • Re-added the disabling of overflowing the Vault (except with adding seedlings via removing Obstacles)
  • New bug where the game stops loading when going back to Continent.

Version 1.9.1

Wormhole wrong december

Version 1.9.0's notice addressing the going to fix December Star Chart on Version 1.9.1

  • Bug fixes and optimizations

Detailed changes:

  • Released on 6th December 2016.
  • Monster species that have not yet been to Continent are not hidden by images of their respective eggs but instead are shown by a blue circle with a white exclamation mark.
  • Structures needing over 24 hours to produce an item now are shown by x amount of days, with hours, minutes, and seconds staying the same.
  • Attmoz's Starchart now shows Air instead of Water, as shown before. Progress on Water Starchart is moved onto Air.

Version 1.8.0

  • 1.8.0 artwork
  • Double Crafting Item times example

Come on over to Party Island!

To celebrate 1 year of My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire, we’re throwing a party - and you’re invited! Come on over to Party Island, an all-new Outer Island that your Monsters can teleport to, right at Level 5! That’s not all though… two new Structures have been discovered, a handy Hotel to help organize your Monster collection, and a second Castle that unlocks even more Beds on the Continent! These little miracles come just in time for you to breed two new Monsters, the ‘king of clang’ Clamble, and the never-before-seen Krillby!

In this update:

  • Party Island: A whole new Outer Island for your Monsters to discover!
  • A Second Castle: Place more Monsters on the Continent than ever before!
  • A new Hotel Structure: Check in your Monsters to make room on the Continent!
  • Receive Coins from Monsters on your Outer Islands!
  • 2 new Monsters – the fan favorite Clamble and the crustaceous Krillby!
  • New Celestial Monsters released monthly!
  • Updated Tutorials and improved Gameplay Balancing
  • Bug fixes and optimizations

Detailed changes in this version:

  • Main additions to this update: Party Island, Clamble, Krillby, Humble Hotel
  • Released on October 12th, 2016.
  • New Polished and Carved Stonyx Crystals have arrived.
  • A second Castle available for placement at Diamonds (Dawn of Fire)800.
  • Castles can be moved.
  • Monsters in the Outer Islands generate coins per 24 hours or so. Gives between Coin25px-DoF50-600 per monster per collection, depending on the island.
  • Smoother Crafting Item animations, selling animations, etc. on newer devices. Also faster reactions to interacting with the game. Older devices possibly same speed of animation as last versions.
  • Option to cancel Crafting Items. Attempting to cancel the Crafting Items will give a warning message and this will trash the processing. Only available on upcoming Crafting Items; already starting to generate ones cannot do so.
  • You can sell your items in your Vault instead of trashing them. This rewards 1/4 of the maximum Market price. This also updates the full Vault error message to match the updated method of Crafting Item disposal.
  • More vault upgrades! Max items is now 160.
  • More updates to the Crafting Item speeds stuffs. As a result, the costs of the Crafting Items on Market also changed too. Part of the "gameplay balancing".
    • Fruit Tree: Apple 5x added (1 minute 15 seconds), coconut time half.
    • Masher: Sand and Acorn Butter time double.
    • Garden Patch: same.
    • Bakery: double time except for Apple Tarts which now 1 min. Also, Apple Tarts recipe becomes 3 apples and 1 grain, not 3 apples and 2 grains.
    • Bog: same.
    • Jeweler: same, except Polished Crystals require only 5 crystals each (plus the extra Crafting Items).
    • Workshop: all double time except bamboo flute.
    • Juicer: All except syrup time double.
    • Cooking Pot: time double.
    • Apothecary: Crafting Item times double.
    • Weavers: same.
    • Candy Factory: time double.
    • Tailor: time double.
    • Toy Factory: time double.
  • Kayna tutorial glitch Daily Roll first day. Fixed as of 17th October 2016, though in the Version 1.8.1, not this one.
  • The graphics on the monsters have overall decreased in quality. The music layering quality has also decreased. These additional decompressions may be to save space consumption that the game heavily consumes.
  • Adjusted diamond rewards for monsters who are able to be teleported to Party Island.
  • Push notification specifications available. "Crafting Complete", "Breeding & Hatching Complete", "Monster Wants Ready", "Upgrade Complete", "Teleport Complete" and "Cave Explored" available.
  • Crystals become "stackable items"; multiple of the same crystal can be stored as one whole slot but not bought as one whole slot. However, only up to 10 of each Crystal can be stored as one whole slot (including part of ten crystals).
  • Ability to upgrade Structures, which upgrading decreases production time. To upgrade Structures, a certain number of crystals and coins is required, and the selected structure must be idle.
  • Removing obstacles now costs coins, not crystals. Proportional to ISLAND_NUM * 50 for trees and ISLAND_NUM * 250 for rocks.
  • All Fruit Trees and Garden Patches default to 6 slots (unless extra slots bought); the rest default the same old 3 slots.
  • Modifications with the requirements for upgrading the Vault, particularly the intermediate upgrades.

Version 1.8.1

Admin mail

Administrator of Dawn of Fire sends mail of 12 bonus rolls in every user's mailbox each

***The overexcited Tutorial for Star Charts has been fixed!***

  • Released on 17th October 2016.
  • 12 bonus dice have been posted to every player of Version 1.8.1 on 18th October 2016 by the admins of the game.
  • Purchasing Crystals from the Market over the limits of the Vault can be bought, unless this bulk buy overfills the 10-crystal-per-slot limit.
  • Purchasing Crafting Items in bulk while space in the Vault still is vacant will allow the bulk buy to be bought, but it will overfill the Vault, making the bar turn red.

Version 1.7.0

  • 1.7.0 artwork 1
  • 1.7.0 artwork 2
  • #Starhenge
  • The dice used play in Daily Login Game
  • The gaze button icon
  • The new Celestal element
  • Starhenge hashtag before release of 1.7.0
  • A ray of light shining onto a monster portal in Starhenge
  • Startup screen in Version 1.7.0

An ancient landmark suspended between the stars and the Monster World has emerged: introducing Starhenge! This new island is home to a mystical family of monsters known as the Celestials, each available for a limited time before they disappear back into the Constellations above.

In this update:

  • Daily Login Game: Roll the Cosmic Dice to make your way across the Star Chart to collect the Celestials
  • 2 new Monsters – the fan-favorite Entbrat and Candelavra, the first ever Quint-Element!
  • Bug fixes and optimizations

Thanks for playing, and Happy Monstering!

The Monster-Handlers

Detailed changes in this version:

  • Main additions in this update: Starhenge, Scaratar, Entbrat, Candelavra
  • This update was released on July 27th, 2016.
  • In the iPad version, the screen of the Market and Structure menus appeared smaller.
  • Because of the addition of a Quint-element monster, the Wondermine also includes additional options for Quint-element monsters. Quint-element monsters, like all with all Wondermine rules, require more time but gain a better chance of getting Crafting Items because of the extra element Quint-element monsters would have.
  • Logging back in starts up the Daily Login Game, if valid during its time. Also, going back to the main game transitions with a black-to-next-slide fade.
  • The teaser for the Starhenge was mentioned several days before this update. A hashtag for this, "#Starhenge", was also mentioned in this Summer 2016 trailer of Dawn of Fire in the My Singing Monsters YouTube channel.
  • Space Island had a slight change in song arrangement. For example, the part where the Potbelly and Furcorn sing right before the Sooza's part first time has been cut out (unless Candelavra is present).
  • The glitch where Structures cannot move once placed has been fixed.
  • The Dawn of Fire and My Singing Monsters servers had been down from 3rd September 2016, 00:00 UTC to 4th September 2016, 3:00 UTC, for some technical reason. Possibly, this may have been caused by a hacker rebellion against the removal of Rare Monsters from the StarShop, special monsters and a shop that are both found in My Singing Monsters.
  • Newly added "Enjoying the game?" messages started appearing on September 1st, 2016.

Version 1.6.0

  • Version 1.6.0 in Facebook post
  • Version 1.6.0 new artwork
  • New loading screen of Version 1.6.0
  • New app logo for Version 1.6.0 (Android)
  • "What's new" pop-up of 1.6.0
  • Blue note above a Stogg, marking that has Monster Bonus
  • Boskus with 1.5x bonus by Monster Bonus
  • Exclamation points and music notes inside Structure slots feature

Progress faster than ever before with the NEW Monster Bonus!

Up to 3 Monsters on your Continent may have a blue music note above their head. This means that a Monster REALLY wants the Items they are asking for! When you complete its order, you’ll get 1.5x the amount of XP and Coins!

In this update:

  • 2 new Monsters – the darling Pango and the never-before-seen Barrb!
  • Special icons in Item lists for Crafting Structures to let you know if that Item is wanted by a Monster
  • Bug fixes and optimizations

Detailed changes in this version:

  • Main additions to this update: Pango, Barrb
  • This update was released on June 22, 2016.
    • On the very next day, it has a link to Dawn of Fire's Version 1.6.0 info on the BBB website. Link.
  • Crafting Items in a Structure menu now has an exclamation mark or music note to show that some monsters demand this type of Crafting Item. The Crafting Items that go to the table of the Market, however, do not have exclamation points or musical notes beside them.
  • Added exclamation marks above Structures that are ready to collect at least one of their finished Crafting Items.
    • For some reason, this caused a glitch where the Crafting Items do not appear on the Structures. This causes some players to just second-guess what they had manufactured and how many Crafting Items finished.
    • A similar glitch happens to Breeding Structures and Nurseries, where the egg does not appear or is falsely showing its green bar or whatever state that it is in.
  • For some reason, the video recording function disappeared.
  • The exclamation mark above Breeding Structure and Nursery return.
  • Random moving of collect Market glitch fixed, at least somewhat. It only moves slightly when adjusting to going outside the borders of the Market menu.
  • Adding monster eggs to the Breeding Structure now requires to be dragged and dropped just above the hollow stump of the Breeding Structure.
  • All Skyship orders retained if updating and then playing this version while the Skyship is still at its port.
  • Note that the added Experience bonus may make it harder for the player to keep up the pace of Crafting Item production.
  • No longer enough beds to support one of each monster, even with the Level 7 Castle.
  • New bug where a greater internet connection is required, making it difficult to load the Market or Skyship.
  • New logo for Android version; the iOS version logo stays the same.

Version 1.6.1

  • Bug fixes and optimizations
  • Appeared in 29th June 2016
  • Bug where exclamation marks and music notes do not appear above the valid monsters fixed.
  • Bug, where one does not see Crafting Items from outside Structures, has been fixed.
  • Video recording function reappears, after the previous ongoing social media complaints to the My Singing Monsters social media pages about the removal of that feature
  • Slow internet connection bug fixed
  • Removed the nose from all of the images of baby Thumpies (such as the one seen in the Breeding Structure), not just from Continent.
  • New bug discovered where Structures cannot be moved; when attempting to move them they just cancel automatically.

Version 1.5.0

Loading Screen Dawn of Fire 1.5.0

Version 1.5.0 loading screen

Screenshot 20160428-195831

Random error relating to backwards timers

Skyship landscape change

The Skyship port addition changing Air Lands' landscape.

The Skyship has Landed!

Can you fill up the Skyship’s orders before it lifts off? Earn rewards by completing this aeronautical marvel’s daily goals, and work your way up the leaderboards to become the Top Shipper in all the Monster World. What’s more, you can discover two new Monsters, the multiverse-hopping Thumpies and the never-before-seen Wynq!

In this update:

  • New Feature: The Skyship – a new daily challenge!
  • Global Leaderboards – achieve Skyship greatness!
  • 2 new Monsters – Thumpies and Wynq!
  • 5 new Decorations!
  • Bug fixes and optimizations

Thanks for playing, and Happy Monstering!

The Monster-Handlers

Detailed changes with this version:

  • Main additions to this update: The Skyship, Thumpies, Wynq
  • Changed Air Lands by having the Skyship appearing on the left side of Air Lands.
  • Daily Goals can be replaced for 1000Coin25px-DoF for each Daily Goal.
  • "How-much-time-is-left-in-structure" and other informational structure-related font has changed to appear taller and fill more of the loading bar.
  • A new button added on startup for the game to search for a Game Center account if it's not automatically detected.
  • Crafting Items that have finished processing will glow more yellow and brighter than what they did in the other versions of the game.
  • Experience bar in tapping action and achievement bars now have digits on them to show the current amount a player has and the target amount a player needs to complete.
  • GP Version on April 27, 2016.
  • All achievements have numbers of how much of the achievement has been achieved and how much more is required for the reward.
  • On some devices, such as iPad Mini 2, moving around the screen and the animations are smoother.
  • Bugs consisting of having more than four Crystals at once occurred. Trying to harvest more than four at once will result in an error message saying "This crystal isn't ready to harvest". However, this only occurred in one build of Version 1.5.0; otherwise no problems.
  • There is a new bug where any structure with the time bar wouldn't show the time left as well as having the bar too large and not showing numbers occasionally. Additionally, if some of the structures are flipped, the digits of timer are backward.
  • There is a new bug that occasionally flashes broken font.
  • The glitch of payment of diamonds to replace diamonds when buying the Level 7 Castle is fixed. Instead of asking to pay using diamonds to replace diamonds, it asks to go to the Shop to buy more.
  • The servers were temporarily shut down on 14th May 2016 due to issues within some games, such as some of the issues that had appeared in that version.

Version 1.5.1


The glitch of labels turning into variable names

  • Bug fixes and optimizations (although some bugs still exist)
  • Appeared in 24th May 2016
  • A slight change in the main part of the Pummel
  • Better GameCenter binding options
  • Upon logging on again, each Monster, Structure, and Decoration will pop up.
  • There is a new bug where tapping to collect coins from the Market leads to a sudden movement of the scrolling to the right.
  • There is a new bug where sometimes the labels turn into variable names.
  • Tapping on the Castle shows the bed occupation and capacity.

Version 1.4.0

Version 1.4 Dawn of Fire

Facebook background relating to this update (also the Version 1.4.0 layout of the Dawn of Fire loading screen)

Version 1.4 Dawn of Fire update

The artwork of the new update, as seen in Facebook

Screenshot 20160220-101358

The new map menu

Bigger Castles! New Monsters! New Structures & Decorations! New Goals! More Tweaks!

Dawn of Fire gets bigger and better with the unveiling of a new Castle level![1] This upgrade will allow you to add even more Monsters to your Continent’s song. It couldn’t have come at a better time – help us in welcoming a pair of new Monsters, the returning Dandidoo, and the never-before-seen Yelmut!

Also in this update:

  • New Structure – The Diamond Extractor unlocks at level 6 and lets you dig deep into the Continent to collect Diamonds!
  • Daily Goals – complete these challenges and reward your progress!
  • Decorations can now be placed on the Outer Islands
  • Balancing tweaks based on feedback from our players
  • Bug fixes and optimizations

Have fun filling up your new Castles, and Happy Monstering!

Detailed changes in this version:

  • Main additions to this update: Dandidoo, Yelmut, Daily goals, Diamond extractor
  • Released on Feb. 17th, 2016.
  • Added new textures for each Vault level.
  • Changed the BBB splash screen and the loading screen.
  • Changed the appearance of the map screen.
  • Added the option to speed up 15 minutes by watching a video.
  • Improved several aspects of the market.
    • Items can now be bought without leaving the Marketplace.
    • Added "Advertise in Market" checkbox, unchecking this will prevent the item from showing up in the public Market.
    • Reduced loading times.
  • Increased teleporting times for all monsters.
  • Teleporting monsters now give diamonds.
  • Added sound to all firework effects.

Version 1.4.1

  • Fixed several game-breaking bugs that prevented players from starting the game.

Version 1.4.2

  • Fixed bugs involving the new Castle upgrade and placing Monsters and Structures on Cold and Air Lands.
    • Google Play version released on Feb. 18, 2016. iOS version released on Feb. 23, 2016.

Version 1.3.0

NewUpdate 1.3.0 DoF

The artwork of the new update, as seen in Facebook

Christmas DoF image

The logo in Version 1.3.0

In the spirit of giving, the Monster-Handlers proudly introduce... the Market! Buy and sell items from your inventory with other players - now you can satisfy your Monster's orders with greater ease than ever before! Pore over the Newspaper for good deals, so you'll never have to go without again! Unlock this exciting feature at Level 4.

Also in this update:

  • New Monsters – The lovable Shellbeat and the never-before-seen Repatillo!
  • The Cold Lands have undergone a festive makeover, and has inspired several Singing Monsters to do the same!
  • Achievements – tiered rewards as you progress through the Monster World
  • Balancing tweaks based on feedback from our players
  • Bug fixes and optimizations

We hope you enjoy this seasonal update! Have a safe and joyful holiday, and Happy Monstering!
The Monster-Handlers.

Detailed changes in this version:

  • Main changes to this version: Market, Shellbeat, Repatillo, Achievements
  • The "ripple" effect now appears when loading the Continent, instead of just the Outer Islands.
  • Added the Achievements goal list for the iOS (Game Center) version.
  • Added new look to vault inventory for the iOS (Game Center) version.
  • Extended the songs for both Space Island and Cave Island.
  • Increased Vault capacity by ten for all levels. (As a result, Vault upgrades now cost more)
  • "New Order" now takes fifteen minutes, not thirty.
  • Placing a 2nd Fruit Tree now costs Coins instead of Diamonds. Before it costed 100 DiamondDoF25px, but now costs 200 Coin25px-DoF.
  • The Continent has been redesigned, having higher quality models and textures.
  • All Decorations can now be bought for Coins instead of Diamonds in the Shop.
  • The Android version of the game was released on December 1st, 2015.

Version 1.2.0

Levitating crystal

The water change and a levitating Skylite crystal

 The Monster-Handlers have been toiling behind the scenes to deliver an even better game experience for our players!

  • Adventuring Monsters can now discover more valuable items in the Wondermine!
  • Reduced musical sync issues
  • Improved responsiveness for Game Center login
  • Other bug fixes and optimizations

Stay tuned for exciting new features and more Singing Monsters in next month's update!

Detailed changes in this version:

  • Main changes to the update: Baby Oaktopus, Flowah, and Pummel parts changed
  • Added new part for Oaktopus on the Continent.
  • Added new part for Flowah on the Continent.
  • Gave Regular and Polished Vegidian Crystals a new look.
  • Added the ability to get free diamonds by completing TapJoy offers.
  • Polished Skylite Crystals are no longer required for the level 6 castle upgrade.
  • Updated the water textures. Instead of greenish color, it is now a sea blue.
  • Changed the recipe for Polished Skylite Crystals to require lemons instead of wool.
  • Altered the initial part for the Pummel on the Continent.
  • Added the Achievements goal list for the Google Play version.
  • Added new look to vault inventory for the Google Play version.
  • The Amazon version of the game was released on November 21st, 2015.

Version 1.1.0

The golden age of monster music is upon us! Meet all your favorite Monsters like you've never seen or heard them before, when the world was new and joined together in great harmony as the majestic Continent.

Detailed changes in this version:

  • A game released worldwide on September 23rd, 2015, still exclusive to iOS.
  • The Google Play version of the game was released on September 25th, 2015.
  • Video advertisements of the game start to appear in some games.

Version 1.0.0


The first released game icon

On the 25th of September 2015, it was released to iOS players in Canada only. At the time until Version 1.1.0, it was a pre-release.


  1. The new castle upgrade costs 400 DiamondDoF25px, unlike the other lower upgrades, which cost crystals. As of this update there is enough beds for one of each monster. However, there is not enough beds again as of Version 1.6.0


  • Major updates usually come every 2 months.
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