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My Singing Monsters has passed through numerous updates since its original release. Here is a list of those updates, and what they brought to the game.

Though primary development of the game is done by Big Blue Bubble for mobile devices, specifically iOS and Android. The original Windows version was built and distributed by Big Fish Games. There are some differences between the release streams, and on other devices, features sometimes lagged behind the mobile versions. The Big Fish Games version has stayed at Version 1.2.9 since the initial release of Version 1.2.9 on mobile devices, and the Steam version launched at Version 3.0.1, when at the time the latest mobile version was 3.0.5.

Also, several versions of My Singing Monsters had shut down at certain points. The Facebook PC version shut down on April 30th, 2015. The Big Fish Games Windows version shut down on July 6th, 2018, around 3 years since it was last updated.

NOTE: Version numbers don't necessarily increase by one each time, meaning version numbers such as 1.0.5, 1.2.1, and 3.3.5 simply don't exist.

Many other versions of My Singing Monsters are still supported, but no longer gain new features, only regular server maintenance. These include:

Version 3.5.0


As time passes, more and more Fire Monster Vessels become ready to be revitalized on Amber Island! The Monster-Handlers are still working to learn the secrets of the Crucible, the mysterious Structure encased in amber that holds the Key to unlocking Rares and Epics... In the meantime, stay tuned to our social channels for a new and exciting way to complete your Amber Island collection!

More Seasonal Monsters are ready to be discovered! First among them is the Viveine, a tender and affectionate soul with an abiding love for all creatures big and small. The next few Seasonals promise to solve some longstanding mysteries of the Monster World, but may also bring about brand new mysteries in the process - we can't wait for you to meet them!


  • NEW Monster: Viveine, Seasonal of the Echoes of Eco
  • Updated user interface for Compose mode on Composer Island
  • Updated Mailbox to display announcements
  • NEW Rare and Epic variants being discovered all the time
  • NEW Seasonals waiting to be revealed in the months to come

Detailed Notes:

  • Released April 27th, 2022
  • Adds further Likes to Amber Island Monsters
  • This update was not required to get the new Seasonal Monster, Viveine, but is required for the other changes to the game.
  • Minor other tweaks were made, such as the smaller size of the piggybank on the Collect All screen, and the color of Breeding/Incubation times in dialogs having changed from a muted red to white.
  • Krillby was centered into its grid, although Thrumble on Amber Island only centers into its grid while it sings.
  • Phangler's idle on Amber Island was fixed to have one of its feet facing the right direction.
  • On May 11th, 2022 (coinciding with Amber Island Wave 4), the following changes related to Relics were noticed or announced:
    • In the Market, the Relic {exchange now starts at 1 Diamonds, instead of 3 Diamonds
    • On the Spin Wheel, the 1 Relics slices are now 3 Relics slices. ( It is currently unknown if odds have also changed. )
    • Higher Relic rewards from the Daily Login Bonus (2, 4, and 8, previously 1, 2, and 5)
    • Higher Relic rewards from Bonus Items (3, previously 1)

Version 3.4.1


We regularly update My Singing Monsters to make it the best experience it can be! This Furcorn-sized update contains helpful improvements and optimizations to 'tune up' the game. Happy Monstering!

Bugs Fixed:

  • Difficulty moving Sparkul and Glittuh paths
  • Ziggurab audio issues
  • Yelmut, Oaktopus, Gobbleygourd animation issues
  • Potbelly, PomPom, Mammott, Flowah costume issues
  • incorrect sell price Epic Wubbox and monsters in hotel
  • Amber island missing costume market and incorrect Recording Studio tempo

Detailed Notes:

  • Released March 8th, 2022
  • Fixes an issue with the Hotel on Amber Island where Monsters within it would count toward the Bed count on the Island when attempting to Buy a Vessel
  • On March 23rd, 2022, a long-standing issue with logging in for players with many Friends, causing delays - sometimes to the point of causing the game to get stuck in a login attempt loop, was corrected.

Version 3.4.0

As the sensational Season of Love nears its end, there's something brand NEW to love in the Monster World... the ambrosial AMBER ISLAND!

Located on the same higher plane as the regal Gold Island, Amber Island was a safeguard for the Element of Fire dating back to ancient times. It's where you can use the spark of life to revitalize special VESSELS containing the essences of ALL FIRE MONSTERS, including some species who will be making their modern-day debuts! Different Vessels are available at different times, so you'll want to make sure you don't miss out and get ZAPPING straightaway! Once hatched from the Nursery, your Monsters will start generating RELICS for you to expand the Amber Island even further!

Version 3.4.0 Update Banner


  • NEW Amber Island
  • NEW Fire Monster - Yelmut's long-awaited return
  • NEW Pyrozite Castles on the Fire Islands
  • NEW Rare and Epic variants being discovered all the time
  • NEW Seasonals waiting to be revealed in the months to come

Detailed Notes:

  • Released February 9th, 2022
  • All currencies now have brand new collection icons.
  • The orange-colored font used to represent Relics has been made much darker .
  • The ‘Bio’, ‘Islands’, and ‘Stats’ buttons in the info menu of a Monster in the market are darkened until they’re actually clicked on .
  • A new dedicated ‘Zap’ menu showcasing the applicable Monsters has been added, in place of the ‘Zap to Wublin’ and ‘Zap to Celestial’ buttons.
  • A scroll bar has been added to the Gold Island place menu.
  • Phangler's idle animations on Fire Oasis and Psychic Island have been fixed to match the tempo of the songs.
  • Double Element Ethereals now sell for a lower price.
  • Fixes a bug visiting Friends' 'default' Island not working.
  • (Steam only) Fixes a bug where system keys would open/close the Market
  • On February 16th, 2022, an update was issued with the following changes
    • fixes Psychic Island's song for Steam players (it would play slowly)
    • extends Amber Island's song with one more verse
    • fixes Rare Schmoochle and Epic Schmoochle's Bed count on Seasonal Shanty to 2 (was: 1. Players who were at or near the Bed limit with one or more of these on their Island would show an 'impossible' Bed count display, such as '93/90')

Version 3.3.4

Detailed Notes:

  • Released December 16th, 2021
  • only available for Apple devices
  • No specific details were made available, and the version history entry in the App Store is a copy of that of v3.3.3 . However, it may be related to frequent crashes in v3.3.3 reported by iOS users.

Version 3.3.3

Yippee Yay, it's the Festival of Yay! Cold Island has transformed into a Winter Monster-land and all the Monsters are excited to wear their classic Festival of Yay costumes! But that's not all...

Epic Wubbox is decking the halls for its debut on Cold Island, where the eccentric Electric Elemental will be meeting the returning Seasonal Monster Yool! We've also heard that both Rare and Epic Yools will be visiting Cold Island during the Event, and will be stopping in to greet Seasonal comrades on the Seasonal Shanty for the first time!

And finally, the Festival of Yay would not be complete without Epic Tring coming to town! A Fire Epic in winter?! That's right, Epic Tring makes its way to Fire Haven as a final gift of Monstrous cheer during this year's Festival of Yay.


  • NEW Epic Wubbox on Cold Island!
  • NEW Epic Tring on Fire Haven!
  • Yool returns to Cold Island and the Colossingum
  • Returning Seasonal Quest - 'Day of Yay'
  • Over 25 Festival of Yay Series Costumes available to collect
  • Rare and Epic Yools make their Seasonal Shanty debut
  • Festival of Yay Decorations and Seasonal Obstacle Decorations available

Detailed Notes:

  • Released December 8th, 2021
  • Adds a 'Report' button when visiting Friends to report inappropriate Display Names / Island designs.
  • Clavavera's animations on Seasonal Shanty were updated.
  • In the Steam version on Windows, the shortcut to the market can now be pressed by pressing the Windows key on the keyboard.

Version 3.3.2

Detailed Notes:

  • Released October 19th, 2021
  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash if the user had visited Gold Island or Tribal Island with an uncompleted Colossingum Tutorial.
  • As of at least this version (exact release unknown), it is no longer possible to use Epic Mammott, Epic Pango, or Epic Cybop's Likes screen to buy a second Wubbox if the first was in the Nursery, displaying the "There is already an inactive Wubbox on your Island." message instead.

Version 3.3.1

Spooktacle is upon us, and the Monsters can't wait to get all dressed up to celebrate the season! The spookiest Seasonal Punkleton is making its scheduled visit on Plant Island and has redecorated it with tombstones, Smunk-o-Lanterns and all assortment of eerie embellishment! Fresh off of its mini-vacation on Seasonal Shanty, Punkleton is also making its Monster World debut on the Colossingum, with a special Costume and Trophy to share for completing its Seasonal Quest!

That's not all - a huge collection of creepy Costumes are now available to buy or through breeding during the Spooktacle Seasonal Event! Some of these haven't been seen for many years, so we're excited to dust them off and put them on display!

Finally, it sounds like Rare and Epic Punkleton are planning to treat themselves to a visit to Seasonal Shanty at some point during Spooktacle! Don't ghost on the chance to join in all of the frightful fun, or it may come back to haunt you...


  • Punkleton arrives on Plant Island and the Colossingum
  • New Seasonal Quest - 'Trick-or-Treat'
  • Over 30 Spooktacle Series Costumes available to collect
  • Rare and Epic Punkletons make their Seasonal Shanty debut
  • Spooktacle Decorations and Seasonal Obstacle Decorations available

Detailed Notes:

Version 3.3.0 (256)

Detailed Notes:

  • Released September 21st, 2021
  • In or sometime before this update, the star effect around Monsters on Tribal Island that are Level 20 on their home Islands was removed.

Version 3.3.0 (254)

Celebrate 9 years of My Singing Monsters with our ANNIVERSARY MONTH Event! Not only will there be extra-special offers and promotions all September long, this update is also JAM-packed with new content and features!

In Version 3.3, we answer one of the oldest questions in the Monster World - where do the Seasonal Monsters go during the redy of the year? To the SEASONAL SHANTY, of course! Teleport your Level 15 Seasonal Monsters to this brand new island to discover a whimsical new song and the never-before-seen JAM BOREE Monster! We expect to discover even more denizens of the Seasonal Shanty over the course of the next year...

Another enduring mystery of the Monster World has been solved - does Ethereal Island have a Rare Wubbox? It does now! Box your Rarethereals in this eccentric Electric beast and complete your collection! That may or may not be the only Wubbox-related discovery this month... time will tell...

Oh, and one more little thing. The Collect All feature. Because we love you.

Thanks for 9 years of breeding, feeding, and singing with the Monsters! Happy Monstering!


  • COLLECT All Feature!!!
  • NEW Island: Seasonal Shanty
  • NEW Monster: Jam Boree, this Anniversary Month Seasonal
  • Rare Wubbox on Ethereal Island
  • Filters in the Monsters and Costumes menus of the Market
  • Anniversary Month decor on Gold Island
  • Special offers and promotions all month long
  • Rebalanced costs for various features

Detailed Notes:

  • Released September 1st, 2021
  • Filters for the Market that categorize Monsters by Monster Element counts (1 Element, 2 Elements, 3 Elements, 4 Elements, and Special(?)), and Costumes by Quest-rewards and Seasonal Sets.
    • As part of this change, the old 'building' icon that resembled a classic tower not unlike the rook in a chess set, was replaced with a column adorned with an Ionic capital.
  • All Monsters' Selling prices have been adjusted. Notable, the Triple and Quad-Element Fire and Magical Monsters have had their sell prices significantly reduced, making them less viable as Coin Farming elements. Additionally, the Magical Island(Light, Psychic, Faerie and Bone) castle upgrade costs have all been reduced, making them more accessible to newer players.
  • The Big Salad in the Bakery now makes one million Treats instead of 750,000. This does away with previous concerns that it was less efficient to make than Cakes.
  • The animation when first discovering a Monster can now be skipped.
  • The option to buy 10 Relics for 265 Diamonds was removed from the Market. This had long caused confusion for players who did not realize that purchasing 10 Relics one at a time would add up to the same amount, instead expecting it to be 10 x 3 Diamonds, or 30 Diamonds total.
  • The new Rare Wubbox on Ethereal Island has a shorter nursery time than other islands; requiring only 16(?) hours.
  • Dipsters no longer play in the first verse of Ethereal Island's Song.
  • The Spin Wheel minigame's wheel is now smaller than usual, and the button to play the Spin Wheel no longer shows up above the Castle.
  • Monsters that a player has not yet discovered will appear first in the Monster Market.
  • Earth Island is now required to unlock Fire Haven, rather than Cold Island.
  • All of the collection collages in the Book of Monsters have been made bigger.
  • Turkish translations were added
  • The prices of many islands and their castle upgrades were lowered or raised
    • Cold Island's price was lowered from 250,000Coins to 5,000Coins
    • Air Island's price was lowered from 750,000Coins to 50,000Coins
    • Water Island's price was lowered from 1,500,000Coins to 100,000Coins
    • Earth Island's price was lowered from 7,500,000Coins to 250,000Coins
    • Fire Haven's price was lowered from 750,000Coins to 500,000Coins
    • Light Island's price was lowered from 1,500,000Coins to 1,000,000Coins
    • Psychic Island's price was lowered from 1,500,000Coins to 1,250,000Coins
    • Bone Island's price was raised from 1,500,000Coins to 1,750,000Coins

Version 3.2.2

Detailed Notes:

  • Released July 14th, 2021
  • Fixes issues with the Book of Monsters

Version 3.2.1

Detailed Notes:

  • Released June 28th, 2021
  • The New Discovered Monster in the Breeding Structure's without Epic Effects
  • Incorporates a design update pushed out on June 25th, 2021, for G'day on Mobile, adding the spots to its snout that were previously missing in-game but were visible in the Book of Monsters.

Version 3.2.0

It's a dream for Costume connoisseurs and collectors in this latest update! There are now even more ways to dress your Monsters in their favorite Costumes. Want a new Toe Jammer to be decked out in its Folly Roger Costume? You might get lucky and get it right as you breed one! Want to see which costumes are currently available? Check out the brand new Costumes Menu in the Market, featuring newly-rebalanced costs!

It’s also even easier to manage your collection with a colorful upgrade for the Book of Monsters, which color-codes your missing Monster silhouettes, improves visibility for limited-time promotions and sorts the Monsters into mini-collections! What’s more, there’s now a special animation that plays whenever you discover a new Monster for an Island’s collection!


  • Costumes Menu available in the Market with rebalanced costs
  • Breeding now has a chance to produce a Monster egg already owning a Costume
  • Book of Monsters upgraded with color-coding and mini-collections
  • NEW Animation when discovering a Monster for the first time
  • NEW Limited Quests on the Colossingum, with new Costume and Trophy prizes

Detailed Notes:

  • Released June 23rd, 2021
  • Update announcement page:
  • An 'XP' icon has been added to the Player level indicator in the top left
  • The volume for G'Joob and Yawstrich has been increased, though at this time Yawstrich is missing its second verse.
  • Mushaboom's first track now plays properly with its first singing animation.
  • Glowing effects have been added to Cahoot's idle animation.
  • Torch indicators on a Friend's Map were moved to the center of the Island thumbnail.
  • Rare & epic egg auras will now appear in the pop-up to send an egg to the Nursery, as well as around the Breeding Structure.
  • Epic Stogg's idle animation no longer has its shoulder spikes; this is likely a bug that will be fixed.
    • Sidenote from the editor - I'm not sure if this is the case on Steam, but it 100% is the case on mobile. Can someone check the steam version of this please? Thanks!
  • Upon completing a stage in the Colossingum, the victory screen now appears much faster. There is also no fanfare sound.
  • When you discover a monster on a island for the first time, you'll see the egg and you crack it, then a discovery screen will appear and will be put on the Book of Monsters.
  • The Book of Monsters are now colored into 5 separate groups in Commons, Rares, Epics, Seasonals, & Costumes.

Version 3.1.1

We squashed a few bugs to improve your gameplay experience. Thanks for playing and Happy Monstering!

Detailed Notes:

  • Released May 19th, 2021
  • Following this release, the bug in the Steam version that would prevent you from removing Friends has been fixed.
  • Following this release, the Offer Wall is no longer indicated with 'FREE' in the Market, but with 'REWARDS!'

Version 3.1.0

It's time for the most Magical update ever! Get ready to discover new sights and sounds and explore the pocket dimension anew with the discovery of a new island, the Magical Sanctum. Just like Ethereal Island, it's up to you to teleport the four Single-Element Monsters from their home islands to Magical Sanctum. There, they'll start generating Shards and can breed to unveil the first 3 species of a new Magical family! New hybrids and expected to be discovered every 2 weeks, so it's time to start your collection!


• NEW Island - the majestic Magical Sanctum

• NEW Magical Monsters - Xyster, Knucklehead and Frondley

• NEW Magical Monsters coming every 2 weeks

• Single-Element Monsters added to Market on Ethereal Island

• Ability to send Keys to Friends directly from the Friends Menu

• Streamlined Battle Tutorial on the Colossingum

Detailed Notes:

  • Released April 7th, 2021
    • Released April 28th, 2021 on Steam, with promised version parity from then on
  • App now has higher system requirements for Apple devices (iOS 11 or above) and Android devices (Android 5 or above). Older versions are unsupported. In fact, the older versions of the app are unsupported for mobile devices since 9th April 2021.
  • Single-Element Ethereal Monsters can be purchased directly from the Ethereal Island shop
  • Keys can be sent to friends directly from the friends menu itself
  • The order of portraits in the avatar selection menu had been changed. Variants are now placed near their common counterparts.
  • Fixed an issue where some of the Obstacles were originally missing on Fire Haven. This caused these Obstacles to also appear on existing Islands wherever there was space for them.
  • The Breeding menu and the Book of Monsters island selection menu now appear larger, this was fixed a day later
  • On April 28th, several other updates were brought to the game along with the release of Larvaluss:

Version 3.0.5

Detailed notes:

  • Released February 16th, 2021
  • Minor update to fix issues

Version 3.0.4 (222)

Detailed notes:

  • Released February 11th,2021
  • Minor update to fix issues, including login issues some users were facing

Version 3.0.4 (220)

Costumes aren't just for the Colossingum anymore! Get ready to roll out the red carpet as the latest fashions take other Islands by storm. Whether it's a Pango playing it cool with a Serving of Just Ice on Cold Island, or a Mammott blending in with a Bunce Cap on Faerie Island, you can now gussy up your Monsters across the Monster World

A much-anticipated Monster is ready to make its world debut... Epic Ghazt! With a bad-to-the-bone skeleton, dual-ended horns, and optical Plasmic orbs, this Epic Ethereal is sure to make headlines!

As if that wasn't enough fun in the Monster World, the StarShop is now available on Shugabush and Ethereal Islands - complete with beautiful new custom Star Rocks!


• Costumes available to buy on other Islands in the Monster World

• NEW Epic Ghazt, the first of the Epic Ethereals

• StarShop added to Shugabush and Ethereal Islands

• Current and previous weeks' Versus Mode Champions in the Rank menu on the Colossingum

• Improved interface for secondary Currencies on Island display

• Ability to Teleport Monsters to the Colossingum from more Islands

Detailed Notes:

  • Released February 10th, 2021
  • Epic Ghazt is still available in previous updates
  • Tapping a button now shrinks and bounces the button
  • The tertiary currencies StarPower, Keys, and Relics are all grouped into "See More" instead of showing only one of the applicable currencies per island (i.e. Keys for most islands, StarPower for Tribal Island).
  • Schmoochle became the first seasonal monster with its element shown in game.

Version 3.0.3

Version 3.0.3 Artwork

The Colossingum is ready to LEVEL UP with the all-new much anticipated VERSUS MODE! It's time to take the training from your head-to-head sing-offs and put it to the test against players from all around the world. Assemble your squad of musical Monsters and battle your way to the top Tier and beyond in the prestigious CHAMPIONS' GUILD! Or you can simply challenge your Friends to Friendly matches that are all about fun!

That's not all though: the Mess Hall structure on the Colossingum has been upgraded with a JUKEBOX! As you complete Quests and boost your Colossingum Level, you'll unlock awesome tunes to enjoy on your island... including some that have never officially been heard anywhere else before!

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to compete in Versus Mode and prove that you've got what it takes to become a musical Champion! Happy Monstering!


• NEW Versus and Champions' Guild battle modes - win competitive matches to improve your Rank and win great Prizes.

• NEW Friendly battle mode - face off against your Friends just for fun

• NEW Jukebox feature in the Mess Hall - unlock new tunes

• NEW Decorations exclusive to the Colossingum

• NEW Avatar feature - choose a Monster Portrait to represent you in the Options Menu!

Detailed Notes:

Version 3.0.2

We squashed a few bugs to improve your gameplay experience. Thanks for playing and Happy Monstering!

Detailed Notes:

  • Released October 23rd, 2020
  • Only available on Android

Version 3.0.1

Version 3.0.1 Artwork

Light Island

Feeling 'in the dark' about Update 3.0.1? Let’s shed some Light on what’s new: LIGHT ISLAND! The fourth Magical Island is home to the LIGHT ELEMENT and eight new LIGHT MONSTERS, each stepping out of the darkness and into the spotlight one-by-one over the next few weeks. And what better companion to these luminous Monsters than the ancient glow of the Fire Element with the returning Fire hybrid, SOOZA!

We hope you enjoy this Anniversary Month grand finale!


• NEW Light Element - the fourth and final Magical Element

• NEW Light Island - a shiny new Magical Island

• NEW Light Monsters - a new Monster each week

• NEW Fire Monster - Sooza’s long-awaited return

• NEW Quests now available on the Colossingum

Detailed Notes:

Version 3.0.0

Update Banner

Colossingum Logo

Celebrate 8 years of My Singing Monsters with our ANNIVERSARY MONTH update! Not only will there be extra-special offers and promotions all September long, but we're also introducing a new Island: THE COLOSSINGUM. The Colossingum is a BATTLE ARENA where a collection of Monsters can compete in head-to-head sing-offs to win new Decorations, Trophies, and MONSTER COSTUMES.

Thanks for 8 years of breeding, feeding, and singing with the Monsters! Happy Monstering!


  • New Island: The Colossingum.

    An example of a Monster Costume

  • New Battle Mode
  • Colossingum Quests
  • Monster Costumes
  • New Decorations
  • Trophies
  • Anniversary Month decor on Gold Island
  • Special offers and promotions all month long

Detailed notes:

  • Released on September 3rd, 2020
  • If a Monster can be teleported to an island, a special menu pops up allowing to choose which island to send the monster to, as long as the monster is the required level.
    Colossingum Island

    Colossingum Island

    A new 'islands' tab for Monsters in the Market, showing which islands the selected monster is on.
  • The track buttons in the Recording Studio now adjust size depending on how many tracks the monster has. For example, Loodvigg had a bug where it wasn't possible to view all of its tracks since they went below the viewable screen. Now it and other monsters with many tracks now have thinner buttons to make more room.

Version 2.4.2

We regularly update My Singing Monsters to make it the best experience it can be! This Furcorn-sized update contains helpful improvements and optimizations to 'tune up' the game. Happy Monstering!'

Detailed notes:

  • Released on June 26th, 2020
  • Replaces the TapJoy offer wall with one from Fyber
    • Downgrading to 2.4.1 brings the TapJoy offer wall back for any on-going TapJoy offer issues
    • Completing Fyber offers does not appear to show the "You've been rewarded for completing N offer(s)" message, but still plays the Diamond collection sound, and the Diamond count should go up
  • Replaces the advertising service used to optionally speed up some elements in the game by watching a video, and show ads to those who have not made any in-app purchase.
  • At some point, the Bonus Breeding Structure and Nursery became unsellable
  • At some point, the Mountain Morsel was changed from a 3x3 footprint to 2x2 (the same as Mount Knottshurr)

Version 2.4.1

With so many Monsters to collect, the Castles on the Natural Islands are getting a little too cozy! Thankfully the Monsters have harnessed the power of ancient Crystals from the Dawn of Fire to create the new CRYSTALLINE CASTLES: 3 new Castle upgrades on the Natural Islands with enough Beds for one of EVERY MONSTER. Plus, every Crystalline Castle has a unique appearance on each Natural Island to blend in with the scenery - so stylish!

Oh, and did we mention that we're adding the Time Machine, Recording Studio, Fuzer, and Storage STRUCTURES ON WUBLIN + CELESTIAL ISLANDS? Because we totally are. Enjoy a whole new level of musical and visual customization on these beloved Islands!


  • 3 NEW Castle Upgrades per Natural Island
  • Structures added to Wublin + Celestial Islands
  • New Merch + More Games menus in the Market

Detailed notes:ga

Version 2.4.0

We squashed a few bugs to improve your gameplay experience. Thanks for playing and Happy Monstering!

Detailed Notes:

  • Only available on Android

Version 2.3.9

Artwork for Version 2.3.9

Thought Eggs-Travaganza would wrap up without anything eggs-traordinary? Let the new Monsters of BONE ISLAND prove you wrong! This fossilized new Island is the home of the latest addition to the Magical Class: the Bone Element. With this Element comes 8 creepy-cute Bone Monsters with their own unique parts to play in the Bone Island chorus! The Bone Monsters are also joined by THRUMBLE, a familiar face from the Dawn of Fire. Last but not least, make sure your Water Island stays stylish as Eggs-Travaganza nears its end with an amazingly aquatic new Island Skin: the GLUBBER LAGOON!

NOTE: Island Skins do not change with Seasonal Events and do not change the appearance of Obstacle Decorations. Deactivating Island Skins reveals the Island's Seasonal appearance during Seasonal Events and will not remove your Boosts.


  • NEW Bone Element
  • NEW Bone Island
  • NEW Bone Monsters
  • NEW Glubber Lagoon Skin for Water Island
  • LAST CHANCE for Seasonal Blabbit

Detailed Notes:

  • Released on April 8th 2020.
  • At launch, the Castle on Bone Island either doesn't play, or plays the Faerie Island sound.
  • At launch, the top of Hawlo sprouted a leaf. Shortly after, this was changed to what appears to be a pair of berries.
  • At launch, the Eeeweeosseous Path did not align well with the other Bone Island paths, this was fixed on April 14th, 2020
  • Rare Tring's right leg is now properly colored yellow instead of red.
  • The very far left and right of Fire Oasis is now no longer cut off.
  • Flowah's animation on Fire Haven has been reverted back to the original one.
  • Repatillo, Barrb and Gobbleygourd are now centered into their grid placements.
  • This is the first version to feature a Login Screen designed for wide-screen (specifically 19.5:9) devices.

Version 2.3.8

We regularly update My Singing Monsters to make it the best experience it can be! This Furcorn-sized update contains helpful improvements and optimizations to 'tune up' the game. Happy Monstering!



  • Easier discovery of new Islands and content for new players
  • Improvements and optimizations

Detailed notes:

Version 2.3.7

Romance is in the AIR during our annual SEASON OF LOVE Event! The beloved Seasonal Monster SCHMOOCHLE is back with a collection of heart-warming SEASONAL DECORATIONS in tow, and promotions on your favourite Air Island Rares and Epics abound! But that’s not all: lovebirds can also find the stat-boosting new GIGACHEEP NEST SKIN for Air Island on the island's Skin tab in the Market! Last but not least, show some love to the DIPSTERS on Fire Oasis and some new Rares & Epics lurking just around the corner...

NOTE: Island Skins do not change with Seasonal Events and do not change the appearance of Obstacle Decorations. Deactivating Island Skins reveals the Island's Seasonal appearance during Seasonal Events and will not remove your Boosts.



  • Seasonal Monster: Schmoochle
  • Seasonal Decorations and Obstacle Decorations
  • Season of Love makeover on Air Island
  • Gigacheep Nest Skin for Air Island
  • Dipsters on Fire Oasis
  • Lovey-dovey special offers + promotions

Detailed notes:

  • Released on January 29th, 2020.
  • Bridg-it's idle animation is timed properly.
  • Clavi Gnat now has a shadow at the base of its Clavi Creeper.
  • As part of an on-the-fly update and this release, there is no longer a Diamonds reward for sharing a Bred Monster on Facebook, due to changes in facebook's policies.
  • This update's description mistakenly refers to Schmoochle as Yool. (Note: the above update description was modified such that "Yool" is replaced by "Schmoochle")
  • The built-in ability to record gameplay via a shortcut button was moved from the main screen to the Option screen.
    • On Android devices, this launches the Google Play Games recorder. Gameplay can also be recorded through the Google Play Games app directly, and third-party apps.
    • On iOS devices since iOS 11, screen recording can also be performed through a Control Center shortcut once enabled.

Version 2.3.6

We squashed a few bugs to improve your gameplay experience. Thanks for playing and Happy Monstering!

Detailed notes:

  • Released on December 18th, 2019.
  • Stogg, Wimmzies, and HippityHop are now positioned in the center of their respective grid placements. This was reversed when Festival of Yay 2019 ended and later fixed in Update 2.3.7.

Version 2.3.5


Whether it's the infectious Festival of Yay cheer or the fantastical whimsy of Faerie Island, this is one MAGICAL update! Kayna and its friends have been whisked away to the all-new FAERIE ISLAND, home to eight spritely FAERIE MONSTERS and the beloved Fire hybrid ZIGGURAB. The Faerie Element is the latest addition to the ever-so-enchanting Magical class!

After making new Faerie friends, head to Cold Island to see a familiar face: YOOL has returned for the Festival of Yay! Get Yool and a collection of wintery FESTIVAL OF YAY DECORATIONS + OBSTACLES for a limited time during this Seasonal Event.


  • NEW Faerie Element
  • NEW Faerie Island
  • NEW Faerie Monsters
  • NEW Fire Monster: Ziggurab
  • Seasonal Monster: Yool
  • Seasonal Decorations and Obstacle Decorations
  • Festival of Yay makeover on Cold Island
  • Holiday special offers + promotions

Detailed notes:

  • Released on December 11th, 2019
  • A new 'breeding guide' context button added to the Breeding Structure, to replace the long-missing old help menu.
  • Newly added Christmas costumes for Dipsters still available on previous versions.
  • Flowah's animation on Fire Haven has been altered. Interestingly, this change was not applied to Rare Flowah.
  • Flowah and Rare Flowah are now positioned in the center of their 2x2 grid placement. Prior to this update, they would be centered on the bottom square, much like Barrb, Repatillo, and Gobbleygourd, currently.
  • The Breed and Retry buttons available when the Breeding Structure is selected were swapped in position.
  • A short 'Breeding Guide' was added, available when tapping the Help button when a Breeding Structure is selected.
  • Some of Rare Quibble's 'keys' lost their color (using Quibble's graphics) - currently not known if related to update, or related to Festival of Yay outfit changes.

Version 2.3.4

Dive into Fire Haven to discover a NEW SEASONAL EVENT: Feast-Ember! This heartwarming time of year is all about sharing in nature's delectable bounty - and who better to share it with than the lovable NEW SEASONAL MONSTER, Gobbleygourd? This intensely cheerful Monster is thrilled to finally join the ranks of its fellow Seasonals and host a festive Feast-Ember celebration for all Monsters to see. Joining the festivities on Fire Haven are the bite-sized DIPSTERS and newly-opened STARSHOP! Buy or breed Gobbleygourd for a limited time on Fire Haven and Fire Oasis.

Have a fiery Feast-Ember!


Detailed notes:

  • Released on November 20th, 2019, for iOS.
  • Selecting a Breeding Structure with a Monster being Bred, Nursery with an Egg being hatched, or any Mine (including Mini-Mine and Maximum Mine) now directly shows the time remaining above the progress bar, negating the need to tap a Speed Up option to find out.
  • A Breeding/Incubating/Baking process taking less than 15 minutes to finish will cause the progress bar to show a 'breathing' effect when first started / first visiting the Island. This breathing effect is temporary. Tapping the Structure during these last 15 minutes will pop up a "Watch a video to finish now for free?" dialog.
  • This update fixes that dialog popping up erroneously even when there's more time remaining. However, the dialog still pops up for the Mini-Mine and Maximum Mine. Watching a video does not finish their progress.
  • Star Rocks is the only StarShop decoration not available on the new islands.
  • Interestingly, Gobbleygourd, the seasonal changes, and the new obstacles were available in Version 2.3.3, but the Fire Haven Dipsters and the StarShop on Fire/Psychic Islands weren't.
  • Initially, the Dipsters on Fire Haven had glitches in their animation. This was fixed in an on-the-fly update on November 27th, 2019, along with a change to the melody played.
  • Noggins now have the same reduced Breeding Time on Fire Haven as it does on Natural Islands.

Version 2.3.3

It's time to rise from the Smunkin Patch and give a standing ovation to the all-new Epic Punkleton! This dramatic Epic Seasonal is always dressed to impress. Speaking of dressing up, get ready to dress up your Cold and Earth Islands with 2 NEW stat-boosting Island Skins! Find them in the Skin tab of Cold Island and Earth Island in the Market.

NOTE: Island Skins do not change with Seasonal Events and do not change the appearance of Obstacles or Obstacle Decorations. Check out our Island Skins video on YouTube for more information!'



  • Epic Punkleton
  • Sweti Settlement - New stat-boosing Island Skin for Cold Island
  • Temple of Hahoo - New stat-boosing Island Skin for Earth Island
  • Last-minute speed-ups - Watch a video to speed through the last few minutes on any Structure!

Detailed notes:

  • Released on 30th October 2019.
  • New confirmation system when logging in to the MSM app for the first time, or when reinstalled.
  • Epic Punkleton is still available to breed in the previous version.
  • Video speedups apply to all structures except Mini-Mine, Maximum Mine, and the old Mine.

Version 2.3.2

Come celebrate our 7th Anniversary in My Singing Monsters!

We're inviting our Mythical pals G'JOOB and YAWSTRICH from the PlayStation Vita to join in the fun, along with all their favorite Vita-exclusive Decorations. But the party doesn't stop there: take one giant leap for Monsterkind to FIRE FRONTIER, an interstellar new Island where you'll rediscover the tubular Dawn of Fire Monster, ROOTITOOT.


Don't forget to check your Mailbox daily to find out about new Anniversary Month SPECIAL OFFERS and PROMOTIONS all September long!


Detailed notes:

  • Released on September 4th, 2019.
  • New Options menu interface.
  • On 25th September 2019, there was a new downloaded update where Fire Frontier had been changed to Psychic Island, and where all Rare Monster eggs and Epic Monster eggs had been modified to their own unique egg types.

On Android only: The above are notes for build 154. On October 1st, version 2.2.3 build 156 was released, which adds a more specific age question;

My Singing Monsters now requests your age in order to comply with new regulations from the Google Play Store. Aspects of the game, such as the advertisements shown to the player, may vary based on your age in order to protect younger audiences. We recommend entering the age of the youngest player in order to ensure that they have an age-appropriate experience.

- My Singing Monsters facebook account comment.

Version 2.3.1

Want to refresh your Island with a Monsterrific new look? Then get your hard hats ready, because ISLAND SKINS have arrived! Island Skins not only change your Island’s appearance, but they also give that Island an awesome array of upgrades. Plus, those Boosts stay active even if you swap out your Skin! Enjoy the "Vegetable Medley" Skin for Plant Island today, with many more to come!


  • Island Skins - New looks for your fav Islands that provide helpful Boosts
  • "Vegetable Medley" Skin - speeds up Coin production
  • SummerSong continues with the Seasonal Hoola Monster available and other limited-time promotions and content

Detailed notes:

  • Released on August 12th, 2019
  • Immediately after initial release of update, a 96-hour rerelease of all Plant-related Epic Monsters at the time (Epic Potbelly, Epic Oaktopus, Epic Furcorn, Epic Bowgart, Epic Entbrat, Epic Spunge, Epic Thumpies, Epic Deedge, Epic Shellbeat, Epic Quarrister) was released.

Version 2.3.0


New iOS version logo

After seeing all the fun being had on Fire Haven, more Fire Monsters have resurfaced to build an Island of their own: Fire Oasis! Fire Oasis is a glass-blown marvel that shines with the promise of a brighter future for all Fire hybrids. With its construction comes the discovery of six new Fire Monsters, as well as the migration of Natural Rares to Fire Haven!


  • New Island: Fire Oasis
  • New Fire Monsters
  • Natural Rares on Fire Haven

Detailed notes:

  • Released on June 19th, 2019
  • New logo for iOS
  • Some time after this release, during SummerSong 2019, Noggin's Breeding time was reduced from 15 seconds to 5 seconds on all Natural Islands.

Version 2.2.9

We've listened to your feedback and made some exciting new changes to the Spin Wheel in Update 2.2.9! But that's not all: some red-hot new Rares will be spicing up your life soon. Log in daily so you don't miss out!



  • New improvements to the Spin Wheel
  • Spin Wheel can be found in the Castle
  • Fire-Element Rares coming soon

Detailed notes:

  • Released on May 21st, 2019
  • If a Monster used in a Breeding combination is put into the Hotel, the Retry option will be disabled, closing a loophole where you could have the Monsters in the Hotel - not taking up any Bed or Island space - and still use them to Retry Breeding.

Version 2.2.8

New Seasonal content and the eggs-cellent Up to Scratch promotion have us hopping up and down with excitement for the upcoming Eggs-Travaganza event! Speaking of hopping, what’s that we see hopping down the Blabbit trail…?


  • New Eggs-Travaganza icon
  • Upcoming Up to Scratch promotion - get Rares as Prizes in the Nursery's Monster Scratch Ticket!
  • Egg-citing new content around the corner...

Detailed notes:

  • Released on March 27th, 2019
  • The old loading splash screen prior to the Login Screen, which was a black background with a headphoned Furcorn on the bottom-right corner, has been changed to the generic white background with Big Blue Bubble's logo on the middle.
  • New Eggs-Travaganza event.
  • Prior to Level 7, the Breeding Structure now has corks plugging the Egg receptacles, tape or rubber bands, and is boarded up with a red 'x' on the boards to signify that the Breeding Structure is not available to use yet.

Version 2.2.7

We squashed a few bugs to improve your gameplay experience. Thanks for playing and Happy Monstering!

In this update:

  • Fixed Facebook sharing issue

Detailed notes:

  • Released on March 4th, 2019

Version 2.2.6

Love is in the air, and that can only mean one thing: the Season of Love has come to Air Island!


  • Seasonal Monster: Schmoochle
  • NEW Animated Seasonal Decorations
  • Redecorated Air Island
  • Parlsona the Werdo on Air Island
  • NEW Celestial: Vhamp

Detailed notes:

  • Released on January 30th, 2019.
  • Later on February 14th, 2019, there was a NEW werdo: Stoowarb.

Version 2.2.5


It's time to deck the Hollow Logs and trim the Piney Tree because the Festival of Yay is underway! Celebrate the Yaytide season with NEW Seasonal Decorations, available during the Festival of Yay only. Plus, visit the cheerfully redecorated Cold Island, full of Monsters in their winter wear! Finally, look to the skies on Cold Island to find a familiar Seasonal Monster flying in, Yool!



  • Seasonal Monster: Yool
  • NEW Animated Seasonal Decorations
  • Redecorated Cold Island
  • Holiday Monster outfits

Detailed notes:

  • Released December 6th, 2018

Version 2.2.4

At long last, the Fire Element has been reignited! Discover Fire Haven, the hidden sanctuary for Fire Element Monsters lost in the Dawn of Fire. Resting deep underground at the heart of what was once a dormant volcano, the candlelit Fire Haven features a lively and energetic song that tells of the Fire hybrids’ joy to be reunited with the Monsters from the surface.


  • NEW Island: Fire Haven, home of the lost Fire Elementals
  • NEW Monsters: Buy or breed 8 Fire hybrids, including Kayna
  • Listen to the glorious song of Fire Haven
  • NEW Map screen carousel

Detailed info:

  • Released on November 22nd, 2018
  • All monsters with Plant, Earth, Air, or Fire are available in Fire Haven at the moment.
  • Spin Wheel icon that floats above the Castle is now correctly a Spin Wheel and not a Scratch Ticket.
  • New loading screen.
  • App icon is now a Furcorn speaking an ignited eighth note.

Version 2.2.3

New logo

Anniversary Month was just the beginning! There are lots of exciting things happening in the Monster World these days:

  • 2 NEW Upgrades for the Storage Structure!
  • NEW Epic and Celestial Monsters are being discovered each month!

The Spooktacle Seasonal Event begins October 17th and heralds the return of the creepy-but-cute Punkleton, the redecorated Plant Island, adorable costumes for Monsters, and some new Seasonal Decorations!

Thanks for playing! Happy Monstering!

Detailed info:

  • Released on October 11th, 2018.
  • Epic Thumpies was the first Epic to be released on this version.
  • New Halloween-themed icon. Displays a Furcorn wearing a witch hat.

Version 2.2.2

Version 2.2.2 New Content notification

Happy Anniversary Month! Get NEW MONSTERS, NEW DECORATIONS and awesome SALES all month long. Come celebrate in My Singing Monsters!


  • NEW Monster: Scaratar the Poison Celestial
  • NEW Animated StarShop Decorations
  • 2 Hotel Upgrades: More Monster Storage!
  • Decorated Gold Island
  • Special offers & promotions all month long!

Detailed info:

  • Released on August 30th, 2018.
  • Anniversary Month 2018 has started one day after the update's release.
  • Epics were released.

Version 2.2.1

An update of cosmic proportions has crash-landed in My Singing Monsters! Discover Celestial Island, an Island birthed from the collision of the mystical Starhenge and an unknown Colossal. Celestial Island is home to the Celestials, a new species of Monster first seen in My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire! Their journey to Celestial Island has left them petrified, and they need your help. Collect Monster Eggs to revive 5 new Celestial Monsters, and get ready for many more!

In this update:

  • New Island: Celestial Island!
  • New Monsters: five Natural-Element Celestials, now with a new look!
  • Zap Eggs to dormant Celestials to revive them!

Detailed info:

  • Released on June 27th, 2018
  • Updated map to fit Celestial Island.
  • First 14 days of release has a discount of Celestial statues by 33% off.

Version 2.2.0

We squashed a few bugs to improve your playing experience. Thanks for playing and Happy Monstering!

Detailed info:

  • Released on June 14th, 2018
  • Weird bug where a special 20-diamond reward, of which that one celebrates the Version 2.2.1 release, has the message written as the variable name for the Mailbox message instead of the actual message.

Version 2.1.9

New notice before playing for first time after 25th May 2018

Big Blue Bubble has taken steps to ensure that this title is in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR is designed to protect the privacy of EU citizens by regulating the collection of personal data.

The following Big Blue Bubble policies have been updated to comply with GDPR standards:

  • Privacy Policy (
  • Terms of Service (
  • Fan Content Policy (

Big Blue Bubble recommends that all players familiarize themselves with these updated policies.

The changes made to these policies are part of Big Blue Bubble’s ongoing dedication to publishing mobile games that are as transparent as they are entertaining.

Detailed info:

  • Released on May 24th, 2018 (US time), which is May 25th, 2018 during the time when the EU General Data Protection Regulation started.
  • New updated privacy checkbox menu. This will affect all accounts that have logged on from 25th May 2018 and later.

Version 2.1.8

Test your luck at the all-new Spin Wheel in the latest update to My Singing Monsters! Earn awesome prizes like Coins, Food, Diamonds, Relics, and Keys in the Spin Wheel, or win more great rewards in the freshly redesigned Memory Game. Plus, enjoy more Daily Login Bonuses than ever, and even continue a broken login streak!

In this update:

  • Daily Spin Wheel loaded with prizes!
  • New Memory Game design — match the cards!
  • More Daily Login Bonuses
  • Option to continue a broken login streak
  • Add decorative Paths underneath Monsters

Detailed info:

  • Released on April 18th, 2018
  • Upon opening the new Memory Game for the first time, it will announce the changes of the new Memory Game.
  • Memory Game is now a card-matching game.
  • Memory Game prizes have now changed to a random card pick, which includes coin rewards, food rewards, diamond rewards, relic rewards, and key rewards.
  • Scratch Ticket for currency rewards is replaced with Spin Wheel; Scratch Ticket for monster eggs remains unchanged.
  • Paths cannot overlap each other, but can be now placed directly under monsters, decorations, and structures.

Version 2.1.7

(Note: Description is basically the same as Version 2.1.6's description)

Detailed info:

  • Released on March 22nd, 2018
  • Bug Fixes

Version 2.1.6


The Dipsters have burrowed into a new home: Ethereal Island! These one-note-wonders are excited to “dip” along with your favorite Ethereals. Plus, the Book of Monsters has received a major makeover, making it easier than ever to keep track of your Monster collection! That most splendorous of Seasonal Events, the Eggs-Travaganza, kicks off with the return of the Blabbit, available to buy or breed for a limited time. This rascally Monster is responsible for the egg-centric redecoration of Water Island, tucking painted eggs into the branches of Trees and morphing Rocks into unusual sculptures. Hoppy days are here again!

In this update:

  • Dipsters are now available on Ethereal Island!
  • Re-designed Book of Monsters!
  • Blabbit on the redecorated Water Island!
  • Bug fixes and optimizations

Detailed info:

  • Released on March 14th, 2018
  • New icon beside map.
  • New format of Book of Fabled Monsters is now a group of monsters.

Version 2.1.5

Version artwork

Cold Island just got way cooler with the discovery of an all-new Werdo: Maggpi! In addition, the lovestruck Seasonal Monsters Schmoochle and Rare Schmoochle are winging their way back to Air Island, to complement its Season of Love makeover!

In this update:

  • New Monster: Maggpi the Werdo!
  • Schmoochle and the Season of Love return to Air Island
  • Bug Fixes and Optimizations

Enjoy singing along with Maggpi, and Happy Monstering!

Detailed changes:

  • Released on February 7th, 2018
  • Cold Island "Nobody likes me" verse repeated
  • Island music will still play when there is a messagebox from Big Blue Bubble.
  • Removed Christmas icon.

Version 2.1.4

We squashed a few bugs to improve your playing experience. Enjoy celebrating the Festival of Yay, and Happy Monstering!

Detailed changes:

  • Released on December 20th 2017

Version 2.1.3

2.1.3 Banner.png


A heartwarming Festival of Yay celebration!

The Festival of Yay has begun on Cold Island! Celebrate the season with festive decorations and cozy winter outfits for your favorite Monsters, plus the return of the jolliest Seasonal Monsters: Yool and Rare Yool! You can now give your Monsters the gift of an all-new healthy Treat from the Large Bakery, and level them up even more than ever before. When a Monster achieves the new max level 20, it will radiate a special glow. What’s more, every level your Monster achieves above 15 increases its chances of finding bonus items like special currencies, so keep leveling up!

In this update:

  • Cold Island and various Monsters decorated for the Festival of Yay
  • The Seasonal Monsters Yool and Rare Yool available for a limited time
  • Monsters can now reach Level 20
  • Monsters above Level 15 have chance to find special currencies, like Keys or Relics
  • New Treat - Big Salad
  • New Max Level Cap of 75 with new Monikers
  • Bug Fixes and Optimizations

Enjoy celebrating the Festival of Yay, and Happy Monstering!

Detailed changes:

  • Released on December 7th, 2017

Version 2.1.2

A Haunted Halloween on Plant Island!

The Spooktacle Seasonal Even is in full swing with the arrival of Punkleton bringing costumes for the Monsters, and appearances by the elusive Rare Punkelton. That's not all though... the Monster Handlers have a special surprise for you! The mysterious Werdo Tawkerr has been spotted wondering Cold Island, singing brand new lyrics, and it'll join your Monstrous


menagerie as long as you have enough Relics.

In this update

  • Tawkerr is now available on Cold Island!
  • Bug Fixes and Optimizations.

Detailed changes:

  • Released on November 2nd, 2017
  • Cold Island song changed so that Mammott sings at the end verse and Deedge also plays at the end verse. Bug for Deedge animation at end verse now appears.


Version 2.1.1

We hoped you’ve enjoyed our #mon5ters Anniversary Month celebrations! There are still a few days of promotions, and special offers to help you expand your Singing Monster collection, and lots of look forward to as the future of the Monster World unfolds...

In this update:

  • iOS 11 compatible
  • Bug fixes and optimizations

Thank you for playing, and Happy Monstering!

Detailed changes:

  • Released on September 27th, 2017
  • Poorer support for iPhone 4S.

Version 2.1.0

Version art



New app logo


Startup screen

It’s Anniversary Month! Upholding the yearly tradition, September will be a whirlwind of special offers and promotions – check back each day so you don’t miss out!

This year, there’s more cause for celebration than ever - the Wublins have gotten in the mood by putting up Decorations as they welcome a long-awaited visitor: the Wubbox! Elsewhere, other Monsters are excited about the new Mailbox, where you can receive news and gifts from the Monster-Handlers, including special Anniversary Month giveaways! Finally, Composer Island Monsters have learned how to sing notes of length, allowing for creative possibilities like never before!

In this update:

We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for playing, have a Monstrous Anniversary Month, and Happy Monstering!

Detailed changes:

  • Released on August 31st, 2017
  • New app logo for all versions of the game.
  • News is no longer there. Replaced by Mailbox, with similar user interface to a combination of Dawn of Fire's Bulletin Board and Mailbox.
  • Adjusting note length of notes requires pulling an arrow of a note to whatever length is necessary.
  • Help system is more of an FAQ; original help of all general things is removed.
  • Anniversary Month of September 2017 is included.
  • "Like" and "Dislike" buttons are now "Upvote" and "Downvote" buttons respectively.

Version 2.0.9

New Shimmer Effect

The Monster-Handlers are always working to ‘tune’ things up! Here’s some new improvements:

  • Sprucing up the look and feel of the Book of Monsters
  • Rare Monster eggs can now be identified by a special shimmer!
  • Added Scratch Ticket and Daily Login Bonus to Notifications menu
  • Bug fixes and optimizations

Thanks for playing, and Happy Monstering!


Detailed changes:

  • Released on August 2nd, 2017
  • Updated icon for the Book of Monsters
  • Updated Island button in Book of Monsters
  • New images surrounding the heading in Book of Monsters
  • Island selection button now says 'Go', now animated to bounce
  • Eggs of Rare Monsters in structures now Shimmer
  • Ability to enable and disable notifications for Scratch Tickets and the Daily Login Bonus
  • Fixed Water Island song, normally loops

Version 2.0.8

  • Bug fixes and optimizations

Detailed changes:

  • Since 1st June 2017, all versions before this update are no longer supported, including Version 2.0.3.

Version 2.0.7

  • Bug fixes and optimizations

Version 2.0.6


My Singing Monsters – Version 2.0.6 – Glowbes in Composer Island

Light up your Island!

The Glowbes have come to Composer Island! After spending 2 years as residents of the Monster World, these luminous beings have been granted honorary Monster status. Choose their color and timing and create a Monstrous light show to go along with your own compositions!

In this update:

  • Glowbes are now available on Composer Island
  • Bug fixes and optimizations

Thanks for playing, and Happy Monstering!

  • Released on May 5th, 2017
  • In Composer Island, instead of having to mix Glowbes of different colors, you arrange the color order.
  • Even more Version 2.0.3+ support.
  • Seems that iOS 6 and 7 will no longer be supported forever for newer versions of My Singing Monsters; only up to Version 2.0.3 supports these older operating systems.

Version 2.0.5

  • Bug fixes and optimizations

Detailed changes:

  • Still no support of iOS 6 and 7. Version 2.0.3 still supported.

Version 2.0.4

Welcome the Werdos!

Add the final touch to your Plant Island with the all new Werdo Monsters. To unlock the Werdos, collect the all new relics and prepare to be blown away when you hear how their unique VOICES really take the Island’s melody to the next level!

In this update:

  • All new Werdo Monsters
  • Collectable Relics
  • Bug fixes and optimizations

Detailed changes:

  • Released on March 14th, 2017
  • Different Quibble sound Composer Island.
  • iOS 6.0 and iOS 7.0 unsupported. Requires at least iOS 8.0 now. Version 2.0.3 apparently still works on those devices.
  • Faster tapping on devices.
  • You can now get Keys and Relics from Scratch Tickets and Daily Rewards.
  • Asks the player if they want to watch a video to scratch another ticket, rather than watching a video to increase the prize they've already won.
  • Better sound balancing.
  • Altered Plant Island.
  • Grid mode available when moving monsters, structures, or decorations.
  • Link for this update's info.

Version 2.0.3

2.0.3 artwork

This update's feature in the App Store promo

My Singing Monsters - 2.0.3 Composer Island

Create your own Monstrous Melodies with Composer Island!

You’ve discovered the songs of the Singing Monsters, and now it’s time to make your own! With the emergence of Composer Island, you now have to power to craft new musical parts for your Monsters, and create your own Monstrous Melodies, or recreate some of your favorite songs! Also coming to light is the fabled Book of Monsters; accessible from the Map menu, this handy catalog will help you keep track of your Monster collection so you’ll always know how many species you’ve discovered!

Also in this update:

  • Further improvements to the Map menu, including better organization of Mirror Islands
  • New Record button beside the View Mode toggle to make gameplay recording easier than ever
  • Bug fixes and optimizations

Detailed changes:

  • Released on November 18th, 2016
  • Added recording function that can be recorded anytime anywhere in the game, like Dawn of Fire. Used to be no recording function mysteriously in some random update before previously.
  • Changed Map format to accompany the addition of Composer Island.
  • New organisation of being able to look at what monsters you have collected and how many monsters you can unlock on the islands. That is in the "Fabled Book of Monsters".
  • Link of new version here.

Version 2.0.2

  • Bug fixes and optimizations.
  • Released on November 7th, 2016
  • Community Codes discontinued in all updates since 7th November 2016.
  • Keys can now be sent to friends every week, rather than every month.
  • Maintenance of the servers in 2pm-3pm EST 7th November 2016 has allowed all players of Version 2.0.2 to have their key-gifting timers reset to zero, thus allowing another key to be sent even if they sent a key several days before this server maintenance.

Version 2.0.1


NEW - Monster stickers: iOS 10 Exclusive!

Detailed changes:

  • Released TBA date
  • IOS device exclusive update.
  • Added stickers exclusive to IOS 10.

Version 2.0.0

CELEBRATING 4 YEARS OF MY SINGING MONSTERS! Over the years, the Monster World has evolved in ways we never could have guessed. Now, the evolution continues with the introduction


of Mirror Islands , alternate versions of the Natural Islands that have been lost in time and space. These ‘blank canvases,’ strewn with artifacts and debris from their interdimensional tumblings, offer new worlds of creativity to continue your musical adventures.Upholding the tradition of our Anniversary Month Celebration, September will be a whirlwind of special offers and promotions – check back each day so you don’t miss out!

Also in this update:

  • Graphical facelift – menus and buttons have been reimagined in glorious color and detail
  • Based on player feedback, the Map menu has been restored to its regular appearance
  • More Wublins and Rarethereals are on the way

We couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks for playing, and Happy Monstering!

Detailed changes:

  • Released on August 31st, 2016
  • Overall graphical interface changed completely. New currency icons, new sound effects, new startup screen, new font, almost everything has been redesigned in higher detail. Only things that remain the same are Monsters, Structures, and Decorations.
  • Castle added Castle sound effect like DoF does. Some added sound effects when interacting Structures.
  • There are some modifications with some sound effects, with some being replaced by other sounds.
  • Plant Island and Shugabush Island's ambience changed. Wublin Island adds ambient electric sound effects. Ethereal Island updated ambience. Gold Island's ambience was removed.
  • Some Dawn of Fire stuff have been revealed in the game, expanding the My Singing Monster universe's content and history scope.
  • Unfortunate as it is, Rares in the Starshop are restricted and are now only available by a rotation basis.
  • Added the ability to move a movable object or monster by holding down on it.
  • The My Singing Monsters and Dawn of Fire servers had been down from 3rd September 2016, 00:00 UTC to 4th September 2016, 3:00 UTC, for some technical reason. Possibly, this may have been caused by a hacker rebellion against the removal of Rare Monsters from the StarShop.
  • The notifications that you receive can be toggled. Options of types of notifications that are included in this version include "Breeding Complete", "Hatching Monsters", "Upgrading Castle", "Baking Treats" and "Mines Are Full".
  • If the servers are down deliberately by the Monster Handlers due to server maintenance, a notice of "server maintenance" will be clearly stated as the notice instead of the more vague "connection issues" notice.
  • Added percentages for "Downloading data" for extra player patience.
  • Added Rare Wubbox to Recording Studio.
  • Modified Rare Wubbox idle animation so that it always leaves its mouth smiling, rather than fully closed all the time whenever idle.
  • Newly added pop-ups of messages of "enjoying the game?" and stuff like that. Also applies to Dawn of Fire. Started happening since September 1st, 2016.
  • Stickers of My Singing Monsters available in iOS 10 players in the iMessage app.
  • Re-added Furcorn in tutorial. Also updated icons in tutorial too.

Version 1.4.3

New startup screen several days after the release of the Rare Hoola

  • Bug fixes and optimizations.

Detailed changes:

  • Released on July 11th, 2016.
  • If a Chief of a Tribe, placing new monsters (only new members of the tribe) also earns XP, equal to whatever the placed monster is.
  • There used to be a glitch where placing monsters on Gold Island would show XP being earned but actually doesn't. This only occured in one build of My Singing Monsters; no other time else otherwise.
  • The update must be downloaded to continue playing as of July 15th, 2016.
  • The Hoola was re-released on July 15th, 2016.
  • The Rare Hoola was introduced for the first time on July 16th, 2016.
  • The Version 1.4.2 screen was used after the Summer seasonal change was over.

Version 1.4.2


Uncover a new collection of Monsters buried deep underground: the Dipsters! Each Dipster sings its own note in a musical scale – combine them to create magical melodies on your Islands. Unlock the Dipsters using Keys, a new form of currency you can gift to your friends. The more friends you have, the more Keys you can receive, the more


Dipsters you can collect!

In this update:

Details of this update:

  • Released on July 1st, 2016
  • Absolutely no iOS 5.0 support whatsoever.
  • Changed layout of where the currency placement is in. The Keys display is placed where Starpower display used to be; Starpower display is placed directly below it.
  • New logo with an in-game Furcorn displayed on it instead of the 3D Mammott and Furcorn.
    • For iOS, the Furcorn is not 3D and is facing towards the right.
    • For Android, the Furcorn appears to be the original 3D Furcorn except with its eyes looking at the front instead
  • Added plus icon next to currency display, consistent with Dawn of Fire.
  • New startup screen. Also features Furcorn for the "O" shape of the MSM wordmark.
  • New menu of breeding completion, yet again. Now it also includes whenever starting up breeding or sending bred monster to the Nursery.
  • Placing Wublin statues gives 1XP.png exactly. Used to not give XP for this.

Version 1.4.1

The "Coming Soon in Version 1.4.1", showing the new inventory

Thank to our players’ feedback, we’ve made some improvements to Waking up Wublins!

In this update:

  • Adding a ‘Zap it’ button to the Wublin Statues menu
  • Condensing the Wublin Inventory menu to stack Monster eggs of the same type

The mysterious entity behind these Supernatural beasts is tirelessly toiling in its workshop on new types of Wublins. What’s more, the discovery of Rarethereals means there’s a whole new host of Monsters waiting to be collected! Stay tuned to get them all!

Thanks for playing, and Happy Monstering!

The Monster-Handlers

Detailed changes in this version:

  • Released on May 7th, 2016
  • Wublin Inventory has improved. More neat sorting of how many eggs left. Link of details of this aspect is shown here.
  • The My Singing Monsters game servers are upgraded. All devices with iOS 5.0 are no longer supports this game, making iPod 3 and iPad 1 devices no longer compatible with the game. However, other devices with iOS 5.0, such as iPod Touch 4, iPhone 3 and iPad 2, can be upgraded to iOS 6.0 or newer. Link here.
  • An improved News function, where pressing News button leads to a list of news, similar to Dawn of Fire's format of the Bulletin Board.
  • Added animations of collecting Daily Login Bonus currency rewards.
  • The Carousel of Coinage (102,500,000 coins), Ladle of Diamonds (18 diamonds) and the Garage of Groceries (2,992,000 food) premium items were added, probably to fill in the missing purchase gaps.
  • For players who log in through anonymous login, deleting My Singing Monsters will lose all of the progress from their device, even if they plan to reinstall the game. Link here.

Version 1.4.0

The new map

The 1.4.0 Facebook art

Are you ready to wake up the Wublins?

With the help of players from around the world, Blabbit’s Scroll revealed the existence of a newly-formed island! But while Blabbit had hoped this discovery promised more eggs for it to ‘borrow,’ it turns out that eggs are meant to be Zapped to Wublin Island instead! Coursing with the Supernatural element of Electricity, it is the playground of the Wublins, a race of Monsters unlike any before. You’ll need to keep your wits about you and collect lots of eggs to wake up these creatures in time. The rewards will be great – Wublins produce all kinds of currency and perform an exciting new song!

The New Loading Screen

In this update:

  • Collect the first 5 Wublins: Brump, Zynth, Thwok, Poewk and Dwumrohl
  • A new Map of the Monster World!
  • Watch videos to speed up breeding and incubating, as well as increase your Scratch Ticket prize!
  • Bug fixes and optimizations

Detailed changes in this version:

  • Added sound effects for Kayna breaking out of the amber.
  • Added the option to zap an egg to Wublin Island or put an egg into the Nursery, as well as the option to cancel taking any action. Option only appears upon unlocking Wublin Island at Level 13; otherwise it acts how it does in previous versions.
  • The "increase of Scratch Ticket prize by watching a video" changes the prize amount by twice the original amount.
  • Watching videos to "speed up" breeding and incubating is more precisely decreasing breeding or incubation times by 15 minutes.
  • The Rare Ghazt, being the first ever "Rarethereal", was released at 22 April 2016.
  • A permanent help button across all natural islands appears in the bottom buttons. Clicking the help button will show all of the main instructions of how to play the game.
  • The Zuuker, another Wublin, is released on 29th April 2016.

Version 1.3.8 & 1.3.9 (Android)

Season of Love 2016 login screen

Egg-Stravaganza 2016 login screen

Happy New Year! 2016 promises to be an exciting time, with new content and features in the works that will delve deeper into the unexplored corners of the Monster World. Meanwhile, there are always improvements to make and bugs to squash!

In this update:

  • Tribal Chiefs can now change the name of their Tribe
  • Invitations and requests to join Tribes now serve the correct messages
  • Resolving other graphical and technical bugs on Tribal Island

This version was released somewhere around 26 January 2016. If you still have got Version 1.3.7 during around Late January to Early February, everything will still work as normal. Some further additions in this version include the added exclamation point notifications on the map and "tribal" buttons if the there are any pending requests to the player's own tribe or from someone else's tribe.

Version 1.3.9 was released on March 1, 2016 in the Google Play Store, it contains mostly bug fixes.

Version 1.3.7

The logo in Version 1.3.7

Version 1.3.7 artwork in Facebook

Emerging from a portal through time and space, the Rare Wubbox premieres on Plant Island just in time for the holidays! You'll need to source your Rares collection to satisfy this creature, so stock up on Starpower from Tribal Island, and keep an eye out for special Rare promotions! Also in this update:

  • The Seasonal Yool's return to the decorated Cold Island is made merrier by the heart-warming festive attire of its fellow monsters! Check back often for new outfits!
  • Graphical updates for user interface
  • Bug fixes and optimizations

Also included in this version, the coins, diamonds and food currency numbers have changed colors to their respective currency colors. The numbers that represent coins turns dark gold, the numbers for the diamonds turns turquoise, for treats that is donut-icing pink, shards is purple, while Starpower's numbers are baby blue.

Cold Island Christmas was still available back in Version 1.3.6. During Version 1.3.7, the 3D-esque Mammott and Furcorn have dressed up in their respective costumes. The Mammott wears a Santa hat, while the Furcorn has a holly for a leaf.

Version 1.3.6

Remember Starpower? Of course you do! The Tribal currency’s true worth has been revealed – to be redeemed in the all new StarShop available in the Market! Spruce up your Natural Islands with all-new Decorations and get Rare Monsters whenever – you’ll be needing them…

What? There’s more? You bet!

  • Inspired by player feedback, Starpower is now calculated based on your individual contributions, and increases the more members you have in your Tribe.
  • Improvements to the Tribal Menu, including the option to join a random Tribe
  • Way cooler Level Up screens, including animations
  • Bug fixes and optimizations

Also from this update, whenever anything, from monster to decoration, is placed in a spot where it cannot be placed, it will appear red, rather than the tile space appearing red. Also appearing was the Christmas special. The Yool became available and Cold Island was decorated in Christmas decorations.

Version 1.3.5


Tribal Island featured in the map

The game-changing Tribal Island is here! Just as the last of the

Rare monsters was revealed, this extraordinary new realm sprang into existence and ignited a new challenge for novice and seasoned players alike. It's up to you to form a Tribe with your Friends and keep your monster well-fed to raise your Tribal Level, earn Starpower, and redeem Tribal Rewards. you may even unlock an ancient secret of the monster world!

Also in this update:

  • By popular demand, you can now sell Monsters and Decorations directly from the Hotel and Storage Structures!
  • Bug fixes and optimizations.

This release was the first one to be available on iOS and Android on the same day (August 6, 2015). Previous updates were released for iOS first and Android a few days later.

During the time of this update, the Anniversary Month and Halloween specials have been celebrated, even after the release of the prequel of the My Singing Monsters game, My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire. New costumes in Halloween have been done too.

Version 1.3.4

The startup with the release of the Rare Mammott

Bug fixes and optimizations.

Following the release of the Rare Mammott, the startup menu changed to include every Natural Monster to become Rare Monsters. The same menu also changed its background to include the background assossiated with the Rares.


Version 1.3.3

The new startup menu

At last, we see the light! In a flash, the enigmatic Glowbes have appeared, and the monster world will never be the same. These tiny beings introduce a brand new feature for your islands... stunning light displays that you can customize like never before. Unlock the new Fuzer structure at Level 13 and become enlightened!

This type of bug has been fixed in Version 1.3.3

Two Glowbes and a Fuzer. Also note the added Monikers on the top-left corner.

Also in this update:

  • More Premium Structures: The new Bonus Breeding Structure and Bonus Nursery bestow a huge advantage when trying for limited availability monsters like Seasonals or Rares!
  • Monikers: We've blown the roof off the max level cap, and extended it from 30 all the way to 60! Along the way, you'll earn new Monikers that are visible to Friends, so you can show off your Singing Monsters star status!
  • Help Guide: The wisdom of the Monster-Handlers is now available in-game in the form of a new, expanded Help section! Learn all the ins and outs of the monster world in this handy guide!
  • Scratch Ticket: You can now toggle whether the Scratch Ticket appears on launch or not!
  • Bug fixes and optimizations

The notorious bug after downloading new content has been fixed. No longer does the My Singing Monsters word logo have its Mammott's "O-head" or body turn into a strange semi-Mammott figure. Note that it was true that some time during Version 1.3.1 or so that the Scratch Ticket did start popping up after 24 hours. At a very close inspection, the categorizing of Decorations has changed so that the Obstacle Decorations are on the back of the catalog, instead of weirdly awkward in between decorations.

The Maw now sings an extra part near the end of Air Island's song, following the song glitch related to the Recording Studio.

Version 1.3.2


It's a new year for My Singing Monsters, one that promises to deliver lots of fun and excitement... as well as some surprises!

To get things started... remember how we've always said that the obstacles removed from your island will find new homes elsewhere? Good news – those new homes are your islands! For the first time ever, you can get obstacles as decorations in the Market!

More new stuff:

  • The lovestruck Seasonal Schmoochle monster is winging its way back to Air Island, to
    complement its Valentine's Day makeover!
  • Improved visibility for sales and promotions, so you always know what's on special when!
  • Bug fixes and optimizations
  • A new addition under the Options menu lets you "Delete All Recordings" at once.

Also included in this version, the Oaktopus in Shugabush Island has an extra birds' nest on its head.


Version 1.3.1

Recording Studio.png

Have you ever longed to join in the Singing Monsters’ song? Well, now your dream can be a reality! Introducing a game-changing new feature… the Recording Studio! This miraculous structure lets you record and save new musical parts for each monster. What’s more, you can then share videos of your personalized islands for your friends to watch!

It gets better…

  • The Seasonal Yool is making its return to Cold Island just in time for the festive season!
  • New Rares are being discovered every week!
  • Bug fixes and optimizations

Even Rares that are later than this update, such as a Rare Cybop, are still included in Version 1.3.0. Another note is that on this update the Grumpyre has changed its expressions to become more... well, grumpier than it usually was.

Version 1.3.0


The logo used from Version 1.3.0 to 1.3.6, and 1.3.8 to 1.4.1.


It seems like only yesterday that the world of My Singing Monsters was born… but believe it or not, it's celebrating its second birthday! As our "Anniversary Month" festivities conclude, a monsterload of new content awaits you:

  • Introducing super-valuable, ultra-coveted Rare Monsters! These special versions of your favorite characters are only available to buy or breed on weekends… log in often to make sure you don't miss out!
  • The previously inconceivable and impossibly bodacious Ethereal Wubbox is now available on Ethereal Island! This new 'Superethereal' monster presents a challenge like no other!
  • New 'Enhanced' upgrades for your Breeding Structure and Nursery which shorten waiting times by 25%!
  • New premium structure 'Maximum Mine' available on Plant Island!
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

Officially in 10th October 2014, although about 4 days late from the update, the original startup screen came back along with the original prices. Further more, the new logo has arrived with the Furcorn reunited with the Mammott to be in the same logo.

In the 5th of December, the Christmas-themed Cold Island arrived along with the Yool.

Rare Furcorn the first Rare is Released.

Version 1.2.9


Our monster-handler ears always perk up when we hear player feedback, and this update aims to please! Get a load of the cool features we’ve added:

  • Want to impress your Friends? Blow them away with Biggified Monsters! Double the size of your favourite singing denizens for a day, or permanently Biggify them and toggle the effect on and off as you please!
  • The long-awaited, much-requested Castle upgrade has arrived! Get the Paradise Castle, built in the image of Gold Island’s own Crystal Castle!
  • New Daily Login Bonus! Log in every day to get better rewards!
  • New interface sound effects as you explore and master the Singing Monster universe!
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

Also, as part of a later update, the Fung Pray was released and the Hoola was removed from the Market.

Version 1.2.8

The monster-handlers are always working to ‘tune’ things up! Some improvements:

  • The amazing Wubbox now unlocks even sooner at Level 20!
  • Tutorial optimization
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

Also, as part of a later update, the Jellbilly was released.

Version 1.2.7

Bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.2.6

Manage your social experience like never before with a brand new and revamped Friends menu! Using the valuable feedback we've received from our players, many new features have been implemented:

  • Import your Facebook friends to update your My Singing Monsters avatar!
  • Sort your Friends using new tabs – Favorites, Torch requests, Alphabetical order, and Level order.
  • Mark your closest Friends as Favorites so that they appear in the Favorites tab!
    1. View which friends have requested Torch lighting using the Torch tab!
    2. Tap a Friend's Display Name to see how many times they have lit your Wishing Torches and vice versa!
  • Navigate easily between Friend pages using the arrow buttons, including moving to the beginning and end of the list!
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

Months later, in an uncategorized update, the Bellowfish and then the Dragong were released.

Version 1.2.5


The first update of 2014 brings with it many awesome features and improvements, including:

  • New Paths for Ethereal and Shugabush Islands!
  • Scratch Ticket and Memory Game prizes now scale as you level up!
  • Improved Top Islands System: One island per player can be featured once a month, so more players have a chance to get their islands featured!
  • Shard to Diamond Conversion: now it works the opposite way! Take those hard-earned Ethereal Shards and convert them to Diamonds!
  • Wishing Torch Timer: Visit a Torch's Info to see how much burn time it has left!
  • Retry Breeding Button: Breeding for a rare monster and know the combo? Tap Retry in the Breeding Menu!
  • Torch Flame Color: Permanently-lit Wishing Torches now burn a brilliant blue!
  • Fixes that pesky Hotel Check In crash
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

Also, as part of a later update, the Humbug and the Kazilleon were released.

Months later, in an uncategorized update, the Blabbit returned to the Water Island.

Version 1.2.4

  • Introducing Shugabush Island! Starting with this update, some monsters can be teleported to this new place when they acheive level 15. Once they're there, new Legendary Monsters may be bred from them, provided that a Shugabush is on the island.
  • Improvements to the game's social features: Friends can also use Facebook accounts to speed up breeding times in archipelagoes.
  • Buyback Feature: When a monster is sold, it remains on the market until a different monster takes its place. Using the buyback feature, you can pay back the same number of coins you received from selling the creature and get it back.
  • Other bug fixes and optimizations

This update also reintroduced the Yool in the game for a limited time, and changed Cold Island 's appearance so it was decorated for Christmas.

Version 1.2.0



With My Singing Monsters having its first anniversary (Happy Birthday!), update 1.2.0 brings a lot of long-awaited features:

  • Ethereal Island is introduced! Players with Ethereal Monsters may level these monsters up to the maximum (level 15), enabling a new feature: Teleportation! Teleporting removes a monster from the island it was born on and resets its level, but in turn it unlocks the breeding capabilities of the monsters, thus enabling players to produce new monsters: the Nebulob, Arackulele and the Whisp.

​Version 1.1.7

Time Machine.png
  • New Structure: Time Machine! This little clock is able to modify the song of an island by messing with its speed and tune.
  • Decorations are now categorized by type and ordered according to their prices.
  • Improvements in the Friends menu: Friends can now be removed.
  • View Mode now available in Gold Island and in the islands accessible through the Friends menu
  • The Market no longer has its own song, so players will hear the song of the island that they are currently on.
  • Objects now "Squish and Bounce" when interacted with.
  • The game can now be played in Russian and Portuguese.
  • New art and music for the loading screen
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

​Version 1.1.6

  • Lots of bug fixes and graphical enhancement


Version 1.1.5

  • Minor Bug Fixes and tweaks

Version 1.1.4

  • Eggs-Travaganza has arrived! Water Island receives a redesign while the Blabbit arrives in the game

for a limited time.

Water Island.png






Version 1.1.3

  • Islands from all over the world can be rated and become Top Islands. Doing so grants diamonds to the owner, and places its island in a special section of the Friends menu.
  • The Memory Game and the Scratch Ticket (Weekly Version) mini-games arrive, giving players another way to have fun, and win prizes as Seasonal Monsters!
  • Anonymous Login: relieves the need of having a Facebook or Game Center account, but makes impossible the use of another device with the same account and monster archipelago, thus causing the progress to become inaccessible if the device is lost or irreparably damaged.


Version 1.1.1

  • Bug Fixes

Version 1.1.0

Version 1.1.0 Banner.png
  • Two new islands are introduced: Gold Island and Earth Island, each one with characteristics previously unseen in the game
  • The Castle receives one more upgrade, the sixth in total
  • Quarrister, the final Natural monster, is added to the game
  • The Extravagant Castle arrives.

Version 1.0.4


  • Spooktacle arrives for the first time, introducing the Punkleton and changing the look of Plant Island until the end of October.

Version 1.0.3


The logo used until version 1.3.0

  • Water Island is introduced, adding Reedling and Shellbeat into the game.
  • Some connection issues were fixed.
  • iPhone 5 devices now are fully supported.
  • Decoration sizes can be changed, but this does not affect the actual area that the decoration occupies, being merely aesthetic.
  • Decorations that are Liked by a monster may be bought while viewing the monster itself.
  • Friends' islands can now be entered
  • The logo changed from a Furcorn to a Mammot

Version 1.0.2


  • Air Island is introduced, thus introducing Cybop, PomPom, Scups, and Riff to the game.
  • Monsters undergo slight growth when fed.
  • Some connection issues were fixed.
  • this is the first update that significantly changed the game.

​Version 1.0.1


  • Issues related to Game Center and Facebook accounts were fixed.
  • Some connection issues were fixed.
  • Graphical optimization
  • Bug fixes
  • Remixes of the songs of currently available Islands can now be bought via the Market with real money.

Version 1.0.0

The original logo

  • The game is released, introducing Monsters, all with their own songs and Elemental Configurations, for players to raise, breed and hear singing.
  • Before worldwide release, the game passed through beta testing, so many things were changed since the prototype.
  • Was first released to Canada on August 24th, 2012 (though Monster-Handler Matt believes it was August 20th, 2012)