Lettuce bask in the bounty of the harvest with this lush Skin for Plant Island, featuring the Harvherd Titan! With so many succulent fruits and veggies growing free, we simply carrot believe any Monster wouldn't turnip to enjoy a healthy snack. It's so radishing, it makes our hearts skip a beet! ...Okay, we get it, puns are sort of corny.
In-game description


Vegetable Medley is an Island Skin available for purchase. Once purchased, its appearance can be toggled on/off. Additionally, a permanent boost is added to Plant Island upon purchasing.

Vegetable Medley Empty


  • 10% speed up incubation in Nursery
  • 15% speed up of Monster Coin production
  • 2x multiplier for Wishing Torch effect

Once an Island Skin has been bought, its Boosts are automatically added to that Island. The Skin does not need to be activated to use the Boosts.

These Boosts only apply to regular Plant Island, and not Mirror Plant Island.


Vegetable Medley Pack
  • It can only be activated on Plant Island
  • It is also a Titan named Harvherd.
  • Vegetable Medley was added in version 2.3.1
  • Vegetable Medley is the first Island Skin to be added to My Singing Monsters.
  • It can be purchased for $9.99 USD or its approximate regional equivalent.
  • The in-game description at launch incorrectly listed the Boosts as 15% for Nursery and 10% for Coin production, while the sale offer image and actual in-game effect had the numbers reversed. This has since been corrected.
  • Initially the Bio did not refer to the Titan Harvherd, but this was later changed.
  • Harvherd's name origin comes from the portmanteau of "Harvard", "harvest", and "herd".
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Vegetable Medley Sweti Settlement Gigacheep Nest Glubber Lagoon Temple of Hahoo
Vegetable Medley Sweti Settlement Gigacheep Nest Glubber Lagoon Temple of Hahoo
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