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One might reasonably conclude that rat-tat-tapping upon its own eardrums all day would give the Tympa a headache. On the contrary, this Wublin delights in banging the drum - particularly for a good cause! While it doesn't have much in terms of material wealth, it selflessly devotes its time and energy to helping fellow monsters however it can, making the Tympa a very good friend, indeed.


The Tympa is a metallic orange monster, with rocky arms and legs with a magma-like pattern, similar to the patterns seen on a Zynth. It is also shorter than the other Wublins. Its eardrums glow bright orange and seem to have a red spiral pattern. The top of its head consists of five scarlet spikes, acting as a makeshift mohawk. Its face appears a dark, metallic scarlet, with three lines at the bottom, possibly resembling the top teeth of a skull. Its legs are gray and have orange cracks in them, similar to the ones in its arms. The Tympa's feet also have two 'toes' the color of its face.

Tympa is the 8th Wublin released. It was released on June 30, 2016.

The monsters Tympa needs are reflected on its appearance: Drumpler for the drumstick-like hands, Pummel's spiral pattern on the ear drums, and T-Rox, Clamble, and Shellbeat's instruments as its own metallic parts. Additionally, all of the monsters required to awaken it are untuned percussion monsters, similar to Tympa.


Instrument: Mini-tymp drum

The Tympa's song mainly consists of the hitting of a metallic snare drum known as a mini-tymp drum. It hits against its circular eardrums with its stone "arms" to produce a staccato, metallic snare drum sounds, while it hits against its magnet-shaped "horns" to make an open hi hat sound. More notably, the drum hitting sounds very metallic and staccato on each hit, like a marching snare. there is also the sound of a very quick bass drum and closed hi hat in the background, like an amen beat.

Earning Rate

The Tympa, like all other Wublins, will produce coins, diamonds, food, and shards, but at no specified rate, although always less than a day.

Multiple Tympas may produce any of these four currencies independently from each other: Coins (Coins), Shards (Shards), Treats (Treats), and Diamonds (Diamonds).

Tympa being zapped.

Powering Up

The allotted time to fill a Tympa in order to activate is 14 days. If the inventory is not completed in the time the Tympa resets to an empty statue and all eggs inside are lost.

Egg Time Islands to Breed On
Shellbeat-egg.pngx8 24 hours Water Island.png
T-Rox-egg.pngx12 8 hours Plant Island.png
Air Island.png
Pummel-egg.pngx12 12 hours Plant Island.png
Water Island.png
Clamble-egg.pngx12 12 hours Plant Island.png
Earth Island.png
Drumpler-egg.pngx24 30 minutes Plant Island.png
Air Island.png
Earth Island.png
Faerie Island.png


Tympa requires at least Water Island to wake up, due to its Shellbeats. It is difficult to breed when only five islands can be used to breed monsters the Tympa requires. However, breeding T-Roxes in Plant and Air Islands; Pummels in Plant and Water Islands; Clambles in Plant and Earth Islands; Shellbeats in Water Island; and Drumplers in Plant, Air and Earth Islands may help. Just try using the time wisely and breed Drumplers during the times you are active to play and replace with the Triple-Element Monsters at near the inactive gaming periods (Breed T-Rox into Air Island, Pummel into Plant Island, and Clamble into Earth Island during those times). However, if you do end up completing the Drumplers early, just continue breeding T-Roxes in Air Island, Pummels in Plant Island, Clambles in Earth Island, and Shellbeats in Water Island.

Provided Enhanced Breeding Structures are used, no extra Breeding Structures are used and no speedups are used, it is possible to breed every monster within 7 days if active at the game enough.

Name origin

The Tympa is named after a metallic snare drum called a mini-tymp drum, which its sound primarily sounds like. The name "Tympa" also may come from the tympanic membrane, also known as the ear drum, which may explain the drumming on the ears. It may also come from "Tympan," French for eardrum.

Possible Monster Names

To see all possible names for Tympa, see Monster Names.


The puzzle confirming Tympa

  • Its name was confirmed on Wednesday, June 29th here.
  • There was a puzzle that revealed the Tympa's name. The answers are as follows:
  • Every egg required in the Tympa is an unpitched percussion monster, although not all species of unpitched percussion monsters are required.

A muted Tympa with one eye open

  • Its song was revealed on Thursday June 30th by this Vine on Twitter.
  • When muted, the Tympa can be seen occasionally opening one eye and looking around before closing it again.
  • The Tympa is considered one of the hardest to Zap, due to the high monster requirements, the fact that Cold Island and Shugabush Island cannot be used to breed any of the required monsters, and because of the fact that a high chance of success is required for the Shellbeats (although breeding common and rare would fix the chance issue anyway). However, Tympa and Dwumrohl would be the hardest to manage long-term but Dermit is hardest short-term.
  • The curved piece of metal the Tympa hits to produce the cymbal sound may be a magnet, shown in how at the end of its playing animation, it flies off, then comes back.
  • Like the Gheegur, all of the monsters needed to activate it have the Earth element.
  • Of all the Wublins, It has the 2nd biggest egg "consumption".
  • Tympa requires the most eggs from one monster than any other Wublin. (24 from the Drumpler)
  • Tympa is the shortest Wublin

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