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Please be careful while editing, to make sure you don't accidentally mess up someone else's changes.

This is the page on the MSM wiki for people to find Tribes to join. If you're looking for a Tribe to join, or want to let people know that your tribe needs new members, this is the place. By joining a tribe and feeding your monster, you will unlock the StarShop where you can obtain Rare Monsters and exclusive decorations with Starpower.

To let people know about your Tribe, add a new empty row to the table. (For instructions, look here.) Add the Chief's name and ID code, the date, and whatever information you need for new recruits. This would include things such as which monsters you still need people to take over. To keep it all neat, please don't use capitals, different fonts or other gimmicks to make your tribe stand out.

This is a community project, so please be courteous to others. When your Tribe is full, so to speak, please remove your entry from the list to avoid clutter. (Old entries may be removed by other people, regardless, so you should keep yours up to date.) And don't keep bumping your entry up to the top of the list. Instead, when you update your tribe info, also update your tribe's "Last Updated" column. When people view this page, they can sort the list by clicking on the "Last Updated" column header, which will let them easily see the most current information. Don't add duplicate entries!

You can see the most recently edited tribes by clicking there twice \/ (YYYY-MM-DD)

Tribes that have not been updated in more than 1 Year will be removed

Current Tribes

Note: Leave the Minimum Level field blank if any level is acceptable.

Chief name Tribe name Minimum level (leave blank if any level is acceptable) Last updated Other information
Scotland Keys
Friend code 84890055DL
baird 10 or kick 03/12/2020 availible monsters are all of them exept entbrat furcorn(me) and trox
Chief Name: Hirunatan
Friend code: 92139001FF
Oromar 20 2020-11-30 Seeking for strong players who can help us get to level 1500. Last week we got over 1100, do you think you can help us hit that milestone? :D
Chief: Pippin66

Friend Code: 20772518IC

PastaNightGang 30 2020-11-27 Our tribe has reached Level 1000 !!! We’re still looking for new members to take it even higher. We are a suitable tribe for intermediate level players (and above) who have made progress on Ethereal Island.

Previous members who are returning to MSM after taking a break are encouraged to re-join.

Monsters available: Noggin, Potbelly, Fwog, Quibble, Pummel, Clamble, Spunge, Thumpies.

Monster level: Preferred minimum Level 30 each week.

Player level: You will need to have monsters on Ethereal Island to be able to make the required contribution.

Qualifier: Please add the current tribe chief to your Friends list so your capacity to contribute can be confirmed – having to kick people is a bummer.

Chief Name: Aydenclay07

Friend code: 66850567HH

Builder Squad 2020-12-1 Looking for new members to join to replace the idle members. Please only pick monsters on my list or any monster that isn’t on the island. I am thinking about adding a min level after all the idle members are gone like maybe 30 or something. I will only accept new members the replace the members that have been idle for 2 weeks. I will not accept dupes. Also I’m the new chief of this tribal and I normally get around 80-100

Right now we have Maw and pango available. I Think there are more but I haven't confirmed them as I have been on a trip.

Chief Name:


Friend Code:


89+ Minimum 89+ 2020-11-21 Currently recruiting new members in order to replace inactive ones as well as to even up the feeding burden. Currently we are hitting 2800+ star power every single week. Please join only if you know that you can bring your monster to the strict minimum of 89. This tribe is based on teamwork and members who don’t show any effort to feed their monsters to 89 and prefer others working hard for them will be removed. Sorry. Also although we love all monsters and their unique sounds as of today there is too big ratio of big monsters over small ones so please join with small monster. Hope to see you around and have fun you guys. Take care.
Chief Name: mr. cow

Friend Code:


Jam Buddies 0+ 2020-11-14 Hey! Just a friendly tribe that wants to jam out! Feel free to join and jam with us, feed monsters if possible and have a good time, see you soon! :D
May 34507498ec The Wall 120+ 2020-11-21 We are looking for player that can feed anywhere from 120 to 140. We offer helping you improve your game so you can make it to those numbers easily. Only need a Facebook account, if you are worried about privacy, go ahead and make an account only for the game, find me on FB as May Casanas. The Pango.

Chief Name: Werdos

Friend Code: 65216637FF

Common Goal 5+ 2020-12-03 We don't want duplicate monsters. We need people who are active (check the tribe for the monsters). Try (TRY) to get to level 3 by the end of the week. If you are still at level 1 when the week ends, you will be kicked. We have reached level 90, so any new players who doesn't level up their Monster to level 5 WILL be kicked immediately. Please, check the level of the tribe before joining unprepared. Players who joined during Saturdays or Sundays can stare leveling up their monster next week. I don't like competing, just to get decent Starpower and Diamonds. I recommend you to play on an iPhone with a SIM card, as that will allow you to play basically anywhere where there's internet (This will allow you to play when you're not at your home.)
Chief Name: Usually Jordan Lange but its Need New Riff & Mmmott until we get one

Friend Code: 41231555LL

Shugbros 35+ 35+ 2020-11-12 Hey everyone, we're lvl 1200+ now we just need people to join and feed their monsters a lot, so if you have a lot of Ethreals or Wublins you'll get accepted. Right now we need a Riff, Mammott, Scups, Cybop, Quibble, and a Toe jammer. If not accepted, join as a different monster! We hope to see you in the tribe :)

Friend Code:


Furpleghirghnerbsh 10+ 2020-11-11 If you request with a monster that's already here, you will not be accepted into the Furpleghirghnerbsh hivemind cult (Complete the song). HOWEVER, you may request to replace a small monster. Please reach level 10+ by the end of the week. If level 10 isn't reached, you'll get kicked on Sunday. We're now at 25 monsters. (Furple-grrg-nerb-shh. Furpleghirghnerbsh. :D)
Chief Name: Ian

Friend Code:


The Noisemakers 10 2020-11-11 Our tribe is new, but active and looking to grow. No duplicate monsters, please.
Chief: CreativityInk 94196173 ML Triple Element Tribe 5 2020-11-09 Only 3 Elements! All the four elements are overused!


Looking 100 2020-11-15 Looking for a Tribe. Can put out 100 per week. now. I don't care about top ranks, just decent starpower every week.


Cheeseburgh 10 2020-11-08 You can choose with what kind of monster you want to join, if you get lvl 10 or higher you I'll be very happy.
Chief Name: Joshua

Friend Code: 89703034NE

Monster Legend 35+ 2020-12-02 We are an active tribe seeking a few new members! We reach level 1500 every week and are looking for strong players to help us go even further. You must have a robust Ethereal and/or Wublin island to make sure your tribal monster reaches at least 35 or higher.

Please pick a monster that has not yet been chosen.

Join us and help us reach level 1500!

Cheif name: Edward Mader

Friend code:95283983GJ

Full Tribal Song 40+ 2020-11-03 I have made a completely new Tribal island. This island is for the people who want to get more gems and star power. If you cant meet the 40+ level requirement, I will have to remove you. I am going for the full song, so request monsters that are not on the island yet, otherwise I wont accept you. I will try to get your request as soon as I can. We need as many people as we can get. Any monster is acceptable except for pompom and deegee. if there are 30 players each at level 40, we can get to level 1200!
New Player

No Idea, But mine is


rockin monsters 2020-11-07 we need every monster except for entbrat, riff, furcorn, and mammott. Join soon!
Cheif name: Cool Microwave ST

Freind code: 95067979LD

BACON flavored BACON 5+ 2020-11-02 I have one spot open but I need replacements for inactive monsters. please join as a noggin, toe jammer, reedling, potbelly, drumpler, entbrat, oaktapus, furcorn, maw, or tweedle. your joining and feeding are much appreciated. please join and thank you.
Chief name: MaddieJune

Friend code: 73797213EH

Angels of Music 9+ 2020-11-01 Hello! I have about 11 spots left in the tribe and expect everyone to feed their monsters. If you don't feed your monsters for many weeks in a row I would sadly have to remove you :(

Anyways, you can be any monster you want. Hope to see you in the tribe!

Chief name:Dinolover77

Friend code:70203227AF

Mad Monster Bunch 10+ 2020-11-02 Hello everyone! My tribe was formerly SirCalebs but now he has become a member and I have ended up as Chief. Sircaleb and I would be so happy if some of you would care to join. I will gladly accept anyone and any monster that joins as long as they are fed to level ten reasonably often. If you don't feed enough one or two times it is okay but if three or more weeks in a row I may kick you but hopefully that will never be the case. This tribe is a relatively small one so growing it is the thing we want the most. Hope to see you soon!

Sincerely. Dinolover77

Chief name: Boo

Friend code: 92038522DI

Monster Mash 2020-11-02 Hello, any level is accepted as long as you feed your monster. Please join.

PD: My username is MySingingIsla (FC: 955753CL) and I'm not the chief of this tribe, the chief is Boo (FC: 92038522DI) and I don't know her/him in real life, but I decided to post this here to help them out because

  1. they have a very good level being only two members and
  2. they've been looking for participants for a while and I just wanted to help them.
oak tree

freind code


gummy bears 2020-11-01 this tribe is for starters at the game(and pros if you want to help out! ) i am a starter too so i will not be feeding that much anyone cane join if there's room. sooooo bie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
elec salmon


makeALL ZYNTH ucan (lv 15+) 3 2020-10-29 join this tribe
Yung Bleikey

Friend Code: 75234163GJ

Unholy Crushade 10 2020-10-28 Hey if u want to join my tribe ur welcome but please be active so we can get lots of diamonds:). I also lit torches everyday so help me and ill help u:)
Cheif Name: ! Berg Of Carls

Friend code:


Anarchasts 25 2020-10-24 Hello! If you are able to get your monster to level 25 a week we will keep you in this island if you can please feed as much as you wish our tribe level hits around 1000 a week as we have several players that level up to 80 we are currently at 29/30 however everytime we recruit someone we remove a player that is lacking contribution send a request over choose which ever monster you like.


Gamers 2020-11-07 Main goal is to complete the song. As there's lot more randoms now in the tribe I cant directly contact, please only send dupes of monsters that are owned by Java, Vermillion, Ashermabe, or any account with Yurno in the name
Chief Name: Light of Mine

Friend Code: 60536160HK

The Light Seekers-Lvl 40+ 40+ 2020-10-20 Welcome to my tribe! I'm a very active MSM player and would like to invite anyone who is looking to win lots of diamonds every week to join me. I don't care which monster you pick but do ask everyone who joins to try to level up to 40 every week on our tribal island. I will gift a key to the highest leveled monster at the beginning of every new week.
Jessica Kanra Murphy


The Imposters 10+ (will need to be more as we grow together!) 2020-10-14 Whoever has the highest level by the end of the week will be gifted a key on Monday! I will put your monster to sleep until the required level is met so you can remember to level it :) No dupes preffered but not required. Let's have fun and grow our islands together!


Advent 25+ 25+ 2020-10-14 All that's required to to join is a new monster and level 25+ each week to stay. You can also put your friend code in your name to let the tribe light your torches.
NOOBISM-1 (60628828EE) da boys 60+ 60+ 2020-10-13 we just started but looking for people who can get monsters to at least 30 and up for now. Please join I need the diamonds.
Scotland keys

forgot friend code

baird required level 10 2020-10-13 some of my family is in my tribe so if their low level dont report them and i have a youtube channel and always play in the summer 24-7 but during school i only play in the weekends and i mostly only collect coins and feed my tribal furcorn (on the mushroom with my family)

looking for more people im lonely and being on a island just means the more you feed your monster the more again



LOOKING FOR A TRIBE 100 2020-10-12 Hi, I am looking for a tribe with a good level, 1200 or higher, I will feed my monster to level 100 or more every week. So if you are the leader of a tribe feel free to invite me and I will join with a new monster and feed it until level 100/120.

Friend Code:


E Any level is fine! 2020-10-13 We accept any percussion monster!

(The list includes: noggin, shrubb, drumpler, pango, thumpies, scups, congle, pummel, clamble, Trox, shellbeat, and deegee.) Try to add one that we don't already have!



Looking for a tribe preferably 50-60 2020-10-29 I can reach 55+. I can't be a quadrisster or reedling. I'm active and play everyday unless something happens and I can't.

My tribe is becoming inactive and I need a new tribe

Plz invite soon!


Friend code


eternal ash 2020-10-09 please add. In need of tribe members so please join. thanx.

Friend Code 94049418JE

Coolest Tribe Out There50 50+ 2020-10-12 In the first week we reached over 1,600 with 27 monsters and are so excited to have a great tribe. Most everyone is feeding well so it will be unlikely that there will be room for more but friend me and watch on Monday mornings for openings.

We just started a tribe of 50+ in October hoping to get all the diamond rewards. Any monster is welcome. I'll also light your torches if you light mine. If you don't reach the required level you will be removed the following week.



Nacht +25 2020-10-2 We are hoping to hit a tribe level of 1100 this week. If you do join try not to put duplicates. There is room for 3 more people. Lastly, if you don’t reach level 25 by the end of the week you will be kicked.
Chief: Pokey

Friend Code:93834489EH

Chill Squad Lvl 50+ 50+ 2020-10-02 Hey guys! Decided to create a lvl 50+ tribe after my old tribe got inactive... Please try and level up to 50 or more, and please request with different monsters! I will remove people that are inactive for more than a week. See you there guys!
Chief: Da Bowgart

Friend Code:  94364903GF

Da Bowgarts 10+ 10 2020-10-01

Switched From 5+ to 10+! (If you don’t get let in wait for the next week)

We are looking for more players! We want a good tribal level, and at the same time complete the tribal song. (I will only kick you if you are inactive and somebody join requests as the same monster.)
Chief: Lily

Friend Code: 30030119LH

Pompom Gang +25 25+ 2020-10-15 Looking for more members!!

We already have about 10 people who can get to level 40 each week, although the minimum level is 25 so don't stress if you can't get very high. We usually get to about lv400 by the end of the week. All I ask is that you please request a pompom, we would love to have a full pompom tribe!!

Chief: Pippin66

Friend Code: 20772518IC

PastaNightGang 15 2020-09-29 Our tribe has reached Level 1000 !!!

~ We have had an overwhelming response to our post and therefore have reached capacity. Please keep an eye out for opportunities to join our tribe as positions become available. ~

~ Exisiting members: if you cannot reach the preferred minimum level but contribute each week then your position is secure as your islands grow. However, if you miss a week we may offer your position to a new member. ~

Cheif Name : Mister Jessie81756664CM

Friend Code : 81756664CM

Musical 50+ 2020-09-22 Hey guys! All I ask is that you contribute and please choose a unique monster that isn't already on the island. If you don't level up for 2 weeks you will be removed and please do your best to go above the minimum, it would be greatly appreciated, and I can't wait to see your name pop up in the tribal requests!!!
Chief Name: Scoops63

Friend Code: 79212989NB

The Scoops Squad 20+ 2020-09-21 Hi! I need help getting the full song for tribal island, so far I have Quibble, Tweedle, T-Rox, and Noggin. Someone had a Clamble but left... So it would be nice to have new members!
Chief: ooly

friend code:




Daddy Duddies 9+ 2020-09-18 we dont really care what monster you put on the island but we would just like to get better. if you join it will be nice. thank you
Chief: Fancyhat

Friend code: 67388003kj

Anthology 25+ 2020-09-18 We try to hit 1500 every week. A non-duplicate monster is good if you can, but it's not a deal breaker. First week of non-feeding gets muted, if you don't feed for a second week without a reason then the monster will be removed.
Chief name: Flaritual

Friend code: 94131932HK

swag nation 5+ 2020-10-03 We mostly just want to farm star power. We don't mind having duplicate monsters but we would still like to complete the song so joining as different monsters would be very appreciated. Please feed your monsters or else we can't really gain much star power. At the moment are highest level has been 250 but with more people I bet it will grow quickly! If you join but are not active for a while (non-actives include people who do not feed their monster at all and loafing around for free star power without any effort) then once the tribe starts to get a bit more full we will boot you without hesitation...So yeah, please don't do that. Our current goal is to earn a good amount of star power per week!
Chief Name:Seb

Friend ID:82923235AF

Alphasters 20+ 2020-09-15 We are a new and friendly tribe. Please light your tribe members torches and they will do the same for you :)
Chief Name: Jennifer Kurtz

Friend Code: 63240591LL

Band of Thieves 15+ 2020-09-23 We're a very active tribe trying to get the best tribal rewards. Please don't give us duplicate monsters. 15+ is the requirement, but if you can go bigger, please do. We are almost at level 1000 and we'd love to hit that soon.
Chief name: BrightStar



Friend code: 74091834CG

Star's Account Army 1 2020-09-14 This is a tribe for inactives, newbies, or anyone who just wants to join! You don't have to feed, or even log on, as my two accounts and other members feed the tribe above level 100 every week. You will still get the weekly rewards, even if you don't feed! Please choose a monster that isn't on the island. Happy monstering!


Zou 25+ 2020-09-13 Active tribe! 13/30 We got to level 450 this week. Unique monsters, please! All are welcome.
LeBombastique LeBombers 30+ 2020-09-11 A small tribe, we want no clones and active amateurs, we are trying to get to level 30+
Chief Name: Allie

Friend Code: 93843907MF

The Cool Tribe 20+ 2020-09-10 We are a new tribe that was just set up. Within a few days, we already have 5 members and are close to Level 250. Please try not to have duplicates, keep feeding your monsters, and lets have fun!
Chief name: Cool Microwave ST

Freind Code:95067979LD

BACON FLAVORED bacon 3 2020-09-16 we are only missing these four monsters: reedling, scups, quarrister, thumpies.

please level up. you are not expected to level up every week but the more the better. and

you can join as monsters who are inactive, too. ( example

maw,toe jammer, mammott, noggin etc.) I will only kick you if you are inactive and someone joins as your monster

Chief Name: CuddlyMammott123

Friend Code: 1250555CN

Jelly Jam 60+ 60+ 2020-09-03 If this tribe fills up, it should consist of 24 Toe Jammers and 6 Bowgarts. If you stop feeding up, you will have two weeks before you are kicked. Higher level monsters go closer to the front. Before joining the tribe, please join the public Discord server:
Chief Name: SleepyPie

Friend Code: 83574293NN

SMC 10+ Show FC 10+ per monster 2020-09-01 Hello! We are a small but growing tribe of currently 5 members! Our required level is low so we are New Player Friendly! When sending a join request, include your friend code so we can look at your island to make sure you make enough resources. We are looking for Quad-Element Monsters.


Nacht 20+ 2020-08-30 We are hoping to hit a tribe level of 600 this week. If you do join try not to put duplicates. There is room for 6 more people.Lastly, if you don’t reach level 20 by the end of the week you will be kicked.
[NAME MISSING - TRIBE LEADER PLEASE FIX BY 08/31/2020] dandoo bros. 2 2020-08-25 hello!! welcome to our tribe dandoo bros.

our tribe is perfect for beginers but experienced

players are welcome to anyone is alowed join but if i kick you it just means you need to pick another monster please join thanks!!!

Chef's name: #Luciano #04

Friend Code: 92353835FH

The Legendary #02 20+ 2020-08-20 Hello guys, the "The Legendary" tribes are growing a lot lately, so, if you want to be a member of our tribe you are welcome! Please try not to put duplicates because we want the full song. Thanks.


NekoNeko NA 2020-08-18 Just started a new tribe any regular players welcome :)


Monster Jams 100 2020-08-17 I’m just hoping for a successful tribe you know? Atleast be able to hit level 200 every week. If we could get every natural monster and all at least level 10, the tribe will be successful, and everyone gets gems :D
Chief Name: VG

Friend code: 93706575GJ

20+ID at 93706575GJ 20+ 2020-08-17 We are usually at level 800, need few members to reach level 1000. please join if you can feed 20+ level. Any monster is welcome, just feed as much as you can so that level 1000 achieved. Thanks.


The Wall 2 100 or more 2020-10-26 Recently created this tribe to accommodate more players from The Wall tribe. Any monster is welcome!


epic tribe B) N/A 2020-10-01 Lvl. 200+ every week! Anybody is welcome! Any level is great and duplicates are fine :)


Stuff 10+ 2020-08-15


Angels of Music 13+ or whenever you have wublins 2020-08-13 The only thing I would expect is for everyone to choose a different monster than what is already on the island just because I would love to hear the full song. Other than that, I don't expect anyone to level up a certain amount each week. Just do what you can and have fun with it. See you in the tribe! :D


Only Rule? No Duplicates! Any :) 2020-08-13 Our tribe is a community tribe that doesn't care about leveling up your monster! We currently have 17 different monsters and we would love to complete the song! Hope to see your request soon!
Cosmic Ace


Summer Song- Level 25+

(Tribe Name may be changed, but if it's my tribe, and has the 25+, you should be good to go.)

Level 25+

(Only Join if you can level up to this level, or I'll kick you out.) P.S I check your islands to make sure you have healthy access to shards.

2020-08-12 Some jerk deleted my other information so I have to retype it. Basically level up to level 25 or higher before Sunday, and we're good. Don't level up below 25 or I'll kick you out, day of. Also no DUPLICATES, I will reject you so hard, I wanna hear the full song, no duplicates, aight? I just want a more serious tribe than my previous one. Let's get star power and gems! = )


idoster's tribe none :D 2020-08-08 the only thing u gotta know is no duplicates. idc about you leveling up your monsters i could level my monster on my own. (but you can level up your monsters if you want to)
Mr. Cookie


Cookie'z squad N/A 2020-08-07 Just here to have fun and wake Kayna! Sadly no duplicates, if you have a duplicate I will decline until you change your monster to something we don't have. Let's get those stars!


The Cretaceous Crusaders N/A 2020-08-06 Lets wake Kayna from the amber! If you try to join the tribe with a duplicate I will have to decline you until you request to join with a non-duplicate, sadly (although, I only have one other person in my tribe, so that shouldn’t be much of a problem).
Jams Of Toe


Doowa NO DUPES N/A (for now) 2020-08-06 No duplicate monsters. Will add level cap eventually. Hail the Toe Jammer.


terra-tribe 4 2020-08-04 i just want to grow my tribe with you and have fun doing it. please no duplicates, if you try to summit a duplicate you will be declined until you choose a monster not on the tribe already
schwifty nifty


Wow Wow Wubbzy Rules N/A 2020-08-03 Our goal to create the full song, so please enter a monster we don't have yet. There is no level minimum, but we hope that you will contribute as much as you can, be we won't kick you if you can't.


New Monsters on The Block 20 2020-07-25  Join this new and vibrant tribe. I will make sure I take care of it every day and we will earn as many diamonds as possible as long as you feed your monster. Please, pick a new monster.


(insert name here) None 2020-08-14 Rules: There is no rules except use a monster that isn't on the island yet. Also I like cookies


Rocking Noggins 30+ 2020-07-20 Monster I'd recommend is a Noggin, T-Rox, or Quarrister. Please get your monster up to level 30+. You have 2 days to get there, or you will be kicked.
Mnene T


Mnenesiens None! 2020-08-11 A safe haven for new players! Pick different monsters please. If you haven’t got Ethereal Island please don’t use coins or treats, just stay at level 1 :)!
Flutter 76036536II l eart


MSMFlutter 25+

25 2020 You MUST get to level 25 or you will get kicked from the tribe, joining the discord is cool, and you can also tell me to accept you!.
Chief Name:  Zira
FC:  67947654KG
Flying Monsters 25+ 2020-07-31 Everybody is welcome! It would be good to have a variety of monsters. :)
Inactive people will be kicked out!
Chief Name: akoko

My friend code is  80254501BN

Join us! 5 2020-10-15 Hello again!

Im looking for new members because almost all our members are inactive :(

Just send in a request and if you chose a monster that wasn’t active before I’ll kick them out and replace them with yours!

This time I really only want you to request when you know you can feed!

Yeah I think that’s it, I’m really friendly so don’t worry about getting kicked out hehe

Thanks in advance for your requests xx :)




TheSingingCrazeYT (70+) 70+ 2020-07-13
Name: Lotz

Code: 93366146KK

The Fancy Gents 2020-07-03 Hey! I'm Lotz and this is just a very casual clan to get Starpower out of every week. I normally make a clan or tribe with the same name as this on any game I play, permitting they can be created there, and I'm just happy to have new members! There will never be a minimum level requirement, and all I ask is that you level up your monsters in the tribe every once in a while, and to the best of your abilities, bring new monsters to it!

Chief Name - TmDobbin

Friend Code - 94142273ML

Rice Bean Chicken

9+, but i dont really mind. 2020-07-03 Heya, I'm TmDobbin. This tribe is called Rice Bean Chicken. (Unusal name, i know)  Someday I hope to be high in ranks, or at least have some starpower. Join and we might be able to get there! Make sure you feed your monsters as much as possible, don't worry if you can't sometimes. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you soon! (As of writing the tribe is level 63, with 12 members. We're growing!)
Chief Name: Snazzy Socks

Friend code: 93085431HD

Snazzy runners 9+ 2020-06-26 hi im snazzy socks and i have a tribe with no one but me and I have it on level 8 so far and make sure you have shards and coins because the rule is you must feed, I use shards (wublin currency) thanks!
Chief Name: Ace Domok

Friend Code: 87962978KG

Singing Lively 8+ 2020-06-29 This is a new tribe but me and my friend really need star power and it would be really neat if we could even wake up kanya. If you are not level 8+ in our tribe within 3 or more days you will be kicked from the tribe. Final thing is no duplicate monsters if you choose one that already is on our island you will be declined. Let's have fun guys!
Chief Name: AlphaoticYT

Friend Code: 6797470JE

The Flames 2020-06-26 This AFK tribe is shooting off, and we hit lvl 100 every week. Try getting new monsters, and we have carriers to help with starpower.

Chief Name: VanHalen

Friend Code: 62005510BA

One-Eyed Doll 10 2020-09-15 Our tribe is leveling 1000 per week now. We need 2 more monsters that contribute so I can remove the inactive players. Rock on!!

Chief Name: Sony Chiba

Friend Code: 14573775ND

Sky Moses 2020-06-23 If you can feed your monster to at least lvl 25, you're welcome to join. I myself can afford to contribute 100 lvls every week. Join and stay safe.
Chief Name: Mykalson

Friend Code: 6152716GM

Monster Land 5 2020-08-25 Growing, active tribe, we're in the 450-600 range right now. We need Reedling to complete our song. I will start accepting other monster requests based on activity; anyone who hasn't leveled to at least 5 by Sunday may get kicked if we have a replacement for your monster. Thanks!
Chief Name:


Friend Code: 73954188CA

Tribe of the Monsters +25 25 2020-06-21 Please join our tribe. Make sure you can feed to level 25. Level 20 - 25 is also acceptable. Please use monster that we don't have. Hope you can join the Tribe of the Monsters.
Chief Name: feedto10onTribal

Friend Code: 91836125DF

drams 10 2020-06-21 Hi there! Join us with any monster you want! Right now, a few of our members are carrying a significant share of the feeding burden, so we're looking for tribe mates who will feed to level 10 or higher in order to help us all gain more star power! We know life happens, so we won't kick you off for a bad week or two, but if you're consistently inactive, we'll be looking to replace you with a monster who's willing to contribute.
Chief Name : Swappie

ID : 92786378KK

E Any level 2020-10-13 Pls join I’m bored.

Chief Name: StaBunnyGamer

ID: 916961811DF

Kanye and the Crew None! 2020-06-15

I am a very active player, and I play this game often. This is a new tribe that I have created. There are no requirements of you wanna be in this tribe. If you are not active for one month, you will be kicked because that's  a lot of time gone.

I prefer one or two of each monster, but more then that is ok! I wanna try getting a lot of starpower, and I think that if we all work together, we can be a great tribe! Thank you in advance.

Chief Name: The Ghaztly Gazers
Friend Code:92018772LK
The Awesome Ones 20 2020-06-16 Hi! I'm a very Active My Singing monsters player and i would love i it you were to join my tribe! Please Join my tribe with new monsters please :) You have to feed your monster at least 20 levels or i will remove you! (sorry, had to add that) No duplicates would be appreciated. we usually get about level 1000 or higher a week so if you join you will get a decent amount of starpower. i hope you will join us!
Chief Name: Smembrino82

Friend Code: 92517177HJ

Help The Globe Any, as long the level of the entire tribe is at least a level 100 added together 2020-06-13 Hi, I am smembrino82 and My tribe is all about people who care and want to help the globe. Anyone can join but only they care and want to help the globe. I would appreciate it if any of you join my tribe. We get to over 100 and everyone gets at least 4 diamonds every week at 12:00 a.m. on Monday. All I need are deedge and T-Rox to complete the song. If you are reading this, tell everyone you know to help the globe by plant various flowers In front of your house, build A small garden, turn off the power before you leave or when no one is in the room, pick up recycling on the ground and ocean, remove the pollution in the sky and ocean, plant trees and help endangered creatures from becoming extinct.
Chief Name: Jed1Master

Friend Code: 93576197EL

Death Star 4 2020-06-08 (If your monster isn't level 4 by the end of the week, you will be kicked.) Welcome to the Death Star! Can we get to at least level 120 by the end of the week? Make sure to feed your monster at least level 4. By the end of the week, if your monster isnt level 4, you will be kicked. Inactive members will also be kicked.
Chief name: Alpha

Friend code: 93459377BJ

aw-ag 4 2020-06-07 HI! Our tribe only has three people on it so far. Thats why im here (: Just us three alone are able to get our trible level to thirty pretty quickly. With a little extra help we could do so much better! We already have one drumpler, one trox, and one noggin. So if you would please, dont duplicate it (: It would be awesome if you could help us out!!! Thank you! <3

Te arreglé el anuncio ya que lo habías puesto dañado, afectando las publicaciones de otras 3 tribus. Ya quedó bien. Con gusto.

Chief Name: Ravenclaw

Friend Code: 93855554H

Fantasia 5 2020-06-05 Welcome to the Fantasia tribe! :) Although it would be good for each member to have a minimum level of 5, you will not be kicked so long as you are an active account and doing your bit to help.

No duplicate monsters please! (Dupes will be declined) You will be accepted within the day

Hola. Arreglé tu publicación, ya que había sido dañada... creo que muy pocos se te iban a unir así. Ya quedó bien. Con gusto.

Chief Name: Wrath

Friend code: 92477667CB

house of wrath 12


This is the tribe to go to if you want a lot of starpower for your level. minimum level is 12, but most will be higher. You will be ACCEPTED IMMEDIATELY. or within one day :)

Hola. Arreglé tu publicación, ya que había sido dañada... creo que muy pocos se te iban a unir así. Ya quedó bien. Con gusto.

Chief Name: piotrloch

Friend Code: 10998272NG

Tribiland Any level but it would be great to keep Kayna alive 2020-06-03
I do not make this to have the best tribal island but just for fun. Please, pick that monster which has not been chosen yet. Thank you :)

Hola. Arreglé tu publicación, ya que había sido dañada... creo que muy pocos se te iban a unir así. Ya quedó bien. Con gusto.

Chief Name: .light earth 19149396AA

Friend Code: 19149396AA

big brain tribe min 30+id 30 2020-06-12 Welcome to my tribe. Dupes will be kicked. For the first week you only need level 1 but if you are inactive for 2 weeks you will be kicked.
we reach level 100 every week.
Name: light plant & cold pls

Friend Code: 93337866IK

Amber 1 2020-06-01 Everyone is welcomed but please no duplicate monsters. We currently only have T-Rox and Maw.
Chief Name: Zack2009
Friend Code:92729010BM
The Ruler Of All Tribes 2 2020-06-01 Please join with a monster but a potbelly(me),a maw, toe jammer,or a deedge.
I can only feed my monster up to around level 15 a week.The same level as me or higher is okay.Best monster(if not quibble,spunge,or any quad) will go at first.Second goes at the other place.If you are declined,please pick another monster.
Chief Name: Wade
Friend Code: 65822651FD
PastaNightGang 15 2020-07-17 Our tribe regularly hits Level 500 but we need more active members who contribute every week. The following monsters would be most welcomed: Dandidoo, Drumpler, Furcorn, Fwog, Mammott, Noggin, Oaktopus, Pummel, Quibble, Shrubb, Toe Jammer. Come help us hit Level 1000!
Chief Name: MonsterMania
Friend Code: 92986331IJ
The Ultimate Tribe 2020-05-30 Even if my tribe is basic, everyone has to start somewhere. Im just asking you to feed your monster whenever you want. Just don’t place duplicates.
Chief Name: -P4P3R

Friend Code: 93044817NN

Lvl 15+ New Tribe 15 2020-05-27 Best performers of the week get placements on the tree!
New tribe created today. Strict 15+ feeding rule starting the week after a member joins.
Try to join with new monsters, as we want to make the island as good looking as possible
Leader is very active and accepts within the day.


The besters 0 but try to feed your monster as much as you can. 2020-05-27 Try to join with different monsters and level them up as much as you want. Thanks ZaDuuck.
Chief Name : A_Duck
Friend Code : 93315057HF
Mighty Ducks 2020-05-22 Currently recruiting, any Monsters are welcome.
Chief Name: Azuran Shadow
friend code: 92808923AJ
MR Bronze Sunset 20+ 20 2020-05-20 Join a fun tribe and earn star power for those elusive rares! Please try to be a Quibble, PomPom, Tweedle, Quarrister, Riff or Toe Jammer. Would love to have some more member!
Cheif Name: Dummy
Friend Code: 93184425BN
Diamond Grind 35+ 35 2020-05-19 Current tribe goals:

- Get as many people to join as possible

- Have everyone be at least level 35

Future goals:

- Lifting level requirement to level 50 once there are 15 people with level 50 in the tribe.

- Maybe becoming competitive

Please get to the level requirement by Saturday. I will start to remove people on Sunday (the last day before tribe level resets) who are below the level requirement.

Personally, I do not care about getting the full tribe song, but I'm sure there will be members who do. Please try to contribute a monster that is not yet on the island.

Chief Name hm64
Friend Code 92897765BB
Crazyhyruleanlemon 2020-05-18 My only request's are leveling up at least 10 times a week and no dupes
Chief Name: Zorby

Friend Code: 8409066FE

Minimum Lvl 50 :) 50 2020-05-16 Everyone will be accepted until the tribe is full. However, after it is full, the minimum level will be 50. If you are not at least level 50 every week, you will be removed. I will try to light everyone's torches!
Chief name: ecollo2.0


Kevin is whack 2020-05-15 Everyone is accepted until full, i can light torches if you add me, any level accepted, we usually get to level 100+ ( 250-300 star power / week)
Chief Name: Sara (send keys please)

Friend Code: 74415351KF

The Beatz 2020-05-14 Try to stay active and level up as soon as possible. You will be accepted by the end of the day. Also, try and pick a unique monster!
Chief Name: Lena

Friend Code: 87282111LH

Newzies 10 2020-05-12
  • Anyone is welcome
  • This is a brand new tribe
  • Be sure to feed your monster
  • No duplicates if you can
  • You will be kicked if you're not feeding your monster
Chief Name: HeyItsNate

Friend Code: 6466198MC

Kitty Pack 2020-06-13 -Looking for active players.-We don't have a minimum level requirement (for now) ,but I do ask to at least try to hit level 5.

-Anyone is welcome to join and please invite your friends :)

-Please do no send duplicate monsters

Chief Name: Rhythm and Rhyme

Friend Code: 86700833BB

BIG TRIBE 25 2020-06-08 Hi! This tribe's goal is to

get as many rewards per week as possible. This tribe is rapidly growing, so expect increased minimum feeding requirements in the near future.

  • If you are a high level and have a good Ethereal island, I may kick someone who isn't feeding for you to join.

Currently 20/30 members.


  • Each week you must feed your monster to at least level 20.
  • Not feeding will result in a kick before the end of the week.
  • If you feed a great amount, like 40+, you will be given far more leeway before being kicked.
  • It is highly recommended you grind your Ethereal island, as the crystals are by far the most efficient method of feeding.

And lastly, welcome to the tribe! (:

Chief Name: Demp

Friend Code: 63972822GC

Monster Cove 50 2020-05-18 I just started this today and would like for people to join as new monsters that aren't in the tribe! If you haven't fed for 1 week, you will be muted, then kicked out the 2nd week. I've very active and this isn't a very competitive tribe but I want to keep it a high level. If you could feed to the minimum level that would be greatly appreciated!
Chief Name: Jaguar Gaming

Friend Code: 92730910KK

The Jaguar Tribe 5 2020-05-05 I am a very small YouTuber called Jaguar Gaming. I have a small tribe that is just beginning. Everyone is very active so far. The minimum level is 5 but you won't be kicked out as long as you don't stay at level 1. If I mute you then it means you haven't met the requirements, simply feed your monsters by the end of the week. I check every day :) Please choose a monster not currently in the tribe!
Chief Name: Tek

Friend code: 7761079KJ

Kerry Island ACTIVE players of all levels.

20+ is much appreciated!!

The chief typically feeds his Bowgart up to levels 20-25.

2020-06-02 Kerry Island is based in Minnesota, USA. The Chief has been playing MSM since 2012 and loves Riff and Bowgart! Kerry Island Tribe is open to all ACTIVE player levels, we just ask that you check in at least weekly to feed your monster higher than "Level 1". Please feel free to contribute any monster that isn't already on the island! Thanks, and welcome to Kerry Island! For those that have recently joined, thanks very much, you're all awesome!
Chief Name: Theadron

Friend Code: 92058406CK

Super Duper 10 2020-04-05 We are a new tribe and everyone so far is very active. The min level is more of a goal. You won't get kicked unless you stay at level one.
Chief Name: Ghaztly

Friend Code:93117334LI

Dandidoodle none 2020-04-05 Pls get atleast 3 levels on your monster (I fixed the friend code)
Cheif Name: Han_Steves15

Friend code: 92902850GG

Hurdy Gurdy man No requirements 2020-04-21 Nothing special, just looking for members
Chief Name: Soup

Friend Code: 79592109BB

Jedi Religion None 2020-04-21

Chief Name: Vincent Jenei

Friend Code: 38562728KE

PomPomPumpers None! :) 2020-04-15

Hey guys I'm the owner of a friendly tribe we are accepting everyone but please try to put in unique monsters. If you put in a low tier monster, that's fine, I will find a cool place for it to make the island looks better. We usually get to around ~level 10 and the more active players we have the better! :) Also, when you join, make sure to invite all your friends to this tribe. Lets try and complete an entire tribal island! Looking forward to seeing some more people joining! :)

Chief Name: The Maw King*

Friend Code: 73296713AH

Mystical Memes None. 2020-08-04 Hi! I'm James, welcome to the Tribe! The only rules are feed to the minimum level, and join as a new monster. Thanks!

This is an old dummy account for this tribe, and is not my main account. My main account's friend code is 75829652KM. It's called Ravioli. (weekly leveling not mandatory, but highly encouraged.)

Chief Name: Snowzie :D

Friend Code: 92176829FF

Snowzies 5+ 2020-04-13 Hey! I'm Snowzie, also known as Snow. I've had my own tribe for a while but nobody's joined so... You can join and use any monster, just please feed it to the minimum! Thanks.
Chief Name: SpaceGinger

Friend Code: 89446187AN

Ginger's Paradise 5+ 2020-04-14 Hi, I'm SpaceGinger. We play as a family but can't seem to get as far as we'd like and need some tribe members! We are good friends and want to increase our rewards!
Chief Name: Carbex

Friend Code: 92929751CN

Carbex None 2020-04-10 Hi There! Don't worry about feeding your monster often, do it when ever as much as you can. You don't need to be a specific level so everyone is welcome.
Chief Name: HySpdz

Friend Code: 89042390NM

Speedy Monsters 50+ 2020-04-09 Hello! If you would like to join, please use a monster that is not currently on my tribe island. Thank you!
chief name: Maestro

friend code: 92665242EG

Blueberry Faygo 25+ 2020-04-08 hello everyone! i'm a very active MSM player and would like to start a tribe and see how far we can go! please consider joining and add a unique monster that hasn't already been chosen. Thankyou!
Chief Name : LowenCraft

Friend Code 92678838FA

Night Of Terror 2020-06-06 just created
Chief Name: Crimznify

Friend Code: 41674138JI

All Together 15+ 2020-04-09 Hey everyone!!! I have a tribe that's been going for a while, and I want to make it even bigger. We are usually getting level 600 and above. The only requirement is level 15 and above, which is not large at all, so it's available and welcoming to players that have an ethereal, or one or two wublins. I promise to keep everyone that joins in a desirable spot. If you don't level up for the week, I will kick you. If we get people that are able to go up to 30+ I will raise the standards for everyone that joins. I hope to see you on the island!!!
Chief Name: JackAttack

Friend Code: 1832140CI

New Horizons 25 2020-04-02 Hi! I have just made a new Tribe and am seeking other players to occupy it with me! I will make sure to place the Monsters in an aesthetically pleasing fashion. Please don't try and join with repeated Monsters! Please be active and have fun! At the moment any monster is welcome as there is only me who is in the Tribe (I'm a Thumpies). Please join! :)
Chief Name: Dasugoi

Friend Code: 25218662BA

Golden Chorus 30 2020-04-01 The Tribe´s just been created, I´ve been searching for some serious players until I found this page. The minimum level may be considered high, but if you got ethereals it really isn´t. I don´t accept repeated monsters and after a week without reaching lvl 30, you´re out. This is a competitive Tribe.
Chief name: AshyWashy

Friend code: 92134497IH

Mythical Monsters 0 2020-03-30 No one in tribe yet but I am hoping to expand. I don't care which monster you have (with exceptions)* I don't care what level.

Looking for Quarrister, pom pom, Pango, Dandidoo, and anything above that.

*Please don't join with a T-rox (I have 4). Avoid (if you can) Clamble, Furcorn, Shrubb, Bowgart and pummel. :)

Monster with the highest level gets placed at the top throughout the next week

Chief Name : Alan Ghost


Musicians Tribe 2 2020-03-31 Our tribe is almost full but we still need a few more member that we are just not getting. Our tribe still needs Pango, Drumpler and Dandidoo. We will potentially have more openings soon though as a number of our tribe have stopped feeding.

Please be active and feed at least above level two every week.

Also, Please do join our tribe Discord Server!

Discord: Https://


Chief Name : ERRORcode12 62329827HH

Friend Code : 62329827HH

(insert tribe name here) 10 2020-03-25 created this tribe with my friend and we are looking for members We would ideally like unique monsters but open to suggestions. Pls be active and upgrade when you can btw: I'm referring to mimamum level of tribal monster every week not your actual level also weblink and celestial psych give purple shards so they are always useful to have for levelling.
Chief Name : bartodog1

Friend Code : 35207421JJ

Gangster 30 2020-03-23 Hello! I created this tribe to have fun and reach high levels (1000+ ideally). We need active players who feed at least level 30 each week. This standard will go up as the tribe grows. I feed level 80 each week and many others currently feed level 30+. We currently have 28 members as of the date this was last updates, but 10 or so do not meet the level requirement and will be kicked soon so many spots will be open for higher leveled players.

Rules : 1. Of course, meet level 30 at least each week. (First week of inactivity will leave you muted until you feed. Second week of inactivity will result in a kick.) 2. No duplicates, you will be immediately declined if you request with a duplicate.

People who feed 50+ will be placed in the front center of the island, if you feed the bare minimum, you will be placed more on the outsides, so if you wish to be placed in the front, feed up! For more info and clarification, DM me on reddit, instagram, or snapchat :

SC : Luke_Sullivan05

Reddit : u/bartodog1

Instagram : Luke_Sullivan1005

Chief name: natz

Friend Code: 65094336HK

DeetzNuts 25 2020-05-21 We need active players who can get their monster to lvl 25+

~ Please try not to duplicate monsters so we can have the full song! ~

After the first week of not making it to 25, your monster will be silenced. After the second week of not making it, you will be kicked out when the week resets. If you have been moved to the front, this means you need to step up your game!

Chief Name: Nurstephanie

Friend Code: 89266071HD

Monster Nutz 50 2020-03-17 I feed to 100 every week and have 3 others that feed to 100+. We need players to feed to 50+. We want our tribe to go over 1000 weekly! Please put your friend code in your name. Thanks!
Chief: Pandora 43891715HH Monster Party 2 2020-03-17 This is a new tribe looking to have some fun and earn diamonds and starpower. Usually I level my monster to about 50 each week. Try to level up your monster a few levels so I know you're active. I'm on every couple of hours, so you should be accepted quickly. NO DUPLICATES. If you aren't accepted try again, but with a different monster because you may have asked to join with a monster that's already in the tribe.
Chief: Tristan


Monster Land 2 2020-03-02 Quite a bit of room, as we've had a bunch of people stop playing. Feed up to level 2 at least each week so we know you're still playing.


N.E.R.D Out 5 2020-02-27 Just a pretty chill group. Level requirement isn't serious. No Dupes and Have fun :)
jeffries 86966794GG BigCat 2020-02-25 Need some serious players to keep the number up.
Chief: Jared.isenor


Awesome Monsters! idk 2020-02-25 please join
Chief: MCBill#0371


The Fam 13 2020-02-23 Join it. Be sure to keep your monster at at least level 5 in the tribe. Also, no PomPoms. We really hate them. use Congles instead.
Chief: akshajp1


SIngers 2020-02-21 Level up as high as you can. No duplicates please.


Cinnabombs 10ish? 2020-02-19 Established tribe is looking to replace some deadwood with active members. We usually hit 1000. As long as you feed your monster every week, you're welcome to join!


rosengaurd none 2020-02-18 looking for new members no requirements but prefer no duplicate monsters
Chief: CosmicAce

Code: 90938890DA

[1]Click this Link to View More Information About this Tribe.

Melodious Monstrosities 2 2020-01-19 Hi there! If you wish to learn about this tribe click on the link above, level up your monster to level two for safety.
Chief Name: Therealuxie08

Freind code: 72939683IN

Chief Monster: Scups

Let's get Kayna 2020-01-19 All people are welcome, accept no duplicates, duplicates will be kicked. Let's get all of the monsters including Kayna. "Hey cmon over!"
Chief Name: John

Friend Code: 43861329CL

Join our Discord: CAAMnGY

Learn More

Discord: CAAMnGY 2020-01-23 Our tribe welcomes ALL players! if at all possible, please avoid duplicate monsters. If the tribe becomes full, any inactive members will be removed. Let's reach level 300!

P.S. We're looking for a Reedling right now!

Update: We now have a page!

Cheif Name : GhastlyBanette

Friend Code : 89982917JF

D'wammy 2020-01-17 Please join our tribe. The lowest level duplicate of any monster might get deleted from the tribe, so if you want to be a monster that is already in the tribe, you must be a higher level to stay. Thank you in advance.
Chief Name: Rock Boi

Friend Code: 85991709ED

Rock Bois 2020-01-09 No Duplicates.
Chief Name: Salted Pork

Friend Code: 30586652LG

Salted Pork 70 2020-01-08 Hello. Looking for active members.

> Duplicate monsters are allowed

> Try to reach level 70 minimum by the end of the week.

> Being unable to reach level 70 is acceptable for the first week of joining the tribe.

>Inactive members will be kicked.

Chief Name: PLxDDucky ( )

Friend Code: 15536362Ji

*No name currently*

50+ 2020-01-06 Hello. New Tribal chief in search of active members. Our goal is the reach 1500 levels weekly. I hope to see you soon:)


> Reach level 1500 weekly


> No duplicate monsters

> Reach minimum level weekly

> Please join my Discord:

Chief name: The musical man

Code: 64111633LN

The original None 2020-01-04 Be welcome to our tribe! All we ask is to add a unique monster to the tribe. No other requirements, just have fun! Please come join and have fun!
Chief Name: ethandoan

Code: 90067024NG

Actives Feed 20+ 20+ 2019-12-18 Rapidly growing tribe looking for active members that can feed their monster to high levels (50-100), but level 20 is the acceptable minimum. Players who fail to meet the feed req will be kicked. Tribe extremely active so far and hit 750 with only 12 members last week! Edit: Please NO MORE DUPES! If you see this, those that already added those dupes to our tribe, please leave and re request and you will be accepted!
Chief: Yummy_Cheese 67832676MI

Code: 67832676MI

LoveUrYawstritch 2 2019-12-16 Do you love Yawstritch? Do you love G'joob? Or do you love any monster? Then come on down to LoveUrYawstritch! Our level requirement is level 2 so we can have active members. We have inactive people mixed with the others, however they will be removed the following week.
Chief: Cinti (ethereal)

Code: 87768751DH

Exploding Bacon 20 2019-12-16 Hi! Our tribe is waiting for you to join! We usually reach up to the lvl 750 reward every week, to maintain or even reach the next reward we'd like to ask you to level up your monster to at least lvl 20
Chief: Redicendia

Code: 91027314JG

Chronim 1 2019-12-14 Anyone is accepted. No duplicates.
Chief: Melanie

Code: 27384386LE

Monster Bash - Feed to 25+ 25 2020-06-16 In need of a lot of new monsters! I will accept anybody, but you must stay active and feed your monster to at LEAST level 25 weekly. After 2 weeks of not reaching level 25, you will be removed from the tribe. Please join!!
1582903FH (name and code) Korabora 2 2019-12-06 No duplicate monsters! Please check the tribe before requesting to join to make sure you are using a monster we don't already have!

I am the only active member in my tribe currently, so I am looking to replace the inactive members with active ones. You don't need to be extremely active, but please contribute at least one level every week. I myself get to level 25-30 every week.

Pummel (84318175GJ) No Single Elementals Allowed! 1 2019-12-05 Don't Use Single Elements! Use Tripes Doubles And Quads
Chief: Bigchrisk

Friend Code: 65706979IB

Cheesecake 2 2019-11-30 Hi! This is currently a tribe with only one member. I am trying to get as much of the song on the island as possible. No duplicates please. Please be at least lvl 2 if you can so I know your active. I don't care that much about being a crazy high level island I just want to get Kayna.
Chief: Solace

Friend Code: 22736564JC

Unicorn Poop 20 2019-11-29 Hello everyone! We are looking for more people to join our fun little island and see what we can do together. We play to have fun, not compete
Chief: Cinti (ethereal)

Friend code: 87768751DH

Exploding Bacon 20 2019-11-27 Hi everyone! We'd like to see new members in our growing tribe! Our average level weekly is around 500-600, therefore please make sure that you level up your monster at least to level 20 by the end of the week!
Chief - Amelia (ethrl y water) (the last part changes based on what torches I need lit)


no duplicates, 50+ onlyyy 50 2019-11-29 As of when I'm editing this, we have only six monsters, but I know we'll grow over time :)

Please make sure you aren't trying to join with a monster that's already taken! (Congle, Pompom, Deedje, Pummel, Riff, Shellbeat, are already taken

I will check on Saturdays to make sure everyone is at level 50. Please do your best to be leveled by then! If you go two weeks without being to level 50, you WILL be kicked. If you won't be on MSM for an extended period of time, put something ("on break","vaca") to signify this!

I hope you end up joining my tribe!

Chief - Seanwake


The spurrit club N/A 2019-11-20 We're a new tribe looking for members, do not join as quibble or noggin as they are already taken. Make sure you feed everyday.
Cheif Name : MsmEnthusiast

Friend Code : 90015113ID

Msm Enthusiasts! 2019-11-18 Hi! In my tribe, all I really ask of you is to contribute somewhat at the end of every week :) I accept any levels, you are more likely to get in if you choose a monster that isnt on the island! <3
Chief Name : !NeptuneThePlanet!

Friend Code : 86658764AM

Bring me the monsters! 20 2019-11-15 Hello! I'm glad if you're reading this! My tribe isn't the prettiest but it's certainly organised. Before you join , you MUST NOT have "New Player" as your name. You MUST also friend request me. This is because I can identify if you're a good player and can level up your monster. Follow these few steps and you may have a spot in my tribe!

Once you see the tribe , you’ll notice that some monsters are on the left and right. Once you join , you are sent to the left. You must level up your monsters to at least 20 then you’ll be sent to the right. If you don’t do so by the end of the week then your monster is put to sleep. If you still don’t level up your monster then you’ll be kicked.

If your monster is asleep and you level up your monster to lvl 20+ then your monster will wake up and you still have a chance to join.

Also if your the highest level monster for a certain amount of time then you’ll be sent to the top of the tree.

You can be ANY monster you want!

Chief - Donald O'Brien


girth meisters 2019-11-03 I am not the leader, I am the co-leader. Please have your monster at level 2 weekly. It's so that you get more starpower and that we know your active. We are at level 131. We need 5 more members.
61956251HH always active 25+ 2019-11-02 come come come come come come come come come come come come come come come come pls.
Ethereal Pls (name changes based on torches I need lit)


King Krylor 25+ 2019-10-30 New growing tribe, I always feed my monster to lvl 100 so you always have a decent start. Pls lvl up 25+. If you aren't participating by Saturday by feeding your monster, I will remove. Add your friend code to your name so we can light your torches too.


Milgurb Clan 80 2020-06-12 Our tribe exists over 3 years now. We have been getting in the top 30 list for months, but because of the current situation some players left the game. We will have 2 spots open from tomorrow. So, if you can feed your monsters every week to at least lvl 80, you are welcome! The most feeding monsters go to the top. I light the tribe's members torches every day and send a key to the highest level monster per week. If you have vacation, or cannot play much in one week, please write "vacation" on your name, so I don't remove you. Please try to choose monsters that are not yet in the island, to make our song more complete. To be accepted, please send me a request with your ID.


Yee 2 2019-12-14 Anyone can join, as long as you only addmonsters that are listed below.

Required monsters: Pompom, Riff, Bowgart, Deege, Scups, Mammott, Maw, Thumpies, Drumpler, Shrubb, Furcorn, Tweedle, Spunge, Pummel, Oaktopus, Toe Jammer, Entbrat, Noggin, Potbelly, Pango


Note: If for whatever reason you are unable to play, and you do not want to be deleted, please mention so in your name (I.E. "Playername(on vacation)"), otherwise you may be removed from the tribe if you are at lvl 1 at the end of the week.



We Be Jammin' 2020-10-15 Beginner Tribe playing for a 6 yr old that's crazy about the game...all monsters will be accepted, have two big players level 38 and level 45 that feed their two monsters. Just looking to have fun with music. Would love to hear the full song!
Nick 75506522NA

Nick 81287840JC

Percussion Wind Strings 2019-11-11 Tribe name is self-explanatory. Only monsters that fall in these categories will be accepted and within reason of not having too many dups for one particular monster. So, try again. There isn't a minimum member level yet... with that being said, loyalty is granted to those show effort and dormant or underachieving members will be removed. Keys may be rewarded around the reset (beginning of the week). For this, members should have their friend code in their display.

Don't know his code but mine is 96028983JL

Takumi 2020-11-10 Tribe sounds really depressing with just a Tweedle and a Bowgart, honestly I don't care what monster you place but a Riff or Maw would be nice
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