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This is the page on the MSM wiki for people to find Tribes to join. If you're looking for a Tribe to join, or want to let people know that your tribe needs new members, this is the place. By joining a tribe and feeding your monster, you will unlock the StarShop where you can obtain Rare Monsters and exclusive decorations with Starpower.

To let people know about your Tribe, add a new empty row to the table. (For instructions, look here.) Add the Chief's name and ID code, the date, and whatever information you need for new recruits. This would include things such as which monsters you still need people to take over. To keep it all neat, please don't use capitals, different fonts or other gimmicks to make your tribe stand out.

This is a community project, so please be courteous to others. When your Tribe is full, so to speak, please remove your entry from the list to avoid clutter. (Old entries may be removed by other people, regardless, so you should keep yours up to date.) And don't keep bumping your entry up to the top of the list. Instead, when you update your tribe info, also update your tribe's "Last Updated" column. When people view this page, they can sort the list by clicking on the "Last Updated" column header, which will let them easily see the most current information. Don't add duplicate entries!

You can see the most recently edited tribes by clicking there twice \/ (YYYY-MM-DD)

Tribes that have not been updated in more than 1 Year will be removed

Current Tribes

  1. Note: Leave the Minimum Level field blank if any level is acceptable.
  2. Note: Leave the Weekly Level field blank if unsure
  3. Note: Please have the Date be in the Format: YYYY-MM-DD

Tribe Name Chief Name and Friendcode Minimum Level for Feeding Weekly Tribe Level Date Updated Description of Tribe
Ilha da Mamacita Chief: Rogi

Friend Code: 96280986KC

50+ 1500+ 2022-06-28 Tribe looking for new members. Last weeks we reached lvl 1500. Some members are lvl 100+, but others stopped playing. We intend to replace them, so you won't have to worry about them dragging us down. I usually accept your request the same day. I prefer not to have duplicate monsters so we can complete the song, but it’s OK if you are duplicate. Be welcome, thanks!
RAINBOW ICONS Alex 556011JL 50+ 1500+ 2022-06-28 This is a long time tribe. I always have been part of it and since 2 years I've become the chief.

It is a very inclusive tribe, with members of all ages and countries. Our mascotte is Whiz Bang.

If you want to be part of the tribe you have to be part of the Telegram group chat, because we are a real team of people, interacting with each other.

So if you want to take part of it you can write me on Telegram: seizetheday91 or you can make a tribe request writing an email as nickname so I can contact you.


SINGERS #LOLOGAMER 87564911DH 25+ 2022-06-27 This is newly created tribe and we are looking for active members who can help grow this tribe. If you can feed your monsters to 25+ that would be awesome. Come join us and make this your home!
ShareTheJoy Mmiley 68931369DF 50+ goal 1500+ 2022-06-26 Hi! I just created this tribe and Im looking for people like you :)

Im active daily and I would be honored to play with you! <3 Its not a big deal if u cant reach lvl 50 at first, everyone is welcomed! Join me now :)

Faitare's Tribe Faitare 4000620487CF 5 2022-06-26 Relatively new tribe. Chief active daily. Level up your monster to lvl 5 by the end of the month. Members active.
Aaron Aaron 92355589LJ 2022-06-24 Tribe just created. Chief plays daily (mostly). Just looking to add as many players as I can, so please join! Thank you!


howie | 84029996CE 25 2022-06-23 Join but please be active and level your monsters by saturday. i play daily! dont pick the same monster thats already on the island unless tribe is full, this tribe is new! i want to try to shoot for atleast tribe level 1000 by the end of the year :)
Pioneer Point Tekuryuu 7761079KJ 20 2022-06-23 Mainly starpower farming. Chief plays daily! Most of the current tribe members have gone dormant, we need new folks to join! Looking to complete the song with all monsters, if you want to join with one that's already in and that player is dormant, I'll replace them with you. Please try to feed up to level 20 or higher, help us farm that star power!
SING! Mela 39370406IG 150 2022-06-21 Je cherche de nouveau joueurs actifs pour remplacer certains joueurs de ma tribu qui ne jouent plus du tout à MSM et donc qui nourrissent jamais leur monstre sur l'île tribale !

Vous êtes tous les bienvenus !! :)

KoolKidz Rippur 4000669413AD 2 2022-06-20 A new tribe, I will just let anybody in, no hesitation, I play daily, but am

only level 17 at the moment so I can't feed my monster too much, so some help

would be appreciated. BTW I have a Steam account

the bobs tristan 88592256FC 10 new 2022-06-20 Welcome everybody!
Oromar Hirunatan


50+ 1700 2022-06-20 We are proudly hitting level 1500 every week, but now we don't want just that! We want fame! And glory! We are going to make it to the lists, do you have what it takes to make the trip with us? :D

We just need you to feed your monster to level 50 every week, or at least 30 if you make the effort to keep growing

Tribal Coconuts Co-Chiefs: LightYourPorch & FomGom

Friend Codes: 96251387HL & 95774655CJ

100, but want someone at 110+ 3400 - 3500 2022-06-19 Looking for a member who will feed to 110+ most of the time. We have a core group of 4 who feed to levels 130-150+ so we'd like you to feed as high as you can every week, but level 100 will earn you a tribal home. We are in Top Tribes (3400+) every week thanks to our awesome members! :) Please feed by Friday. If you go on vacation, let us know on your screen name so we don't remove you! Please show your friend code or add at least one co-chief code to join as we check resources & don't accept without this. Currently looking for 1 riff and 1 scups. Become a Tribal Coconut today!
Sailor Cosmicies Username: Ohaya!


4 2022-06-18 Hello! I just started this tribe and am hoping for

some new people. Only my sister and I are in so all

accepted. Have a good day! Note: IDK what minimum

level for feeding means but if you know please edit

this note with an explanation.

happy sandwich Chief: albalprop

Fc: 14737392HG

50+ 1000 (In the past 1500) 2022-06-18 We would love for you to join Anyone is welcomed. looking for active players to revive our tribe. You can join with any monster, but preferably non duplicates. Join us now  :)


Chief: WhatIf


Secondary: Napalm Axolotl


Discord: Napalm Axolotl#8202

60+ recommended 2000+ 2022-06-25 We encourage development and supporting each other more than focusing on specific numbers - and we've been #1 or 2 (usually #2) every week since fall 2021, so you can see that's been successful.


Contact us and include your friend code- you don't need to hang out on the Discord, but a quick contact is helpful, and we prefer members who communicate a little. (Plus we always have join requests, so you may not get an immediate response to that.)

Note: this is a Steam tribe, not mobile.

Dark Refuge




25+ 600+ 2022-06-29 * Post your ID in your name, so I can add you as friend

* Choose a monster that we don't have. Currently available:

(1) Potbelly / Noggin / Toe Jammer / Mammott

(2) Dandidoo / Pango / Shrubb / Fwog

(3) Pummel / Reedling

(If I reject you try a different monster)



Psychic/Bone (derth)


10+ 300+ 2022-06-18 This tribe is from 2021, so there are a lot of inactive players in the tribe. I hope to fix that by having people join. We have finally reached a full song! For now, no doing T-Rox, Maw, Shellbeat, Quarrister, Drumpler, Furcorn, Reedling, Noggin, Potbelly, Dandidoo, Clamble, Riff, Entbrat, PomPom, or Congle, as those players are active. Any other monster you can take because those players are not active.
Chicken Choice Judy

(Steam Tribe)



10+ 60+ 2022-06-16 With this tribe, I want mostly active players, at least feeding a bit each week.

I'm looking to complete the full song with this tribe, so no duplicates please.

I'm not strict with the feeding level, and you won't be kicked for not meeting it.

Inactivity is fine for three weeks. The third week, you will be muted as a warning, and then potentially kicked the next week.

I personally feed my monster to 50 each week, but I just want you to feed as much as you can, even if it isn't much.

Doubles Tribe (Don't @me)

(Steam tribe)

(And yes the tribe name is real)

(Steam Tribe)

Chief: DoubleTroubleVR (not active much)


Co-Chief: TheUltraSlime (active)


0+ N/A 2022-06-22 Tribe that is looking for members.

You don't have to get your monster to a specific level.

No duplicates.

Expect your request to be accepted in 1-3 days

Current members: 13

Available Monsters:

Single Elements: Potbelly

Double Elements: Drumpler, Oaktopus, Furcorn, Shrubb, Maw, Fwog, Pango, Dandidoo, and Quibble

Triple Elements: Clamble, Pummel, Congle, PomPom, and Reedling

Quad Elements: Riff and Quarrister

Discord: []

Level 10+ Req Cheif: InfinityPigeon

Code: 4000356840JC

10+ 300+ 2022-06-09 My son and I started this tribe months ago. We are looking for tribal members that level up weekly. We currently have 25 members but many of them do not level up, so we are trying to clean them out. We want to eventually get to 1500+ for the BIG rewards!!
Lammergeier's Nest

(Steam Tribe)



N/A 2022-06-28 Not looking for any specifics, anyone can join

You can go at your own pace, but try to feed your monsters when you can.

No Dupes

Available Monsters: Noggin, Toe Jammer, Potbelly, Fwog, Maw, Shrubb, Dandidoo, Pummel, Clamble, Spunge, Thumpies, Congle, PomPom, Scups, Reedling

15/30 Members

I should not have to say this here, but since this keeps happening I have to ask that you please do not send me invites to join your tribe. You can clearly see right here that I already have a tribe and you cannot be a member of more than one tribe, so don't invite me to any.

20+ Tribe

(Steam Only)



20+ 1500+ 2022-06-5 Active tribe looking for new members.

To join, add my friend code and send a request to the tribe. If you are not active or can't reach at least level 20, you will be kicked after 2 tribal weeks.

Available Monsters:

Single Elements: Tweedle

Double Elements: (None)

Triple Elements: (None)

Quad Elements: (None)

Big Dawgs LDawg1378


0+ 600+ 2022-06-06 Welcome to the Big Dawgs, no duplicates please and try to be as active as possible but any level is acceptable. Our tribe usually reaches levels 550-600 almost every week, so feel free to join and become a member. A list of monsters is down below to show which monsters are available to choose from.

Available Monsters:

  • Single: Potbelly
  • Double: None (All Double Elements Taken)
  • Triple: None (All Triple Elements Taken)
  • Quad: None (All Quads Taken)
Mad Monsters (LVL25+)




25+ N/A 2022-06-04 You must feed your monster to level 25+ every week. You will have two weeks to follow this or you will be kicked out. After 1 week of not following this rule, your monster will be asleep.

Try and join with a new monster, not one that is already being used

Plant Clant




5+ Unknown 2022-06-05 In This new tribe, we encourage you to place plant monsters. You will also need at least some easy way of getting shards (Examples: The exchange feature in the market, Wublins, Dipsters on Ethereal, Magicals on Sanctum, etc).
Nah pets (mobile) Hopydo


10 170-200 2022-5-23 I usually lvl up to lvl 100 each week and my other friend does lvl 70, just join so we can get better rewards. We don't really care what level you are, we just want people to actually join so it's not just us two. Be any monster you want too.
The Tribe Tm Ghost


2022-05-22 Most people here are completely inactive, but we get to around 50 every week as of right now. I especially want a Congle but anything not already on the island is good. The more active the better! You wont be accepted if you try bringing in an already used monster / I don't accept duplicates
H Diego


100 2022-05-21 Brand new tribe literally made a few minutes ago. Please be active so we can get good tribe rewards and be able to wake up Kayna!! Request with a monster we dont have yet and you'll be accepted c:
The Singing Squad SquidyBoy


530+ 2022-06-13 A good tribe with good players. Right now the only thing you need to do to enter is to suggest a monster the tribe doesn't have. I'll appreciate leveling up your monsters but right now it's not required.
The Musical Monsters Chief: Turkf

Friend Code:


35+ 1500+ 2022-05-20 Our tribe is on the lookout for 1 active Scups to join us! Any muted (sleeping) monsters can be replaced if you see them. Thank you to those who apply =)

We are a group of hard-working monsters who do our best to reach tribal levels 1500 and beyond. High levels take high level, dedicated feeders. To ensure everyone is contributing, a minimum of level 35 is required. Monsters may be removed if they fail to reach this level or go inactive for too long. If you are declined and the tribe still has openings or muted monsters, try rejoining as one of those or a monster that hasn't been picked yet so we can complete the song!

Tribe 2 K


5 150+ 2022--05-18 Please try to pick a monster that we don't already have. I personally get my monster to level 50 every week, as long as you put in some effort I won't kick you out.
PastaNightGang Pippin66

(Friend code: 20772518IC)

75+ 1700+ 2022-05-16 Our tribe regularly reaches Level 1500 and are progressing towards Level 2000!!! We are a suitable tribe for intermediate/advanced level players who have made progress on Ethereal Island and Magical Sanctum. We include many members who achieve level 100+ every week (but now need to refresh as players accounts become dormant).

Now hiring: 1 x Fwog … 1 x Pompom (please do not apply with other monsters).

Monster level: Minimum Level 75 each week.

Player level: You will need to have monsters on Ethereal Island and Magical Sanctum to be able to make the required contribution (achieving Level 75 requires 148,888 shards per week).

Qualifier: Please add the current tribe chief to your Friends list so your capacity to contribute can be confirmed.

Discord: (will be active soon).

LPO's House LPO (Light Oasis)


0+ 300 2022-05-15 Welcome to the tribe! I would like you to feed your monsters in this tribe but you dont have to.
Le Tribey (No Repeats) LitoMikeM1 (Magic/Keys) 99395214LI 0+ 70+ 2022-05-13 No duplicates!
Jeeode messers



10+ Unknown 2022-05-10 Hello, welcome to the Jeeode messers. This tribe is very new, and would like more people to come inside and enjoy the time with us. When the week is over, you will have only 3 days to get your monster to level 10 or higher. We also do not want duplicate monsters and would like to have one of each monster.

Monsters needed:

Single elements: Noggin, Mammot , Toe Jammer, Tweedle, and potbelly.

Double elements, Quibble, Fwog, Pango, Maw, Danidoo, Cybop, Furcorn, Drumpler, Shrub, and oaktopus.

Triple elements: Bowgart, Scups, Clamble, Pummel, Thumpies, PomPom, TRox, Congle, Reedling, and Spunge.

Quad elements: Quarrister, Deedge, Enbrat, and Shellbeat.

We hope that you can join us today. As we said, this is a very small tribe. Please help us out! Also everybody help so we get Diamonds and starpower!

(50+)Gobbleygourd Chief: Gametold


50+ 1965+ 2022-05-09 Welcome to the Gobbleygourd tribe! The tribe currently has a few spots open! It is required that you feed the monster of your choice to level 50+ by the current week, you will have 4 and a half days to do so. Going beyond level 50 is appreciated!
Ghaztbusters Unusualpotato - 98206833NJ 20+ 2022-05-24 This tribe is for active players who play once a day to once a week. No duplicate monsters, please. Our aim is to get as much starpower as possible whilst still keeping it casual. Nothing super strict. If you light a torch it is much appreciated and I will try to return the favor but I can't always keep up! Inactive members or monsters under level 10 by the end of the week will be kicked.

Wanted monsters: Dandidoo, Oaktopus

aaaa Chief - aakhapkin


2022-05-01 A tribe for those who've been looking for one for a very long time. We have no restrictions or demands on level of feeding, so feel free to join us no matter what level you are. However, it will be better not to duplicate monsters so that we could assemble the full song. You are welcome!🤓
Awesome Clan !Plant! Candied


15 129 2022-04-27 Hey, I would really enjoy new members with unique monsters. Inactive players will only be kicked after a few instances of not leveling. It is preferred if you have some kind of shard income to level up, New monsters will be prefered over repeats, have a good day!
WubClan Wub.exe 100806095MN 10 200 2022-04-26 Please join as a new monster, recently we lost a lot of members because people weren’t feeding 😭
Hotel Monstervania TackyMacaroni


55 500 2022-4-26 A currently small tribe trying its best to grow into potential! Please invite your friends, as the more levels we get, the more Diamonds and Starpower we achieve!

Requirements: - We are accepting any kind of monster into the tribe, although we recommend a big monster such as Entbrat or Deedge. - Please level your monster up within three days. If you do not comply we will kick you from the tribe.

Benefits: - Tribe user with the highest monster level will be gifted a key by the end of the week :O - I might even light your own torches for contributing!

Your Tribe Chief - Fermuda


5+ 354 2022-06-24 (Gets level 354 weekly) New tribe for beginner players looking for diamonds or starpower. If possible please do not submit these monsters to the tribe: Tweedle, Bowgart, Cybop, Pom Pom, Clamble, Pango, Quibble, Reedling, Thumpies, Furcorn, Spunge, Mammot, Shellbeat, Scups, Congle or Potbelly.
Legacy of Kain Chief - Draconis


30+ preferred 1200+ 2022-04-25 Steady tribe looking for ACTIVE members. Several spots have opened due to inactive members being kicked. Do not apply if you are not going to contribute. Minimum level of 30 for new members. If you aren't on my friend list, I cannot verify your level and you will not be accepted.

Please feed to level 10 each week if possible. Highest contributors will be placed on the stump as recognition.

Unique monsters only.

Maw Society Chief: secret

Code: 4000520535IJ

5+ Unknown 2022-04-24 This tribe is somewhat for beginners (like me), but anyone can join!

The goal of this tribe is to get some gems & star power.

We don't care if you place a duplicate monster, but if you're going to and have a maw to place down, we encourage you to.

Also, if we get 5+ members, I'll make a discord server for the tribe.

OurSingingTribe Chief: MySingingIsla

FC: 955753CL

90+ 2500 (taking into account that we have some places available) 2022-04-22 Hi everybody. Welcome to OurSingingTribe, we have some places available :D. Our tribe has monsters of different levels but most of us are 100+, so if you're too, please join us!.

The only requirement is to join with a new, unique monster.

Thank you very much, we're waiting for you!

Mortal’s Tribe Chief: Mortal

FC: 10311309ML

None, but the more levels the merrier. (Unknown since it’s a newer tribe.) 2022-04-17 Yeah, names a bit dull, but it least works! Our goal is course to get the full song, (so preferably no duplicates, but if it happens, it happens.) and also some gems n star power on the side for anything! (Also don’t forget about Inactivity, but if it happens, it happens, don’t worry!)

sdklfjafj las;ej

Chief: poly

Friendcode: 4000025520CE (STEAM ONLY)

None but please feed your monsters to get the tribe leveled up to 100+ 75-100+ 2022-04-16 sdklfjafj las;ej (yes that is our tribe's name please don't ask) is a bit of a newer tribe which was made purely for fun. Our main goal is to get the full song of Tribal Island and get gems and starpower along the way. We prefer non-dupes but if all of the monsters are taken, we'll allow duplicates of Furcorn just for fun. Thank you for reading
the people 70+ Chief: Nine

Co-chief Patroon To Join tribe, join server link below


(100k+ Shards) (If you can't, Stay in Discord until you can)

2584 This Week 2022-03-20 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We reach level 2500+ weekly and will achieve many diamonds and starpower for all members who feed levels 60 and beyond. We would love for you to join the discord and the tribe to get our level even higher! You can still join our discord server even if you do not want to be in the tribe. Trust me, you want to join this great community.



We have made a discord server that is public to anyone! In this discord you can ask people to light your torches and become a part of the tribe (note from now on to be part of the tribe you need to be in the discord: (

Monster Legend Chief Name: 3 Monsters

Friend Code: 90020247KB

50+ 1500+ 2022-06-10 We are an active tribe seeking a few new members! We exceed level 1500 every week and are looking for strong players to help us go even further. You must have robust Ethereal/Wublin/Celestial or Magical Sanctum Islands to make sure your tribal monster can be fed to at least 50 or higher.

Please friend me so that I can review your islands and add you.

Please also pick a monster that has not yet been chosen.

Join us and join in the fun!

Fragments of Fire 9000

join our discord to be added!

50+ ~1200 for now! 2022-03-21 Hi! we're a newer tribe that focuses on late game members who can achieve level 50, but aren't so daunting as other tribes that ask for 70+ weekly :)

We're aiming for both the max reward, and the complete song! (meaning no duplicates!)

Since there's no in-game tribe chat, we have a discord! click on the link, and if it's invalid dm our chiefs! either BabyLuigi9000#8814 or Trix#4308 and they can get you sorted! we hope to see you there :D

Update: As of April 10th, we have 18 of our official slots filled! if you're not in the discord, you are subject to being removed, so if you ARE removed and find this listing, try and join back through our server :)

Singatron Monsterious Boss: JY8711

FC: 1001735927GF

Co-Chief: dottogummy

Level 5+ New tribe aiming for 50+ 2022-03-25 A Brand new ,active ,fun and engaging tribe for all new and veteran players welcomed. Duplicates are completely fine but new monsters are always preferred for the best tribal song! Players do not get kicked from this tribe, everyone is welcomed.
the tribe (name work in progres) Chief: tymonczu

Co-Chief: wandalusy




None, but be active (will be changed later) 200+ 2022-03-25 We want to get peaple together and have fun, without the fear of losing the tribe. Especially newer players. We are looking for new monsters on the island.

Thank you to everyone that joined so far.

GS(40+) Chief: Gametold

Friendcode: 74480328FK

Level 40+ 1750+ 2022-03-23 New spots are open. Looking for new members that can easily hit level 40, but it's highly encouraged to go beyond that. I am extremely active and will accept you quickly. Looking for a Quibble and T-Rox specifically. I also light torches daily.
Frog hop (40+) MayPB!


40+ 384 as of right now

(Aiming for 1500)

2022-03-26 Brand new tribe for players who will feed to level 40+ each week. Don't worry too hard about that rule though, if you are close to 40, I'm not going to be harsh. The only exception to this rule is the quibble, my sister is pretty new to the game, so I want to get her some star power heh heh. I am the Camble in the middle and I want to have all unique monsters so don't pick a repeat monster. We're aiming for 1500+ every week but it's still a new tribe so this week might not reach it. Thank you! We already have all quads yall! :)
Angels of Music MaddieJune

FC: 73797213EH

5 2022-03-18 Hey everyone, this is a newer tribe so anyone is welcome. You can be whichever monster you choose, and duplicates will be just fine. I do wish that if you want to join, you are somewhat active and contribute as best as you can. If you need a break I won't kick you off for that. I hope we can grow a stronger tribe together, have a nice day!
FWOGS ONLY Peacebone

FC: 4000279898GK

Try to do 5 but it's okay if you miss one week 2022-03-13 Fwogs only. We will kick you if you're not a Fwog. Other than that, we aren't picky. If you're one of those super competitive players, don't bother joining because we allow Fwogs of all kinds as long as they do the bare minimum and feed to at least level 5. Oh, and as long as they're a Fwog. Hail Fwogs!
The Alliance DandidooTheXD

FC: 100516621NB

2022-03-13 Welcome to the alliance! We are an active tribe. Meet the main dudes: MrBeast The Maw, Yuka the Congle, and Gribbit the Fwog. Our goal is not just to awaken the Kanya, but to be an awesome tribe! Join today!
Shugababies Ben C.


2022-03-11 Brand new 2022 Active tribe! Very friendly and would love to have you apart of our tribe the Shugababies! Join as whatever you like and try to feed to at least level 10!
Tribe O' Monsters Riley s.

Fc: 30985223IF

2022-03-10 I made this tribe because i need starpower. While any monster is acceptable, I prefer plant elementals, and will accept duplicate plant elementals. Current monster is reedling.
Olympia Chief: Hyewonie

Friendcode: 1000050954JA

5 2022-03-02 Hello! We just started our tribal island and are looking for new players to join us and grow together. It doesn't matter if you are just starting out, the most important thing is to be active and contribute as much as you can to the island. Any unique monsters are appreciated but we would love to have a Riff, Tweedle, Mammot or Fwog.

Welcome to Olympia!

Ayo Chief: webb_is_jack

Friend Code: 92609614EK

5 2022-03-01 This tribe is for anyone to join that can feed there monster to level 5!

(try pick a monster that isn't there already)

TRiB3 V0iD Chief Name: Brittin;

Friend Tag: 92441124JC

Minimum Level Required: 20 2022-02-26 No Duplicate Pets
Chicken Chief Name: LargestBomb78

Friend Code: 16678154LM

At least lvl 15 2022-02-26 This is a new tribe. It may seems a bit empty i know but i hope it will fill soon. Currently there are: 2 member(s)
No Duplicates - Must Feed Taako


As much as possible. Anything higher than level 1. 2022-02-23 We're a tribe that believes everyone should pitch in so that we can get the most diamonds possible every week. Feed as much as possible.

If you haven't already, consider making a Wublin farm or shard farm on Ethereal Island or Magical Sanctum. Shards are a lot easier to get and feed with so you can level up quicker.

Gavriki Chief name: Gavrik;

friend code: 96224285HF

30+ 2022-02-21 Hello, please, join us and add new monsters that not already in tribe. We are a relatively new tribe, but with your help we will become a really great team!
Come on let’s go Chief name; Nebycat

friend code; 83878372jc

As much as possible please but if you want to stay level 1 or 2 that is ok too 2022-02-21 Please add new monsters that are not already on the island, highest leveling member will get a key, but if you want to stay level 1 or 2 I’m okay with that. Thanks!
GobbleSquad(30+) Chief: Gametold

Friend Code: 74480328FK

30+ 1300 2022-02-


We are a fairly new tribe that hits level 1300+ weekly! We are looking for members that will help us reach level 1500 and beyond. I am the Chief and i'm extremely active, so i will accept you quickly. The minimum level requirement is level 30, but going beyond that is highly encouraged. Also do not pick monsters that are not already on the island, that would be very helpful!
Grand Line Straw Hats (Steam) Sanji (Chief)

- FC: 4000254045HJ (Steam)


- FC: 4000266843LD (Steam)

Level 25+ Preferred 2022-02-17 Small tribe started with close friends looking to grow. We have another 14 slots that we want to fill with active, friendly players. If you are inactive for a couple weeks we'll kick but you're welcome to rejoin later on. We are looking to get 1 of each monster for the island. Please check what monsters are still needed when joining tribe. Would like people to feed to around 40-50 but will still take those who can't quite manage that.**updated with friend codes added **updated description
The Aztecs Names of the Chiefs and Friendcodes on Discord:

Level 25+

Level 50+

Level 75+

Level 90+

2022-02-08 We have a Discord server where you can ask people to light your torches, send you keys or just chat with others. You can also join one of the tribes via the discord server. There are 4 to choose from, one with level 25+, one with level 50+, one with level 75+ and one with level 90+. You will find more details on the server.

Since some inactive users were kicked out, we are currantly looking for new ones.

For more information and to join one of the tribes, all you have to do is join the Discord server:

Loco Loco Island Funky


2022-01-29 This is a new tribe that was created on 1/28/2022 with friends.

All players are welcome, we are searching for as many unique monsters as possible on the island.

We try to feed our monsters as much as we can, but we have no level requirement, so there are no obligations for newcomers!

ps. No duplicate monsters

- Funky

Active Tribe JayTXY

FC - 69675826NM

Level 10+ 2022-01-28 Created this guild on 1/28/2022 with my friend.

We are looking for as many active players who can contribute to the guild level.

Ofc, we try to feed our monsters as high as possible but we set our minimum fairly low as we welcome all to join!

GobbleSquad Chief: Gametold

Friend Code: 74480328FK

Level 30+ 2022-01-24 This is my brand new tribe that i have started and i'm looking for new players! I am a very active player and will accept you quickly, i will also keep close track of the tribe and kick inactive people. Looking forward to growing the tribe!
WubClan Wub.exe 100806095MN 10+ 2022-01-23 Feed with shards, no duplicates, try and meet the level requirement. If you can't, no worries! Just make sure you get some Wublins, Magicals, Ethereals, or Celestial to feed. Thanks!
King's Island Chief: ThePumpkinKing

Friend Code:


20+ 2022-01-23 A quickly growing tribe looking for some new members! We are a very active and fast-growing tribe and I promise to keep it that way! We also have programs in order to help tribal members make the mins if they are unable to. We have a Discord Join us to get tribal updates and other info about our tribe. The discord stays fairly active and loves to talk about all things MSM!
smelly Salmonella - 97885749NF 25+ 2022-01-23 Hey I just started a tribe and you can join if you want. just get to levle 25
Monster's Nook Chief: Prank


Level 50+ 2022-03-29 Happy Monstering!!

We are looking to add players to level to 50 each week. Nothing more since we play casually. Bring any monster you prefer. We can have our own Nook in this game with our tribe "Monster's Nook" Come join us, we would love to have you...


Level 40+ Cheif: Landon

FC: 82083618JE

40+ 2022-01-25 Looking for people to Help Build a tribe with me. I'm looking for people who can reach Level 40 weekly, more would be great too. The monster you request doesn't really matter but if you can try to keep it different from the other members. Anyone who becomes inactive for longer than a week will be removed and replaced as I want to keep this island as active as possible. Happy Monstering and thank you!!!
Moment when the Chief: LittleBrizzle

FC: 9249377GD

Any 2022-01-21 On mobile. I am currently the only member
E Chief: Mine_Dash123

FC: 101299763KN

Any 2022-02-20 Just trying to get Kayna
Oxycrest Chief Name: Kiera

Friend Code: 100890143MJ

Any Level is Allowed 2022-01-20 -- Hello Monster Community! --

-- Our Tribal Island is so close to having 30 members! Thanks to everyone who join! We have 27 members right now, and only need a Potbelly, Pummel, and Fwog! If you are in need of a tribe, this is a great place to join as anyone is welcome. --

-- We do have some people who are new and don't feed their monsters because of their given resources; however, that is okay. We would be very glad if we can get new members that will feed their monsters, even just a little ever week is perfectly fine! --

-- Thanks for taking us into consideration and thanks to every one of our members! Have fun Monstering! --

95+Teamwork Chief Name: Joe

Friend code: 4833565HB

95+ 2022-01-19 Recruiting new members in order to replace inactive players as well as the ones who constantly struggle to feed their monsters to the strict minimum of 95+. We reach the top 30 every single week (3000+). This tribe is based on teamwork so free loaders who prefer to stay and look how others work for them will be removed. New members are accepted every week to even up the feeding burden so even if we are full please feel free to send request so you could substitute the struggling ones. Take care and hope to see you around.
Lets gooo 2022 ! Math44 - Nametag : 39289419FL 30+ 2022-01-19 Hii guys :) i want you to feed your monster and be active pls because the goal is min level 100/week . Any Monster you want. Thanks and joint us c: !
Party Loud! Chief Name: Spydrax

Friend Code: 100117076GM

Looking for 25-30+ 2022-01-18 -Just got this tribe looking to boost level and participation, I put in about 100+ per week, tribe goal to hit 1000 or more each week!! Any monster you want!!! Will be kicking out some old inactive members so pls join!
Sussy Land Chief: TJPower

Friend Code: 4000360655KJ

2022-01-20 I am looking for any recruits who wanna get Kanya

PS: I was bored when I was thinking of a name, also try to be active

Oromar Hirunatan


30+ 2022-01-15 We were steadily reaching level 1500 every week, but we have recently lost some members who went inactive :'(

We are going to come again from our ashes like a phoenix and make it to the lists already! We are great! We are awesome! Do you have what it takes to make the trip with us? :D

Pancakes Riverkiller


70+ 2022-01-10 I am starting a tribe, and I need active members to contribute to leveling up, normally I raise my monster to level 80,
Not Mushroom In Here Leclrec (Level 58)


50+ 2022-01-10 Tribe used to reach 2000 regularly but now has lots of inactive players so we’re having a clear out. The tribe may look empty for now but we have to start somewhere, so we need your help. Join us if you are able to hit at least level 50 every week, some of us, chief included will feed to level 100 to allow for shortage of members in the first couple of weeks. Looking for players with solid ethereal/sanctum/wublin islands and please add the chief so they can check your islands beforehand to confirm you can reach our goals. Please apply with a unique monster so you have a higher chance of getting in.
Bob of Buoy (Steam) Okami, 4000126229CL Level 25+ preferably 2022-01-08 Currently the top 8th for tribes this week on Steam! Currently have 28 members, but I will be removing some members very shortly. We currently need a bowgart and a drumpler to finish the song!
Chaos (Steam) Winter Fox 4000313511MN 150 2022-03-19 No duplicates please.
The Nugget Nibblers (Mobile) Mr. Mr (seasonal shanty) 78684652FC 200+ usually 2022-01-24 please feed your monster as many shards as possible, i've always wanted to get to top tribes (and get lots of diamonds). i have a growing wublin farm to keep the tribe going. if you do not feed your monster at all for over a week, you will be removed
Marisa Island~ 100412801ED 2022-01-05 you dont have to be active if you dont have the time or the resources, its a very small tribe so anything counts. no duplicates please
THE ENTBRATS Kuro / 4000171771BL (steam) 11-20, dont have 2 tho 2022-03-06 no duplicates pls, and get it to like 20? (if you level your duplicate theres an exception ig)

if you dont want to feed your monster, you dont have to. dont have the time? your good.

Fire Nation Chief: Nick

Friend Code: 4000146088KE (Steam)

4+ 2021-07-11 Just join with unique monsters and have at least 1 wublin so you can get shards.
Jam Out 60+ Username: CuddlyMammott123

Friend Code: 1250555CN

Version: Mobile

Tribe Discord:

60+ 2021-12-24 Jam Out Tribe 60+ (Mobile)

Leader Username: CuddlyMammott123

Leader Friend Code: 1250555CN


Hey all! The Jam Out tribe is a My Singing Monsters tribe on the mobile version of the game with a minimum feeding level of 60. This means that you must be able to feed your monster to level 60 every week in order to stay in the tribe, that’s 77,260 Shards weekly.

Monsters and Placement

The Jam Out tribe only accepts Toe Jammers and Bowgarts, other monsters will be declined. You may choose which of the two monsters you enter as. Once you are in the tribe, people who feed up higher will be placed towards the front of the island or onto the mushroom platforms.


It is important to note that in order to join the tribe, you must first join the Jam Out Discord server with this link: Note that the server is a safe place for people of all ages and if any issues occur on the server they will be sorted out as quickly as possible. Once you have joined the server, read through the rules and then you can message in the general chat that you would like to join. Me or another tribe member will respond as soon as we are available to ensure that you are really ready to join the tribe.

As well as being a method of easy communication, the Discord is a place to talk with other people who love to play My Singing Monsters. As a tribe member, you gain access to extra text and voice channels too.


As a server, we hold events for each of the original seasonal events of My Singing Monsters: Spooktacle, Festival of Yay, Season of Love, Eggs-Travaganza and Summersong. During these events, you can earn rewards for feeding your monster extra levels over the minimum requirements. These rewards include keys, diamonds, fancy Discord roles and (occasionally) a free month of Discord Nitro.

Once more members have joined, we will be able to reach tribe level 1,500 every week, possibly even 2,000!

We look forward to welcoming you to the tribe!

- CuddlyMammott123

silly goofy tribe flu 99039302CG 15 2021-12-15 hello! we're not a huge tribe but we'd like to expand! if you're interested in joining, please join as a monster thats not already in the tribe, we'd like diversity! if you join, please be active or you will be removed! we hope you'll be interested in joining :]
Milgurb Clan Chief Name: Bea

Friend Code: 76023223GF

100+ 2021-12-07 Our tribe exists for over five years. We always get in the top 30 list. We reach tribe level 3200+ weekly. We have two spots open from now on. So, if you can feed your monsters every week to at least lvl 100, you are welcome! The most feeding monsters go to the top. I light the tribe's members' torches every day and send a key to the highest level monster per week. If you have vacation, or cannot play much in one week, please write "vacation" on your name, so I don't remove you. Please try to choose monsters that are not yet on the island to make our song more complete. To be accepted, please send me a request with your ID.
The dumb rat's Tribe Name: The dumb rat, Code: 98527318FE Any, just cooperate 2021-11-15 I don't really have anyone on my tribe - except myself! I don't mind how active you are, just depends on how much you cooperate, thanks! :D
Band of Thieves chief: *~ fresh as daisies ~*

assistant chiefs: robotturtle & goodygumdrops

friend codes: 63240591LL &

94886693ID & 62918561KD

prefer 20+, but lower ok as long as you participate 2021-11-16 Competetive tribe looking to hit that 1000 mark every week! We prefer not to have duplicate monsters, but it's not a deal-breaker. Keys sent randomly each week (to maximize chance for keys, add all 3 friend codes and make sure your username doesn't say "new player"). If you don't contribute for 1 week, you'll be put in timeout, and if you don't contribute for 2 weeks, you will be removed, but you're welcome to rejoin again later. We usually remove inactive players on Sunday night. Hope to see you on our island!!! Keep collecting those shards and feeding your monsters so we can all earn more diamonds and starpower!
Monster Masters Chief: Monster Master

Friend Code: 94161804AI

20+ 2021-11-10 I am a fresh tribe looking for some members that are middle to upper class, bowgart is already taken, no duplicates please, lighting my torches & sending me keys is OK too, I can't think of anything else to say. Just don't be inactive or I will remove you. Thanks!
Torch Titans Schlime 40+/80+ 2021-10-24 Torch Titans is looking for new members! We are a competitive tribe built on providing our members with the highest in starpower, thus rewarding them for their effort in contributing to the tribe. In order to join, you’ll have to first apply to our feeder tribe and prove your value. The main tribe’s requirement to be considered is being able to feed your tribe monster to level 80 every week. Our feeder sets the bar for entry at level 40.

If you’re interested in applying, join our server! The application is found in the Tribes category. Link:

Alternatively, you could add the Torch Titans Steam profile if you aren't a discord user.

Friend Code: [[1]]

Quads and Triples Chief: GodCheese27 (Punkleton)


Any level, preferably level 20 2021-10-21 We're a tribe that excepts only quad and triple element monsters. Let's try to get to tribal level 150 by the end of the week. We have enough duplicates already, so if you want to join, do someone new.
10+ | Chrysanthemums Chief: Chris

Code: 4000302303MJ

10+ 2021-12-08 Tribe looking for active members. We regularly reach level 450 every week (that's 7 diamonds) and are hoping to get more players to help us increase that. The minimum level is 10, but more would be greatly appreciated. Please check to see what monsters we don't already have before applying. If your monster is not fed by the Saturday of the week you joined, you will be removed (You will be removed the day after the weekly rollover if you do not hit the minimum requirement so that whatever you spent isn't wasted).
Not Mushroom Left Chief: LeClerc

Code: 96450675BD

50+ 2021-10-14 Brand new tribe for high level players. You must have strong ethereal and wublin islands. We have a few 100 players already including me but currently players that can feed to level 50 will be accepted until the tribe is full. With enough members this tribe guarantees 20 diamonds a week. I have to kick if you dont feed to level 50 minimum. Will be first come first serve so be fast and welcome in.
Monstars! Chief: Fryreal Gray Chef

Code: 94364655HH

50+ weekly 2021-10-09 Let's try to get 1000+ weekly! A fun new tribe that is looking for active players. See you there!
Downtown Coolsville Chief: CEOofBrazil

Code: 68650569AL

Do whatever just don't be inactive 2021-10-07 Imma be fr I just made this with my friend and like you should join itd be cool, plus think about it you're getting star power, diamonds, the works so really why not. Plus you'd be in Downtown Coolsville! How awesome is that?!? But yeah join it'd be cool and you'll probably get kicked unless I forget. Also try putting down original monsters don't be lame. also add me on disc if u want: SpookumMcGookums#6234
The Single Elements Spite - 82350151CB Level 5+ 2021-10-15 The sole purpose of this tribe is to honour those first monsters we acquire when we start a new island. We look down upon those monsters who have more than a single element. The requirement is simple, if you do not feed your selected monster to level 5+ by Sunday (10pm - GMT), you are removed from the tribe. The highest level monster at the end of each week will receive a key.
Clicks shard dump Clicktuck- 81146721JN at least level 13 as a powered wublin is required 2021-10-04 I will be checking for 2 things on your main to join in addition to no duplicates (on all accounts): A powered up wublin and at least a dipster on ethereal island (if you have a ghazt or something on ethereal island or magical sanctum thats also ok im just using a dipster as a bare minimum) and a powered up wublin on at least 1 alt if you wish to join with multiple accounts (if you dont tell me they are alts and you own said alts i will assume that they are all separate mains of different people and check for those things on all accounts) and no duplicates please (I, Clicktuck Suskriberz will use my user page as a log of what monsters are in the tribe)
Swamp gcuser - 82270516LK 2021-10-04 Fwogs only please :) - We feed to level 400+ weekly. No level requirement, please just try to feed as high as you can. Will kick inactive members - Thank you!
Nice Tribe Chief: _Sel_

Friend Code: 92001884AI

Any as long as you help the tribe 2021-09-27 A brand new tribe made for the ones that need starpoints and diamonds and with your help we'll be able to reach lvl 100 per week! Please try to feed your monster at least to level 8 every week. if you wont feed your monster for a week nothing will happen but if it will happen a second time in a row ill have to kick you. dont worry you can rejoin
WindsXL's Awesome Tribe Chief - (Water) WindsXL

Friend Code: F000054667NH

15+ 2021-09-26 A casual MSM farm for diamonds and starpoints. Join with monsters that are not already on there. If you dont feed your monster by a week, you'll get kicked from the tribe.
Monster Musical Chief: Epic

Friend Code: 82225019GB Mobile

15+ 2021-09-26 A small tribe looking for members, not being able to feed your monster for 2 weeks will result in a kick. Please choose any monster that is currently not on the island.

Discord for the tribe:

meat wods Chief - meat wod - 98062955CJ

Co-Chief - salmonella - 97885749NF

15+ 2021-09-25 We are making a tribe for casual MSM players! You will be kicked if you don't feed up to the requirements. Oh, and also, please do not try to join as duplicates.
when the Lautyrr - YT
2021-09-25 I've decided to build this up since my friend (The Harrerei) wanted to join my tribe, he also thought of adding more members on the tribe. If you'd prefer, you can join us!


Melody Monsters Chief: Ebrada

Friend Code; 81362920EI

50+ 2021-09-23 Brand new shiny tribe for mature games that can reach 50 levels weekly. I know some of you have a signature monster, so feel free to be whatever you like. My goal with this tribe is simply to achieve the 20 diamonds every week. This tribe is not interested in competing on the world stage for first place. If that is your desire there are plenty of nice people who have multiple tribes that you can find on Facebook. If you need a key put stars **** after your name to let members know. Fallen ill, or going on vacation then !!!!!! exclamation marks will let me know. If you are a member in good standing this will secure you not being kicked off. I will kick anybody who doesn't reach their 50 levels on Sunday night at 10 PM, otherwise your game will bring the tribe's counts down. I know this sounds harsh but there are some people that move from tribe to tribe taking advantage for several weeks until kicked. It may take a while for the tribe to get up and running, so please try to stay patient while we achieve it. I will personally be adding extra levels weekly. The tribe would appreciate any member who would do the same.
Monzter Muzicianz Pinky (99405385JB) 10+
2021-09-23 We kick if under 10 but if you are helpful and prove yourself than we will not kick you if you are inactive for a week or so.

Pls join with a new monster that we don't already have

Requests are accepted at the start of each week.

Can't wait to see you there! 😁

Slow and Steady Chief: Juice

Friend Code: 98640174BM

30+ 2021-09-17 We are a full tribe that regularly reaches level 1000 but we are looking for replacements for players who cannot reach the level requirement. It is reccomended that you have the shard capacity to reach level 50 each week as the level requirment will be gradually increased so that we can reach level 1500. We are looking for a replacement: Fwog, Shrubb, Furcorn, Clamble, Spunge, Thumpies.
Aztecs 50+ Discord server: (you will get my friend code there) 50+ 2021-09-15 We’ve just started this Monday and we have grown an amazing community with 1100+ levels! We’re pushing for 1500 to end off the week! Leveling to 50+ will help tremendously! We have a Discord server that has every active member for easy communication! We are looking to grow our tribe and find serious members. If you want in, please hurry and join our discord server! Limited availability! Happy Monstering!
TWTribe Chief: EmanTWM

Friend Code: 4000242872GM

We'd appreciate if you were at least level 8 or so. 2021-09-15 You can join as pretty much any monster, but we'd appreciate it if you'd join ad a monster we don't have.
C0D3N4M3 Chief: D3rp3rs

Friend Code: 34851724BG

We accept any level. Once the tribe is full we will start kicking lower levels. 2021-09-15 Hey! We would love to have you in our tribe. Please join with a unique monster if possible. We dont really care about how much you feed your monster at the moment.
Opossum Isle Chief: Runic

Friend Code: 82744004CA

5+ 2021-09-13 A tribe my friends and I started, and we're looking for some people to join!

I don't mind if you join with duplicates, but I'd appreciate it if you joined with a unique monster!


Friend Code:


100+ 2021-09-25 Found a good tribe now!
Da Bowgarts (20+) Chief: ! Da Bowgart

Friend Code: 94364903GF

20+ 2021-09-06 Hello! If you are interested in joining our tribe, please choose a monster we do not have in our tribe! I will kick members who do not meet requirements every week. We are looking forward to seeing you! You may also choose a monster to replace an inactive player, which are the monsters muted.
byw Chief: UnicornGiraffe

Friend Code: 93033516KI

30+ 2021-09-5 Welcome to our tribe! We look forward to members that will contribute weekly with a minimum level of 30. The monsters that were unable to reach level 30 will be muted. If failed to reach level 30 for more than one week will be removed from the tribe. We guarantee a solid 6 diamonds earning in our tribe weekly! :D

p.s. We welcome any monster of your choice!!

Maccabees Chief Van Halen


10+ 2022-01-07 This island is well managed.

We are leveling 600 every week.

We need 10 more good players.

GHAZTZ 18+ Code: 4000240256JG

Name: Phozey (C0MPOSER)

18+ 2021-09-18 Hello! I am currently looking for member for a tribe that I created weeks ago. I would really appreciate it if you could join. If you do not get to level 18 by the end of the week, I am all about giving a second chance. If you don't get to it in 1 week then you get muted. After another week of not getting to level 18 you get BANNED.
The Goofy Goobers Chief: interestingname

Friend Code: 98773047EB

It doesn't matter, but PLEASE, please aim for 10+. I will start kicking people out once the tribe is full. 2021-08-31 We get to level 200+ every week, and we are very close to a full song! We are missing the following monsters: Quarrister, Reedling, Thumpies, Cybop, and Noggin. If any of these spots are now in the tribe, choose someone else. If the tribe is full, choose any monster. Our discord server is
Scoop Music // Level 10+ DatOfficialScoops63|Light 79212989NB 5+ 2021-08-28 Let's Make Music!!! You Must Be Level 10 Or Higher To Join
Waffles (5+) Waffles-98246298LM 5+ 2021-09-11 I can get to level 100 - 110 each week the tribe lvl is about 500 currently I want the full song and I would prefer if you could get to level 50 each week if you are active in the tribe I will light your torches and highest lvl player will get keys if you are under the level limit you will get kicked out of the tribe on Sunday
T-Rox Only Dungus - 22152552GI Must submit yourself as a T-Rox, other than that all accepting. 2021-08-22 Have you ever wanted to join a great Island but just can't find your way in, or maybe your just tired of your Tribal Islands going dead after a couple weeks, or maybe you're just a man of culture, and support our Lord and Savior T-Rox. We only can guarantee the last part, but you should join either way, we have Cookies (Warning: Cookies may actually just be the souls of players who disrespect T-Rox) We have 10 spots left~
NOGGINS 15+ 72317566MK 15+ 2021-08-19 Please join lol.



10+ 2021-08-18 I am looking for members for a tribe that I created. You must feed to level 10 by the end of the week. After one week you get muted and after another week you get kicked.

I accept anyone who tries to join unless the tribe is full which I highly doubt will be the case.

The Discord Symphony (50+) Chief: !Brainstorm

63874451IJ - MOBILE ONLY

50+ 2021-08-18 We're currently looking to replace some muted monsters that haven't fed yet, so come join if you want to hear the full song! You must also join our tribe's Discord server - - otherwise, your request WILL be denied.
happy tribe Chief: Lithi (Ethereal)

Friend Code: 90408332AA


4+ 2021-08-17 We regularly get past level 600, any monster type is welcome. If you don't feed your monster every week, I will remove you. You can rejoin if you like, that's just the rule
Tsuki Usagi NLM (4000162535KN) 5+ 2021-08-16 Hoping to create a long-term desktop tribe over time, so try your best to feed! <3
weirdtribe Sofipofi


2021-08-14 Hi! We’re looking for people to expand our tribe, and as long as you contribute, and pick a monster that hasn’t been taken yet we will gladly accept you. If you don’t feed your monster I will banish you. Also note that there are currently some monsters on our tribe that haven’t been contributing, don’t mind them, I’ll kick them once people come with replacements. Hope you join!
The Lads Koshi_Is_Awake


5+ 2021-08-14 Just a tribe I started with some friends and we're looking to complete the island song! We currently have 6 slots open so we have some room to expand. The monsters we currently need are Noggin, Potbelly, Tweedle, Shrubb, Pummel and Reedling- please choose one of these so we can get closer to the finished song. Don't forget to contribute because otherwise you will be kicked and you will be kicked if you have a duplicate monster.
TribalsMonsters Cheief: EpicGamer

Friend Code: 90165800HC

Level Requirement: 20+ 2021-08-12 Hi, Please Join our tribe, one request is to level up so we can reach level 100 and have a unique monster so we can complete the song.
The Solfege Soul-Pledge Chief: Nicholas527

Code: 80906579EN

Game: Mobile

2021-09-26 Hi, I'm looking for more members in my tribe, you can be any level, but no duplicate monsters! Go to our discord server to join and for details!
??? (50+) mel 95944939ND 50 2021-08-11 Hello! This is the ??? tribe. We are looking for members who can feed their monster to level 50+ every week. It would be preferred if you chose a monster not already in the tribe, but duplicates are okay! Please only join if you can feed your monster every week, or at least let me know if you can't one week by editing your name to say "Busy." That way I will know to not kick you out of the tribe! Please join us, we are a very small tribe currently!
GHAZTS Chief: phozey

Friend code: 4000240256JG


3+ 2021-08-05 Any monsters are allowed! I would prefer 3 elements but if you don't have one then its fine. It's good to note that I will kick players that dont contribute to the tribe whats so ever. That's about it


WereBeasts Chief name: MonsterLycan

Friend Code: 9810850NA

2021-08-06 Fresh tribe looking for anyone! Doesn't really matter what you choose as I'm just hoping I can get a tribe big enough,, Feeding your monster will be greatly appreciated!!
Cool Cids™ Chief: BigChill10

FC: 30873127GN

3+ 2021-08-03 Trying to aim for 1 unique monster each.

Kept getting kicked from tribes even though I was helping level them, so I decided to just make one of my own. The misspelling of the tribe name is a joke btw. :3

Highest Level Gets Key Chief: @Nickster7778

Friend Code:4000220452DC

2+ 2021-08-01 Yeah I'm not really focusing on an active tribe right now, I just care about getting a full tribe right now so the tribe can guarantee to get 2 diamonds every week. Like what it says on the name, the person who gets the highest level (excluding me) I will give them a key! I might change the name and also make a discord server for this tribe. Join if you want, or join the other tribes below or above this one. Have a nice day :)
Join 2021 FC:86262240CE 10 2021-09-07 Trying to get more people on my tribal island, to get lvl 100 tribal islans join.
Du-Wa Chief: !Keys Liam



As much as you can 2021-08-01 NO DUPES

Please, feed your monsters, if you can.

Needs more people.

Doesn't have a discord.

WaterCouncil Chief:Woterisdabest



2021-08-01 the discord serv


amdrw - 4000066983CF 5+ 2021-07-29 help
Dirty Little Creamsters Salmonella - 97885749NF 15+ 2021-07-27 This is a new tribe I started today, and I am going to get all of my friends in it. There are five of us, and we will each hit about level 30. Please do not join as a duplicate. Thank you ;)
Jam Out 60+ CuddlyMammott123

(Friend code: 1250555CN)

60+ (you may join and feed to a minimum of 40, just know that you may be kicked out to make space for people who reach 60) 2021-07-23 Our tribe used to hit 1500 weekly, and sometimes we even got into the top islands, although we have lost quite a few tribe members in the last few months and can now only feed up to level 600-700, so it would be great if you could join.

The tribe accepts Toe Jammers and Bowgarts only, other monsters will be declined.

If you wish to join, please join the family-friendly Discord server where you can discuss anything with other members, we're happy to help: .

Every time there is an in-game event, we hold a tribal event where you can win keys by feeding high, find out more on the discord server.

Lastly, if you can't join the server, message me on my Fandom message wall through Wikia: Note that I don't check my wall very often and you may also be kicked out in order to make space for Discord members.

Kabillion Chief: kabillon

Friend Code: 4462030AK


2021-07-22 Hello. Currently a tribe of lower-progressed players, we are accepting players of any ability, but we would prefer if you could do at least a few levels for your monster. Unique monsters only please, but our Maw, Toe Jammer, and Fwog are up for grabs as they are inactive and may be kicked soon. We hope to grow this tribe into something for everyone, and it would be much appreciated if you could join us on the journey!
The Kirbo Gang Chief: Micah(Need Keys)

Friend Code: 4000218892JG


(If copy and pasting doesn't work, type it up manually)

2021-07-22 Hey Everyone! I am a small plater and would really like a tribe. I have been desperately looking for one and would really appreciate a tribe. I will allow duplicates for now, however, when you can add another monster, just leave and rejoin the tribe :D. There is no minimum feeding and all players are welcome. If you are not active for more than 2 weeks, I will have to kick you out. (If you want a higher chance to join the tribe, join the discord)

Here is the Discord:

coconut mall steel_starbone

Friend Code: 18999640EI


10+ 2021-07-21 I'm lonely and wanted to start a tribe. Right now it's just a T=Rox but I'm hoping to get us to a full song cause it would be cool :). I just want active and diverse players so if you are those things then c'mon and sing ig. Make sure to add me as a friend too so I can help you out with torches and stuff.
Ducks Code : ANY 2021-11-28 Anyone can join as long as they are Active. Will be kicked if not active. Thanks!
OurSingingTribe Chief: MySingingIsla

Friend code: 955753CL

85+ 2021-07-29 Welcome to OurSingingTribe!, we´re looking for some 85+ members, the tribe is full of monsters of different levels, some of us are 100+, so if you're too please join us!

The requirement is to join with a new/unique monster, no dupplicates.

Please join us! Thank you very much, we´re waiting for you. :)

The Tribal Maniacs Chief: Beazt

Code:96851614KK Mobile

5+ 2021-07-15 We are a new tribe in need of new members. We would like it if there were no duplicate monsters. If you don't feed your monster to level 5 in 3 days, we will have to remove you. Otherwise we will make sure you get gems and stardust! Remember, no duplicate monsters please! Happy monstering!
Hungry monsters Chief: KelsonFx

Friend code: 98749793DB

10+ 2021-07-13 We are a new tribe, any monster is welcome to join us and we will be glad to have you! If the tribe grows and hits max capacity I will be making a discord for us all to discuss and share ideas for the future of this clan. Thanks Kelson.
50+ or kick (no repeats) chief: Comettt

Friend Code: 66606064GA


50+ 2021-07-12 My tribe is new and needs members, I you request to join I WILL accept as long as you request to be a monster that isn't already on the tribe. Request to join and eventually the tribe will be able to grow enough to play the full song! You must be able to keep your monster at lvl 50 or above or you will be kicked so be careful. Muted monsters are ones that need replaced so it's appreciated if you request to join as them. As of now I'm currently the only member so the tribe is only lvl 80 but with enough people I know we can grow to be a very high level tribe. If you have any questions either ask me on twitter (@AstralComet_) or discord (🌠AstralComet🌠#3331). Thank you and I hope you have an amazing day!!!!!
Certified monkey lovers Username: PlantationOwner420

Friend Code: 98774745ID

30+ 2021-07-08 A tribe made for our fellow monkey lovers, all is welcome. Join us fellow monkey lovers in our quest of getting starpower. We are in need of thumpies and a t-rox, we will also take all deedge's. The tribe may be full but request anyway, we are looking to replace some inactive members.
cool bois Plant -> Cold -> Haven


5+ 2021-07-08 Place a monster that isn't already in the tribe, please :)

Chief: Armad

Friend Code: 4000178256BC

15+ 2021-07-04 Got tribe level 631 last week Goob ganng goob gang, select unused monster thank you :) btw is for steam so oops if this page is for mobile
No Repeat Monsters Lesaury (93398425EL) 50+ 2021-06-30 Our tribe usually reach the level 1500 each week, so we get all the rewards, but recently some members need to be repleased, please join using the missing monsters so we can complete the full song. Be welcome to our tribe!
Tribe Vibes Chief: ROCKainsLEE

Friend Code: 4000096027CJ

10 2021-06-29 Heya!

Feeding level is flexible; just pick a monster we don't have yet! Let's get the Kayna and lots of Starpower! Hope to see you soon!

Apple Clan Chief Name: Johnathannn

Chief Code: 77064981GH


2021-06-28 Hey so I just want starpower and diamonds and I'm sure everybody else does, but so many tribes require you to level up to like 70 which costs hundreds of thousands of shards. So, you can join mine with any level you want, I wont kick you out! Personally, I'll probably feed mine to 5-10 occasionally but you could do whatever you want! You don't even need a unique monster, but if you did that'd be cool. (Also, I don't light torches that much but if you light mine then I'll probably light yours back)
??? (50+) mel (95944939ND) 50 2021-06-28 hi there! im looking for new people to join my tribe who are serious about building their tribal level. please do NOT join if you plan to skip weeks or not reach level 50 (or at least close to it) as i will remove people every sunday. youre welcome to go above level 50. hope youll consider joining!
The Crystals Chief: Yackalips

Friend Code: 77169782CC



2021-06-26 Welcome to my tribe. If you have any questions dm my discord Yackalips#9676. I usually want my tribe at level 200. I do not allow dups, but if you see inactive people, you can be the same one and I will kick them.
Crystal Seekers (10+) KEekstersTrbePlzContribute

Friend code:88748396EI

10 2021-06-23 An established tribe looking for new members as half of our current ones are no longer active/do not contribute weekly. Looking for new players as well as seasoned that are active and will contribute at least 10 per week. Not looking for any monster in particular, just choose one not already in the tribe if possible. Thanks! :)
Monsters Musical Chief: W0W

Friend Code: 98196271CN

2021-06-20 A new tribe looking for members, will gradly accept any new requests as long as they are these monsters: Deedge-Riff-PomPom-Congle-Bowgart-Furcorn
The monster party Chief: b00mthef1st

Friend Code: 92308235CN

1+ 2021-06-20 A tribe which everyone can enjoy. Just make sure to feed your monster from time to time. We get around level 100 every week. Currently has 11 members. This tribe is meant for new players but anyone is welcome to join.
Duu-wa (NO DUPE) Chief: jim6214

Friend Code: 4000053010NI

2021-06-18 Self explanatory. I use Steam.
Tribe Vibes Chief: ROCKainsLEE

Friend Code: 400096027CJ

10+ 2021-06-16 New tribe, just want to have a lot of monsters! Please feed yours often! Let's level up so we can get a bunch of starpower :) hope to see you on the island
hi username is k

friend code is 4000163771CB

1 2021-06-14 this my tribe, it has been out for a while and we currently have 11 members, but we need more, and please feed, also i want 1 of each monster
Simon's Tribe Username - Simon

Friend code:


100+ 2021-06-14 Hi we started out about 2 weeks ago and have 20 members. There are no requirements and we regularly get past level 125. Just join the tribe! You don't need to always feed up your monsters or anything. We want some new monsters because I love the song (we have 4 bowgarts so none of those) We really want a PomPom or a congle because our congle guy left. Hope you can join :D
London Warriors Username - Gibbsey

Friend Code - 98671648HG

50+ 2021-06-14 Starting out a new tribe and would love to have people join. Minimum requirement to join is level 20 each week (this will increase as we grow). Please join with a unique monster that is not already in the tribe. If you don't feed your monster for 2 weeks, you will be removed from the tribe.



Friend Code:


50+ 2021-06-14 poop tribe is a laid back tribe aiming to get a unique monster per member, we usually get around 50 per week but are looking to increase that with new members, you can feed your monster however u please, you dont have to be super active just feed your monster to level 2-3 every week if you can.

we also have a discord if you wish to join:

Bowgart Only (50+) Svolkahmu

Friend Code:


50+ 2021-06-14 The goal is an entire tribe filled with 50+ Bowgarts! Aiming towards 1.5K a week.

Please join (with a bowgart) if you can reach level 50 consistently (around 45K shards a week) and have fun!

Bowgart Only

gunfrogs Chief: froggeywithagun

Friend Code: 78625893JF (Mobile)

5+ 2021-06-13 have some shards and have a monster that we dont already have. thats all, thanks
the funny Cheif: WhajjeMeister

FC: 90217132FG

10 2021-06-12 hi

Tribe requirements:

-Must feed to at least lvl 10

-Choose a monster that isnt already chosen

Open monster spots:



Toe Jammer



























hope to see ya there!

Tribal Cluster Name: Spoopy

Code: 4000149649ID

0+ 2021-06-06 Just a new tribe in need of new members!
NOTPG Chief: K_dogbro Friend Code: 4000002471IF 20+ 2021-06-03 best tribe on steam 800+ every week for now, always top 11
Colossal Gang Chief: ChocoCakeM

Code: 97652359HH

700+ 2021-08-23 This tribe is only for pros. You must be level 25+ to join and have to feed your monster. We need to reach 1k each week and we are on our way to 20 diamonds a week! So do your part and only request if you can level your monster to 15+ a week. We have in ineractive community to light torches and give out weekly keys!
dumpster fire Chief: villagermax

Code: 97984333KD

2021-06-1 join our tribe i just want full song we can hit 150 day 2 each week u can be any level but pls level up (you'll feel guilty if u don't contribute)
Galactic Vibes Chief: Matroupsup

Friend Code: 86520129HF

40+ 2021-06-01 New tribe growing faaast, we welcome any active player who will feed his tribe monster to level 40 and more! Galactic Vibes will conquer your heart! We like to show our friend ID in order to light torches to all the members everyday. Please try to select a new monster before joining us so we'll play the entire song of the island. Have fun!
!100+ID TotalBrutalFeedOr Chief: Faszi 93020030MG

Friend Code: 93020030MG

100+ 2021-05-31 Growing Tribe recruits new members to replace low feeders.

Requirements: -Feed 100+ by saturday -Add Faszi 93020030MG to friends

Recommended: -Full Etherial with single element monsters -Full Wublin with Zinth -Add all tribal members to favourites and light torches -Send keys to top feeder(I will:)

Benefits: -2500-3000+ Tribal level in Top tribes -Torches lit -keys -Fun :)

Come and join our BIG TRIBE FEED AND ENJOY!

Ace of Hearts Chief: Bytezor

Friend Code: 77355858CK (Mobile)

2021-05-29 Brand new tribe looking for any players who are simply looking for a tribe to join, only requirement is to be a unique monster, no level require but as the tribe gains members it is possible one will be added, long term inactivity will get you kicked but a week or two is alright, we all play different games, tribe name is subject to change to be aware of that
The 2nd Tribe Of Maws Cheif: MrCattyBoi (Steam)

Friend Code:


None 2021-05-28 A tribe I started and looking for new people. At the moment it is only me on the island. This tribe is for beginners on the Steam version who just want to get free diamonds and starpower. And you do not need to put a maw on the island it could be whatever monster. I hope to see you on my tribal island. :)
Woah look a Tribe Chief: FloofTheNeko

Friend Code:

98486573JF (Mobile)

10+ 2021-05-27 A brand new tribe open to anyone. As long as you join with a different monster, I will accept your request. If this tribe gets big enough, I'll make a discord so it can be better organized. There currently isn't a level quota, although you will be kicked if inactive, and that's about it for now.
Monster Sap | 25+ Chief: Sweggity

FC: 77427086JI

25+ 2021-06-17 Welcome to Monster Sap! All are invited under 2 circumstances, Make sure you can get to level 25+ each week and no duplicates. Inactive Players will be kicked and you will have 2 weeks to reach your level quota. The first week you will be unchanged, but if you're not level 25 your monster will be muted until you are level 25 or higher during the second week. I understand that life happens so if you are kicked from the tribe for inactivity you are welcome to rejoin again. If the tribe is full but a monster is unfed, feel free to request that monster if it is the monster you want to be. Unfed monsters will be replaced quickly. Just another reason to keep your monster fed. I hope this tribe can grow fairly quickly and I hope to hear the full song too! Having your FC in your name isn't required and neither is lighting torches. Have fun and I hope to see you soon!
Colossal Gang Chief: ChocoCakeM Friend Code: 97652359HH 60+ 2021-05-25 This a tribe where anyone can join! I will accept anyone who can join just make sure to have a new monster. You must be able to make your monster level 4 by the end of each week to play your part. I have also made a discord server with some people in, and if you want to join to be a part of a growing community, make sure to join! Furthermore, make sure to light people's torches and give people keys, but not required to do so.

Discord Link:

Strix Clan Chief: Slooshie

Friend Code: 78536045CH

Level 50+ 2021-05-22 Hey y'all! This is a brand new tribe that will eventually reach 1500 levels weekly, as long as each tribe member plays their part. I remove members who constantly fail to reach the level requirement, as well as members who aren't level 25 by the end of any week, so you don't have to worry about them slowing the tribe down and preventing us from those sweet sweet diamonds and starpower. I cannot stress this part enough: JOIN WITH A MONSTER THAT WE DON'T HAVE YET. I will not be accepting members who request to join with a monster that already exists on the island. I want the full tribal song to be played, and it makes it much easier for me to organize the island's layout. I hope to see you there! Oh, and happy monstering!
new monsters only pls ty DigitalUnicorn 41035452AM 50+ 2021-05-20 Only people who feed to level 50 or more can stay. When you join, please select a different monster than what we already have. (There will be like 3 people who do not feed much because they are my friends/family and they are the only exception) Players who do not meet the requirements will be kicked every Monday
MonStars Chief- Madi (Plant/Cold plz)


10+ 2021-05-19 Plz don’t be a piggybacker. If you haven’t fed 6+ by Saturday you will be kicked.
looking for a tribe Name: SGT

Chief: 6459433CL

50+ 2021-05-18 Currently I am in a not very good tribe and I will wait on it until the week ends because I have already fed my monster to level 50. I want to join a tribe in which to contribute, I have a robust ethereal island and a great island of cajaduendes, I can feed my monster more than 70 levels and I want a powerful tribe that can score 1200/1500 points. Do not hesitate to invite me !!
Lvl 30+ CalumMadigan Chief - 74128537AH Must be lvl 30+ to join 2021-05-17 Just created this tribe a week ago and already at 17/30 members and almost at lvl 750!!! 🔥🔥 Join while you still can! Only two requirements - must be lvl 30+ and must feed ur monster to lvl 25+ every week! If you don´t then you will be kicked! Everyone must do their part - no free starpower!!!
The Crystals Chief: CaviC Code:32547681HN 10+ 2021-05-14 We are a new Tribe and we are recruiting new members. You will be welcome!
Microwave Gang (5+) Chief: Cool Microwave Freind code: 95067979LD 5 or higher 2021-05-11 My tribe is pretty small right now but with YOUR help, we can get the full song and tons of starpower! all by each person just getting level 5 and higher! if you join, please join with a monster that isnt used.
We Love Food! | 20+ | PC Chief: Space_Penguin

Code: 4000022982KC

20+ 2021-06-05 This is a new tribe for intermediate players. We require monsters to be fed to level 20+ each week and if you miss that goal you will be removed. We figured that level 20 is pretty achievable as long as you have some wublins each week. We will only be accepting one of each monster, so check what we have before you apply! Can't wait to earn some gems, starpower, and watch our tribe grow with new people!
Owls | 40+ | No Dupes! Name: Owl

Code: 29714637CL

40+ 2021-05-10 Hello Owls! I am an experienced player and am looking for other experienced players to join this tribe! You do have to level up to 40+ or you will be kicked. If you get kicked, you can always request again! No dupes are allowed, meaning that if someone puts a monster in the tribe, and you also request with that same monster, you won't be accepted. This tribe has a Discord server! You don't have to join, but it is recommended because I will announce there if any changes are being made to the tribe. Have fun!
Lvl 30+ CalumMadigan 74128537AH Must be lvl 30+ to join 2021-05-11 Yo! I just created this tribe today because i've always wanted to create one. So far i'm the only member but i'm sure this tribe will grow very quick The previous tribe I left was at lvl 2000+ but I already have so much starpower so I decided to become the chief of a tribe. I am lvl 39 (almost 40) and feed my monster each week, this week i fed it to lvl 60 just to give our tribe a bit of a boost. If you join you MUST feed your monster to at LEAST lvl 25 and must feed your monster each week - if you don't you will be kicked :) Lets grow together!
Team Awesome Nathan 9771516DH

Friend Code:


2021-05-08 Welcome to the Team Awesome Tribe! Anyone of any level is welcome! Also please add 1 PomPom so Congle is not lonely saying "Come on, let's go!" But please don't add too many PomPoms, otherwise, that would cause catastrophic chaos and Congle would be too carried away and would never be able to talk. But anyways, make each monster unique, and we will have a more filled song! Welcome!
Lipiromiro096 Chief: lipenigri13

Friend Code:


10+ 2021-05-08 Welcome to our tribal island🔥.

Here are some rules:

-If you do not reach the requested level we will not take you away

-Give priority to lighting the torches of the group members

-Just don't stay level 1, please

-Collaborate with the group

I'm waiting for you 😄

Xochiquetzal Chief: Alexandra

Friend Code: 98253998NM

Vice Chief: QueeNessie

Friend Code: 98264226AC

2021-05-23 Thanks to everyone who have joined, our tribe is now crowded and quite popular! ^^ We have a few places left for new members to join and we want to fill them with new monsters, so please join with one of the monsters listed below if you're interested (otherwise you will be declined):







-Dandidoo Here's the link to the Discord server I created so we could be in touch:

The Mneneseians Chief: Mnene T

Friend Code: 23261616MA (Mobile)

2+ 2021-11-29 Ideally, I would like only different monsters in the tribe; so if you're declined from the tribe, just retry with a different monster. If you don't feed for two weeks, I'll have to remove you as I don't want my tribe littered with inactive players. We usually reach level 600 or 750. I do put the top feeders in centre positions on the island or on the large mushroom platforms, but the middle mushroom is reserved for my mum.
Harold Land Chief: Lola

Friend Code: 98021086FI

35+ 2021-06-23 Hello guys! So, the tribe is progressing well and I'll only be accepting players who level up to 35+ now. We reached 750 this week and I'm looking forward to reach higher scores. I won't be accepting duplicated monsters from now on, so if you get rejected, please try again with a different monster. Also, if you don't level your monster up, you'll be kicked out. Pro tip: use shards to feed your monster, since it's the cheaper way. <3
Spikey Tribe (Steam)

Chief: Snuffles

Friend Code:


20+ 2021-09-16 Hello There, we are a family friendly tribe welcoming members of all levels our only requirements are no doubles and level 20+ each week please join us on our discord: HERE to join our tribe :) Discord is required to join the Tribe. We just had a bunch of people quit MSM all together so we have LOTS of room :D
50+ Chief: CosmicAce

Friend Code: 90938890DA

50+ 2021-05-05 Please level up to 50 at least,you can be whatever monster you want, but more rock oriented stuff prefered.
Monster harmony Chief: Croakii

Code: 82083618je

Level 30+ 2021-04-28 Im looking for people who can get their monsters up to a minimum level of 50 or more if possible. If you are not active within 2-3 weeks you will be replaced. consider joining and have fun!!
Chimichangas Chief: Jack

Code: 43951143KN

Level 10 2021-04-26 Looking for many new member, we reached level 15n last week, and everyone got 5 diamonds, going to start encouraging many to reach higher levels, but we understand many of the members are new and we welcome all!
All Together Chief: Vwing Craft

Code: 41674138JI

105+ 2021-04-24 This is a tribe for big time players that are able to get level 105 and up every week. You will be removed if you are inactive for two weeks. Please message me at [[2]] if you want a tribe that will get to the leaderboard every week :).
YgY Chief: YgY


requires lvl 50+ at least 2021-04-19 We reached 1550 lvl last week!!! 29/30 members! Growing crazy fast! Next goal is 2000!! Come help us reach that!

To ensure further improvements add the tribe leader as a friend before joining, we will inspect your resources and figure out if you can feed lvl 50+. We want to be the best! Thats why we are constantly searching for better players, come join!!

Join if u want to be in the chaddest clan! Light torches for each other :) ChiefYgY is lvl 100 by himself on the first day!

Aztecs Chief name: MaxJ87

Friend Code: 39824806JA

60+ 2021-04-18 If you are looking to join a fun, chill tribe who also takes the game serious, you've found the right tribe! we reach over level 2000 every week, and we also have a discord server! (you will not be admitted into the tribe if you don't join our discord server) our members are very nice, and you will be welcomed with open arms! As a bonus, at the end of every week the top feeder will be awarded with a key! To be admitted into the tribe, follow these steps: add me as a friend on my singing monsters (mobile) join this discord:
Fire's Tribe Chief Name:FIRE

Friend Code:23839981BJ

20+ 2021-04-18 One of the oldest Tribe on My Signing Monsters and got 8 open slot! Used to reach level 1000 and many of us feed to level 80. If you're feed to level 20 or more, you're welcome. Checked every Sunday and if you're not in the left side on the screen, you're good!
gamersunited bruh


Any lvl 2021-04-12 this is a tribe i made a few days ago and im not looking for any amazing players if you are though if you joined it would be appreciated

i will light the torches of any off the tribe members who join and its also apricated if the members do the same for others

friend codes and keys are appreciated

also it is appreciated if everyone brings a different monster that's not already there

if you want to add me on steam is my steam quick invite

The Monster Tribe



10+ 2021-04-11 This tribe is for some beginners on getting into good tribes. That's why this is 10+.

Hope ya join and have a nice stay! :)

Diamonds Svetka Any lvl 2021-04-06 Just something 2 Years ago
Tribal TotalBrutalFeed Chief: Faszi

Friend Code: 93020030MG

50+ 2021-04-2 Hi All, we are making a high level tribe 50+/player.
The Mythical Monstrosity Chief: Try Harder (Water)

Friend Code: 92084220NC

50+ 2021-04-3 Active Tribe. Looking to acquire every Monster for the Full Song!! The highest contributors monster will be placed on the mushrooms in recognition of gaining the most levels (Dependant on your size). Must level up to Level 50+ We will try to light each others torches every day c: All requests will be accepted within one day!
Pouet TheCatLord

Friend code : 4000034078GG

2021-04-1 A little tribe who just start playing. Very active with nice members. We want gems so JOIN NOW.  :)
Casual Tribe Chief: Joe Mcbob


2021-03-30 Casual Tribe. Please try to feed your monsters at least a little bit. There is no strict rules on feeding but if you aren't feeding at all then you might get kicked out to make room for new players if we reach capacity. It would also be nice if members light their tribemate's torches.
Bruh Momento Chief: TheProCrow TPC

Friend Code: 42133646FI

2021-03-26 Active tribe, if you join you dont have to feed your monsters. [but if you can please do, thanks :)]
Those Epic Monsters Chief: MyEpicMonsters

Friend Code: 66658166HE

20-30+ 2021-03-24 Looking to get starpower & gems for Rares, Epics or Starshop decorations? This is a new tribe that'll accept anymonster, so if you're looking to reach for the stars then come join us! You don't have to feed your monster, but atleast get it to level 2 to show you're active, as it'll help out a ton! We will only accept 2 of each monster, and will light your torches when we can. Come join and be one of Those Epic Monsters!
Vibe Tribe Chief: EnchantedAlex

Friend Code: 97346606NA

50+ 2021-03-24 A fun tribe just trying to get starpower and level up. I accept almost instantly, so you don't have to wait for long to join. No serious requirements, just have fun, try and feed your monster, and let's level up together!
The Ooga Boogas

Chief: Ben

Friend Code: 77779973HN

10+ 2021-02-18 Hello! Welcome to our tribe, The Ooga Boogas! We hope you enjoy your stay here! We need non taken monsters. If you wanna join with an already taken monster, we won't accept you. We also have a discord.
Strix Clan Chief: Slooshie

Friend Code: 78536045CH

30+ 2021-03-22 Heyo! brand new tribe that I plan on reaching 1500 levels a week for. I prefer not to have duplicates, but it's okay if you have to join with a monster that's already in the tribe. I kick members for inactivity so you won't have to worry about them dragging us down. I look forward to seeing you there! :)
Please join my tribe Chief Name: Convix

Friend Code: 19240855MJ

40+ 2021-03-08 We are an active tribe seeking a few new members! We reach level 1500 every week and are looking for strong players to help us go even further. You must have a robust Ethereal and/or Wublin/Celestial Islands to make sure your tribal monster reaches at least 40 or higher.

Please pick a monster that has not yet been chosen. Join us and help us reach level 1500!

The Light Seekers-Lvl 30+ Light of Mine


30+ 2021-03-01 Welcome to the tribe. We are looking for active players who will level up every week to at least level 30. I am an active player and will accept all requests within a day. Please join us and help us earn diamonds and star power!
RockcaStars Jayrayray


10+ 2021-02-28 Welcome, come join my tribe. I want everyone to at least make you're monsters at level 10 or as high as you can go, the higher the better. I understand if you can't. But at least try to level them up once. I rather you level them up than not at all. So Let's try to become the most powerful tribe ever!!
The Tribe of Dee Deep Cheif: MrCattyBoi (Mobile)

Friend Code:


10+ 2021-11-03 A tribe I started and looking for new people. In order to stay in the tribe, you must be at least level 10 by the end of the week unless you are in the Cult of Dee Deep. Please put Dee Deep (Maw) on the island. This tribe is also the tribe for my Cult of Dee Deep so the left side of the island is other people and the right is the members of the cult.
WB Friends Omnivale


0 2021-02-27 Uh I don't know this guy but he's really famous on YouTube his username on YouTube is wbangcahd you might recognize him. I am not a member of his tribe (I am the chief of the ActiveBoiz tribe writing this) but he has a Riff PomPom I think a Scups and some others that I forgot. All I know is I am a fan of him and I would love if you joined his tribe (Don't forget me though lol). I don't think he uses this wiki so I'm helping him get members.

If I ever get the chance, I will inform Omnivale/wbangcahd aout this wiki and to go to this page first. Also idk if its 0 cuz idk what the requirement is so I just put 0 for now. Thanks!

Almond Paradise

Almond Tofu


4-10+ 2021-02-03 Welcome to our homey tribe. We're a small tribe, and we'd like new members. We'd like you to feed your monster to level 10, but it's perfectly fine if you feed it to level 4. We're Looking for a Quarrister, but you can pick whatever monster you'd like! I will light your torches daily.

I'll accept your request within a day.

We hope you have a great stay at our comfortable but little group. Have fun!

ActiveBoiz MSMPokeGamer (No I'm not the real one)


45 2021-02-24 Active people only (Obviously you probably noticed from the name) and please try to join as a different monster. I have a PomPom (Me), a Noggin and a Shellbeat. However the Noggin and Shellbeat are inactive and haven't leveled up once since god-knows-when. I'm only keeping them because just a PomPom by itself sounds horrible. So, if you are active and you still join as a Shellbeat or Noggin you will still get accepted and I will precede to remove the previous one. Right now, until one gets taken, Cybop, Congle, Riff and Maw are recomended. If you fail to achieve level 45+, you will get muted. If you fail to do this again the next week, you will be kicked. However, the only exceptions for getting kicked for the feeding thing are if you don't get it, but you get at least close to it, like 40 or something, I will give you another chance because I'm pretty sure you are still worthy of making 45+. However, the monster stays muted. The other exception is if you do manage to get 45+ the next week, in which your monster will get unmuted. Top 3 highest feeders will get put on the 3 mushroom thingamajigs. (Bottom is 3rd, Top Right is 2nd, and Top Left is 1st.) This is for each day of feeding. Also, if my level is higher than yours and your like 4th including me, I don't count (Yes I'm being fair). There's a rare sale in the Starshop and I would love a Rare Tring and/or Sneyser. I got 2 Rare Kaynas hatching now. If you want them too, join me! (Sorry this description is so long)
M Club whyubullyme (71264317NN) 15+ 2021-02-21 Welcome to Monster Club! I started this tribe a few years ago and It only became an inactive tribe, I'm bringing it alive again to be active and I hope for you to join my tribe!

Requirements: Feed your monster until level 15 and higher.

Don't choose monsters that are already have been chosen.

Your name must NOT be "NEW PLAYER", because I think people who join with that name are bots or inactive accounts that won't be leveled up.

You will be accepted in only 1 day or less (sometimes 2 days), only if you meet the requirements.

Members: 17 (Players who are inactive or don't feed their monsters up to lvl 15+ will be kicked)

Advesperate Aztecs MaxJ87 39824806JA 50+ 2021-02-20 Currently, our tribe is reaching level 1700 every week. But, we have some people that aren't feeding to 50 so we need replacements ASAP. YOU MUST JOIN THE DISCORD IF YOU WANT TO BE ACCEPTED, the link is
PomPomParadise orli77: 14639765GH 2021-02-20 Please feed your monsters every week. Try to get at least to level 10, if you can get to level 50 that would be great. I know stuff happens so I will be forgiving but if you don't feed your monster for three weeks or more I will mute for one week and then remove. I look forward to more people joining!
TheSingingCraze !Kk: 1511043gb 75+ 2021-02-19 Please make sure you have some way to contact us. We have a nice community and you’ll love the tribe :)
DeetzNuts natz


20 2021-02-12 After taking a break from MSM for awhile, I want to get the tribe back up and running!

I'm looking for active players who can get their monster to lvl 20+

~ Please try not to duplicate monsters so we can have the full song! ~

After the first week of not making it to 20, your monster will be silenced. After the second week of not making it, you will be kicked out when the week resets. If you have been moved to the front, this means you need to step up your game!

Bumdum Chief: xiceforest light air Friend code: 23498797AH 8+ 2021-02-10 Hello I just started this tribe recently. I'm looking for players who would like to join. Please take a look at the monsters in the tribe as I will not take any monsters that are already there. Feed what you can, I encourage people to, at a minimum feet at level 8. I will kick if you've been inactive for a few weeks. Hit me up if you have any more questions :)
Goomy bro’s lmao Chief: GoomyBro


2021-02-08 I’m looking for players to join. Try to choose a unique monster....
The Chonk Chart (CHONK ONLY) Chief: Excel. (Light Cold AND AIR) 8+ 2021-02-08 Just created this tribe. Chonky monsters ONLY, or you will be kicked. Feed your monster to at least level 8 or more. DO NOT duplicate monsters unless all chonky monsters are taken. This tribe is new, so I do not know the amount of level we can get up to, but I hope it will be good!
Aloha Chief Name: Miles

Friend Code: 96148387ND

15+ 2021-02-07 Active tribe recruiting new members. Most of us hit level 30-50+ but just feed your monsters what you can. We reach level 500+ every week. Please no duplicate monsters. Feel free to add my tribe's co-owner too 96213336AI. (We both light torches several times daily for those that reciprocate.)
Lost Mesa Lionknight (61382094GC) 50+, preferably 55-60+. See more info In other imformation 2021-02-04 Welcome to Lost Mesa! Home to monsters of all kind! I've searched around for a bit trying to find a high-leveled full song tribe, I couldn't find any so.. I made my own!

Check the tribal island to see what monsters we currently need, then request!

If we deny you, either

a- I've checked your islands and I don't think you are high-level enough to get 50+ levels.

b- You've picked a monster which I accepted another person with the same character, if you get rejected try joining again with a different character/monster.

Thanks, -Lionknight

TLDR : We're looking for high-leveled, unique monsters.

poggers Chief: pickle

Friend Code: 97127351LD

2021-02-04 A new tribe that I and a friend (the chief) just created. We used to play the game a lot and recently decided to play again. This is a chill tribe, at least for now, that anyone who is relatively active is welcome to join. We are simply are looking for people to join. Thanks!
The Tribe Of Maws Cheif: MrCattyBoi (Mobile)

Friend Code:


10 2021-05-28 A tribe I started and looking for new people. You have to try to please reach level 10 at least and be active. If you are not level 10 by the end of the week you will be removed. And you do not need to put a maw on the island it could be whatever monster. I hope to see you on my tribal island. :
Zeem's Account Army Zeem




2021-01-31 This is a tribe for inactives, beginners, or anyone who just wants to join. My two active accounts feed the tribe to level 100+ each week. You don't have to feed your monster, but if you do, I recommend using shards. Please use a monster that isn't taken. Happy monstering! c:
Tribal Mami Mama Laur


2021-01-29 Tribe of 6 looking for new members to help us reach higher levels. All monsters welcome. Feel free to add me as friend
VLK1102 Chief: Bertedel

Friend Code: 15164053LB

2021-01-27 We're new tribe and we'd like to get some new friends for reaching high levels... As for now when I'm adding this, we're just two active players there and reaching almost level 100... But that's not enough, let's reach some new milestones together!
The Umbra Chief: William

Friend Code:


2021-01-18 Always looking for new members, feel free to join! Please feed your monsters as much as possible. It would be much appreciated. Thanks.
2021 Best Tribe Chief Name: Musical89

Friend Code: 93060107BH

10+ 2021-01-08 Our Tribe is very active. That is what you want if you want high rewards of diamonds and everything else/. We push super hard to achieve the highest rewards every week. Please choose any monster but feed it so we can achieve. If you don't you will be removed after one week of inactivity. Now, come in and let's do this!!!
Dragoon Tribe

Chief Name: BlueDrag0n17

Friend Code: 16741459JH

10+ 2021-01-04 Super active looking to build up new tribe. Been in many tribes but thought I would finally start my own. Does not really matter what level you are as long as you feed your monster. Will light torches daily as well! Please Join!
Fire's Tribe Chief Name:FIRE

Friend Code:23839981BJ

20+ 2021-01-03 One of the oldest Tribe on My Signing Monsters and got 8 open slot! Used to reach level 1000 and many of us feed to level 80. If you're feed to level 20 or more, you're welcome. Checked every Sunday and if you're not in the left side on the screen, you're good!
Unholy Crushade Name:YungBleikey

My code:75234163GJ

25 2020-12-23 Hi:) So we are loocking for active good players to join out tribe we need people that can make us a really high level we usually reach lvl 445 so please help us,I also Light torches daily if u Light mine too:))
Leah Is Baby Chief Name: Tarvelton

Friend Code: 96274317GD

2020-12-18 Just a chill tribe looking for some more people to join. No pressure or anything. Just do your best.
No-match Monsters Chief Name: Yackalips

Friend Code: 77169782CC

around 10 or higher 2020-12-22 My tribe is full right now. I might kick some of the non active players soon.
Mocking Bird Chief: nessiaart

Friend Code: 79993966DM

1+ 2020-12-12 New tribe just trying to jam and level up. I accept almost instantly, so you don't have to wait for long to join. No serious requirements, just have fun, try and feed your monster, and let's level up together!
Congle Paradise LVL 5+ Chief: Nibbl_z

Friend Code: 96028983JL

5+ 2020-12-09 Hello! We are a beginner tribe with not many members. Looking for Tweedle, Clamble, and Riff. If you can't join as one of these it's ok. Just no pom-poms allowed. Thanks and have a nice day! :3

EDIT: If you are a duplicate, and you are a lower level than the other monster you will be kicked, however if you are a monster with no higher level duplicates you will not be required to feed.

The Light Seekers 40+ Chief: Light of Mine

Friend Code: 6053610HK

40+ 2020-12-09 Welcome to the tribe! We are a very active tribe attempting to win 20 diamonds every week. If you have the ability to reach level 40 (or more) each week than this is the tribe for you! If you are not leveling up each week then you may be kicked from the tribe so new members can join to help us reach our goal of level 1500+.
baird Scotland Keys
Friend code 84890055DL
10 or kick 2020-12-03 availible monsters are all of them exept entbrat furcorn(me) and trox
Common Goal Chief Name: Werdos

Friend Code: 65216637FF

5+ 2020-12-03 We don't want duplicate monsters. We need people who are active (check the tribe for the monsters). We have reached level 90, so any new players who doesn't level up their Monster to level 5 WILL be kicked immediately. Please, check the level of the tribe before joining unprepared. Players who joined during Saturdays or Sundays can stare leveling up their monster next week. I don't like competing, just to get decent Starpower and Diamonds. We currently have a Mammott, Entbrat, Fwog, Clamble., T-Rox, PomPom, Congle, and a few others. (Note: Sorting system is broken for me)
89+ Minimum Chief Name:


Friend Code:


89+ 2020-11-21 Currently recruiting new members in order to replace inactive ones as well as to even up the feeding burden. Currently we are hitting 2800+ star power every single week. Please join only if you know that you can bring your monster to the strict minimum of 89. This tribe is based on teamwork and members who don’t show any effort to feed their monsters to 89 and prefer others working hard for them will be removed. Sorry. Also although we love all monsters and their unique sounds as of today there is too big ratio of big monsters over small ones so please join with small monster. Hope to see you around and have fun you guys. Take care.
Jam Buddies Chief Name: mr. cow

Friend Code:


0+ 2020-11-14 Hey! Just a friendly tribe that wants to jam out! Feel free to join and jam with us, feed monsters if possible and have a good time, see you soon! :D
The Wall May 34507498ec 120+ 2020-11-21 We are looking for player that can feed anywhere from 120 to 140. We offer helping you improve your game so you can make it to those numbers easily. Only need a Facebook account, if you are worried about privacy, go ahead and make an account only for the game, find me on FB as May Casanas. The Pango.
Shugbros 35+ Chief Name: Usually Jordan Lange but its Need New Riff & Mmmott until we get one

Friend Code: 41231555LL

35+ 2020-11-12 Hey everyone, we're lvl 1200+ now we just need people to join and feed their monsters a lot, so if you have a lot of Ethreals or Wublins you'll get accepted. Right now we need a Riff, Mammott, Scups, Cybop, Quibble, and a Toe jammer. If not accepted, join as a different monster! We hope to see you in the tribe  :)
Furpleghirghnerbsh Cadia

Friend Code:


10+ 2020-11-11 If you request with a monster that's already here, you will not be accepted into the Furpleghirghnerbsh hivemind cult (Complete the song). HOWEVER, you may request to replace a small monster. Please reach level 10+ by the end of the week. If level 10 isn't reached, you'll get kicked on Sunday. We're now at 25 monsters. (Furple-grrg-nerb-shh. Furpleghirghnerbsh. :D)
The Noisemakers Chief Name: Ian

Friend Code:


10 2021-10-6 Our tribe is small, but active and looking to grow. No duplicate monsters, please.
Triple Element Tribe Chief: CreativityInk 94196173 ML 5 2020-11-09 Only 3 Elements! All the four elements are overused!
Looking dvdmethod


100 2020-11-15 Looking for a Tribe. Can put out 100 per week. now. I don't care about top ranks, just decent starpower every week.
Cheeseburgh Pepy


10 2020-11-08 You can choose with what kind of monster you want to join, if you get lvl 10 or higher you I'll be very happy.
Full Tribal Song Cheif name: Edward Mader

Friend code:95283983GJ

40+ 2020-11-03 I have made a completely new Tribal island. This island is for the people who want to get more gems and star power. If you cant meet the 40+ level requirement, I will have to remove you. I am going for the full song, so request monsters that are not on the island yet, otherwise I wont accept you. I will try to get your request as soon as I can. We need as many people as we can get. Any monster is acceptable except for pompom and deegee. if there are 30 players each at level 40, we can get to level 1200!
Deegium Mostermeat(94885693gh) 2020-11-07 we need every monster except for entbrat, riff, furcorn, and mammott. Join soon!
BACON flavored BACON Cheif name: Cool Microwave ST

Freind code: 95067979LD

5+ 2020-11-02 I have one spot open but I need replacements for inactive monsters. please join as a noggin, toe jammer, reedling, potbelly, drumpler, entbrat, oaktapus, furcorn, maw, or tweedle. your joining and feeding are much appreciated. please join and thank you.
Angels of Music Chief name: MaddieJune

Friend code: 73797213EH

9+ 2020-11-01 Hello! I have about 11 spots left in the tribe and expect everyone to feed their monsters. If you don't feed your monsters for many weeks in a row I would sadly have to remove you :(

Anyways, you can be any monster you want. Hope to see you in the tribe!

Chief name: Boo

Friend code: 92038522Dnster Mash

2020-11-02 Hello, any level is accepted as long as you feed your monster. Please join.


PD: My username is MySingingIsla (FC: 955753CL) and I'm not the chief of this tribe, the chief is Boo (FC: 92038522DI) and I don't know her/him in real life, but I decided to post this here to help them out

  1. they have a very good level being only two members and
  2. they've been looking for participants for a while and I just wanted to help them.
gummy bears oak tree

freind code


2020-11-01 this tribe is for starters at the game(and pros if you want to help out! ) i am a starter too so i will not be feeding that much anyone cane join if there's room. sooooo bie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
makeALL ZYNTH ucan (lv 15+) elec salmon


3 2020-10-29 join this tribe
Unholy Crushade Yung Bleikey

Friend Code: 75234163GJ

10 2020-10-28 Hey if u want to join my tribe ur welcome but please be active so we can get lots of diamonds:). I also lit torches everyday so help me and ill help u:)
Anarchasts Cheif Name: ! Berg Of Carls

Friend code:


25 2020-10-24 Hello! If you are able to get your monster to level 25 a week we will keep you in this island if you can please feed as much as you wish our tribe level hits around 1000 a week as we have several players that level up to 80 we are currently at 29/30 however everytime we recruit someone we remove a player that is lacking contribution send a request over choose which ever monster you like.
Gamers Yurno


2020-11-07 Main goal is to complete the song. As there's lot more randoms now in the tribe I cant directly contact, please only send dupes of monsters that are owned by Java, Vermillion, Ashermabe, or any account with Yurno in the name
The Light Seekers-Lvl 40+ Chief Name: Light of Mine

Friend Code: 60536160HK

40+ 2020-12-8 Welcome to my tribe! I'm a very active MSM player and would like to invite anyone who is looking to win lots of diamonds every week to join me. I don't care which monster you pick but do ask everyone who joins to try to level up to 40 every week on our tribal island. I will gift a key to the highest leveled monster at the beginning of every new week.
The Imposters Jessica Kanra Murphy


10+ (will need to be more as we grow together!) 2020-10-14 Whoever has the highest level by the end of the week will be gifted a key on Monday! I will put your monster to sleep until the required level is met so you can remember to level it :) No dupes preffered but not required. Let's have fun and grow our islands together!
Advent 25+ ZombieZayne


25+ 2020-10-14 All that's required to to join is a new monster and level 25+ each week to stay. You can also put your friend code in your name to let the tribe light your torches.
da boys 60+ NOOBISM-1 (60628828EE) 60+ 2020-10-13 we just started but looking for people who can get monsters to at least 30 and up for now. Please join I need the diamonds.
baird Scotland keys

forgot friend code

required level 10 2020-10-13 some of my family is in my tribe so if their low level dont report them and i have a youtube channel and always play in the summer 24-7 but during school i only play in the weekends and i mostly only collect coins and feed my tribal furcorn (on the mushroom with my family)

looking for more people im lonely and being on a island just means the more you feed your monster the more again



100 2020-10-12 Hi, I am looking for a tribe with a good level, 1200 or higher, I will feed my monster to level 100 or more every week. So if you are the leader of a tribe feel free to invite me and I will join with a new monster and feed it until level 100/120.
E SameMan6

Friend Code:


Any level is fine! 2020-10-13 We accept any percussion monster!

(The list includes: noggin, shrubb, drumpler, pango, thumpies, scups, congle, pummel, clamble, Trox, shellbeat, and deegee.) Try to add one that we don't already have!

Looking for a tribe Penguinmaster(air)


preferably 50-60 2020-10-29 I can reach 55+. I can't be a quadrisster or reedling. I'm active and play everyday unless something happens and I can't.

My tribe is becoming inactive and I need a new tribe

Plz invite soon!

eternal ash !stressinout

Friend code


2020-10-09 please add. In need of tribe members so please join. thanx.
Coolest Tribe Out There50 CrazyMonst

Friend Code 94049418JE

50+ 2020-10-12 In the first week we reached over 1,600 with 27 monsters and are so excited to have a great tribe. Most everyone is feeding well so it will be unlikely that there will be room for more but friend me and watch on Monday mornings for openings.

We just started a tribe of 50+ in October hoping to get all the diamond rewards. Any monster is welcome. I'll also light your torches if you light mine. If you don't reach the required level you will be removed the following week.

Nacht Asonin


+25 2020-10-02 We are hoping to hit a tribe level of 1100 this week. If you do join try not to put duplicates. There is room for 3 more people. Lastly, if you don’t reach level 25 by the end of the week you will be kicked.
Chill Squad Lvl 50+ Chief: Pokey

Friend Code:93834489EH

50+ 2020-10-02 Hey guys! Decided to create a lvl 50+ tribe after my old tribe got inactive... Please try and level up to 50 or more, and please request with different monsters! I will remove people that are inactive for more than a week. See you there guys!
Da Bowgarts 10+ Chief: Da Bowgart

Friend Code: 94364903GF


Switched From 5+ to 10+! (If you don’t get let in wait for the next week)

2020-10-01 We are looking for more players! We want a good tribal level, and at the same time complete the tribal song. (I will only kick you if you are inactive and somebody join requests as the same monster.)
Pompom Gang +25 Chief: Lily

Friend Code: 30030119LH

25+ 2020-10-15 Looking for more members!!

We already have about 10 people who can get to level 40 each week, although the minimum level is 25 so don't stress if you can't get very high. We usually get to about lv400 by the end of the week. All I ask is that you please request a pompom, we would love to have a full pompom tribe!!

Musical Cheif Name : Mister Jessie81756664CM

Friend Code : 81756664CM

50+ 2020-09-22 Hey guys! All I ask is that you contribute and please choose a unique monster that isn't already on the island. If you don't level up for 2 weeks you will be removed and please do your best to go above the minimum, it would be greatly appreciated, and I can't wait to see your name pop up in the tribal requests!!!
The Scoops Squad Chief Name: Scoops63

Friend Code: 79212989NB

20+ 2020-09-21 Hi! I need help getting the full song for tribal island, so far I have Quibble, Tweedle, T-Rox, and Noggin. Someone had a Clamble but left... So it would be nice to have new members!
Anthology Chief: Fancyhat

Friend code: 67388003kj

25+ 2021-09-06 We have 2 places available for people willing to feed 25+ every week (please make friend code available when requesting to join). We hit 1500 pretty much every week but we need consistent feeders to carry on hitting the target!

Smaller monsters preferred as we already have a lot of the larger monsters and it's getting crowded on the island! First week of non-feeding gets muted, if you don't feed for a second week without a reason then the monster will be removed.

swag nation Chief name: Flaritual

Friend code: 94131932HK

5+ 2020-10-03 We mostly just want to farm star power. We don't mind having duplicate monsters but we would still like to complete the song so joining as different monsters would be very appreciated. Please feed your monsters or else we can't really gain much star power. At the moment are highest level has been 250 but with more people I bet it will grow quickly! If you join but are not active for a while (non-actives include people who do not feed their monster at all and loafing around for free star power without any effort) then once the tribe starts to get a bit more full we will boot you without hesitation...So yeah, please don't do that. Our current goal is to earn a good amount of star power per week!
Zeem's Account Army Zeem




1 2021-01-30 This is a tribe for inactives, newbies, or anyone who just wants to join! You don't have to feed, or even log on, as my two accounts and other members feed the tribe above level 100 every week. You will still get the weekly rewards, even if you don't feed! Please choose a monster that isn't on the island. Happy monstering!
The Wall 2 Floyd3


100 or more 2020-10-26 Recently created this tribe to accommodate more players from The Wall tribe. Any monster is welcome!
epic tribe B) cjdeibert


N/A 2020-10-01 Lvl. 200+ every week! Anybody is welcome! Any level is great and duplicates are fine :)
Join us! Chief Name: akoko

My friend code is 80254501BN

5+ 2020-10-15 Hello again!

Im looking for new members because almost all our members are inactive :(

Just send in a request and if you chose a monster that wasn’t active before I’ll kick them out and replace them with yours!

This time I really only want you to request when you know you can feed!

Yeah I think that’s it, I’m really friendly so don’t worry about getting kicked out hehe

Thanks in advance for your requests xx :)


E Chief Name : Swappie

ID : 92786378KK

Any level 2020-10-13 Pls join I’m bored.
We Be Jammin' Tiff


2020-10-15 Beginner Tribe playing for a 6 yr old that's crazy about the game...all monsters will be accepted, have two big players level 38 and level 45 that feed their two monsters. Just looking to have fun with music. Would love to hear the full song!
Takumi MawMaker

Don't know his code but mine is 96028983JL

2020-11-10 Tribe sounds really depressing with just a Tweedle and a Bowgart, honestly I don't care what monster you place but a Riff or Maw would be nice
Singles Tribe Zip


10 (but if you are able to feed to 50 then please do so) 2020-12-8 Single Elementals are the only monsters allowed in this tribe. Only 6 of each single elemental are allowed. Please feed your monster 1-10+ levels at least every day.
PomPom Gang Kaden1084


2021-01-17 Join as PomPom name is self-explanatory.
Amazingness petermcgilliv


10+ 2021-04-11 Please join as a monster we don't have yet. Level up 10 or more by the end of the week to not get kicked out.
Newbie tribe Torey


5+ 2021-04-17 HEYA JOIN HERE. Join the superior tribe (: Casual tribe for all: starter, veteran, intermediate, etc. We doing this to have a casual tribe. Well try our best and get better together, dependable!
poo lickers Chief: sippin_chicken517


1 to 20 2021-04-27 please join, feed monster to level 1 through 20.
Aimless Chief: Bigweld


2021-05-17 just join as a monster we don't have yet, no requirements other than that.
FMA Chief: SuperVal4



Level 1

(But if someone is feeding, you are of course welcome to join them ^^)

2021-09-07 We just want a full song with all the monsters on our tribal island, so feel free to add me and check out what's on the island right now and join as one of the missing monsters. No further requirements. I will accept anyone who picked a missing monster!
Deez Nuts lvl 20++ friend code: 82032514IC 20 or 20+ 2021-09-28
pls have youre monster up to lvl 20 until the end of the week

when not you will be kicked. Look what monster is not on the island and request it thanks.

Mug Maniacs [Lvl 10+] EnderMax21 - 1002146205DJ [Mobile] 10+ 2022-05-15 Hey, you're welcome to join this casual tribe, just no duplicates and try to keep your monsters over level 10.

feed ur monsters (Mobile) Joey-on air island. my code is (1009047114CG) 20+ 70+ join

the maw club (mobile) chief name: killme101 1013042894BM 1+ 1+ tuesday 21st of june 2022 please keep this tribe maw only if possible