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Oh, the giddy anticipation of a little Monster waiting for the Toy Factory! This will be fun!
In-game description

The Toy Factory is a secondary through tertiary Production Structure in Dawn of Fire that produces Crafting Items; it makes different toys. The Toy Factory is the sixteenth direct Production Structure, and the seventeenth, or final Production Structure available in the game, unlocked at level 33.


The products that are produced by the Toy Factory are listed below.

Note: The production times shown below are the default times. Upgrading the Toy Factory will decrease the production times.

Crafting Item Recipe Production Time Unlock Level Market Price Experience Type of Item
Crafting Item Polar Teddybear
Polar Teddybear
3 Wool
2 Needle
2 Cotton
2 Ice
3 hours 33 1,502 - 2,503 Coin25px-DoF 20 Experience Tertiary, end-product
Crafting Item Marionette
3 Bamboo
1 Cotton
2 Rope
4 hours 39 1,062 -  1,770 Coin25px-DoF 14 Experience Secondary, end-product
Crafting Item Toy Car
Toy Car
1 Log
4 Tire
10 hours 44 1,785 - 2,975 Coin25px-DoF 20 Experience Secondary, end-product
Crafting Item Slingshot
1 Slime
3 Log
1 Tire
10 hours 45 1,512 - 2,519 Coin25px-DoF 20 Experience Secondary, end-product
Crafting Item Clockwork Monkey
Clockwork Monkey
1 Spring
1 Copper
2 Cotton
2 Log
10 hours 47 5,211 - 8,685 Coin25px-DoF 69 Experience Secondary, end-product
Crafting Item Kite
1 Silk
2 Rope
4 Bamboo
10 hours 48 1,782 - 2,970 Coin25px-DoF 29 Experience Secondary, end-product


The Toy Factory may be upgraded to make processes a percentage faster. The equation for a Crafting Item's new speed after a certain upgrade is Original_Time * (100 / (0.95 + Upgrade_No * 0.05)), with "Original_Time" referring to the Crafting Item's default processing time, and "Upgrade_No" referring to the level that the structure is at after the upgrade.

The Toy Factory can be upgraded even when it is active. A random amount of crystals (a mix of Crystals, Polished Crystals and Carved Crystals, sometimes only one of a certain type) is required as well as coins. As the upgrade gets higher, the chances of getting a more expensive mix of Crystals is higher.

After upgrading, the selected Structure will run faster, and XP will be earned as well, the amount dependent on the difficulty of the combination of crystals.

Crystals + 100 Coins = 5% faster total.

Name Origin

As its name suggests, the Toy Factory is a factory that manufactures toys.


  • The Polar Teddybear has only one eye.
  • The Marionette features a version of the Furcorn.
  • The projectile that comes with the Slingshot appears to be the Wondermine item, the Slime.
  • Despite being the most expensive Production Structure, the Toy Factory does not produce the Crafting Item that has the longest guaranteed waiting time. The Vitamin Pill, which takes the longest production time at sixteen hours, is actually produced by the Apothecary.
  • The Toy Factory is one of two Production Structures to have only secondary through tertiary Crafting Items. The other is the Workshop.
  • The Toy Factory has been discounted before. The following are its past discounts:
    • In 2016:
    • In 2017:
      • The 2017 Anniversary Month Celebration: it was discounted by 50% from September 18th to September 21st.
      • 17th November 2017 to 20th November 2017 at 50% off.
    • In 2018:
      • 1st June 2018 to 4th June 2018. 50% off.
    • In 2019:
      • Anniversary Month stuffs. 50% off.
      • 6th to 9th December 2019. 50% off.
  • The Version 1.8.0 Update changed a few features of the Toy Factory:
    • As part of the "gameplay balance," all Crafting Items made by the Toy Factory had their crafting times doubled.
    • The Market price range for the Crafting Items increased as a result of their longer production times. Their old Market price ranges were:
      • Polar Teddybear: 1,277 - 2,128 Coin25px-DoF.
      • Marionette: 882 - 1,470 Coin25px-DoF.
      • Toy Car: 1,335 - 2,225 Coin25px-DoF.
      • Slingshot: 1,062 - 1,769 Coin25px-DoF.
      • Clockwork Monkey: 4,761 - 7,935 Coin25px-DoF.
      • Kite: 1,332 - 2,220 Coin25px-DoF.

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