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Memory game tip:

  • If you are new to the game, note that the memory game will reward you any time you beat your old record, but only if you beat your old record. So instead of trying to get the best score immediately, having a hard time beating it the next time around, only reach a single round first. Then reach round two, beating your old record of one, and get a reward. Then reach round three, and so on. See the Memory Game page for more details.(This version of the memory game is discontinued)

Breeding tips

  • When are rare promotion is on:
    • If it's a two element monster, breed with three element or breed the monster's elements
    • If it's a three element, breed with a four element
    • If a four element, breed elements

Account tips

  • Consider creating multiple accounts to use one account to 'level up' the other account, and vice versa.

Currency generation tips

  • Two monsters fed treats to a lower level generate more coins than a single monster fed treats up to a high level.
    • Example: Two 100% happy Entbrats at level 7 generate 268 coins per minute, the same as a single Entbrat at level 14. But you require 245,760 Treats to get that Entbrat to level 14, whereas getting two Entbrats to level 7 only requires 3,840 Treats.
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