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This machine can warp time. Try moving the slider back and forth to see what happens!

The Time Machine is a Structure that can be used to modify the speed of an island's song. It does not, however, speed up real-time, in that it does not affect the speed of Breeding, Incubation, Treat baking or Coin production.

Warping Time

The Time Machine allows the player to change both the pitch and speed of the monsters' singing and movements. It can be modified to make the song as slow as half the speed of the original song and one whole octave lower, all the way to as fast as double the speed of the original song and one whole octave higher.

If the player warps positively, then the song speeds up, the monsters' voices get higher pitched, and their animations will be faster.

If the player warps negatively, then the song slows down, the monsters' voices get lower pitched, and their animations will be slower.



  • With the update on July 9th, 2013, the speed of your island's song can be saved even when friends visit.
  • The time machine will also speed up/slow down the squashing animation used to select things on the island.
  • The little hand on the clock doesn't move.
  • Even recorded tracks follow the speed of the Time Machine.
  • The time machine cannot be used on the Tribal, Gold, or Composer Island.
  • The time machine is a metronome.

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