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Exclusive to My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire
The following article includes content exclusive to the game My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire.

Baby Bio:

Though it reigns over nothing more than its own Beds in the Castle, the crown-like planks circling the young Tiawa's head make it a Natural-born leader. The regal Monster's 'subjects' often turn to it for advice and guidance, but like most young 'uns, Tiawa's life experiences are limited to its fanciful make-believe play-dates with its pals.

Adult Bio:

With age, the mature Tiawa has learned that true leadership is not bestowed at birth, but rather earned by gaining wisdom and the trust of its fellow Monsters. Now as poised and confident as befits its regal crown, Tiawa is often sought after to resolve disputes, enact zany Island-wide bylaws, and impart its percussive prowess upon those Monsters that yearn to expand their musical horizons.


Tiawa is a quad fire monster introduced in the update 2.5.0.

As a baby, Tiawa is a 1 eyed orange monster with 2 short furry legs that are blue and green. It has a group of keys that decorate its head, complete with a bug-like appendages that hit the said keys.

As an adult, Tiawa stays relatively the same. the only differences being it has 2 eyes, 4 legs, and longer planks.


Audio sample:

Instrument: Marimba

Tiawa plays what sounds like a marimba. It hits its "crown" with appendages in front of them.


The Tiawa is bred with the combination of EarthElementDoF.png, WaterElementDoF.png, ColdElementDoF.png, and FireElementDoF.png. The combinations are:


Tiawa can be teleported to Cloud Island at level 15 for a reward of 4 diamonds. The teleport time for Tiawa is 40 hours.

Name Origin

Tiawa's name is a corruption of the word tiara. That Tiawa looks somewhat like a baby (even as an adult) might explain the corruption, as babies usually replace the r's with w's in their speech.


  • It is the first quad element monster to be unlocked, which is at level 5.
  • It is one of the only monsters to gain one or more eyes upon teleporting it.
  • Tiawa uses the unused Quibble sound as its third track, and can be heard in The Making of My Singing Monsters alongside Reedling and Incisaur.
  • It's code name is "Marimba"
  • The crown-like growth on it’s head may be inspired by ancient Aztec headwear, such as that worn by the god Quetzalcoatl.
  • Tiawa's design has been noted to resemble several Monsters in its appearance, including Galvana and Drummidary. This could be attributed to its orange-blue coloration, large size, and head features.
    • Tiawa may have been inspired by the scrapped Bisonorus concept, Doose. For one, their color palettes are incredibly similar, as both have a furry-feathery orange hide and yellow eyes. One other parallel is that the blue head of Doose gains a second eye in its adult form, similar to how Tiawa has one eye as a baby but two as an adult.
    • It also shares features with the scrapped Quint-Element Monster meant for the original game, the Mimic. Both have three legs as adults, and turquoise "crowns" atop their heads, as well as an overall green-and-yellow color scheme.
  • It was released the same day as Gob.
  • The Tiawa's animation was edited in Version 2.6.0 so that the planks moved as they were hit.
    • The adult Tiawa was also given a new track on Cloud Island

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