Thumpies is an rhythm-based game that had provided the main basis of the My Singing Monsters franchise. It was released on February 2010. Thumpies is set in the Thumpiesverse, a universe distinct from the Monster World. Some features of Thumpies has been incorporated into the game My Singing Monsters, including the Thumpies Totem and the Thumpies Totem, Too. Some of the Thumpies in the game itself are also incorporated into the game My Singing Monsters and My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire. Within My Singing Monsters, NoObiE and FurFacE are used for the common Thumpies, while RawT and ReeCesS are used for the Rare Thumpies and Rhootz and Izit were used for Epic Thumpies (MSM only), while Fwoot and Mosh were used for the Purple and Yellow Prismatic Thumpies respectively (DOF only). The symbol for the level doO-eNDay was used for the Mythical Element.


The main gameplay for the game Thumpies is to tap on each drum at the right timing to each Thumpies collision. Each of the Thumpies will bounce around each drum, either from outside the screen or from drum to drum. Unlike most rhythm games, the game detects accuracy on timing rather than a series of taps. More points are earned for accurate timing.

There are 18 levels in the game, each with their unique song.


Name Origins

  1. NoObie is a corruption of Newbie. This may be because this is the "first" Thumpie.
  2. FurFacE is pretty self explanatory. A corruption of Fur Face. This may be because FurFacE is pretty much a ball of Fur.
  3. RawT is a corruption of Rot because RawT seems to be a rotten or "zombie" version of a Thumpie.
  4. resees is a corruption of Recess. Probably because the Thumpie is just school supplies.
  5. TawooO may be a corruption of the onomatopoeia of an owl, "hoot". But it's backwards.
  6. FLipPy is a corruption of Flippy. This is probably because it looks like it is swapping moods. It may also be a reference to the character known as Fliqpy from the TV Show, Happy Tree Friends.
  7. RhooTz is a corruption of Roots. This is because RhooTz is just grass and plant roots.
  8. The "Karr" on Karrtoof comes from Dave Kerr. This is because it may have something to do with him. (see Notes)
  9. MoSH comes from the term "moshing", to push or slam someone usually at live music.
  10. BoOoo is pretty self explanatory. A corruption of the interjection Boo, which fits its ghostly appearance.
  11. Gooie is from the onomatopoeia of a baby "goo goo ga ga".
  12. Chesch is a corruption of Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.
  13. Anyanka is simply Anyanka, which was a popular name when this game was made. Or it could possibly be referring to Anya Jenkins.
  14. iziT is a corruption of "is it?". It looks like this Thumpie is shrugging.
  15. macE is quite self-explanatory (from the word "mace", as its head resembles a spike mace)
  16. Yuckles is a corruption of "chuckles", due to its clown-like appearance. The word "yuck" has been used to refer to a joke ("a big yuck"), and to laughing at a joke. "Chuckles the Clown" was a minor character on The Mary Tyler Moore Show.
  17. chomph comes from the word "chomp", referring to its mechanical jaw.
  18. FLipPy is a corruption of "flippy" which may refer to its two faces 'flipping' as it bounces.

Appearance Throughout MSM

Appearance Game Thumpies
Thumpies Totem Thumpies Totem MSM KarrToof, RhooTz, and ChoMPh
Thumpies Totem, Too Thumpies Totem, Too MSM iziT, TawooO, and Anyanka
Thumpies Thumpies MSM NoObiE and FurFacE
Rare Thumpies Rare Thumpies MSM RawT and ReeCEsS
Epic Thumpies Epic Thumpies MSM RhooTz and iziT
Purple Prismatic Thumpies Purple Prismatic Thumpies DoF FwoOT and sCooT
Blue Prismatic Thumpies Blue Prismatic Thumpies DoF fRAnKie and MumSy
Green Prismatic Thumpies Green Prismatic Thumpies DoF Ka8LyN and jON
Yellow Prismatic Thumpies Yellow Prismatic Thumpies DoF BanGeRS and MoSH
Orange Prismatic Thumpies Orange Prismatic Thumpies DoF RufF and TuMblE
Red Prismatic Thumpies Red Prismatic Thumpies DoF GoF and bAmf

Other Monsters in MSM also reference Thumpies' Songs through their nicknames. Some examples are: Dooiah (Toe Jammer), Kalnood (Scaratar), Rddahtoot, Yababa, Fædd, and Aetheri-awl (Ghazt).


  • The Thumpies names and the song names given in the game have deliberate random capitalization (CamelCase). This may be to demonstrate how wildly active the Thumpies are.
    • The only Thumpie whose name doesn't follow this format is Gahwg.
  • The Thumpies main menu music is the same as that of the mini-game of the MSM spin-off game My Mammott.
  • In the game on the right side of the stage select screen, there are two unplayable thumpies. One has a paper bag that looks like Rare Punkleton's over its face, named BuTter. The other has flutes sticking out of it resembling Reedling, named FwoOT.
  • The Thumpie BooO's coloring seems to resemble Whisp, but that may be a coincidence.
  • BooO's face also looks very similar to Mount Knottshurr and to a lesser extent, Mountain Morsel.
  • The ChoMPh Thumpie looks similar to Rare T-Rox, due to its mouth and color.
  • TawooO looks similar to Tweedle, but without wings
  • FurFacE was the first ever thumpie made.
  • Thumpies is not available for iOS 11+ due to the fact that the game is 32-bit and iOS 11+ no longer supports 32-bit apps.
  • In the files, Karrtoof's texture file has the codename of "Kerr". This may derive from the Thumpie having something to do with Dave Kerr, either being voiced by him or him coming up with the idea and/or design with the Thumpie.
  • the Gahwg thumpie resembles Mammott's Concept Art when it was a shark.
  • The symbol for the level doO-eNDay looks like the Mythical Element.
  • There was a PC version as seen here, however, download links have since broken.
  • The official trailer and gameplay video for the iOS app on Big Blue Bubble's channel has been made private. This is likely due to the Thumpies app no longer being supported.
  • Yuckles' laughter is reminiscent of The Joker, character from the Batman franchise.


The trailer begins with a butterfly going to be on a blue Thumpies mushroom, but then NoObiE comes out and chases the butterfly and then eats the camera. Then, the gameplay of the game starts. for text like: They're CUTE! They're a little EVIL! &... They're addicted to BUTTERFLIES! and then a waterfall of Thumpies (like all of them) and then the logo appears on the screen. And there is the final text saying: odd-ball rhythm game. Then the trailer is over.

Watch The Trailer Here[1]

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