• Hello, I'm sorry to bother you, but I noticed a couple things wrong in the facts.

    1: Strimes49's fact:  "That the wublin that requires the most eggs is Tympa," that's wrong, it's Drumwohl.

    2: Strimes49's fact: "That the only Werdo sale was during the anniversary month of 2017," it is now incorrect, it happened this year too.

    3: You're welcome I'm skipping capitalization/punctuation errors, or this would be an extremely long message.

    4: Cman999's fact: "That the Oaktopus has the lowest egg consumption of all the monsters," technically that's incorrect, Oaktopus has the same amount of Pango only counting Wublins, and Oaktopus has more counting the Celestials.

    5: Cman999's fact: "That, in the description of the Thumpies it says they are, 'well accustomed to interdimensional travel,' yet Thumpies can not be teleported anyywhere," that's not correct, the Gold Island is called interdimensional travel, according to BBB. Thus the Thumpies are teleported places, even in the original game.

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    • I need you to tell me which articles you're referring to.

      I chased down the first one.  The artcile says that it needs the most eggs from any one monster, which is correct.

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    • Ok, I realize I made a mistake on the first one.  But I'm looking at the page where you can submit new facts, on the home page.

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    • Okay, I've removed those errors (and a few others i found) as well as fixing some of the spelling and grammar problems.

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    • ok

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    • A FANDOM user
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