Ahh, nothing like fine art! The Thunker depicts a Monster engaged in Thunking, the act of thinking Thunks, profound thinks that are never spoken aloud. And it even has a pecking bird in the ancient "Art Monstreau" style - divine!

The The Thunker is a decoration available from the StarShop for 2,000 Starpower 2.0 (starpower).


The Thunker seems to display a monster very similar to the Barbloo Statue, maybe the same species, sitting in The Thinker pose. It has two bulging googly eyes with a fish-like mouth. There is a bird on it's head, which seems very similar to the DoF Bulletin Board.

Monsters Who Like It

The following monsters will have their happiness increased by 25% when near one of these.

Monster Island(s)
Epic Toe Jammer
Epic Toe Jammer
Plant, Cold, Air, Water, Earth,


Epic Maw
Epic Maw
Plant, Cold, Air, Oasis
Epic Entbrat
Epic Entbrat
Epic Cybop
Epic Cybop
Air, Water, Earth, Haven

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Market Happiness Likes
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