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PomPom Fam

All members of the Pomily

The Pomily are monsters resembling PomPom. These monsters also usually get their color from their diet, similar to flamingos. They all have two O’s in their names and their names usually end in an A.(the only exception being PomPom itself) All of them except for Hoola, Rare Hoola, and Epic Hoola have three elements.




Pomily Reference

Pomily named

  • Pomily is the official name, as it has been called in My Singing Monsters Live and in News posts on Twitter/Facebook.
  • During MSM Live #60 Monster-Handler Matt confirmed that any perceived resemblance between Wimmzies and The Pomily is coincidental.
  • Each member after PomPom follows the naming scheme of #oo#a (# representing a letter)
  • While the Pomily (like all Monsters) are genderless, they have been referred to by the Monster-Handlers (in MSM Live #47) as having a "Sisterly bond".
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