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Had it not been for seismic serendipity unearthing it from its hiding place, the existence of the Colossingum might have remained a secret forever. Estimated to date back to the waning years of the Dawn of Fire, the provenance of its magnificent architecture is regarded to be the first-recorded instance of a Colossal spirit imbuing its life-force into an island. Evidence suggests that this was the site of rigorous musical training and friendly choral competition. Today, monsters are establishing a restored presence on the Colossingum, to resume their musical empowerment and to discover the secrets held within its ancient brickwork.
In-game description


The Colossingum is a unique new Island where Monsters can train and compete in thrilling musical battles to win Monsterrific rewards. Teleport a selection of Level 5+ Monsters from the Natural Islands to the Colossingum, send them to the Conservatory for training, and sign them up for challenging Colossingum Quests to win big! More Monsters and a new Versus (PvP) mode coming soon. It is quite like Composer Island.

A bare Colossingum

Indigenous Monsters

Currently only Common Natural Monsters can teleport to and battle in The Colossingum.

Monster Element Max
Power icon.png
Stamina icon.png
Tweedle (Party Hardy Hat).png Tweedle Air Portrait.png 366 1,834
Potbelly (Bowl-Cuttings).png Potbelly Plant Portrait.png 397 1,681
Noggin (Slideshow Intern).png Noggin Earth Portrait.png 489 1,223
Toe Jammer (Folly Roger).png Toe Jammer Water Portrait.png 428 1,528
Mammott (Belt of Belting).png Mammott Cold Portrait.png 458 1,376
Dandidoo (Fanciful Florets).png Dandidoo Air Portrait.pngPlant Portrait.png 672 3,057
Cybop (Chitin Mittens).png Cybop Air Portrait.pngEarth Portrait.png 611 3,363
Quibble (Dyad Hatters).png Quibble Air Portrait.pngWater Portrait.png 703 2,324
Pango (Dynamic Dome).png Pango Air Portrait.pngCold Portrait.png 642 3,210
Shrubb (Conehead).png Shrubb Plant Portrait.pngEarth Portrait.png 856 2,293
Oaktopus (Cotton Dandy).png Oaktopus Plant Portrait.pngWater Portrait.png 886 2,232
Furcorn (Fashion Forward).png Furcorn Plant Portrait.pngCold Portrait.png 978 2,140
Fwog (Narwhaaa?).png Fwog Earth Portrait.pngWater Portrait.png 795 2,507
Drumpler (Thingia Swag).png Drumpler Earth Portrait.pngCold Portrait.png 733 2,752
Maw (Sensory Furphones).png Maw Water Portrait.pngCold Portrait.png 825 2,385
Reedling (Oni-rous Mask).png Reedling Air Portrait.pngPlant Portrait.pngEarth Portrait.png 1,100 4,586
Spunge (Umbrella Hat).png Spunge Air Portrait.pngPlant Portrait.pngWater Portrait.png 1,253 3,914
Thumpies (Crash Test Gear).png Thumpies Air Portrait.pngPlant Portrait.pngCold Portrait.png 1,223 3,975
Scups (Plans for Nigel).png Scups Air Portrait.pngEarth Portrait.pngWater Portrait.png 1,192 4,036
PomPom (Pom-Mohawk).png PomPom Air Portrait.pngEarth Portrait.pngCold Portrait.png 1,162 4,097
Congle (Ten Gallon Hat).png Congle Air Portrait.pngWater Portrait.pngCold Portrait.png 1,284 3,853
Pummel (Horned Spangenhelm).png Pummel Plant Portrait.pngEarth Portrait.pngWater Portrait.png 1,467 3,302
Clamble (Bough Down).png Clamble Plant Portrait.pngEarth Portrait.pngCold Portrait.png 1,345 3,669
Bowgart (Ushanka Very Much).png Bowgart Plant Portrait.pngWater Portrait.pngCold Portrait.png 1,376 3,608
T-Rox (Construction, A head).png T-Rox Earth Portrait.pngWater Portrait.pngCold Portrait.png 1,223 3,975
Shellbeat (Cod Topper).png Shellbeat Air Portrait.pngPlant Portrait.pngEarth Portrait.pngWater Portrait.png 1,834 8,409
Quarrister (Sweatbands).png Quarrister Air Portrait.pngPlant Portrait.pngEarth Portrait.pngCold Portrait.png 1,681 9,173
Deedge (Scrooball).png Deedge Air Portrait.pngPlant Portrait.pngWater Portrait.pngCold Portrait.png 2,140 6,268
Riff (Heavymetal Helmet).png Riff Air Portrait.pngEarth Portrait.pngWater Portrait.pngCold Portrait.png 1,987 7,339
Entbrat (Horn Warmers).png Entbrat Plant Portrait.pngEarth Portrait.pngWater Portrait.pngCold Portrait.png 2,293 5,504


The Colossingum has its own levels, that requires its own Battle Experience (Battle XP icon.png).

Level Battle Exp Unlocks
2 200 Battle XP icon.png Slideshow Intern (Noggin)
Log Drum
3 300 Battle XP icon.png Folly Roger (Toe Jammer)
Spurrit of Adventure Model
4 450 Battle XP icon.png Narwhaaa? (Fwog)
5 600 Battle XP icon.png Thingia Swag (Drumpler)
6 750 Battle XP icon.png Sensory Furphones (Maw)
7 1,000 Battle XP icon.png Construction, A head (T-Rox)
Bowl-Cuttings (Potbelly)
Costume Rack
8 5,000 Battle XP icon.png

Conehead (Shrubb)
Cotton Dandy (Oaktopus)

9 10,000 Battle XP icon.png Fashion Forward (Furcorn)
Horned Spangenhelm (Pummel)
Craft Services Table
10 20,000 Battle XP icon.png Bough Down (Clamble)
Ushanka Very Much (Bowgart)
Tamborine Trampoline
11 40,000 Battle XP icon.png Party Hardy Hat (Tweedle)
Spiral Engravings (Entbrat)
12 75,000 Battle XP icon.png Dynamic Dome (Pango)
Fanciful Florets (Dandidoo)
13 150,000 Battle XP icon.png Ten Gallon Hat (Congle)
Dyad Hatters (Quibble)
Critter Fountain
14 300,000 Battle XP icon.png Crash Test Gear (Thumpies)
Umbrella Hat (Spunge)
15 600,000 Battle XP icon.png Skrooball (Deedge)
Chitin Mittens (Cybop)
Gaung Tree
16 1,200,000 Battle XP icon.png Space Ploddity (Scups)
Pom-Mohawk (PomPom)
17 2,000,000 Battle XP icon.png Heavymetal Helmet (Riff)
Breath Tweeter (Reedling)
Monstrolympic Torch
18 4,000,000 Battle XP icon.png Cod Topper (Shellbeat)
19 6,000,000 Battle XP icon.png Sweatbands (Quarrister)
20 8,000,000 Battle XP icon.png Simbull Tree
21 10,000,000 Battle XP icon.png
22 12,000,000 Battle XP icon.png
23 14,000,000 Battle XP icon.png
24 16,000,000 Battle XP icon.png
25 18,000,000 Battle XP icon.png
26 20,000,000 Battle XP icon.png
27 22,000,000 Battle XP icon.png
28 24,000,000 Battle XP icon.png
29 26,000,000 Battle XP icon.png
30 28,000,000 Battle XP icon.png

Special Structures

  • Mess Hall - Works much like Hotels, and acts similar to Castles in that you can tap and mute or alter the background track. There are currently twelve different background tracks to choose from that become unlocked as the Colossingum level increases.
  • Conservatory - Train your monsters and make them stronger.


Main article: Battle

In the Colossingum, players can battle in Quests, and in the future: Versus (Starts Friday, December 4th).



  • This is the first island since Fire Oasis not to have the word "Island" in its name. It is also the first island since Composer Island to not include an element in its name.
  • It is the only Island with a Nursery to not have a Breeding Structure.
    • Initially, the Nursery could not be upgraded. This has since been changed.
  • The Battle Theme is actually the pre-1.1.7 Loading and Market theme.
  • The Colossingum came out in September 3, 2020 during anniversary month in the 3.0.0 update.
  • Its description points out that its existence comes from the Dawn of Fire, but nothing like it has been seen until today in the game. Besides, it is not possible to send fire monsters to the Colossingum
  • The song in the Colossingum is the loading song from the title screen, however, you can mute the song if you tap “mute” your Mess Hall. This affects not only your island, but your friend's islands when you view them.
  • As of 3.0.1, it is possible to move the structures on the Colossingum without having to tap and hold them.
  • This is the first island since Celestial Island where the Fire element is absent.
    • This is also the first island since Fire Oasis where the Air element is present.
  • The Starshop can be accessed through the mailbox during sales and promotions and when decorations are bought they stay on the island and give you 15,000 BXP each.
  • When starting the 2nd stage of BUM-ble Beginnings, they will always admit defeat. This was never changed.
  • The Colossingum's hieroglyphics - Main Article: Monstroglyphics - have told some history behind it and possibly the reason for the end of the Dawn of Fire.
    • The first one states that that 2 colossals (possibly it and Tribal Island) had a disagreement on how to disrupt the monster's peace and stability, which may mean that the colossals had staged an event at the end of the Fire age for an unknown reason that resulted in the age ending and them becoming islands.
    • The second and third ones give some history behind the Colossingum, saying its colossal felt individual training, conducted in a special environment and honing each monster's skills, was the answer. It found an abandoned landmass and imbued its lifeforce to it to make the Colossingum. This was a timely decision though, as it wasn't long before the Dawn of Fire age ended.
    • The fourth and final one states the other colossus instead used its lifeforce to make a island with a amber centerpiece and focusing in harmony. This is probably Tribal Island, as it focuses on harmony (tribes) and has an amber centerpiece in the middle housing the Kayna.
  • This is the first Island without a unique song.
    • Technically, it would be Composer Island, but you can make notes for the monsters to sing, whereas here you can't make notes for monsters nor do they have any themselves.
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