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Discover ancient artifacts harkening back to Monster antiquity in this Earth Island Skin! Hahoo is a great stone scribe who possesses the singular ability to engrave records of Monster history into the brickwork of its very body - though tragically, these engravings are in a language known only to Hahoo itself. Etched into the surface of this living library are retellings of every major event in the Monster World, stretching back to the Dawn of Fire and beyond.


Temple of Hahoo is an Island Skin available for purchase. Once purchased, its appearance can be toggled on/off. Additionally, a permanent boost is added to Earth Island upon purchasing.

Temple of Hahoo (empty)


  • 10% speed up incubation in Nursery
  • 15% speed up of Monster Coin production
  • 2x multiplier for Wishing Torch effect

Once an Island Skin has been bought, its Boosts are automatically added to that Island. The Skin does not need to be activated to use the Boosts.

These Boosts only apply to regular Earth Island, and not Mirror Earth Island.


TempleofHahoo Symbols.png

Popup for purchasing Temple of Hahoo Skin

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