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To be used inside "Recipe" columns of Structure article tables, as well as used in Template:Infobox Crafting Item. Use {{Crafting Item|<Name of Crafting Item>}}.

List of Crafting Items
Seedling Vegidian Crystal Apple Applesauce Grain Coconut Apple Tart Coconut Butter Bamboo Bamboo Flute Polished Vegidian Carved Vegidian Crystal Apple Juice Frozium Crystal Sugar Cane
Coconut Milk Sugar Cookie Tropical Slime Slime Polished Frozium Crystal Mushroom Ice Apple Ice Pop Mushroom Umbrella Coconut Cheese Carved Frozium Crystal Log Ice Cream Chair
Hot Pepper Lemon Syrup Lemon Drop Cough Syrup Lemon Cake Amber Skylite Crystal Polished Skylite Crystal Carved Skylite Crystal Lemonade Wool Cradle Bandage Candy Apple
Amber Lollipop Cactus Glitter Cactus Cheesecake Peppermint Candy Sour Ice Drops Needle Sunglasses Booster Shot Wool Scarf Glittery Scarf Sand Stone Desert Salad Mud Pie
Rattle Spring Aquanine Crystal Polished Aquanine Crystal Carved Aquanine Crystal Night Light Cotton Bouncy Mattress Pillow Marshmallow Polar Teddybear Tomato Pizza Acorn Tomato Soup
Acorn Butter Mushroom Pizza Swamp Stew Copper Rope Nutbar Copper Trumpet Earmuffs Marionette String Noodles Stonyx Crystal Pumpkin Polished Stonyx Crystal Carved Stonyx Crystal Vegetable Juice
Pumpkin Pie Curry Noodles Vitamin Pill Tire Toy Car Rocky Road Donut Slingshot Stroller Silk Clockwork Monkey Kite Silk Scarf Ice Pack

Example usage inside the "Recipe" column of a table

Crafting Item Recipe Production Time Unlock Level Market Price Experience Type of Item
Crafting Item Apple Tart.png
Apple Tart
3 Apple
1 Grain
1 minute 4 72 - 120 Coins 1 Experience Secondary, end-product
Crafting Item Cookie.png
2 Grain
1 Coconut Butter
2 Sugar
1 hour 10 554 - 923 Coins 7 Experience Tertiary, end-product
Crafting Item Apple Ice Pop.png
Apple Ice Pop
2 Apple Juice
2 Ice
3 hours 12 765 - 1,275 Coins 10 Experience Quaternary, end-product
Crafting Item Lemon Cake.png
Lemon Cake
2 Lemon
3 Grain
1 Coconut Butter
10 hours 18 1,274 - 2,123 Coins 16 Experience Tertiary, end-product
Crafting Item Mud Pie.png
Mud Pie
3 Sand
2 Grain
1 Applesauce
3 hours 29 1,871 - 3,118 Coins 24 Experience Tertiary, end-product
Crafting Item Pizza.PNG
2 Grain
3 Tomato
1 Coconut Cheese
8 hours 34 1,923 - 3,204 Coins 25 Experience Quaternary, intermediate
Crafting Item Mushroom Pizza.png
Mushroom Pizza
1 Pizza
1 Mushroom
9 hours 36 3014 - 5023 Coins ? Experience Quintinary, end-product
Crafting Item Pumpkin Pie.png
Pumpkin Pie
2 Pumpkin
2 Grain
8 hours 42 TBD - TBD Coins ? Experience Secondary, end-product