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Syncopite is a Diamond in the rough: unpolished and unrefined, yet glistening with an immense potential concealed inside its crude frame. The rugged Celestial has a surprisingly magnetic personality, capable of uniting its fellow Monsters and forging rock-solid friendships. Unfortunately, this inherent magnetism can be troublesome for the mineralized Monster, whose thoughts are frequently interrupted by the sudden collision of stones against its crystalline cranium.


Syncopite has been first released to My Singing Monsters on 26 July 2018. Reborn Syncopite is short and stubby. Its floating rocks are above its head instead of being next to its body. The crystalline part of its body is much brighter than its adult form's and, as stated previously, shorter. It also lacks arms, unlike its adult form.


Syncopite's song is a series of rhythmic beats created by hitting its own crystalline body with the rocks that float near it to make a hi-hat type sound.


Syncopite cannot be bred. Like all Celestials, it is bought for 90 Diamond25px at the Market as an inactive statue that must be woken up.


Inactive statues bought on Celestial Island must be woken up in a similar fashion to the Wublins. Like all statues, Diamonds can be used to fill any missing eggs and automatically wake up the statue. All statues have a time limit and must be filled within said limit, or the statue will reset. Once the first egg is zapped, the Syncopite statue will expire after 11 days.

Tweedle-eggx6Potbelly-eggx12Noggin-eggx75Toe Jammer-eggx30Dandidoo-eggx6Cybop-eggx3

Quibble-eggx6Shrubb-eggx2 Oaktopus-eggx5Fwog-eggx10Reedling-eggx4Pummel-eggx4



Players with high level monsters and permanent wishing torches should avoid using a breeding combination of a four-element and a three-element monsters to get a three-element monster egg, because the chances of obtaining an Ethereal monster that will block the breeding structure for a long time are high. Unless a respective rare monster is available, it is better to breed three-element monster with another 1, 2 or 3-element monster consumed by Syncopite.


  • Syncopite is the first Ethereal Celestial to be brought to the main game.
  • Although called Ethereal, it does not consume any Ethereal eggs.
    • This was likely done to make it easier to revive, as Ethereals are extremely rare.
    • The eggs required to revive Syncopite are of monsters available on Water Island, which is also where the Crystal element monster Jeeode is available.
  • When Syncopite was first released, Hornacle went on sale for over a month.
  • Syncopite sounds noticiably different from its Dawn Of Fire counterpart.

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