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The Syncopite​ was born of a seismic event during which the silence of the primordial cosmic hush grew so heavy, it collapsed under its own weight and compressed into a dense, luminous mass. The Syncopite splintered off from this celestial whole - a living megalith of crystal and rock, exploding and retracting in a percussive celebration of music and life. Its crystalline core and rocky surface reflect, retract, and absorb astral groove-lengths, while keeping time to the rhythm of the Monster World.


The Syncopite is a tall monster with a body made of both crystal and rock. The crystalline part, which is by far the largest, starts as cyan, but gradually darkens near its edges, becoming greener.

The rocky part completely covers Syncopite's feet, legs, torso and arms, as well as its eyebrows and shoulders. Chunks of that same rock float around the crystalline part, hitting the crystal to make a hi-hat and beat sound. Every time the rocks tap on its head, it glows.

Syncopite has eyes with purple pupils and lavender sclera, and a barely visible mouth, located between its rocky and crystalline parts.

It is a Celestial Monster of the Crystal element.

Its constellation is called Crystalline Crop.


Syncopite's song is a series of rhythmic beats created by hitting its own crystalline body with the rocks that float near it to make a hi-hat type sound, similar to the Ziggurab's or the Repatillo's sound.


Syncopite, like all other Celestials, cannot be bred. Instead, the player must cross all 24 points in Crystalline Crop within the month of May (31 days) to unlock Syncopite.


Completing Crystalline Crop will unlock Syncopite to be placed on Starhenge.

Name Origin

Syncopite's name comes from Syncopation and -ite, a suffix that's usually used in the scientific names of minerals. It could also be based on "Cinco", which is the Spanish word for five, in which Syncopite represents the fifth month of the year, May.


  • Syncopite is the tenth Celestial Monster to be released to My Singing Monsters: Dawn Of Fire.
  • When Syncopite sleeps, the rocks levitating around the crystalline part of its body group up and surround the crystal.
  • The crystalline part of Syncopite’s icon in the Starhenge Shop is bright. When placed on Starhenge itself, it's dark.
  • In natural monthly order from January to December, Syncopite is the first Celestial to have an unnatural element (as Fire is considered a natural element in DOF).
  • Syncopite is the only Dawn Of Fire Monster to have floating parts. In the entire franchise, Syncopite is the sixth to have that characteristic. The first one is the Ghazt, the second being Rare Ghazt, the third being Rare Jeeode, the fourth one being Theremind (but only when it sings), the fifth one being Yuggler, and sixth being of course Syncopite, but it's the only non-Ethereal (kind of, as it's based on the Crystal element) and non-Magical Monster to do so (and by extension, the only monster in Dawn Of Fire).
  • Syncopite being green may be because May's birthstone is emerald, which is a green gemstone, just like the crystalline part of Syncopite.
  • If you are born under the Crystal Celestial Syncopite, your astrological sign is either a Taurus (May 1st - 20th) or a Gemini (May 21st - 31st)
  • In this playing animation, it seems to do the Lightning Bolt, which is Usain Bolt's signature.

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