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SummerSong is a Seasonal element in My Singing Monsters that is manifested in the Hoola, Rare Hoola, and the Epic Hoola on Air Island, Earth Island, and their Mirror Islands. These monsters are only available during SummerSong (Summer in the Northern Hemisphere) or sometimes out-of-season during special events such as the Anniversary Month Celebration which allows breeding. The Summer season is normally celebrated within the months of July and August, however, the times vary from year to year. Check out the Special Occasions page for the dates and times of the past Summer seasons.

Affiliated Monsters

The list of monsters that are affiliated with the Summer element are listed below.

Elemental Number Monster Rare Epic Air Island.png Air Island Earth Island.png Earth Island Gold Island.png Gold Island Seasonal Shanty.png Seasonal Shanty
7/16/2013 (common)
7/16/2016 (rare)
7/17/2019 (epic)
Seasonal Monsters File:Hoola.png
Summer Element.png
Hoola Portrait.png
File:Rare Hoola.png
Rare Hoola
Summer Element.png
Rare Hoola Portrait.png
File:Epic Hoola.png
Epic Hoola
Summer Element.png
Epic Hoola Portrait.png
Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Checkmark.png

SummerSong Decorations

Seasonal Decoration Level Size Cost Sells for XP
Granular Castle.png
Granular Castle
9 2 x 2 1,250,000 Coins
Ethereal Island:
2,500 Shards
937,500 Coins
Ethereal Island:
1,875 Shards
15,000 XP icon.png
Beach Chair.png
Beach Chair
9 2 x 2 2,500,000 Coins
Ethereal Island:
5,000 Shards
1,875,500 Coins
Ethereal Island:
3,750 Shards
15,000 XP icon.png
Hot Tub.png
Hot Tub
9 2 x 2 25 Diamonds 2,750 Coins
Ethereal Island:
8 Shards
15,000 XP icon.png
Hut of a Thousand Perfumes.png
Hut of a Thousand Perfumes
9 2 x 2 50 Diamonds 5,500 Coins
Ethereal Island:
11 Shards
15,000 XP icon.png

SummerSong 2013

SummerSong was from July 16th to August 19th

SummerSong 2014

SummerSong was from July 9th to August 14th

SummerSong 2015

SummerSong was from July 15th to August 19th

SummerSong 2016

SummerSong was from July 15th to August 15th

SummerSong 2017

SummerSong was from July 14th to August 14th

SummerSong 2018

SummerSong was from July 11th to August 13th

SummerSong 2019

SummerSong was from July 17th to August 19th In the SummerSong 2019 trailer, we first saw DJ Epic and the Clubbox. Throughout the trailer played a remixed version of the Earth Island song. During the video, Epic Hoola was revealed and Epic Pango’s silhouette was teased. SummerSong animated seasonal decoration were also released for the event. The monsters thought that DJ Epic was Epic Hoola instead, but it was common Hoola all along.

SummerSong 2020

SummerSong was from July 15th to August 12th Tawkerr and Stoowarb were both released on Earth Island. In the event trailer, as they were singing “Do the Earthquake”, an actual earthquake happened, causing a new island to be come out from under the Living Ocean. This island was later revealed as the The Colossingum. Rare Thrumble was also teased on the loading screen and the trailer.

SummerSong 2021

Summersong started on July 21st and ended August 16th. Enchantling, the Magical Sanctum quad, was revealed in the trailer, along with Hoola on the Colossingum. Exclusive summer song costumes were also released. Some of the monsters wearing their costumes were seen on the loading screen. Near the end of the trailer, the Epic versions of the natural monsters from Shugabush Island get abducted and then later quickly zip by, meaning Epic Monsters are likely to be added to Shugabush Island soon. Some of these Epics also appear in the loading screen.

At 2:03, there is something that says "Clubbox + C.M" This is a reference to the "W.B. + G.V" part of Wubbox's bio on Wublin Island. It is currently unknown what C.M stands for, though it could stand for ColossinguM, indicating that a Clubbox decoration may be added or a Clubbox remix may be added to the Jukebox.

SummerSong Series

In SummerSong 2021, a new series feature for Costumes was added to the game, with the series to be released being SummerSong.

Monster Costume Cost Year Added
Tweedle Tweedle.png Tweedle (Club Box Necklace).pngClub Box Necklace 20 Diamonds 2021
Cybop Cybop.png Cybop (Parasol-ing).pngParasol-ing 20 Diamonds 2021
Pango Pango.png Pango (Lei It On Me).pngLei It On Me 20 Diamonds 2021
Shrubb Shrubb.png Shrubb (Thumpiebait Cap).pngThumpiebait Cap 20 Diamonds 2021
Thumpies Thumpies.png Thumpies (Take Me To Thumpie Town).pngTake Me To Thumpie Town 25 Diamonds 2021
Quarrister Quarrister.png Quarrister (Rock Pile Rags).pngRock Pile Rags 30 Diamonds 2021
Deedge Deedge.png Deedge (Beach Bum).pngBeach Bum 30 Diamonds 2021
Humbug Humbug.png Humbug (Straw Hat Disguise).pngStraw Hat Disguise 40 Diamonds 2021
Tawkerr Tawkerr.png Tawkerr (Stark Raving).pngStark Raving 25 Diamonds 2021
Do Do.png Do (Palm Tree Topper).pngPalm Tree Topper 10 Diamonds 2021
Re Re.png Re (Volcano Topper).pngVolcano Topper 10 Diamonds 2021
Mi Mi.png Mi (Pineapple Topper).pngPineapple Topper 10 Diamonds 2021
Fa Fa.png Fa (Tiki Mask Topper).pngTiki Mask Topper 10 Diamonds 2021
Sol Sol.png Sol (Coconut Topper).pngCoconut Topper 10 Diamonds 2021
La La.png La (Hibiscus Topper).pngHibiscus Topper 10 Diamonds 2021
Ti Ti.png Ti (Flora Topper).pngFlora Topper 10 Diamonds 2021