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Sure, the name 'Striking Bulbs' could refer to the fact that they're pretty to look at, but those in the know insist it's a reference to their propensity for striking conga drums.

The Striking Bulbs is a decoration available from the StarShop, costing 600 Starpower (starpower).


The Striking Bulbs looks like a set of conga drums with plant bulbs acting as drum sticks.

Monsters Who Like It

The following monsters will have their happiness increased by 25% when near one of these.

Monster Island(s)
Epic Potbelly.png
Epic Potbelly
Plant, Cold, Water,

Earth, Haven, Light, Psychic, Shugabush

Epic Maw.png
Epic Maw
Plant, Cold, Air,


Epic Quibble.png
Epic Quibble
Cold, Air, Water,

Oasis, Shugabush

Rare Banjaw.png
Rare Banjaw

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Name Origin

The name "Striking Bulbs" refers quite literally to the plant bulbs striking the conga drums.




Market Happiness Likes