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Stonyx Crystal is the last raw Crystal to be unlocked. Its market price is 78 - 130 Coins. It is unlocked at Level 41, when Earth Lands becomes unlocked.


The Crafting Item Stonyx Crystal is a black crystal that appears similar to a piece of unpolished obsidian. It can also be interpreted as being shaped like a black version of one of the original game's currencies, Shards.

It can be found around Earth Lands, sitting around places around the perimeters of Earth Lands.


Stonyx Crystal can be used for crafting Polished Stonyx Crystal by using the Jeweler.


To craft Stonyx Crystal, simply find them around the perimeters of Earth Lands, then tap on them to collect them. Every five minutes, to a maximum of two at once, one Stonyx Crystal will appear on Water Lands.

No Experience is earned when collecting Stonyx Crystals.

Skyship requirements

As crystals, Stonyx Crystal is not required in any Skyship orders whatsoever.


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