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MSM promo of "Stickers" in iOS 10


Some of the stickers in iOS 10

Stickers are a new feature added to My Singing Monsters. As you level up, more stickers become available in the iMessenge app. In total there are 30 known stickers, one for each natural monster species in My Singing Monsters, excluding monsters with Fire. Thus, leveling up to Level 30 will unlock all stickers.

Stickers are only available to those users who also have iOS 10 on their device.


  • lvl 1: Tweedle, charging up with a determined expression
  • Potbelly, apparently in pain(or in shock)
  • lvl 2: Noggin, giving the thumbs down
  • lvl 3: Toe Jammer, jiggling and saying "??"
  • lvl 4:Mammot, giving the thumbs up
  • lvl 5:Dandidoo, buried in papers, wearing a worried expression
  • lvl 6: Cybop, holding papers (containing instructions for buiding a cybop) in its tail, with one paper flying around it in the breeze. Content/Bored expression.
  • lvl 7: Quibble, each head reading a book.
  • lvl 8: Pango, quivering with its claws in its beak, eyes darting from left to right; worried expression
  • lvl 9: Shrubb, chin on its fist, sighing. Bored expression.
  • lvl 10: A happy Oaktopus, with a baseball in one tentacle (and one in its leaves) an a baseball mit on its other tentacle. Constantly throws the ball in and out of the mit.
  • lvl 11: Furcorn, holding a big heart with its toes, with a heart replacing its leaf, and hearts appearing around it.
  • lvl 12: Fwog, opening its mouth wide and saying "!" Shocked expression.
  • lvl 13: Drumpler, holding a drumstick up to its ear and talking, as though it were a phone.
  • lvl 14: Maw, laughing out loud and saying "HA! HA!"
  • Reedling, with its pipes, tail, and eyes drooping. Sad expression.
  • Spunge, wearing a bib, holding a cupcake in each arm, drooling, and licking its chaps
  • Thumpies, jumping up and bumping into each-other; a friendly gesture.
  • Scups, crying.
  • PomPom, standing on one leg and shaking its pom poms.


  • Kayna is the only single element natural monster in My Singing Monsters to not get a sticker.
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