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There was some controversy as to what these floating relics should be called. One of the suggestions that was 'floated' around was Rockstars, since they positively radiate Starpower energy. However, Shugabush of Plant Island tells us that means something different where it comes from, so the monsters went with Star Rocks instead.

The Star Rocks is a decoration available from the StarShop, costing 300 Starpower (starpower).


The Star Rocks have one large glowing rock, which levitates above the ground, orbited by three smaller rocks.  All have glowing lines and markings; the central rock's markings have a hollow star at the top, and a spiral in the middle. The colour of the glow, and the shape, depend on which Island the Star Rocks are placed on.

  • On the Natural Islands, the central rock is shaped like an obelisk
  • On the Fire Islands, the central rock is shaped like a flame
  • On the Magical Islands, the central rock is shaped like a star
  • On Ethereal Island, instead of a central rock surrounded by other rocks, it’s a glowing sphere, partly covered by rocks, making a pattern.
  • On Shugabush Island, the central rock is shaped like a Mandolin, and the other rocks form the drums, drumsticks, and speakers.

Monsters Who Like It

The following monsters will have their happiness increased by 25% when near one of these.

Monster Island(s)
Epic Mammott.png
Epic Mammott
Plant, Cold, Air,

Earth, Oasis, Light, Faerie, Shugabush

Epic Potbelly.png
Epic Potbelly
Plant, Cold, Water,

Earth, Haven, Light, Psychic, Shugabush

Air, Earth
Epic Shellbeat.png
Epic Shellbeat
Epic Wubbox (Plant Island).png
Epic Wubbox
Epic Reebro.png
Epic Reebro
Air, Ethereal

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  • In the description, the Shugabush probably thinks of "rockstars" as actual musical players that play rock music.
  • Star Rocks, somewhat like Oaktopus and Deedge on Shugabush Island have a different appearance depending on which island they were placed on. For example, on Plant Island, the color is green, while on Cold Island, it's blue.
  • When the StarShop was first introduced to beyond the Natural Islands, the Star Rocks were initially not available on any of the other islands (i.e. Fire Haven, Fire Oasis, Psychic Island), but later they were released on the Fire Islands. Star Rocks were then added to Light Island and Psychic Island to kick off the Festival of Yay 2020, and were then added to Faerie Island and Bone Island on January 13th, 2021. The StarShop opened for the first time on Ethereal Island and Shugabush Island in update 3.0.4 on February 10th, 2021, adding new Star Rocks to those two islands.
  • When selected, the glowing orb inside Ethereal Island Star Rocks pulses with transparency.
  • Currently Magical Sanctum is the only island that has access to the StarShop, but doesn't have Star Rocks available to purchase.




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