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The StarShop is a place where the player can go to purchase Rare Monsters and exclusive decorations with Starpower. It was introduced in the 1.3.6 update.

Rare Monsters


Different rare monsters are available for purchase at different times. Check news to find out if any are currently available. The one exception is the Rare Wubbox which is available all the time. There is also Rare fire hybrids you can purchase but you can't purchase Rare Magicals yet in the StarShop.


Rare Monster Cost Discounted
(first 48h)
Rare Wubbox 1 Starpower N/A
Natural Single Element Rare 1,000 Starpower 500 Starpower
Fire Single Element Rare 1,500 Starpower 750 Starpower
Natural Double Element Rare 1,500 Starpower 750 Starpower
Fire Double Element Rare 2,500 Starpower 1,250 Starpower
Natural Triple Element Rare 2,500 Starpower 1,250 Starpower
Fire Triple Element Rare 5,000 Starpower 2,500 Starpower
Natural Quad Element Rare 5,000 Starpower 2,500 Starpower
Fire Quad Element Rare 7,500 Starpower 3,750 Starpower

Monsters can only be purchased for an island if they can exist on that island. For example, you can buy a Rare Noggin on Plant Island, but not on Cold Island. Monsters bought from the StarShop are eggs and must be incubated just like normal eggs before they can be placed on an island. The Nursery must be empty to purchase an egg.

There also used to be frequent "Rares Duet" offers where two Rares of opposite elements in the StarShop are on sale, which lasts a week. When such Rares are offered they become available for that duration (or discounted by half in pre-2.0.0.).

Unfortunately, since one day after the 2.0.0 update, released in September 2016, the Rares will only be in the StarShop when there are certain limited events, or only available on a rotational basis, making the Rares more "rare". However, due to the multitude of complaints by the My Singing Monsters fans, it had been announced that the Rares would become all-year-round available from 23rd September 2016 to the end of September, at the time also decreasing their cost by 75%. Also fortunately, in the same post they announce rotational basis of a Rares Duet every Wednesday (in Canadian Time) from October 5th 2016, to balance against the "Rare Monster crisis" which would otherwise mean no Rares after September 2016.

From November 2017, the Rares Duets discontinued. This is replaced with Rares Solos in 5th February 2018, starting with Rare Furcorn. Each Rare will be available for one week, every two weeks. It will be 50% discounted in the first 48 hours. On 19th February 2018, the Rare Entbrat was released to the StarShop for the week, but now the cost of purchasing Rare Naturals through the StarShop has doubled, making them cost exactly the same amount for the first 48 hours of the release.


The following decorations are available from the StarShop. These are available all-year and all-day.

Decoration Image Cost Description
Thumpies Totem, Too
Thumpies Totem, Too
200 Starpower The magic of the trees that connects the realm of Thingia with the Thumpieverse is also at the root of their shared relationship with the Monster World. That's how we end up with artifacts like this other Thumpies Totem, which tumbled across dimensions to arrive here. While prior incarnations featured other Thumpies, this one celebrates Izit, Tawooo, and Anyanka.
Hammock Hammock 200 Starpower Don't be fooled - this Decoration won't add an extra Bed to your Island - that's the job of Castles and Hotels.  Still, it's perfect for a lazy snooze.
Star Rocks
Star Rocks
300 Starpower There was some controversy as to what these floating relics should be called. One of the suggestions that was 'floated' around was Rockstars, since they positively radiate Starpower energy. However, Shugabush of Plant Island tells us that means something different where it comes from, so the monsters went with Star Rocks instead.
Bingo Bango Bongos
Bingo Bango Bongos.png
300 Starpower Combine a tropical parasol with some stout drums, and bingo bango bongo, you've got Bingo Bango Bongos.
350 Starpower A Smunkit, the abbreviated form of a Smunkin-drumkit, is the result of raising Smunkins to enormous size and then capitalizing on their percussive potential.
Striking Bulbs
Striking Bulbs.png
600 Starpower Sure, the name 'Striking Bulbs' could refer to the fact that they're pretty to look at, but those in the know insist it's a reference to their propensity for striking conga drums.
Freed Thing
Freed Thing
500 Starpower Through the combined efforts and resourcefulness of the Singing Monsters, one of the Ambered Things has been set loose! Flutter relates that the Realm of Thingia, from which it originates, is in fact older than the Monster World, but that it was equally affected by the same events that trapped Kayna, because of the binding magic of the trees. Whatever that means.
Mount Knottshurr
Mount Knottshurr
750 Starpower Fashioned in the likeness of the mythical Mountain Morsel, Mount Knottshurr is made up of Bubblerite shavings held together with slobber paste. Despite its artificial origin, it seems to have taken on a life of its own. What else could you expect in the magical Monster World?
750 Starpower The Innertuba's tread-like texture suggests it may have one time been part of a wheel, but we're quite pleased with the new form it's taken.
Elmenco Stump
Elmenco Stump.png
800 Starpower The Elmenco Tree grows to a short height, then part of the trunk falls away to reveal a beautiful guitar-shaped carving on the inside.  It inspires dancing of great emotional intensity for all who pluck its strings.
Swurlee Tree
Swurlee Tree.png
900 Starpower The Swurlee Tree's great drooping palms resemble candy swirls.  The nuts it drops are rumored to be delicious, but they always dissolve before they hit the ground, so no one's ever sampled them.
Sweetstreamz Tree
Sweetstreamz Tree.png
1000 Starpower Sweetstreamz are made of this: fluffy floating foliage, supendous streamers of the softest blue, and gleaming stars that dangle and twinkle.  Who are we to disagree?
PU System
PU System.png
1000 Starpower Contrary to the traditional PA system, the PU system dispenses odors instead of messages,  The inventors claim that there's a huge market for scent-tech... but we're a little apprehensive.
Spatial Sapling
Spatial Sapling.png
1200 Starpower This is what happens when pollen from outer Space germinates in Natural soil.  There's speculation that the giant glowing pod is actually an egg sack, but no one is brave enough to poke it.
Boss Monument
Boss Monument
1,250 Starpower This superb statue celebrates the five Quad-element Monsters that call the Natural Islands home. Nicknamed 'The Bosses', these dynamic figures serve as role models to the other monsters, and epitomize the cooperative power of harmony.
Ockulo Tree
Ockulo Tree.png
1750 Starpower This type of tree springs into existence after a Riff has molted and the feathers interlace with local root networks.  Sometimes when it sways in the breeze, it makes a faint guitar shredding sound, prompting Monsters to comment: "Ockulo's Riffed."
The Thunker
The Thunker.png
2000 Starpower Ahh, nothing like fine art!  The Thunker depicts a Monster engaged in Thunking, the act of thinking Thunks, profound thinks that are never spoken aloud.  And it even has a pecking bird in the ancient "Art Monstreau" style - divine!
Cold Globe
Cold Globe.png
2000 Starpower Why does everyone insist on calling this Decoration a Snow Globe?  It's not like the Element is called Snow, it's called Cold.  We're very insistent on this point.

Givutawai Tree

Givutawai Tree.png 3,000 Starpower Givutawai, givutawai, givutawai now! This Tree is often the brunt of bogus givaways and suspicious scams... e.g. "You're the one millionth visitor to this Island! Claim prize now!" But all it really wants is to share its tiny trinkets, which are a bit more offbeat that [sic] their bright packaging might suggest.

Rare Duet History

Main article: Rares Duets

From October 2016 to November 15th 2017, Rares Duets appeared every week for a full week. It started every Wednesday, on precisely 19:00 UTC (except for the first week, which was every Tuesday). They provided two Rares of opposite elements and make them available in the StarShop for that week.

For more info, see Rares Duets.

Rare Solo History

See Breeding Availability#StarShop, for availability in StarShop from 2019 and later.

Rares solos.PNG

Rare Solos supersede Rare Duets after almost three months of no StarShop deals at all. Instead of two Rares of opposite elements releasing weekly, one Rare is re-released and last for 5 days. They later doubled the price of the Rares.

  • 5th February 2018 to 10th February 2018 - Rare Furcorn
  • 19th February 2018 to 22th February 2018 - Rare Entbrat
  • 5th March 2018 to 8th March 2018 - Rare Clamble
  • 19th March 2018 to 22th March 2018 - Rare Potbelly
  • 2th April 2018 to 5th April 2018 - Rare Cybop
  • 13th April 2018 to 18th April 2018 - Rare Deedge
  • 27th April 2018 to 3nd May 2018 - Rare Reedling
  • 13th May 2018 to 18th May 2018 - Rare Tweedle
  • 27th May 2018 to 2nd June 2018- Rare Drumpler
  • 11th June 2018 to 16th June 2018 - Rare Shellbeat
  • 25th June 2018 to 30th June 2018 - Rare T-Rox
  • 10th July 2018 to 16th July 2018 - Rare PomPom
  • 23th July 2018 to 27th July 2018 - Rare Pango
  • 5th August 2018 to 9th August 2018 - Rare Noggin
  • 19th August 2018 to 24th August 2018 - Rare Scups
  • 10th to 14th September 2018 - Rare Mammott, Potbelly, Pango, Fwog, Oaktopus, Pummel, Thumpies, PomPom, Riff, Shellbeat (at full price)
  • 17th to 21st September 2018 - Rare Toe Jammer, Shrubb, Bowgart, Congle, Cybop, Drumpler, T-Rox, Spunge, Dandidoo, Quarrister (at full price)
  • 24th to 28th September 2018 - Rare Noggin, Tweedle, Furcorn, Maw, Quibble, Clamble, Scups, Reedling, Entbrat, Deedge (at full price)

Note: Partial missing information between October 2018 to December 2018

  • 6th to 11th November 2018 - Rare Clamble
  • 20th to 25th November 2018 - Rare Quarrister
  • 4th to 9th December 2018 - Rare Pango


2016's availability in September 2016

2016's availability in October 2016