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Spooktacle is a Seasonal element in My Singing Monsters that is manifested in the Punkleton, Rare Punkleton and Epic Punkleton on Plant Island and its Mirror Island. These monsters are only available during the Spooktacle season or sometimes out-of-season during special events such as the Anniversary Month Celebration which allows breeding. Spooktacle is also a celebration that is normally celebrated around October, however, the times vary from year to year. Check out the Special Occasions page for the dates and times of the past Spooktacle seasons.

Affiliated Monsters

The list of monsters that are affiliated with the Spooktacle element are listed below.

Elemental Number Monster Rare Epic
Seasonal Monsters Punkleton.png
Rare Punkleton.png
Rare Punkleton
Epic Punkleton.png
Epic Punkleton

Spooktacle 2012

Spooktacle was from October 23rd to October 31st.

Many monsters on Plant Island received Halloween-themed costumes to celebrate Spooktacle.

Spooktacle 2013

Spooktacle was from October 9th to November 4th.

All costumes from 2012 were repeated, and one non-Plant-Island Monster, the PomPom, wears a costume.

Spooktacle 2014

Spooktacle was from October 16th to November 4th.

New costumes were added to certain monsters, including the Rare Furcorn.

Spooktacle 2015

Spooktacle was from October 15th to November 3rd.

Some costumes were dropped, while some monsters have gained costumes, including more monsters outside of Plant Island.

Spooktacle 2016

Spooktacle was from October 14th to November 1st.

Rare Punkleton was introduced.

Spooktacle 2017

Spooktacle was from October 20th to November 6th.

Spooktacle 2018

Spooktacle was from October 17th to November 5th.

Animated seasonal decorations for Spooktacle were added.

Spooktacle 2019

Spooktacle was from October 16th to November 4th.

At the beginning of the event, the Epic Smunk-O-Lantern contest was held. In this contest, you had to predict the face of Epic Punkleton by drawing one of your own. After this contest, Epic Punkleton was released.

Spooktacle 2020

Spooktacle started on October 14th and ended on November 4th.

The Island appearance changed, and the monster costumes came before the actual event started, which was at 3:00 PM EST.

All the natural monster costumes for this year were just Epics. Other monsters like Parlsona, Tawkerr and G,joob also have costumes.

The event coincided the release of Spytrap.

Spooktacle 2021

Spooktacle started on October 13th, and ended on November 1st.

Spooktacle 2021 , also known as Spectacle , introduced new seasonal costumes for spooktacle for many different monsters. Please note that many of the costumes listed have yet to apear.

Spooktacle 2021 also added Rare Punkleton and Epic Punkleton to Seasonal Shanty.

Clavavera was teased in the loading screen, while Rare Yuggler was teased in the 2021 Spooktacle Trailer video.