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The following article includes content exclusive to the game My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire.

Slingshot is the fourth Toy Factory Crafting Item and overall 45th Crafting Item to be unlocked in the game, along with Rocky Road Donut. Its market price is 1,593 - 2,654 Coins. It is unlocked at Level 45.


The Crafting Item Slingshot is a wooden slingshot with a black rubber elastic band, of which the elastic band is holding a slimy projectile.


There are no Crafting Items that requires Slingshot. However, Slingshots can be fed to monsters or given to the Skyship (if its asks for some Slingshots).


To craft a Slingshot, 1 Slime (Slime), 3 Log (Log) and 1 Tire (Tire) is required to be made and be processed in the Toy Factory. Starting crafting of a Slingshot requires dragging the "Slingshot" icon into the Structure once.

Once a Slingshot is made, it rewards tba Experience per collection.

Skyship requirements





  • This Crafting Item is the last fourth Crafting Item of a Structure.
  • Due to Version 2.0.0, and the price increase of primary crafting items, Slingshot has a new selling price. It’s old price was 1,512 - 2,519 Coins.

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