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Slime is the first Wondermine-exclusive Crafting Item and overall the 10th Crafting Item to be unlocked in the game, along with Tropical Slime, Cookie and Sugar. Its market price is 132 - 219 Coins. It is unlocked at Level 10.


The Crafting Item Slime is basically a large blob of green slime. It appears rather mucus-like in terms of viscosity.


Can be used when crafting Tropical Slime in the Juicer, Cough Syrup in Apothecary, and Slingshot in Toy Factory.


To craft Slime, a monster must be sent into the Wondermine for a chance to gain Slime. Sending more elementally complex monsters will gain a higher chance of obtaining Slime, up to a maximum of 100%. For this Crafting Item, using a Triple-Element Monster will give a 100% guaranteed chance of a single Slime per sending.

Skyship requirements

The Skyship requires three sets of three orders of a number of Crafting Items per shipment. For every order, a certain number of Crafting Items is required. As Slime is rather "simple" to generate according to the game, the Skyship may ask for 3 orders of 1 to 5 Slimes per order.


To craft lots of Slime, ensure you go to the Wondermine often. Use a single-element monster every one hour for a chance to get a Slime each at 40% chance. Or use a double-element monster every two hours for a chance to get a Slime at an 80% chance. Or get 100% chance with a triple-element monster or more elements, but three-element every four hours for the best efficiency of guaranteed Slime.


  • This is the first Wondermine-exclusive Crafting Item to be unlocked.

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