Dawn of Fire

Baby Bio:

Shellbeat youngsters are deceptively shy, for they can be quite mischievous! Sleeping monsters beware - that innocent-looking conch nearby might be a Shellbeat ready to burst out and play a wicked drum solo. Guaranteed to work better than any alarm!

Adult Bio:

A Shellbeat is too humble to admit it, but it is arguably the greatest drummer of the living ocean. Legends are told that their thumping rhythms can awaken even the most ancient of slumbering giants that are said to live in the water's dark depths.


Shellbeat is a four element monster in My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire. It is the second quad element monster in the game, introduced in the 1.3.0 update. It is can be teleported to Cloud Island once it reaches level 15 or Cave Island once reached level 20.

As a baby, it has a conch shell on its back instead of a nautilus' shell. It also plays a different set of drums, with the tom-tom drum being a monster cushion, the cymbals as scallop shells, and of course the monster's own shell as the bass drum. Its shell is decorated with stickers, much like a kid would. It also holds a pair of drumsticks with cushioned tips (which in real-life, such drumsticks are used by timpanists). As an adult, it looks the same as its My Singing Monsters design, but with improved detail and shading.


Baby Shellbeat

Instrument: Acoustic drum kit

Its contribution on Cloud Island, Continent, and Cave Island is a rapid drum beat, especially in Cloud Island. On Cave Island, the Shellbeat plays a similar rhythm to the T-Rox on Plant Island on the original game. The leftmost plate acts as a crash cymbal, while the rightmost one acts as a high-hat. The center drum is used as a snare drum. The Shellbeat's shell acts as a kick drum as well as a tom-tom drum as it smacks it with its tail.


The Shellbeat can be bred with combinations of the elements Air, Earth, Water and Plant. The possible combinations are:

Feeding Monsters

The Shellbeat will request food and/or non-food items that are the products of Structures. If you cannot give the monster the food or items it requires, you can click the New Order button. After a 15 minute wait, it will ask for a new combination of foods or other items.


When given the wanted foods or items, like any monster, it will reward you coins.


Shellbeat can be teleported to Cloud Island when it reaches Level 15 for a reward of Diamonds (Dawn of Fire)6, or to Cave Island when it reaches Level 20 for a reward of Diamonds (Dawn of Fire)7. Teleport time for Shellbeat is 40 hours.


  • Shellbeat was added in the 1.3.0 update, along with Repatillo.
  • The baby Shellbeat's shell seems to have stickers on it, one depicting a Toe Jammer-like monster.
  • It and Pummel are the only monsters that have legs but remain seated into adulthood.
  • The Adult Shellbeat's originally going to be red.
  • It was the first monster from the original game to be added to DOF past the initial release, as well as the first quad-element monster from the original game added to DOF.
  • As a baby, its cymbals resemble bivalves. As an adult, they more resemble oysters.
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