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Exclusive to the Ethereal, Celestial, Tribal, Magical Sanctum, and Wublin Islands, shards have the same uses as coins, but can only be produced by Ethereal Monsters, Wublins, Celestials, Magical Monsters, or bought in the Market with coins, diamonds, or real money. Shards can also be exchanged for Diamonds, allowing for Ethereal Island Diamond Farms. Monsters "generate" shards on Ethereal Island and Magical Sanctum in much the same way that they earn coins on other islands: the shard earning rate is proportional to monster level and increases with monster happiness.  There is a limit to the number of shards a monster can hold which is proportional to the monster's level, but is not affected by the monster's happiness.  When a monster's shard count reaches 75% of the maximum value, a balloon with a shard icon appears over the monster, as a hint to the player to collect the shards. Wublins and Celestials will also produce shards 31% of the time.

Shards can be used for:

From the usual exchange rate, just one shard equals 1,000 coins in actual value.


Shards come from several sources:


Single element Ethereal monsters produce higher rate of Shards than Doubles and Wubbox. Rare Singles are even better. Optimal strategy is filling up Ethereal Island with 80 Rare Reebros, Rare Jeeodes and Rare Humbugs which all have the same Shard generation and maximum.

You can also get 70 Dipsters on Ethereal Island to further boost Shard production. It is highly recommended that you hold off buying them until they are on a sale for 1 Keys each.

Setting up a "Zynth Farm" on Wublin Island (which is usually done for Diamond production anyway) also generates a high amount of Shards. You create such a farm by filling up Wublin Island with Zynths, and waking them up. Zynths are easy to fill up and are only 2x2 space, so you can fit more of them than most other Wublins. For more details, see Wublin Island Grid Planning.