The Sell button appears in Info menus appearing in Monster, Decoration or Structure menus. It is used to sell Monsters, Decorations or Structures. If it is pressed, a message appears asking if you are sure you want to sell the current object. If the item can be bought in the Market for Coins, it can be sold back to the game for 75% of its purchase price. If it can be bought in the Market for Diamonds, it would be sold back to the game for coins instead of diamonds.


  • In update 1.2.9, the location of the Sell button was changed. This is to avoid accidental selling of a valuable Monster. Before the update, it appeared directly in the menu when a Monster, Decoration or Structure was selected, instead of in its Info menu.
  • Apart from having a Sell button in the Info menu, some structures still have a Sell button in the menu that appears when the item is selected. This still hasn't been fixed.
  • Decorations' Sell buttons are on their select menu, so as to get rid of them more conveniently.
  • Even though Rare Monsters are more expensive to buy than the common monsters, they are sold back for the same price.
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