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Seedling is the first Crafting Item to be unlocked in the game, along with Apple and Vegidian Crystal. Its market price is 165-275 Coins. It is unlocked at level 1.


Seedling is a nut like plant with 2 big leaves and some smaller leaves on top of the nut.


Seedling can be used to craft plant-related decorations, which may also require some other crafting items.


To craft a Seedling, you'll need to remove an Obstacle and get one by chance.

Skyship requirements

Since users can only produce a limited number of Seedlings per user, Seedlings are not ever required by the Skyship.


The simple strategy to get Seedlings is to clear all your obstacles on your island. This will supply you with a nice amount of Seedlings. There will also be tons upon tons of Seedlings in the market. Just simply going through every market refresh, buying all the Seedlings can get you a lot of them fast.


  • Seedling is the only crafting item in the game to have a limited supply of them to each player.
  • It costed 33-55Coins before Version 2.3.0, but was increased due to all Crafting Items being pricehiked by 5x.
  • Seedling is only used when crafting certain decorations in the Workshop, otherwise it is utterly useless.

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