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The Season of Love is a Seasonal element in My Singing Monsters that is manifested in the Schmoochle, Rare Schmoochle and Epic Schmoochle, which can be found on Air Island and its Mirror Island.

Love element monsters are only available for breeding or purchase during the Season of Love or in occasional out-of-season events such as the Anniversary Month Celebration. The Season of Love is normally celebrated within the month of February around Valentine's Day, however, the times vary from year to year. Check out the Special Occasions page for the dates and times of the past Love seasons.

Affiliated Monsters

The list of monsters that are affiliated with the Love element are listed below.

Elemental Number Monster Rare Epic Air Island.png Air Island Gold Island.png Gold Island Seasonal Shanty.png Seasonal Shanty
2/5/2013 (common)
2/3/2017 (rare)
2/13/2019 (epic)
Seasonal Monsters File:Schmoochle.png
Love Element.png
Schmoochle Portrait.png
File:Rare Schmoochle.png
Rare Schmoochle
Love Element.png
Rare Schmoochle Portrait.png
File:Epic Schmoochle.png
Epic Schmoochle
Love Element.png
Epic Schmoochle Portrait.png
Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Checkmark.png

Season of Love Decorations

Seasonal Decoration Level Size Cost Sells for XP
9 2 x 2 1,250,000 Coins
Ethereal Island:
2,500 Shards
937,500 Coins
Ethereal Island:
1,875 Shards
15,000 XP icon.png
Curious Cultivar.png
Curious Cultivar
9 3 x 3 2,500,000 Coins
Ethereal Island:
5,000 Shards
1,875,500 Coins
Ethereal Island:
3,750 Shards
15,000 XP icon.png
9 2 x 2 25 Diamonds 2,750 Coins
Ethereal Island:
8 Shards
15,000 XP icon.png
Chokkolit Fountain.png
Chokkolit Fountain
9 3 x 3 50 Diamonds 5,500 Coins
Ethereal Island:
11 Shards
15,000 XP icon.png

Season of Love 2013

Season of Love was from February 5th (Tue) to February 15th (Fri)

Season of Love 2014

Season of Love was from January 29th (Wed) to February 26th (Wed)

Season of Love 2015

Season of Love was from January 29th (Thu) to February 19th (Thu)

Season of Love 2016

Season of Love was from January 30th (Sat) to February 16th (Tue)

Season of Love 2017

Season of Love was from February 3rd (Fri) to February 20th (Mon)

Season of Love 2018

Season of Love was from January 31st (Wed) to February 20th (Tue)

Season of Love 2019

Season of Love was from January 30th (Wed) to February 19th (Tue)

Season of Love 2020

Season of Love was from January 29th (Wed) to February 18th (Tue)

Season of Love 2021

Season of Love was from January 27th (Wed) to February 16th (Tue)

Season of Love 2022

Season of Love began on January 26th (Wed) and ended February 16th (Wed)

Season of Love 2022 introduced new seasonal Costumes for the seasonal event, along with Rare and Epic Schmoochle appearing on the Seasonal Shanty for the first time. It also first teased, and then introduced, Amber Island, and also included the discovery of Epic Boskus.

Season of Love Series

During Season of Love 2022, new costumes themed around the seasonal event were added to the game.

Monster Costume Cost Year Added
Tweedle Tweedle.png Tweedle (Rose-Colored Glasses).pngRose-Colored Glasses 20 Diamonds 2022
Noggin Noggin.png Noggin (Two to Tango).pngTwo to Tango 20 Diamonds 2022
Toe Jammer Toe Jammer.png Toe Jammer (Bow Glamor).pngBow Glamor 20 Diamonds 2022
Quibble Quibble.png Quibble (Chokkolit Keys).pngChokkolit Keys 20 Diamonds 2022
Fwog Fwog.png Fwog (Lovestruck).pngLovestruck 20 Diamonds 2022
Drumpler Drumpler.png Drumpler (Cherubic Cheer).pngCherubic Cheer 20 Diamonds 2022
Maw Maw.png Maw (Heart Bopper).pngHeart Bopper 20 Diamonds 2022
Riff Riff.png Riff (Power of Luff).pngPower of Luff 30 Diamonds 2022
Yawstrich Yawstrich.png Yawstrich (First Date).pngFirst Date 40 Diamonds 2022
Do Do.png Do (Heart Box Topper).pngHeart Box Topper 10 Diamonds 2022
Re Re.png Re (Choktruff Topper).pngChoktruff Topper 10 Diamonds 2022
Mi Mi.png Mi (Sweetheart Topper).pngSweetheart Topper 10 Diamonds 2022
Fa Fa.png Fa (Love Letter Topper).pngLove Letter Topper 10 Diamonds 2022
Sol Sol.png Sol (Chokstrawb Topper).pngChokstrawb Topper 10 Diamonds 2022
La La.png La (Teddybear Topper).pngTeddybear Topper 10 Diamonds 2022
Ti Ti.png Ti (Bouquet Topper).pngBouquet Topper 10 Diamonds 2022



  • As of 2022, monsters now have exclusive costumes from the Season of Love series, which will only be available during the Season of Love event (for now)