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Nobody is sure whether the constant collision of the Scargo's clash cymbal-tipped eye-stalks causes it any discomfort, or if the Wublin has just gotten used to it. What is sure is that this Monster's technique is near-perfection - many new percussionists can't seem to get a handle on the proper grip. Then again, if the cymbals were attached to you, you might figure it out quicker than most, too.


The Scargo is a snail-like monster with mint fur and light blue spots next to its head. It has a cylindrical round, fuzzy body, similarly to a Dipster, and a smaller light brown shell between its tail and body. It has a large mouth with humanoid teeth and gums. It sports a pair of green arms coming from the side of its head, ending in turquoise wrists and hands. It has eye-stalks fashioned like its arms, with turquoise starting in the same wrist like area, but with cymbals at the end and orange eyes, with yellow whites, in the middle of each cymbal, on the outer end.

While idle, the Scargo drums its hands on the ground, though this does not make any sounds.

The monsters zapped into Scargo are reflected on its appearance: it has the cymbals of Clamble, the shell of Shellbeat, arms and eyestalks similar to Shrubb's arms, and its colors are a mix of Dandidoo, Spunge, and Pummel.


The Scargo plays crash cymbals during the 5th verse of the song using the cymbals on its eye-stalks,although during the song animation, it makes its eyes dizzy. It also makes an animation that makes it look like its about to play on the cymbals in the 4th verse.

Earning rate

The Scargo, like all other Wublins, will produce coins, diamonds, food, and shards, but at no specified rate, although always less than a day.

Multiple Scargos may produce any of these four currencies independently from each other: Coins (Coins), Shards (Shards), Treats (Treats), and Diamonds (Diamonds).

Scargo being zapped.

Powering Up

The allotted time to fill a Scargo in order to activate is 3 days. If the inventory is not completed in the time the Scargo resets to an empty statue and all eggs inside are lost.

Egg Time Islands to Breed On
Shellbeat-egg.pngx3 24 hours Water Island.png
Clamble-egg.pngx3 12 hours Plant Island.png
Earth Island.png
Dandidoo-egg.pngx3 8 hours Cold Island.png
Water Island.png
Earth Island.png
Fire Haven.png
Shrubb-egg.pngx3 8 hours Plant Island.png
Water Island.png
Earth Island.png
Fire Haven.png
Pummel-egg.pngx2 12 hours Plant Island.png
Water Island.png
Spunge-egg.pngx2 12 hours Cold Island.png
Water Island.png


Minimum Required Islands: Plant, Cold, and Water

Recommended Islands: Plant, Cold, Water, Earth, and Haven

Pre-prepare Shellbeats on Water Island, Clamble on Earth Island, Pummel on Plant Island (plus another Pummel on Mirror Plant Island, or go for Shrubb if also Bonus Breeding Structures available in your main Plant Island), Spunge on Cold Island. Unfortunately, no monster the Scargo requires lives in Air Island. It is recommended to breed the Clamble and Pummel with their own rares. If you use Entbrat or Quarrister, you run the risk of a successful breeding of a Ghazt or a Humbug

If you have no extra breeding structure nor mirror Water Island, you must be lucky to get the Shellbeats. That is unless you have Rare Shellbeat, since breeding Rare Shellbeat + Shellbeat guarantees Shellbeat unless rare rerun is on.

After pre-preparing the monster eggs, keep breeding all monsters of the highest breeding number, unless you have lots of time throughout the day, which in this case you may breed those Dandidoos and Shrubbs first. Make sure you are really active though, because the short time limit and the fact that neither Air Island nor Shugabush Island is usable makes this challenge really difficult. If you have the rare versions of Clamble, Pummel, and Shellbeat, Scargo becomes easier to wake up.

A different strategy can be found in Super29392's blog post.

Name origin

Its name is a shortened version of "Escargot" which means cooked land snail. Escargot is French for snail, hence the Scargo's snail-like appearance.

Possible Monster Names

To see all possible names for Scargo, see Monster Names.


  • Scargo's teaser was released considerably early into the month. This is probably because Big Blue Bubble wanted to take some days off for the Christmas holidays.
  • Scargo's teaser is the second to include a silhouette gif of the monster in the background. The first one is Creepuscule.
  • All the monsters zapped into this Wublin have the Plant Element.
  • One of Scargo's possible names is Gary. This may be a reference to Gary the Snail from SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • Scargo is the last Wublin (and the last of all monsters in general) to be released in 2016.
  • Scargo's statue doesn't show its mouth or its extra arms.
  • Scargo shows up on the normal loading screen.
  • It's the only Wublin to only play in one verse of the song. However, since its animation begins at the end of the verse before it makes its sound, it could be argued that it does play in multiple verses like every other wublin.
  • Scargo is the first Wublin to have its part not included in the Wublin Island soundtrack. The second one is Astropod, the third one is Pixolotl, the fourth is Bona-Petite, the fifth is Maulch, and the sixth is Fleechwurm.
  • The Scargo makes an animation during the end of the 4th verse where it prepares itself to make its sound in the 5th verse.
  • On the 26th of February, 2017, Big Blue Bubble released a gif stating five facts about the newest 5 Wublins. The facts for Scargo are:
    • Deathly afraid of garlic and butter.
      • Garlic and butter are eaten with escargot, hence being Scargo's deathly fears.
    • Likes big shells and it cannot lie.
    • Farms the mold that grows in its fur for various issues.


Its puzzle's objective, like most other Wublins', was filling in the blanks with the names of various objects or entities found in the My Singing Monsters universe. This puzzle was associated with treats.

The teaser for Scargo. Its silhouette can be seen in the background.

Solved puzzle

The answers to Scargo's puzzle are listed below. The letters required to form its name have been capitalized and bolded.

   ice Cream

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