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The Scaratar is the original galactic guru: the fundamental flower child who, despite its celestial origins is the poison constellation, is nonetheless the antidote to bad vibes and disharmony everywhere. With its inspiring, other-worldly sound effects reverberating throughout the cosmos, it calls upon all Poison Elementals to commune with each other and to gather in harmony with others.


It has an overall insectoid appearance with a face that vaguely resembles a sphynx cat or even a skull. The majority of its body is covered with hair. It also has eight green limbs (three of which are used to play its instrument, and four serving as legs), a pair of green antennae, and a red shell on its back that is similar to that of a scarab beetle.

It is the Celestial monster of Poison.

Its constellation is called Poison's Mark.


The Scaratar uses two of its hands to play a magical sitar-like instrument while its third hand plucks the instrument causing a legitimate sitar noise, also emitting a Celestial ambiance consisting of a violin synth, rapid drums, possibly lyre and a few piano notes towards the end of its second track as it plays.


Scaratar cannot be bred; instead, like all Celestials, it can only be hatched from an egg after its egg reaches the portal in the Daily Login Game. 24 spaces have to be done before the Scaratar can reach its portal. A 30-day time limit beginning every 1st August appears for all Scaratars to reach the portal.

The Scaratar is available in the Daily Login Game during every August.


Like all Celestials, the Scaratar automatically gets teleported to Starhenge if their species' egg reaches the portal within the time limits.

Name Origin

Its name is a portmanteau of scarab and sitar.


  • The description of the Scaratar questions more information about the Ethereal element Poison that the original game has.
  • Scaratar was the very first celestial released in Dawn of Fire.
  • Scaratar's resemblance to a lion might be a reference to the fact that the Poison Mark constellation is equivalent to the Leo constellation, which is represented by a lion.
  • One of the random names for a Scaratar is Kalnood, a reference to a level in Thumpies, also by BBB, with the same name.
    • Coincidentally, the soundtrack in the level "Kalnood" in Thumpies also has elderly-like sounds of an old man playing, which somewhat relates to the old appearance of Scaratar.
  • The Scaratar's first appearance was on 27th July 2016, giving players five extra days to complete the path by the end of August.
  • Until February 2017, Scaratar played constantly throughout the song, but when Furnoss was released, it added a new part that the Scaratar didn't play in.
  • The Scaratar's top right arm does not help play its sitar.
  • The Scaratar is technically the first non-natural monster in DoF (as the Fire element is considered natural in the game).

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