Relics were released in Update 2.0.4. Before 2.2.4, they are only used to purchase Werdos, which cost 100 Relics each. Since 2.2.4, with the introduction of Fire Haven (followed by Fire Oasis, Psychic Island, and Faerie Island) they can be used to purchase Fire Elementals, with Single Elements costing 10 Relics, Doubles costing 50, Triples costing 100, and Quads costing 200. Rare fire monsters do not cost relics.


Relics can be obtained by:

  • The Daily Spin Wheel
  • Daily Login Bonus. Gives 1 on day two, 2 on day 4 and 5 on day 8.
  • Monsters of level 16 or above have a chance of randomly generating 1 relic (it is invisible until the monster's main currency is collected)
  • Placing Fire Elementals On Fire Haven
  • Exchanging diamonds in the Market.

Unlike other currencies, the cost of a Relic increases with each exchange: the first costs 3 Diamond25px, the second 6 Diamond25px, the third 9 Diamond25px, the fourth 12 Diamond25px, the fifth 19 Diamond25px, the sixth 27 Diamond25px, the seventh 39 Diamond25px.  After that, the exchange rate is 50 Diamond25px per relic. This resets daily, every 0:00 UTC.

Relics are currency in My Singing Monsters. They can be obtained through the Spin Wheel, the Daily Login Bonus, or by trading Diamonds for them. Relics are needed to purchase Werdos and Fire Monsters.

Exchanging Diamonds

The diamond exchange rate prices are as follows:

Relic Diamond cost Accumulated cost
1st 3 3
2nd 6 9
3rd 9 18
4th 12 30
5th 19 49
6th 27 76
7th 39 115
8th 50 165
9th 50 215
... 50 ...
100th (100) 50 4,765

The maximum cost of a relic is 50 Diamonds per 1 Relic starting with the 8th Relic purchased in a day. Prices resets daily (at precisely 12:00pm UTC), with the first exchange after the price reset costing 3 Diamonds again.

Because of the steep increase in Diamond costs after the 4th Relic purchased, it's good to weigh whether being able to buy many Relics at a single time is worth the Diamond cost compared to exercising patience and buying those Relics over multiple days. The cost of a Werdo is 100 Relics. The table below shows cost and time required based on how many Relics are purchased per day.

Purchase of 100 Relics
Purchase spread over days Relics purchased per day Total Diamond cost
1 100 4,765
20 5 980
25 4 750
34 33x1 + 1x1 594 + 3 = 597
50 2 450
100 1 300

Daily Login Bonus

Main article: Daily Login Bonus

By logging in daily, you get +1 / +2 / +5 Relic every 10 days.

Spin Wheel

Main article: Spin Wheel

There is a 16.6% chance of getting +1 Relic from the Spin Wheel, plus a very small chance of getting 5-10 Relic from the Grand Prize.


To spend Diamonds efficient, buy one Relic for 3 Diamond25px each day. It adds up over time, especially with the Daily Login Bonus and Spin Wheel.

To get Relic quicker (with lots of Diamond25px to spare), buy 3 Relic (For 3, 6 and 9 Diamond25px), and then spend extra Diamond25px on the Spin Wheel.


  • Relics are apparently what make Werdos be able to sing comprehensive full lyrics. Link.
  • In the July 2020 "Mark my Wrds" in-game promotional sale image, Tawkerr can be seen about to eat a musical note, retrieved from what appears to be a cracked open Relic.
  • More about Relics and Amber is mentioned on this link.
  • Before Relics were decided on, Golden Eggs were going to be used as currency.
    Golden egg pack 00

    The unused golden egg

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