Rarethereal Research Puzzle

On May 20th, 2017 after all Rarethereals had been released, a puzzle crossword was posted by BBB.

Solving it required looking at Rarethereal Research previously posted for all 15 Rarethereals.

There is no known hidden purpose with the puzzle (such as teasing a new Monster or Feature), other than to wrap up the release of all Ethereals.

Rarethereal Research


# Element(s) Rarethereal Hint Answer
1 DownPlasma ElementCrystal ElementRare SoxTickling toolsHORNS
2 AcrossMech ElementRare ReebroChassisSUIT
2 DownCrystal ElementPoison ElementRare Fung PrayMusicSTRIDULATION
3 DownPlasma ElementRare GhaztHas spinal ___NODES
4 DownShadow ElementMech ElementRare ArackuleleCallingGASTRONOMY
5 AcrossMech ElementCrystal ElementRare BellowfishHomageBREAKINGBAD
6 DownShadow ElementRare GrumpyreMessagesRAMBLED
7 AcrossCrystal ElementRare JeeodeOcular fragmentsEYEPODS
8 DownPlasma ElementShadow ElementRare WhispHas ___LIMBS
9 AcrossShadow ElementPoison ElementRare KazilleonFragrant ___BREATH
10 AcrossMech ElementPoison ElementRare DragongAdornmentsSAILS
11 AcrossPlasma ElementMech ElementRare NebulobEyes channelEMOTIONS
12 AcrossShadow ElementCrystal ElementRare BoodooSkillGEOMETRY
13 AcrossPoison ElementRare HumbugType of eyeCOMPOUND
14 AcrossPlasma ElementPoison ElementRare JellbillySpinesAUDITORY
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