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The following page is about the Psychic element.
For the My Singing Monsters island, see Psychic Island.


The Psychic Element is the first element that belongs to the Magical class. It manifests itself in Theremind and Psychic Island. Monsters with the element are unlocked at Level 9.

So far, there are no Rare or Epic forms of Psychic (or Magical) Monsters.


The Psychic Element symbol looks just like a spiral, with a magical touch. It also seems as if the symbol has liquid-like properties, just like the Plasma Element. Spiral symbols have been spotted many times throughout the My Singing Monsters universe.

Affiliated Monsters

The list of monsters that are affiliated with the Psychic element are listed below. Note: Because the Psychic element is not available on Faerie Island and Bone Island, none of the following monsters are available on that island.

Elemental Number Monster
Single Element Theremind
Double Element Bonkers
Double Element Poppette
Double Element Yuggler
Triple Element Tapricorn
Triple Element Rooba
Triple Element Periscorp
Quad Element Gloptic


  • Psychic Island was introduced on Wednesday, September 25th 2019 at 12:00 UTC as the fourth element on Fire Frontier, which was renamed to Psychic Island at the same time as well as new Eggs for Rare and Epic Monsters.
  • It is in the third class that can breed with Natural Monsters, but it is the first that produces monsters of mixed (Magical-hybrid) elemental classes.
  • The Psychic Element symbol can be seen many times in both main series games, such as on the Common and Rare Pummels. In the original MSM, Wubbox has the Element on its arms. In DoF, when you move from island to island, the element can be seen going in a spiral when the game loads. Just like Wubbox, Galvana has the symbol on its arms as well. The Psychic Element can also be seen on a random, floating single brick on Starhenge from time to time.
    • However, in the 57th episode of My Singing Monsters Live, it was confirmed that "the similarity between the Psychic elemental sigil and certain other spirals that appear in the Monster world is, to our knowledge, coincidental."



Psychic Element
Faerie Element
Bone Element
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