Prisments are a new Crystal-like resource in My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire that can be used to improve chances at transforming Monsters into specific Prismatic Monsters.

Earning Prisments

Prisments can be earned from exploring the Wondermine or from finishing off transformations of monsters at the Prism Gate.

Completing a monster transformation at the Prism Gate earns 3 random Prisments for Single and Double Element Monsters, and 6 for Triple Element Monsters

With every Wondermine trip there is a chance (based on number of elements of the Monster) to receive a Prisment of a random color:

Chance 20%40%60%80%100%
Duration 1h2h4h8h12h

You will also receive 3 Experience regardless of the colour of the Prisment.

Prisment Types

Click on each of the single-colored Prisments to see further information about each type of Prisment.


  • Despite not being able to be sold in the market, you can sell Prisments in the vault. The Yellow and Orange Prisments sell for 39 Coin25px-DoF, while the rest sell for 40 Coin25px-DoF.


Red Prisment Yellow Prisment Green Prisment Blue Prisment Purple Prisment
Red Prisment Orange Prisment Yellow Prisment Green Prisment Blue Prisment Purple Prisment
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