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The following article includes content exclusive to the game My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire.
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Prismatic Monsters (Prismatics) are monsters exclusive to the game Dawn of Fire. They are portrayed by a monster plus a certain tint of either Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, or Purple coming from the Prisment color. When an adult monster enters the Prism Gate, they are turned into Prismatic Monsters. Each Monster has six unique colorful forms from the six colors of the rainbow (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple). You can increase the chances of a specific color by putting one of the six different colored Prisments in. You cannot return a Prismatic Monster to its normal form. However, if you have a normal monster and use a low amount of Prisments, the monster will usually remain being its original form.

The colors of the Prismatic Monsters.

The rarity and change time for each Prismatic Monster seem to depend on what color the original monster is.

  • The third rarest color (15%) is the color closest to the original color of the monster.
  • The most common color (30%) is the opposite color (See color wheel).

Introduced Prismatics

44/57 Prismatic Monsters

Monster Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple
Furcorn (Adult).png
Red Prismatic Furcorn.png Orange Prismatic Furcorn.png Yellow Prismatic Furcorn.png Green Prismatic Furcorn.png Blue Prismatic Furcorn.png Purple Prismatic Furcorn.png
Toe Jammer (Adult).png
Toe Jammer
Red Prismatic Toe Jammer.png Orange Prismatic Toe Jammer.png Yellow Prismatic Toe Jammer.png Green Prismatic Toe Jammer.png Blue Prismatic Toe Jammer.png Purple Prismatic Toe Jammer.png
Tweedle (Adult).png
Red Prismatic Tweedle.png Orange Prismatic Tweedle.png Yellow Prismatic Tweedle.png Green Prismatic Tweedle.png Blue Prismatic Tweedle.png Purple Prismatic Tweedle.png
Potbelly (Adult).png
Red Prismatic Potbelly.png Orange Prismatic Potbelly.png Yellow Prismatic Potbelly.png Green Prismatic Potbelly.png Blue Prismatic Potbelly.png Purple Prismatic Potbelly.png
Mammott (Adult).png
Red Prismatic Mammott.png Orange Prismatic Mammott.png Yellow Prismatic Mammott.png Green Prismatic Mammott.png Blue Prismatic Mammott.png Purple Prismatic Mammott.png
Noggin (Adult).png
Red Prismatic Noggin.png Orange Prismatic Noggin.png Yellow Prismatic Noggin.png Green Prismatic Noggin.png Blue Prismatic Noggin.png Purple Prismatic Noggin.png
T-Rox (Adult).png
Red Prismatic T-Rox.png Orange Prismatic T-Rox.png Yellow Prismatic T-Rox.png Green Prismatic T-Rox.png Blue Prismatic T-Rox.png Purple Prismatic T-Rox.png
Thumpies (Adult).png
Red Prismatic Thumpies.png Orange Prismatic Thumpies.png Yellow Prismatic Thumpies.png Green Prismatic Thumpies.png Blue Prismatic Thumpies.png Purple Prismatic Thumpies.png
Shrubb (Adult).png
Red Prismatic Shrubb.png Orange Prismatic Shrubb.png Yellow Prismatic Shrubb.png Green Prismatic Shrubb.png Blue Prismatic Shrubb.png Purple Prismatic Shrubb.png
Kayna (Adult).png
Red Prismatic Kayna.png Orange Prismatic Kayna.png Yellow Prismatic Kayna.png Green Prismatic Kayna.png Blue Prismatic Kayna.png Purple Prismatic Kayna.png
Dandidoo (Adult).png
Red Prismatic Dandidoo.png Orange Prismatic Dandidoo.png Yellow Prismatic Dandidoo.png Green Prismatic Dandidoo.png Blue Prismatic Dandidoo.png Purple Prismatic Dandidoo.png
Stogg (Adult).png
Red Prismatic Stogg.png Orange Prismatic Stogg.png Yellow Prismatic Stogg.png Green Prismatic Stogg.png Blue Prismatic Stogg.png Purple Prismatic Stogg.png
Spunge (Adult).png
Red Prismatic Spunge.png Orange Prismatic Spunge.png Yellow Prismatic Spunge.png Green Prismatic Spunge.png Blue Prismatic Spunge.png Purple Prismatic Spunge.png
Glowl (Adult).png
Red Prismatic Glowl.png Orange Prismatic Glowl.png Yellow Prismatic Glowl.png Green Prismatic Glowl.png Blue Prismatic Glowl.png Purple Prismatic Glowl.png
PomPom (Adult).png
Red Prismatic PomPom.png Orange Prismatic PomPom.png Yellow Prismatic PomPom.png Green Prismatic PomPom.png Blue Prismatic PomPom.png Purple Prismatic PomPom.png
Entbrat (Adult).png
Red Prismatic Entbrat.png Orange Prismatic Entbrat.png Yellow Prismatic Entbrat.png Green Prismatic Entbrat.png Blue Prismatic Entbrat.png Purple Prismatic Entbrat.png
Ziggurab (Adult).png
Red Prismatic Ziggurab.png Orange Prismatic Ziggurab.png Yellow Prismatic Ziggurab.png Green Prismatic Ziggurab.png Blue Prismatic Ziggurab.png Purple Prismatic Ziggurab.png
Flowah (Adult).png
Red Prismatic Flowah.png Orange Prismatic Flowah.png Yellow Prismatic Flowah.png Green Prismatic Flowah.png Blue Prismatic Flowah.png Purple Prismatic Flowah.png
Krillby (Adult).png
Red Prismatic Krillby.png Orange Prismatic Krillby.png Yellow Prismatic Krillby.png Green Prismatic Krillby.png Blue Prismatic Krillby.png Purple Prismatic Krillby.png
Floogull (Adult).png
Red Prismatic Floogull.png Orange Prismatic Floogull.png Yellow Prismatic Floogull.png Green Prismatic Floogull.png Blue Prismatic Floogull.png Purple Prismatic Floogull.png
Cybop (Adult).png
Red Prismatic Cybop.png Orange Prismatic Cybop.png Yellow Prismatic Cybop.png Green Prismatic Cybop.png Blue Prismatic Cybop.png Purple Prismatic Cybop.png
Repatillo (Adult).png
Red Prismatic Repatillo.png Orange Prismatic Repatillo.png Yellow Prismatic Repatillo.png Green Prismatic Repatillo.png Blue Prismatic Repatillo.png Purple Prismatic Repatillo.png
Drumpler (Adult).png
Red Prismatic Drumpler.png Orange Prismatic Drumpler.png Yellow Prismatic Drumpler.png Green Prismatic Drumpler.png Blue Prismatic Drumpler.png Purple Prismatic Drumpler.png
Candelavra (Adult).png
Red Prismatic Candelavra.png Orange Prismatic Candelavra.png Yellow Prismatic Candelavra.png Green Prismatic Candelavra.png Blue Prismatic Candelavra.png Purple Prismatic Candelavra.png
Boskus (Adult).png
Red Prismatic Boskus.png Orange Prismatic Boskus.png Yellow Prismatic Boskus.png Green Prismatic Boskus.png Blue Prismatic Boskus.png Purple Prismatic Boskus.png
Quarrister (Adult).png
Red Prismatic Quarrister.png Orange Prismatic Quarrister.png Yellow Prismatic Quarrister.png Green Prismatic Quarrister.png Blue Prismatic Quarrister.png Purple Prismatic Quarrister.png
Sooza (Adult).png
Red Prismatic Sooza.png Orange Prismatic Sooza.png Yellow Prismatic Sooza.png Green Prismatic Sooza.png Blue Prismatic Sooza.png Purple Prismatic Sooza.png
Shellbeat (Adult).png
Red Prismatic Shellbeat.png Orange Prismatic Shellbeat.png Yellow Prismatic Shellbeat.png Green Prismatic Shellbeat.png Blue Prismatic Shellbeat.png Purple Prismatic Shellbeat.png
Whaddle (Adult).png
Red Prismatic Whaddle.png Orange Prismatic Whaddle.png Yellow Prismatic Whaddle.png Green Prismatic Whaddle.png Blue Prismatic Whaddle.png Purple Prismatic Whaddle.png
Clamble (Adult).png
Red Prismatic Clamble.png Orange Prismatic Clamble.png Yellow Prismatic Clamble.png Green Prismatic Clamble.png Blue Prismatic Clamble.png Purple Prismatic Clamble.png
Maw (Adult).png
Red Prismatic Maw.png Orange Prismatic Maw.png Yellow Prismatic Maw.png Green Prismatic Maw.png Blue Prismatic Maw.png Purple Prismatic Maw.png
Thrumble (Adult).png
Red Prismatic Thrumble.png Orange Prismatic Thrumble.png Yellow Prismatic Thrumble.png Green Prismatic Thrumble.png Blue Prismatic Thrumble.png Purple Prismatic Thrumble.png
Bowgart (Adult).png
Red Prismatic Bowgart.png Orange Prismatic Bowgart.png Yellow Prismatic Bowgart.png Green Prismatic Bowgart.png Blue Prismatic Bowgart.png Purple Prismatic Bowgart.png
Edamimi (Adult).png
Red Prismatic Edamimi.png Orange Prismatic Edamimi.png Yellow Prismatic Edamimi.png Green Prismatic Edamimi.png Blue Prismatic Edamimi.png Purple Prismatic Edamimi.png
Fwog (Adult).png
Red Prismatic Fwog.png Orange Prismatic Fwog.png Yellow Prismatic Fwog.png Green Prismatic Fwog.png Blue Prismatic Fwog.png Purple Prismatic Fwog.png
Oaktopus (Adult).png
Red Prismatic Oaktopus.png Orange Prismatic Oaktopus.png Yellow Prismatic Oaktopus.png Green Prismatic Oaktopus.png Blue Prismatic Oaktopus.png Purple Prismatic Oaktopus.png
Scups (Adult).png
Red Prismatic Scups.png Orange Prismatic Scups.png Yellow Prismatic Scups.png Green Prismatic Scups.png Blue Prismatic Scups.png Purple Prismatic Scups.png
Congle (Adult).png
Red Prismatic Congle.png Orange Prismatic Congle.png Yellow Prismatic Congle.png Green Prismatic Congle.png Blue Prismatic Congle.png Purple Prismatic Congle.png
Pango (Adult).png
Red Prismatic Pango.png Orange Prismatic Pango.png Yellow Prismatic Pango.png Green Prismatic Pango.png Blue Prismatic Pango.png Purple Prismatic Pango.png
Yelmut (Adult).png
Red Prismatic Yelmut.png Orange Prismatic Yelmut.png Yellow Prismatic Yelmut.png Green Prismatic Yelmut.png Blue Prismatic Yelmut.png Purple Prismatic Yelmut.png
Reedling (Adult).png
Red Prismatic Reedling.png Orange Prismatic Reedling.png Yellow Prismatic Reedling.png Green Prismatic Reedling.png Blue Prismatic Reedling.png Purple Prismatic Reedling.png
Bisonorus (Adult).png
Red Prismatic Bisonorus.png Orange Prismatic Bisonorus.png Yellow Prismatic Bisonorus.png Green Prismatic Bisonorus.png Blue Prismatic Bisonorus.png Purple Prismatic Bisonorus.png
Barrb (Adult).png
Red Prismatic Barrb.png Orange Prismatic Barrb.png Yellow Prismatic Barrb.png Green Prismatic Barrb.png Blue Prismatic Barrb.png Purple Prismatic Barrb.png
Deedge (Adult).png
Red Prismatic Deedge.png Orange Prismatic Deedge.png Yellow Prismatic Deedge.png Green Prismatic Deedge.png Blue Prismatic Deedge.png Purple Prismatic Deedge.png



From To Monster Islands
January 19th January 24th Deedge Space


From To Monster Islands
January 21st January 25th Boskus Cloud
February 3rd February 8th Quarrister Party
February 12th February 16th All Featured Monsters (Valentines Promo) All Outer Islands
March 4th March 8th Sooza Space
March 12th March 19th All Featured Monsters All Outer Islands
March 24th March 30th Shellbeat Cloud, Cave
March 31st April 5th All Released Monsters (Easter Promo) All Outer Islands
April 21st April 25th Whaddle Cloud
May 5th May 9th Clamble Space
May 19th May 23rd Maw Party
May 28th May 31st All Featured Monsters All Outer Islands
June 2nd June 6th Thrumble Cloud
June 17th June 21st Bowgart Space, Cave
July 2nd July 5th All Featured Monsters Party Island Only
July 15th July 18th Edamimi Party
July 28th August 1st Fwog Cave
August 6th August 8th All Featured Monsters (Summer Promo) All Outer Islands
August 11th August 15th Oaktopus Party, Cloud
September 3rd September 7th Scups
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September 10th September 14th Congle
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September 17th September 21st Pango
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September 24th September 28th Yelmut
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September 30th October 3rd All Released Monsters All Outer Islands
October 20th October 24th Reedling Cloud
October 28th October 31st All Featured Monsters (Halloween Promo) All Outer Islands
November 17th November 22nd Bisonorus Cave
November 25th November 29th All Featured Monsters (Thanksgiving Promo) All Outer Islands
December 2nd December 6th All Featured Monsters (Cyber Week Promo) All Outer Islands
December 15th January 4th (2022) Barrb Cave
December 16th January 4th (2022) All Released Monsters (Holiday Promo) All Outer Islands


From To Monster Islands
January 20th January 24th Toe Jammer Space
January 30th February 3rd Tweedle Cloud
February 12th February 18th Potbelly Party, Space
February 28th March 4th Mammott Party, Cave
March 11th March 16th Noggin Party, Space
March 26th March 30th T-Rox Party
April 9th April 14th Thumpies
All previous
All Outer Islands
April 23rd April 27th Shrubb Party
May 6th May 11th Kayna Party, Cave
May 12th May 14th Tweedle Cloud
May 21st May 25th Dandidoo Cloud
May 26th May 28th Potbelly Party, Space
June 4th June 9th Stogg Party, Space
June 10th June 12th Noggin Party, Space
June 19th June 23rd Spunge Space
June 24th June 26th Toe Jammer Space
July 2nd July 6th Glowl Cave
July 8th July 10th Mammott Party, Cave
July 16th July 22nd PomPom Party, Space, Cloud
July 31st August 3rd All Singles All Outer Islands
August 7th August 10th All Released Doubles All Outer Islands
August 14th August 17th All Released Triples All Outer Islands
August 20th August 24th Entbrat Cloud
September 4th September 9th Ziggurab
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September 11th September 16th Flowah
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Space Island Only
September 18th September 23rd Krillby
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Cloud Island Only
September 25th September 30th Floogull
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Cave Island Only
September 30th October 5th Cybop
All Released Monsters
All Outer Islands
October 15th October 19th Cybop Space
October 30th November 4th Repatillo Space
November 19th November 23rd Drumpler Space
December 16th January 4th (2021) Candelavra Party, Space
December 18th January 4th (2021) All Released Monsters All Outer Islands


From To Monster Islands
December 12th December 16th Furcorn Party, Space
December 25th January 1st (2020) Furcorn
Toe Jammer
Party, Space


  • The rarer a specifically colored Prismatic is, the more coins it can produce. For example, an Orange Prismatic Noggin (25%) does not produce coins as quickly as a Purple Prismatic Noggin (8%).
  • Prismatics are similar to Rares and Epics in the original game. They sound the same and they generate more coins than their non-Prismatic counterpart and are only available during limited-time events.
  • Interestingly, the common Furcorn's skin is made out of fur, and the common Toe Jammer's skin is made out of a liquid. Their skin material type seems to have been swapped when they become prismatic, so the Prismatic Furcorn's skin is made out of goo or jelly, and the Prismatic Toe Jammer is made out of fur.
  • Red Prismatic Furcorn and Green Prismatic Toe Jammer both have eyes that appear to be from Psychic Island, while Purple Prismatic Tweedle has stigmata that appear to be from Faerie Island.
  • Within the game's files, the Prismatic Monsters are referred to as the "Chromatics." This could have been an early name for them, seeing as "chromatic" means "of or relating to color," and the Prismatic Monsters are versions of Monsters based around one specific color of the rainbow. "Chromatic" also has a musical meaning, referring to the 12-tone musical scale common in Western music.
  • Prismatic Monsters may come from the same realm as the Glowbes.
  • Prismatic Noggins are based on jars containing liquids, usually containing edible goods like honey or jam (The Green Prismatic Noggin being an exception).
  • The red prismatic Mammott's crystals floating above it spell music.
  • If the non-Prismatic variants are not on the respective Outer Island, the game will treat as though that this species is not collected.
    • This was changed in Update 2.3.
  • All the Prismatic Shrubbs represent fish or amphibian creatures.
    • This shows to be proven in the trailer because Shrubb is swimming in the Party Island waters and then gets sucked into the Prism Gate.
    • The description also notes their amphibian appearance.
  • The exclusive of update 2.3, was on the pages of the collection that showed the Prismatic Monsters.
  • Prismatic T-Roxs are based on stuffed animals, mostly dinosaur or dinosaur-like creatures.
  • Prismatic Stoggs look like beings similar to slugs, in robot suits.
  • Prismatic Kaynas seem to represent different species of fungus with each color having their head the shape of the mushroom or head.
  • In Version 2.3.0, all upcoming unreleased Prismatics were also shown in the collection menu for each Outer Island. This feature was no longer used in Version 2.4.0
  • On June 16th, 2021, 4 sets of Prismatics were accidentally available to be purchased in the shop on the Outer Islands. These Prismatics included Prismatic Bowgart, Oaktopus, Congle, and Bisonorus.
  • Prismatic Monsters are the fifth limited-time species of monster, with the first being Seasonals, the second being Rares, the third being Celestials, and the fourth being Epics.



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