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The following article includes content exclusive to the game My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire.

The Prism Gate is a portal to a world of colorful possibilities. What awaits beyond its shimmering edges? Only the otherworldly Prismatic Monsters who return forever changed can tell.
In-game description

The Prism Gate is a structure in Dawn of Fire, added in 2.0.0. It works similarly to the Wondermine where you send monsters in/to it. However, when the monsters come back they have a chance of transforming into a 'Prismatic Monster'. Prismatic Monsters are similar to Rares and Epics, in which they have the same sound and motions as their common counterpart, but have different designs.

There are six different kinds of Prismatic Monster colors: Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red.

The Glowbes have also been confirmed to be from the Prism Gate, as first mentioned on the 58th episode of My Singing Monsters Live. It's their home dimension.

Using the Prism Gate

To increase your chances of getting a specific colored variant, you must use Prisments. Using a specific color of Prisment will as said, increase the probability of getting a Prismatic Monster with that color. Prisments can be obtained from the Wondermine, or brought back after a monster travels to the Prism Gate.

When using specific Prisments to power up the Prism Gate, the chance for getting that particular monster is increased by 1%. You can use more Prisments than you have, purchasing the difference with Diamonds. The amount of Diamonds needed to replace any color of Prisment is the same for all colors: 2.75 Diamonds (Dawn of Fire) per Prisment, rounded up. However, when using Prisments the only possible outcomes are the color of the Prisment and the Monsters current form before entering the Prism Gate. A Prismatic Monster cannot be sent into the Prism Gate with Prisments the same color as itself.

Prismatic Monsters

Monster Island(s) Release Dates
Furcorn Party, Space 12th December 2019
Toe Jammer Space 25th December 2019
Tweedle Cloud 30th January 2020
Potbelly Party, Space 12th February 2020
Mammott Party, Cave 28th February 2020
Noggin Party, Space 11th March 2020
T-Rox Party 26th March 2020
Thumpies Cave 9th April 2020
Shrubb Party 23rd April 2020
Kayna Party, Cave 6th May 2020
Dandidoo Cloud 21st May 2020
Stogg Party, Space 4th June 2020
Spunge Space 19th June 2020
Glowl Cave 2nd July 2020
PomPom Party, Space, Cloud 16th July 2020
Entbrat Cloud 20th August 2020
Ziggurab Party, Cloud 4th September 2020
Flowah Space, Cave 11th September 2020
Krillby Cloud, Cave 18th September 2020
Floogull Cave 25th September 2020
Cybop Space 30th September 2020
Candelavra Party, Space 16th December 2020
Boskus Cloud 21st January 2021
Quarrister Party 3rd February 2021
Sooza Space 4th March 2021
Shellbeat Cloud, Cave 24th March 2021
Whaddle Cloud 21st April 2021
Clamble Space 5th May 2021
Maw Party 19th May 2021
Thrumble Cloud 2nd June 2021
Bowgart Space, Cave 17th June 2021
Edamimi Party 15th July 2021
Fwog Cave 28th July 2021
Oaktopus Party, Cloud 11th August 2021
Scups Party 3rd September 2021
Congle Space 10th September 2021
Pango Cloud 17th September 2021
Yelmut Cave 24th September 2021
Reedling Cloud 20th October 2021
Bisonorus Cave 17th November 2021
Barrb Cave 15th December 2021
Deedge Space 19th January 2022
Phangler Cloud 23rd February 2022
Rootitoot Space 23rd March 2022

Above is a table of debuts for each Prismatic Monster. However, the Prism Gate only becomes open to all available types of monster for a limited time. Once the Prism Gate expires, the Prism Gate will no longer accept new monsters from entering the Prism Gate, but it will still allow monsters to exit from it.



  • The Prism Gate was originally going to be called the Chromatic Rift.
  • Codename for the Prism Gate is Rift.

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