Dawn of Fire

Baby Bio:

The fearless little PomPom investigates and explores anything unusual, immediately upon hatching. Everything is a strange phenomenon! Wide-eyed PomPoms must frequently be extricated from ridiculous predicaments.

Adult Bio:

Fully developed PomPoms display impressive motivational skills. Undeterred in their drive to leave no stone unturned and experienced in the many pitfalls of adventuring. PomPoms easily recruit a team of willing followers.

Prismatic Bio:

To be added.


The Baby PomPom is a small humanoid creature with pink fur and pink pompoms. Its legs, arms, and feet have orange stripes, and its legs have pink fur resembling leg warmers. Blue rubber bands tie its hair into little pigtails. It sits on the ground.

The adult PomPom looks exactly like the PomPom from My Singing Monsters, but with better color and shading.

It can be teleported to Party Island, Space Island, and Cloud Island.

Prismatic Descriptions

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Baby Pompom

Voice actress: Maggie Park

The PomPom Monster's contribution to an island's song is a high-spirited cheer that adds to the melody, and differs by island:

  • Continent — Hey everybody, hey let's go!
  • Party Island — Hey come on over. Come on over here! Over here! Come on!
  • Space Island — Hey tippy yo do, hey tippy yo do, hey tippy yo toh doh.
  • Cloud Island — Shake it to the left! Shake it to the right!


The PomPom can be bred with a combination of the elements Air, Earth and Cold. The possible combinations are:

Feeding Monsters

The PomPom will request food and/or non-food items that are the products of Structures. If you cannot give the monster the food or items it requires, you can click the New Order button. After a 15 minute wait, it will ask for a new combination of foods or other items.


When given the wanted foods or items, like any monster, it will reward you coins.


PomPom can be teleported to Party Island when fed to Level 5 for a reward of 2 diamonds, teleported to Space Island when fed to Level 10 for a reward of 4 diamonds, or it can be teleported to Cloud Island when fed to Level 15 for a reward of 5 diamonds. Teleport time for PomPom is 20 hours for Space and Cloud Island and 5 Minutes to Party Island.


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  • It is not known why the color of the rubber bands changes from baby (Blue) to adult.(Red)
  • PomPom is the first and only monster to be able to go to three different outer islands, meaning she appears more than any other monster in DoF.
  • PomPom sings far more words in DoF than in My Singing Monsters.
  • The original bio for PomPom states that it only eats red food, but in DOF it will ask for any food, regardless of what color it is.
  • In 3 of the 4 islands that PomPom appears on, the first word she ever sings is "Hey", with Cloud Island being the exception.
  • In a My Singing Monsters Livestream, Matt said that Pompom was originally going to do Kayna‘s part on Party Island but it was changed.
    • Matt had stated this because at the end of the Version 2.3.0 trailer, Pompom’s voice could be heard saying "Come on over here", which is what Kayna now sings, instead of "Hey come on over", which is what Pompom sings in-game.

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