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Long ago, there was only the stillness of time and space. From this primordial hush, the Plixie is said to have emerged. Breaking its sonic slumber, it oozed and flowed in concert with its own internal melody and the nascent rhythm of the universe. The exotic exoskeleton it routinely sheds and grows anew can be harvested and converted into a beautiful and resilient substance known as 'Plixie Glass.' Its crooning is infused with melancholy and innocence, and speaks of wondrous new beginnings, while longing for a past it doesn't quite remember.


The Plixie is a fairy-esque creature with two pairs of wings, tiny pink legs and a shelled body. Its arms, being notably bigger than its legs, are pink on the upper half and cast in cerulean armor with peacock-blue markings on its lower arms. Its body also has mauve ribs and a form of frilled neckguard on its neck, as well as some form of free-moving part on its back. Its head is arctic blue with a light pink chin, and possesses a transparent pink glass casing on top of its head which contains a glowing mass of plasma that has shaped into its brain.

It is the Celestial monster of Plasma.

Its constellation is called Plasmic Ooze.


It sings a series of "yooah"s in a way that seems to sound similar to a way as if a Furcorn were to wear a spacesuit and sing through it. The Plixie's song is "yooah yooah yee, ya yooah yooah yai, yooah yooah yee, ya yooah yooey yooey yoo."


Plixie cannot be bred; instead, like all Celestials, it can only be hatched from an egg after its egg reaches the portal in the Daily Login Game. 24 spaces have to be done before the Plixie can reach its portal. A 30-day time limit appears for all Plixies to reach the portal.

The Plixie is available in the Daily Login Game during every November.


Like all Celestials, the Plixie automatically gets teleported to Starhenge if their species' egg reaches the portal within the time limits.

Name Origin

Its name originates from the word "pixie", a small fairy-like creature often seen in fantasy stories, "plexiglass", a solid, transparent plastic often used in place of glass, and possibly "plasma", the element it represents.


  • This Celestial is the first to have a singing role, as Scaratar, Loodvigg, and Torrt have all had instrumental roles.
  • The Plixie is the only Celestial that flies.
  • This Celestial seems to be themed like Ethereal Island, further supported by the fact that its element is Plasma.
  • One of the Plixie's default names, Ooyagonnakol, is a reference to GhostBusters, as the theme song says, "Who you gonna call? GhostBusters!"
  • Plixie and Galvana are the only Celestials to just sing, as Attmoz and Glaishur sing, and play an instrument.
  • Plixie is also the only Celestial that does not touch the ground. It shares this trait with Ghazt on Plant Island.
  • The egg of Plixie is similar to the Sox egg.
  • The official artwork for Plixie is missing the navy blue parts around its eyelids, which shows the only difference between official artwork and in-game artwork from both games.
  • If well observed, it seems to have similarities to the Magic Elements of the original game: Faerie and Psychic.

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