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Exclusive to My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire
The following article includes content exclusive to the game My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire.

Pizza is the sixth Bakery Crafting Item and overall 34th Crafting Item to be unlocked in the game, along with Tomato. Its market price is 1,923 - 3,204 Coins. It is unlocked at Level 34.


The Crafting Item Pizza is a pizza with three sliced olives, two slices of green peppers on the left and a slice of red pepper on the right.


Can be used to craft Mushroom Pizza in the Bakery.

Pizzas can also be fed to monsters or given to the Skyship.


To craft a Pizza, 2 Grains (Grain), 3 Tomatoes (Tomato) and 1 Coconut Cheese (Coconut Cheese) is required to be made and be processed in the Bakery. Starting crafting of a Pizza requires dragging the "Pizza" icon into the Structure once.

Skyship requirements



To mass-produce Pizza, you'll need quite a lot of Coconut Cheeses in supply, as well as producing constant supplies of Tomato and Grain, especially Tomato! For Coconut Cheese mass-production and all other info, please refer to Coconut Cheese #Strategy. For the Tomatoes, it is recommended (but not compulsory) to use two or three Garden Patches for the Tomatoes, to get enough for the mass-production to begin early. One Garden Patch dedicated for Grain is most recommended too. It should take around up to 40-60 minutes for each Tomato-and-Grain production to occur with this strategy, depending on upgrades on the Garden Patches.

In total though, it should take up to 180-270 minutes to mass-produce all of the Crafting Items listed.

Whether to store Pizzas in the Vault, it is highly recommended, especially when the Skyship asks you for Mushroom Pizzas.

Producing from scratch

The following table shows the list of Crafting Items involved in production of Pizzas. It shows what Structures are required, what Crafting Items are being involved in each Structure, what recipes are required in each Structure, the total Crafting Items required to make the required ingredient Crafting Item(s) from scratch, the crafting time of the Crafting Items, and the total time required to make each ingredient Crafting Item from scratch.

Total cumulative time to make this Crafting Item from scratch is 14 hours, 24 minutes, 30 seconds.

Ingredient Crafting Item(s) involved Recipe Cumulative
Crafting Time Cumulative
Garden Patch.png
Garden Patch
Crafting Item Grain.png
Grain (x2)
N/A N/A 1 minutes 2 minutes
Garden Patch.png
Garden Patch
Crafting Item Tomato.png
Tomato (x3)
N/A N/A 30 minutes 1 hour, 30 minutes
Fruit Tree.png
Fruit Tree
Crafting Item Coconut.png
Coconut (x9)
N/A N/A 2 minutes, 30 seconds 22 minutes, 30 seconds
Crafting Item Coconut Milk.png
Coconut Milk (x3)
3 Coconut 9 Coconut 2 hour, 30 minutes 2 hours, 52 minutes, 30 seconds
Cooking pot.png
Cooking Pot
Crafting Item Coconut Cheese.png
Coconut Cheese (x1)
3 Coconut Milk 9 Coconut
3 Coconut Milk
2 hours 4 hours, 52 minutes, 30 seconds


  • It seems weird that Mushroom Pizza doesn't have sliced olives or slice pepper even though the Pizza has sliced olives and slice pepper. This may be to ensure the Pizza is shown as a typical savory pizza, not a custard-coated pizza.

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