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The Pixolotl is a Supernatural born rascal, through and through. Its gymnastic ability and insatiable appitite for computer chips (and dip) can cause mayhem; The Monster has been observed using its tail as a paddle, climbing ice floes, getting trapped in plumbing, and more. Some Wublins believed if the Pixolotl only had a Castle to roam around in, it would settle down... but alas, no such Castle exists on Wublin Island.


The Pixolotl is lime green and looks similar to an axolotl. Its tail is a much darker shade of green and is very thick compared to its body. It has squares on the sides of its tail, which when tapped by its hind feet, cause the tail to light up like a volume equalizer, and create sound. The tail's lights are green near the body and fade to orange as they progress towards the end of the tail. Pixolotl's front limbs are much larger than its hind limbs which it uses to do a handstand. Its front feet have four toes, while the hind feet have three (14 toes total). It has red spikes on its cheeks. Thin, pixelated whiskers/a mustache dangles from its face and pixelated frills adorn its head, one of which has pink fringe. The eyelids, lips and the start of its mustache are blue, with Pixolotl's mustache fading into a maroon color. Pixolotl's eyes themselves are faded yellow with black pixelated pupils and no irises. It has very noticeable square shaped scales all over its body, thus increasing the "pixel" motif. Finally, it has a humanoid tongue and two pointed teeth in the bottom corner of its mouth.

The eggs required to wake it up are reflected on it's appearance. It has muscular arms similar to the T-Rox and Scups (including its frills), and has a lime-green color similar to the Entbrat. Its teeth are from Pummel, and its large tail is from Cybop. The color of its tail reflects the color of Riff's guitar. Fwog reflects its amphibian appearance.


Instrument: 8-bit synthesizer

Pixolotl plays an 8-bit synthesizer by tapping its tail with its feet. Its sound also resembles a laser harp.

Earning Rate

The Pixolotl, like all other Wublins, will produce coins, diamonds, food, and shards, but at no specified rate, although always less than a day.

Multiple Pixolotls may produce any of these four currencies independently from each other: Coins (Coins), Shards (Shards), Treats (Treats), and Diamonds (Diamonds).

Powering Up

The allotted time to fill a Pixolotl in order to activate is 14 days. If the inventory is not completed in the time the Pixolotl resets to an empty statue and all eggs inside are lost.

Egg Time Islands to Breed On
Entbrat-egg.pngx6 24 hours Plant Island.png
Riff-egg.pngx6 24 hours Air Island.png
Scups-egg.pngx10 12 hours Air Island.png
Water Island.png
Pummel-egg.pngx8 12 hours Plant Island.png
Water Island.png
T-Rox-egg.pngx8 8 hours Plant Island.png
Air Island.png
Cybop-egg.pngx14 8 hours Air Island.png
Water Island.png
Earth Island.png
Fire Haven.png
Fwog-egg.pngx10 30 minutes Plant Island.png
Air Island.png
Water Island.png
Bone Island.png


Pixolotl requires Air Island, though it is strongly recommended to buy Earth Island before trying to wake it up. Cold Island is useless for waking it up because all the eggs have the Earth element.

Start by breeding the Entbrats, Riffs, Scups, Cybops, and Fwogs (Only if you have bone island). Breed the Entbrats and Riffs with the Rares or the 1+3 element monsters. Breed the 3 element monsters with the Rares or 3+4 element monsters (be careful with 3+4 element monsters, as this can breed an Ethereal). Once the Entbrats and Riffs are done, breed the Pummels on Plant Island and more Scups on Air island. Once the Scups and Pummels are done, breed the T-Roxes and more Cybops on Water Island. You should have completed all of your Fwogs by now (If you have Bone island). If you have Fire Haven, your chances of breeding all 14 Cybops could increase.

With enough time saving strategies (using enhanced breeding structures), it is possible to complete Pixolotl within 6-7 days if active enough

Name Origin

The name is a combination of "pixel" and "axolotl", a Mexican salamander.

Possible Monster Names

To see all possible names for Pixolotl, see Monster Names.


  • Pixolotl was released on March 24, 2017.
  • It was teased on the MSM Facebook and Twitter pages with a crossword puzzle. The puzzle's clues are in the form of gymnastics moves drawn in the spaces around the area. Colored letters from the puzzle spell out the monster's name.

1) Cartwhee(L) 2) Elb(O)wstand 3) S(P)lits 4) E(X)tension 5) Backf(L)ip 6) Br(I)dge 7) S(O)mersalt 8) Hands(T)and

Answer: P I X O L O T L

  • Its description references 3 old school video games: Pong, Ice Climbers, and Super Mario Bros.
  • Because all the monsters required to wake up Pixolotl have the Earth element, Cold Island, Fire Oasis, Light Island, and Psychic Island can't be used when breeding the eggs.
  • Pixolotl is the third Wublin not to have its music in the Wublin Island soundtrack. The first one is Scargo and the next is Astropod and later Bona-Petite. Then Maulch, and finally Fleechwurm.
  • In real life, axolotls do not have scales, as they are amphibians, which have bare skin.
    • This detail might be here to mimic 8-bit games, the 16-bit games, and the CDI games, which clearly looks like that they're pixelated.
  • Several of this monster's possible names reference retro video games; 'Contra' obviously references Contra, 'Gaiden' references Ninja Gaiden, 'Gettlemear' references Metal Gear, 'Kidic' references Kid Icarus, 'Vasselcania' references Castlevania, 'Curbee' references the Kirby games, 'Metroyd' is a nod to Metroid, 'Conky' references either Donkey Kong or Conker, 'Zalde' references The Legend of Zelda, and 'Megga' as a reference of Mega Man.
  • In the description, "Some Wublins believed if the Pixolotl only had a Castle to roam around in, it would settle down... but alas, no such Castle exists on Wublin Island." references the Wublin Island having no Castle. And Toad from Super Mario Brothers saying that the princess is another castle.
  • Pixolotl has a somewhat similar style of monsters in DOF.
  • The frills on Pixolotl's head resemble the ponytails on Mimi from Super Paper Mario, both having different sized squares, and a similar shade of green.
  • Pixolotl appeared in a #Mon5ters Twitter post.
  • Pixolotl was the last Wublin to have a 14-day time limit.
  • It is one of 3 Wublins to be stylized after an amphibian, the other two being Brump and Dermit, both resembling frogs, making Pixolotl the only Wublin to be styilized after a type of salamander, being an Axolotl.
  • If all the Wublins that require any single-element eggs were gone, then the Pixolotl would have the highest sell value out of all the Wublins, at 3,237,273 gold.
  • In Pixolotl's official PNG and in social media posts, Pixolotl's tail glows are very different than in-game.

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