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Exclusive to My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire
The following article includes content exclusive to the game My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire.
Come on over here!
Kayna and Furcorn
Party Island is perfectly suited for social gatherings and musical mischief. Nestled atop an affable leviathan drifting along the surface of the living ocean, it must feel at least a little weird living on top of the head of another creature. The Monsters say it takes some getting used to.
In-game description


Party Island (Party Island.png) is an Outer Island in Dawn of Fire that contains only the adult version of certain monsters. Out of the four Outer Islands, Party Island has the lowest level restriction, level 5, for monster teleportation. Baby Monsters from the Continent can be placed in the Teleporter under the Party Island heading once they reach level 5. As the baby monster teleports to Party Island, it transforms into its adult version. There are currently 17 different monsters, (excluding Prismatic Monsters), that can be teleported to Party Island.

A bare expanded Party Island


Above the ocean, Party Island can be seen with its many cliffs, encompassed by 8 platforms: one significantly large one, surrounded by seven other platforms to it's side. The floors of the upper platforms appear to have cyan-colored grass while the large platform is a mixture of cyan grass and a bare tan. The other platforms also have brown edges while that of the large platform is maroon. The edges of the upper platforms contain green vine-like objects that support multiple balloons and pennant banners. Stars and confetti are also strewn across all of Party Island's platforms.

A creature, called a Glubpole (Glubber + Tadpole) can be seen below the front platform which supports the entire island, just as the islands in MSM are supported by Colossals. What can be seen of it is dark-brown, and it has navy blue eyelids. On its forehead lies a star along with six red specks right above it. Most importantly, on the sides of the platforms, cannons are noticeable, which occasionally shoot arrays of confetti into the sky that slowly dissipate into the air, resembling a "party."

Indigenous Monsters

The monsters of Party Island, like the rest of the Outer Islands, are of the Natural Elements: Earth, Cold, Water, Plant, Air, and Fire.

The list of indigenous monsters is below with each monster's class indicated in parenthesis.

Monster Level Available Cost Time Reward Max Income Element(s)
Kayna (Adult).png
1 200 Coins 5 minutes 2 Diamonds (Dawn of Fire) 432 Coins FireElementDoF.png (Natural)
Noggin (Adult).png
1 5 minutes 2 Diamonds (Dawn of Fire) 432 Coins EarthElementDoF.png (Natural)
Mammott (Adult).png
1 5 minutes 2 Diamonds (Dawn of Fire) 432 Coins ColdElementDoF.png (Natural)
Potbelly (Adult).png
7 5 minutes 2 Diamonds (Dawn of Fire) 432 Coins PlantElementDoF.png (Natural)
Stogg (Adult).png
1 300 Coins 5 minutes 2 Diamonds (Dawn of Fire) 672 Coins EarthElementDoF.png FireElementDoF.png (Natural)
Maw (Adult).png
5 5 minutes 2 Diamonds (Dawn of Fire) 672 Coins WaterElementDoF.png ColdElementDoF.png (Natural)
Shrubb (Adult).png
7 5 minutes 2 Diamonds (Dawn of Fire) 672 Coins EarthElementDoF.png PlantElementDoF.png (Natural)
Furcorn (Adult).png
7 5 minutes 2 Diamonds (Dawn of Fire) 672 Coins ColdElementDoF.png PlantElementDoF.png (Natural)
Oaktopus (Adult).png
7 5 minutes 2 Diamonds (Dawn of Fire) 672 Coins WaterElementDoF.png PlantElementDoF.png (Natural)
Quibble (Adult).png
9 5 minutes 2 Diamonds (Dawn of Fire) 672 Coins AirElementDoF.png WaterElementDoF.png (Natural)
Ziggurab (Adult).png
3 400 Coins 5 minutes 2 Diamonds (Dawn of Fire) 912 Coins ColdElementDoF.png EarthElementDoF.png FireElementDoF.png (Natural)
T-Rox (Adult).png
3 5 minutes 2 Diamonds (Dawn of Fire) 912 Coins ColdElementDoF.png EarthElementDoF.png WaterElementDoF.png (Natural)
Scups (Adult).png
9 5 minutes 2 Diamonds (Dawn of Fire) 912 Coins AirElementDoF.png EarthElementDoF.pngWaterElementDoF.png (Natural)
PomPom (Adult).png
9 5 minutes 2 Diamonds (Dawn of Fire) 912 Coins ColdElementDoF.png AirElementDoF.png EarthElementDoF.png (Natural)
Edamimi (Adult).png
7 400 Coins 5 minutes 2 Diamonds (Dawn of Fire) 1,152 Coins EarthElementDoF.png WaterElementDoF.png PlantElementDoF.png FireElementDoF.png(Natural)
Quarrister (Adult).png
9 5 minutes 2 Diamonds (Dawn of Fire) 1,152 Coins AirElementDoF.png PlantElementDoF.png EarthElementDoF.png ColdElementDoF.png(Natural)
Candelavra (Adult).png
9 600 Coins 5 minutes 2 Diamonds (Dawn of Fire) 1,392 Coins AirElementDoF.png EarthElementDoF.png WaterElementDoF.png PlantElementDoF.png FireElementDoF.png (Natural)

Note: Before Version 2.0.0 only one of each type of monster on Party Island was able to produce Coins. In other words, if a Kayna was already on Party Island and then a second Kayna was teleported, only the first would produce Coins. Therefore, the maximum amount of Coins that could be produced on Party Island at a given time was 1,800 Coins. This limit has been removed, and duplicate monsters now also produce Coins.


The Party Island song is in the key of C major and it plays at approximately 160 (80) beats per minute.

The Mammott, Edamimi, Noggin, Ziggurab, and Potbelly initially play their parts in the song. Oaktopus sing its part also. At the half-way point of the first measure, Shrubb joins in with its part. The other monsters repeat their parts sung at the start of the song, while Ziggurab continues playing its part for the rest of the song.

After the first section, Stogg, T-Rox, Quarrister, Scups, and Quibble play their parts. Then Kayna, PomPom, and Furcorn play their parts.

In the final half, the song repeats, but Potbelly and Oaktopus do not play and PomPom and Quibble join the song.

After that, Noggin, Candelavra, and Maw sing their respective parts.

This measure is repeated by Mammott, Noggin, Shrubb, Pompom, Edamimi, and Quibble but Potbelly and Oaktopus return.

For the last measure, Maw, Stogg, Kayna, Quibble, T-Rox, Candelavra, Furcorn, Quarrister, and PomPom play until the end of the song, which then repeats. Noggin and Scups didn't play in that part.

Party Island.png Party Island
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28
Mammott (Adult).png Kayna (Adult).png Mammott (Adult).png Kayna (Adult).png Mammott (Adult).png Kayna (Adult).png
Edamimi (Adult).png Stogg (Adult).png Edamimi (Adult).png Stogg (Adult).png Edamimi (Adult).png Stogg (Adult).png
Noggin (Adult).png Noggin (Adult).png
Quibble (Adult).png Quibble (Adult).png Quibble (Adult).png
Oaktopus (Adult).png Oaktopus (Adult).png Quarrister (Adult).png Quarrister (Adult).png Oaktopus (Adult).png Quarrister (Adult).png
PomPom (Adult).png PomPom (Adult).png PomPom (Adult).png PomPom (Adult).png PomPom (Adult).png PomPom (Adult).png
Potbelly (Adult).png Maw (Adult).png Potbelly (Adult).png Maw (Adult).png
Shrubb (Adult).png Scups (Adult).png Shrubb (Adult).png Scups (Adult).png Shrubb (Adult).png
Ziggurab (Adult).png
T-Rox (Adult).png T-Rox (Adult).png T-Rox (Adult).png
Furcorn (Adult).png Furcorn (Adult).png Furcorn (Adult).png Furcorn (Adult).png
Candelavra (Adult).png Candelavra (Adult).png

Version History

Version Date Added Monster(s)
1.8.0 October 12th, 2016 Adult Kayna Portrait.pngAdult Noggin Portrait.pngAdult Mammott Portrait.pngAdult Potbelly Portrait.png
Adult Stogg Portrait.pngAdult Furcorn Portrait.pngAdult Oaktopus Portrait.pngAdult Quibble Portrait.png
Adult Ziggurab Portrait.pngAdult PomPom Portrait.pngAdult Candelavra Portrait.png
1.9.0 November 29th, 2016 Adult Shrubb Portrait.png
1.11.0 April 19th, 2017 Adult Maw Portrait.png
1.12.0 June 15th, 2017 Adult Edamimi Portrait.png
1.13.0 August 16th, 2017 Adult T-Rox Portrait.png
1.15.0 November 30th, 2017 Adult Quarrister Portrait.png
1.18.0 December 12th, 2018 Adult Scups Portrait.png



Party Island Revealed

  • Party Island did not come with the original Dawn of Fire launch; it was released with the Version 1.8.0 Update, which coincided with the one-year anniversary of the game. As such, Party Island is the first and only additional Outer Island to be released after the game's original launch.
    • Party Island is also the first and only Outer Island to have a set teleportation time: five minutes. This makes the island rather easy to populate for new players since the teleportation time does not increase as the monster's elemental number increases.
  • Party Island was teased on October 4th, 2016 on the MSM Facebook page.

The message in the photograph says "The Monsters are throwing a party... and you're invited! Come on over..."

  • The Kayna can speak in English on Party Island, making this the first time that a Kayna has ever spoken and done so in English across the entire My Singing Monsters universe. It sings with the Furcorn and PomPom, "Come on over here!"
    • This is also the first time Furcorn has ever spoken in English within the game. However, Furcorn actually spoke twice before: once in the tutorial for the original My Singing Monsters, and another time in the spin-off game, Furcorn's Jelly Dreams.
  • The description of Party Island mentions that the Monsters feel weird living on top of the head of another creature. This would be the first time that Monsters in Dawn of Fire have sung on top of a living creature.
  • Party Island has the fastest tempo in MSM history, at 160 BPM. It shares this record with Bone Island and Starhenge.
  • Tweedle and Toe Jammer are the only single element Monsters that can't be teleported to Party Island.
  • Strangely The Double Element Monsters have the same buying price as they do on the Continent.
  • In update 2.0, the island became bigger to fit more monsters.
  • It currently has the second least number of teleportable Monsters that go here. The least amount of teleportable Monsters is Cave Island.
    • Before T-Rox was added, Party Island had the least monsters. Before Party Island was revealed, Cave Island had the least monsters.
  • The 1.11 loading screen shows that Party Island is extremely close to the Continent, this would explain the shorter teleportation time.
    • This also explains where the other Islands could be.
  • Ziggurab plays throughout the whole song.
  • Teasing the release of Epic Blabbit, there was a video which mentioned seeing remains of a giant creature called a "Glubber" with rocks on its head that had structures resembling balloons and confetti, referring to Party Island.
    • The Glubber that holds up Party Island has been confirmed as the same Glubber in the Glubber Lagoon island skin from the original game.
      • A titan, Phosphora, would then take the place of Party Island in the original game.
  • Recorded Party Island as of Version 2.3.0 by MSMPokeGamer: link.
  • It and Space Island were the first two Outer Islands to have hotels.
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